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*Kimahri Ronso* ----------------------------- Even at a young age it was clear to see that Kimahri had exceptional power and inner most strength. He was bred and trained in Qeynos after his Mother and his Father were brutally killed by a huge lion-like bird when they were roaming the Commonlands visiting close relatives in Freeport. When his parents did not show up at Freeport, Kimahri's Aunt and Uncle went looking for them late that night. They were later slain by the lion like monstrosity who continued to roam the Common Lands that night. Kimahri was only age 6 when his parents and his Aunt and Uncle were murdered, and was raised by Master Lu'Sun in Qeynos. At just the young age of 17, Master Lu'Sun released Kimahri as his youngest student to date to explore and conquer the world that is Norrath.