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On a full moonlit night, amongst the trees of Kelathin, a daughter was born to Indigo and Lazuli Bunting. She was named Nepeta Cataria after an herb that her mother, Indigo had foraged, that the elders of her guild had told her must have been dropped from the heavens. It was the fabled herb Catnip, which they say was most cherished among the Vah Shir, the cat people that live on the moon of Luclin. Never before had two woodelves felt the joy they did at her arrival. Great feasting and merriment ensued in the branches of the wood elf city that day, and friends traveled from as far as Kaladim to share in the festivities. The joy was to be shortlived alas, for a year and a day after the joyous birth, a great event, lead by the Lord GM's, brought forth a terrible winged beast to the quiet land. Flames burned the peaceful city of Kelathin that day, yet the wood elves were triumphant and banished the beast. Many lives were lost, and the ground beneath the beautiful city was littered with the corpses of the fallen. Many were left homeless or orphaned, amongst them was the cherished child Nepeta. Adopted by the guild, Nepeta grew strong and independant, and before long she learned the ways of the druids, at one with nature and the animals of the realm. And thus her adventure begins...