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There's always another tale to tell, eh? Maybe I should start with my mother... She's dead, you know... right after my birth. Don't ask me who (or what) she slept with, but he (or it, as the case may be)wasn't around during my "formative years", either... I would like to think it wasn't - well, it didn't have anything to do with my choice of vocation, but then again, small, spindly, flexible, and quick doesn't cover many members of the Indigo Brotherhood; besides, all that regimentation and hourly prayers to Innoruuk would make me gag. Not to say Bristlebane's any better... someone who would have the mother of one of his followers slain before they serve him with no clue as to where the father is? A bigger joke. So, I serve myself, make my cloths and armors, and maintain myself in a world that hates me not only for who I am, but for what I do... But, by Tunare's Pendulous Breasts, I do it well... *grins*