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I started out a young druid on the Mithaniel Marr almost 3 years ago. Upon reaching lvl 30 guildless the whole time I met a fellow named Ualerin. Ualerin was in a wonderful guild named Gaurdians of Justice so I joined. I spent a very long time in GoJ..about a year. Then many members were leaving and the guild was decomposing so I dispanded and created the guild Protectors of the Elements. PoE was sucessful under my cleric, Elte's, rule untill one da I wanted more so I left the guild and joined Frugal Inspirations. Because we could not manage to keep the guild together It dispanded and I joined Trauma. At the server merges I decided to go the to drinal because my friend Duroocell was there. A few weeks later I decided to start annother guild called Reanimation, eventually that guild fell down and burned and I joined a guild Haunted Dreams...wonderful guild and now here I am