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Hello, This is my Real profile, ill update it as much as i can, First iam uber if you think iam buffed to bad so sad, only self buffed, try me i only buy c3, or aego. usually i fight pk with only 1 high level buff its either, deadman flaoting, c3, or crack, but sometimes i buy c3 and aego when they sell on the same time to go huting. Best item looted so far is, salin dagger, velks book, wess, lsoee, ikk bp, tribal warboot, schw, schw followed by lower items then 1k... try me if you wish, a hint to you all, dont try the switch weapons on me or something wil hapen you will regret, ask any of the pk i have killed so far as HoD FoH Ca HoW and the best looted from Que Lastima,