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Gildiin started in the treetop city of Kelethin. He spent most of his life stealing what he could from wandering travelers and weak orcs just to survive. Gildiin soon grew old of this constant need to steal. He was already a capable fighter with his two stolen magical daggers and training his skills in archery and throwing not to mention his stealth capabilities. He had heard much about guilds and decided that joining one would end his life of stealing and poverty. One day while Gildiin was sneaking around the ominous castle in the Crushbone Citadel he was attacked by a orcish royal guard. Apparently he had stolen the tunic of Emperor Crush himself! There seemed to be no hope for survial for the young rogue, but suddenly from nowhere a dwarf and a barbarian appeared and together they fourght off the orcs. Gildiin discovered that they were part of a guild that was laying siege to the diabolical orc establishment and decided that he could be part of a greater cause! by joining them. Gildiin has now left his forest homeland to new lands in search of vanquishing evil along the side of his new comrades.