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**Daidoujin Shi-ne** - 7'2" - 275lbs, Muscular build - Age - Unknown - but is clearly an Elvaan youth. - Hair - Black; neck length - Dark Tattoos on his chest, and a "D" etched on his shoulder. He is from Enigma, a lowly place of unknown origin. After a fatefull accident that left him with no memory of who he was. His elvaan heritage was lost to him, and yet his greatest advanture was still ahead of him. *The story so far* He wandered around endlessly until he came upon a clergyman by the name of Erydale. Ery, as he is known by his fellow peers, took in the waif and fought to keep him in the citidel where he practiced the art of the monks, a peaceful yet strong dicipline. It was a long and hard process, and to his dismay Ery failed in his efforts. He resorted to keeping the Daidoujin in a house 2 miles from his own home, just outside Sandoria. Ery took time everyday to go and take care of the young lad. He fed him, and clothed him, and took him as his own blood. He started teaching Daidoujin the forbidden art of the Monk. Something that should never have been done, but Ery had no choice for the boy was alone in the woods with no one to fend off beastmen. Time passed, and Ery had no more to teach his son/pupil. He noticed that Dai (as he called him) learned everything at an accelerated rate. Also, he was super strong for an Elvaan. "My son, there is nothing more I can teach you. But something tells me that you are more than meets the eye. The gods have given you a good body and mind, but there is still much anger in your heart. I do not know what happened to your family or town, maybe what happened in Davoi may have happened to your town. I really do not know, but I know that I am both proud and afraid of the Monk you have become. You have the mark of Enigma, and I know this because my grandfather told me of that place long ago. How an Elvaan got there I will never know, but I will not dwell on the past. The only thing I ask of you is this: Please do not let your anger take over. I have seen you get mad, and your power grew because of it, and you became a force that is not of the Monk mentality. And there has been times where I have seen some kind of magical aura around your body in these times of anger, perhaps repressed abilities that you have forgotten. Magic is definitely in your blood, and you may want to seek it out, when you have attained the peace you seek. I do know something. I found you 3 years ago, and you had no memory of who you were and where you came from. There was a rumor that a town was overcome from a strange magical force, a demon, that came out of no where and over took the town. They say the beast actually spoke and was simply saying one thing "Dah-eye". That is all I know. I hope your memories come back, but I hope you are ready for the truth, what ever that may be. I must go to pray now. I will see you later my son. I love you and thank the gods for bringing you to me." With that Erydale left and went up the road. Before the hut was out of sight he turned and smiled, and said a prayer, and smiled again. Two days later Daidoujin was visited by the high abbot of the citidel. There was a stern look in his eye. As he came down the road, but his arms and hands were in a peaceful prayer-like positon. "Come out Boy, I know you are there!" Dai was now hiding behind the door, though his training he sensed and spotted the abbot, not knowing who he was, about a quarter of a mile away from the house. He could tell that the abbot was not someone he could fight and live to tell the tale, and there was another weird feeling that he got from the abbout, and it burned inside his head like there was a soft heat, or glow or something, but he could not put his finger on it. "What do you want with me, I merely live here in peace with the forest and have done no wrong." shouted Dai. " Come out or I will force you."