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65 Storm Warden - Proud GL of SkyeBourne, Luclin Server. Happy EQ memories: Watching Nemuel kite 20-30 mobs in PoF; guild chat full of innuendo and witty remarks; Earning the 8th prayer shawl; reaching 65; Seeing Venelar improve into a powerful MT (Woot - go SK); SkyeBourne killing Gore; Casting my level 55 pet (what a wimp ... but oh so cute); Pulling together a 4-group raid at 3:30am for Corleblu's epic fight - VS ... and killing VS in 43 seconds; Dravingar MQ'ing the druid gloves for me; Memming Bo9; Gilardes' raids (such an ornery necro) - /giggles; Mistelling in a group with Alakia; and so so much more