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I'm a Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force I work far too much, as I'm in maintenance and not a nonner that sits behind a desk and does work for 5 hours a day. On average I put in a 60 hour week because the jets I work on are really old, yet I get paid the same as the guy that works at the gym handing out towels for 2 hours a day 8 hours a week. Yay me! I'm 23, male and married. My wife and I box our entire group in EQ. Because I work nights and my hours change rapidly. Oh yeah, and stationed in AZ, where it's only 50 or so in December.. better than Korea which was my last assignment. I normally stay in the eq forums, but those don't move very much. I will never post from work, we have very strict rules about that kind of thing, and I wouldn't have the time anyway. There you go! more than you ever needed to know about me.