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Aakabak - Born of the Glorious Goddess Tunare, I have pledged my lifes work to her. I wander the land in search of evil to destroy in her name. Shortly after the dark skins of Odus made the moon of Luclin available for travel I began to wander this land to expand my mind, and the cause of Tunare. I explored long and wide when I found an orphan in the Grand city of Shar Vahl killing bugs and rats in the crater below simply to survive. This child (Vaesa) had nobody to raise him and was barely a bag of skin on his bones. I drew my Scimitar back to save this creature from his pitiful existence when he looked up at me. I noticed that his growls seemed to have a distinguishable language; he was trying to communicate with me. I adopted this creature and nursed him to health. I began to study his language while teaching him mine, and helped him to hone his viscous skills of a hunter to serve good. Together, we traveled the land learning to work in harmony with nature and the animals that serve Tunare. In our studies, we have become Master Linguists and a powerful Duo! Vaesa's acute mastery of battle skills combined with the destructive spells that Tunare has blessed me with work in harmony to extinguish those who would be an afront to Tunare. I wish you all Good Hunting, and Good Quest!