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“Cataclysm will yet come to this world. I have seen. I can sense the change, even now, destined toward another time. Woe to thee, kingdoms of men and elf, for a storm is yet coming that none shall stand against…” Onielara Gemcroft, Erudite Enchantress of Odus, 455 BS In ages far distant in the past of Norrath, a great tide of visions foresaw the doom that was yet to pass. The gods had sent warnings to those who were deemed worthy. Twenty two generations would separate the time of Onielara and the place where we stand now. Stricken with the knowledge of what was to come, she would sacrifice her essence by means of a sacred ritual that would commend her soul into void, and cast some small measure of her power nearly five centuries into the future. A young girl, Onielasre, her parents lives snuffed out by the upheaval of The Sundering, will find herself a hopeless refugee floating toward the city of Qeynos. As the darkness of the world began to encroach, exhaustion and pain would overtake her, and she would sleep. This night as she drifted into Qeynos harbor, her mind did dream. In a vision she would not remember for some time to come, she would accept the gift of her forbearer, a mantle of power as of yet unrealized. Her distant foremother would grant to her strength to continue on, and awakened with the dawn and a new hope, a far distant inhabitant of Norrath would look on through the void of time and space, praying for the salvation of her world…