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My heritage is one of greatness and of shamefulness. My mother, Giselle Enchantrix, was a dancing Human Enchanter from South Qeynos. One night, a High Elf Paladin from Felwithe, named Ceddrick Xappalm, entered the Lion's Mane Inn. He watched her dance that night with such awe as she seemed to enchant his soul. Ceddrick spent one magical night with her, and then, she fled from Qeynos. About a year later, a child was found on the doorsteps of the Paladin guild in Felwithe with a note that read: "Ceddrick, this is our daughter Marmalade. Please take care of her and shelter her from the evils of the world. My life is too ugly for her." Ceddrick raised Marmalade wanting her to become a Cleric of Tunare, but at an early age, he discovered her seemingly inherent ability to control her skill of Evocation. So, he decided to allow her to study under Tarker Blazetoss. Marmalade never knew her mother, but she believes one day she will finally meet her mother.