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Dad Banker, Mom Wizard. Dad taught me things, in toxxulia forest like moss snake will run to patch of moss and be still, knowing it can't be seen. Thistle snake skin is very tender, but it will go to thistle because thistle has thorns, and snake feels protected. Dad friends with Luthier(one who makes Lutes)Luthier made lutes so well mom thought they had to be magic, but they were not, just Lutes. Luthier told mom about dad. Mom thought she was under a spell because she could not stop thinking about dad, and also because she was sure the Lutes were magic, like the Bards'; but she was not, and fell in love with dad. Luthiers name was Manouk. When they married they named me after the Luthier. Dad used to take me to the temple, and I giggled whenever the priests let loose their mighty "yallups" so I came to honor Quellious as my God. Odus is a city of walls and bank and city offices are on the lowest floor, and no building is over 3 stories tall. It never used to be so. There used to be a grand, high tower in the south of Odus, where the banks and offices were. My dad was a banker. It was destroyed, leaving The Hole. After accident,My mom became distant and is now an Erudin Emmisarry. I was left near fountain, and thought the Gatecallers were the way to the forrest, where my dad used to take me since it had a green hue, like the forest. That's how I became a mage. *casts:bread,water,dagger,elemental and whispers* "hey dad, look what I can do" (original bio longer)