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In the Ancient Land Of Kaladim was born a dwarf of noble bearings. On the Lonely Butcher Block mountains he was trained in the arts of swordsman ship by an ancient warrior of renkown fame. A sorcerer of great power gave him insight in the ways of magic and the otherworld. Slowly he took shape the one who was destinyed to rule. Finally a day he set out for real adventure and for two hundred years he wondered the dangerous world of norrath exploring every remote corner of the world and of the outer planes, his glories became legends as Quarm Fell unded his whirling Blades His Deeds Became Glorious When the Armies of Discord were held in check by him alone. His Actions Became Outside the wildest immaginations when the Overlord fell under his powerful might. Now a decimator of great Reknown and yet adventure continues as he the master of dreadspire dies before him and anyonae ro bows in front of him. Sothgar and Stich Dyn Leth And Lethar are only follow ups of what has yet to come