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I was born to humble parents, both Wood Elves, on the outskirts of Kelethin. At a very young age my affinity for the creatures of the wood and ability to summon forth the powers of nature had become quite remarkable. My Mother and Father were at a loss to explain this gift, both were Rangers, and very good ones at that, my aquisitions of the skills that took them so long to master had them dumbfounded. I recall more than one discussion between them concerning this with the phrase, Mommas baby Daddys maybe, jokingly thrown in. I was introduced into the Druid Guild at a still young age and there my powers grew stronger with the passing of each day. I had entered my 17th summer when the Orcs of Crushbone spilled over unto the the borders of Kelethin. I fought alongside my Father and Mother as we attempted to drive the Orcs from our land. So absorbed was I in casting the spells of damage I had so recently mastered, I failed to notice the grevious injuries my Parents had sustained.... to be continued