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I believe in good games, tough opponents, protecting the innocent, hard back rubs, sharp eyes, beautiful and smart women, soft grass, cold ice cream, fierce loyalty, and strong honor, trust and going out of your way for a lady. ~ I remember saying goodbye to you, My heart stood still and cried for you, We hugged each other, our last embrace, I remember wondering whether I should kiss your face, I let you go, and felt the loss, It hurt so much, I still pay the cost, Even when I try to stop, I can't stop dreaming of what's not, I remember all the times we spent together, All I wanted was to do that forever, Who said I couldn't be with you, Who still makes me stand still and cry for you, Too bad it doesn't matter anymore, Because what would it all be for, If I always remember when we met, But as time goes on, you forget.~