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Odit was born into a huge family of 5 brothers and 4 sisters. His father was a smithy and had plans to teach his son the way of the family business. But alas, one day Odit saw a woman punching and kicking some monster. She was getting beat down pretty hard when out of nowhere Odit felt a fuzzy feeling on his hairy feet. A magical force erupted from inside Odit and he magicaly had the power to heal. The girl, whos name turned out to be Destiny, was saved from the monster thanks to Odit. After this encounter Odit decided it be best to travel, so he left his family and friends behind and decided he would not be doing his fathers business. Years later Odit still travels the world of Norrath looking to help people and learn more of his healing power. Ironically one of his brothers turned out to also have magical healing powers, his name is Hatano. Hatano married a woman halfling named Hauni and the two of them took after Odit's example and decided to travel the world together. One day you may travel upon this happy trio of halflings, the Punkfoots.