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Hello. I want to make this short as I know many people do not like reading alot when it comes to "just another guild-recruit message". I started guild No Retreat on The Sleeper, and was quickly #1 until the power-levelers took over and dominated everything; I quickly got fed-up and moved the guild back home, to Lanys/7th, where my mains where. Long-Story-Short: I am Yotix, Drakkin Warrior, and I welcome any-&-all to join; regardless of level/AA, class/race, experience & time-zone situation(s). We DO have a webpage and you are more than welcome to check it out: http://www.no-retreat.net We DO have Voice-Chat AND a Forum We ARE leader of up-and-coming server-wide guild-alliance, eliminated the tedious LFG-troubles, let alone over-priced gear, quests/raids you cannot do alone or at least in small-numbers, and exclusive lotteries AND events that you will not want to miss (on The Sleeper, I gave 1,000pp to each group-member in top-five groups for scavenger-hunt, as a quick example). I made this guild to not only bring back the OLD EverQuest experience(s) long-time players like myself enjoy, such as raiding long-dead zones, 10th Ring Wars, actually doing/completing Epic-Quests, and of course, in-game "uber-ness" progression. Also, Role-Play & Lore-Play is highly-encouraged. I did not make this guild so I could be the next leader of the next big uber-guild or any childish activity like that; I made this guild because I know people like myself are outnumbered -- We want to PLAY and EXPERIENCE EQ, not just max-level and AA, then go get uberness loot and PVP in Bazaar and/or FP Arena, bragging and showing-off our flaming-swords. As stated above, I am a long-time player from basically all-servers, but mainly Fennin & Druzzil (and obviously Lanys/7th), and I was an officer in such guilds as TMO, La'Malla, and for my nearly eight-month (8) stay on StormHammer back when Legends was $39.99/month, in TSR during the "Let's Spam-Kill Quarm" days. I remember getting our Velious-Helms, let alone sets of Kael AC-armour, and I have played EverQuest 1 since Beta-2, when teh Devs. had Mith.Marr Vs. Inny' on the Kithicor Bridge (for an example if anyone remembers those days). I also remember fishing in Ocean of Tears (REMEMBER THAT ZONE!) for Fine Steel gear, and all the NEC pathing-bugs. Just giving a quick-history, because I don't want people thinking the opposite of why I made this guild in the 1st-place. More info. is available @ no-retreat.net and you all are more than welcome to check out the website, let alone contact me in-game (/tell Yotix). I apologize if you consider this a long-post, and I don't mean to spam, but I figured this was the easiest-way to not only recruit members but give others the chance to experience the EverQuest I am trying to resurrect from long-death...if they would like that opportunity. In conclusion, as stated above, I am welcoming everyone, all levels/languages/classes/races/time-zones, as I want everyone and anyone to be able to join if they want...not just so I am your guild-leader, but so we can play EverQuest the way it was MEANT to be, breaking away from the "PL me to L75 in 4 days then let's merc Vex Thal & Time". Yes, we'll do that too, but there is so much more to this land of Norrath than getting a glowing-weapon, or a smoking-shield, and beating an Un-God in the head...then not playing for a month because you're bored of raiding the same zone over. And over...and over. I hope everyone takes this seriously and doesn't disregard this as another tool trying to make a super-spiffy guild to get uberness and entrance to the EQ Hall of Fame. Thank you & may God bless. You are more than welcome to contact me, but your best chance is in-game. If you'd like an invite, I will come to you, as I think it's only common-courtesy to do so (unless you're faster than I am, lol). Thank you once again. ~ Yotix, Drakkin Warrior / Aruin, Dark-Elven Shadow Knight