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The second son of a pittiful rogue and his mistress, Ganewate found it hard growing up in the slums between South Qeynos and its Aqueducts. As luck would have it the harsh life of the streets built the young Ganewate and his elder brother Lashun for the trials ahead in their lives. Thier roguish father was a heavy drinker and wasted away many a night drinking in the tavern of the Lion's Mane Inn, spendin what little he had pickpocketed from the travelling adventurers to the Grounds of Fate. After one particularly steaming session the aging Theed Novashine took it upon himself to beat his mistress, mother of his children Gane and Lashun mercilessly in the market square. This misdeed was of course seen by the local guardsmen and he was slain on the spot, leaving the young brothers Novashine orphans, knowing only the slums of Qeynos Bravely the young boys survived alone, the young Ganewate reling heavily on his elder brother Lashun for the many months they were alone until they were found by a young priestess of Rodcet Nife, Jahnda. She escorted the boys to the Temple of Life where they learned life was not all about hate and suffering, and vowed together from that day on that they would spread this message to all the unfortunates of Norrath. The Novashine brothers spent many years studying in the temple, Lashun became a Priest of Rodcet under his mentor Jahnda, Ganewate however studied from Davloran Girionlis to become a Paladin, a Holy Warrior of Rodcet, knowing in his heart that not all the beings of Norrath would welcome the message of peace and salvation he will bring...