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Aeroslin Spiritvine - Wizard - Terris-Thule - Midnight Wolfpack (officer) I honor my family by carrying on the Spiritvine name. We are a family reknowned for our special brew of elven wines used only in the high courts of Felwithe Keep for special occasions. My father was a prominent follower of Tunare and roamed around the Faydark hunting the Dark Elven swine that took captive Mistmoore Castle. My mother was also a follower of Tunare and took very good care of the family vineyards. I, Aeroslin, have followed my heart to Solusek Ro and fight the scourge of Tunare and Solusek with fire and earth as my weapons. Someday I will have to settle down to my inheritance but before then I will make sure that I have left my mark upon Norrath and beyond.