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Hello! My name is Ditzianna Bliss, and I am an Enchantress of the 37 level on the Nameless Server. I am also the founder of the Guild called Children of the Avatar! If you are wondering just who this Avatar is..well, yea, IT'S ME :) I am the daughter of the most lovely Goddess Marr, so that makes me a physical embodyment of a divine spirit...and that spirit is love! Did that really make sence? I have had two husbands thus far. The first was Davor, a fun-loving Druid. My second husband Was the Great Klytus Vilesilencer, Evoker extraordinare! Both men are very sweet, and I miss them so :( If you see them, please tell them that I say HI!!! So I'm single now...a mixed blessing at best... :(