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I am Lothhar. Born into bondage in Felwithe where my parents and I were kept in a paddock. Once I was old enough I ran from that stinking prison with my father and mother but alas my parents were both killed upon our escape. Once free from my bondage I made the difficult journey to Neriak....the home of my parents. When my long trek was finally over and I arrived in Neriak I was shunned by my brethren and treated as a traitor. No one easily trusts a Teir'dal born within Felwithe..... After many long and difficult years of trying to gain respect and trust among my brethren in Neriak I found a friend in Acilies, whom adopted me as his brother and took me to his home. Thankfully his father welcomed me as a son and taught me in the ways of the elements....Happy was he to finally have someone to follow in his footsteps, as his son Acilies chose the thieves path. Which brings me to why I am here, asking to join your family. My adopted father whom I had come to respect and admire has died this very eve. Acilies and I have decided that we need to form new alliances. One that is strong enough to oppose what we hate most of all....Lightdwellers. And so that is how I came to join the Order of the White Hand....