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Taraya Radiance is an honest and true ranger. She is of the old school EQ (Drinal server). A real champion of Tunare. She adores the open and tries to avoid cities when she can. It is a pleasure for her to help others and protect them anyway she can. Although she is very clumsy at times, she has mastered several trading skills. Amongst them is baking. For the best Pixie Cinnamon Sticks, try those out of her food shop. As Taraya is always full of plans, she is a slow leveller. Busy fletching, baking, making jewellery and giving away stuff she looted consumes time, of course. In her young days she was so eager to make money that she always carried bags full of loot from Crushbone back to her Elven City Kelethin. It appeared a pain to get up those elevators being so heavy and she got killed more than once, falling off. At those times of course the loot could be found all over the place. Taraya is very sensitive when it comes to gentle people. She loses herself and does anything for those with a right heart. Tunare must have taught her some good things. More than anything she hates Innoruuk. He was the one that got her elven darkelf cousin Manuela on the wrong track and she will personally see to it that he will be killed for that. Revenge will bring her - in time - the Earthcaller and the Swiftwind!!! Her journey for the epic quest will go on as soon as her husband Michayel returns from his duties with Mystic Legacy he will probably help her out. Taraya will wait patiently for this great druid in the meantime. If you should ever encounter her, you can always ask her for some food; she has plenty and will be very pleased to make someone else happy with her fine food. Taraya Radiance, Tunare Ranger (active: november 1999/september 2002)