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The name Tramaus itself is totally thought up but it has a history indeed (not too interesting actually). Tramaus was first a Warrior in Diablo then a Paladin in Diablo II. Both times he's defeated Diablo quite a few times. It was my girlfriend that got me into this game (EQ) first as I wasn't much for RPGs. First character I ever started was Tramaus ... I had the character/class/deity combo already chosen even before I bought the game. So it was that I came into the world of Norrath Tramaus, born in Freeport a new Half-Elf follower of Truth and Honor. Thinking that others would role-play as well I set to find adventure. Sadly I was wrong and as time goes on I find it harder and harder to RP in game. So here I stand, Tramaus Voronadil. In High Elfish Voronadil would read "Steadfast Friend." It was given by a friend High Elf in game in English then translated into Quenya with a vowel borrowed from common Wood Elf languages to create the phrase above. I had originally thought out the surname of Truthseeker (Half-Elf follower of Mithaniel) but that name gave just too much trouble and a GM would not respond to help me out. So my Mentor in game, Palantir Farseer, gave me the surname of "Patient Friend" and so it was that Voronadil came to be. I must admit however that though I am half-elf with an elfish name I embrace my human side more than I do my elfish side (Greater Faydark ... need I say more?). So that is my character biography ... always seeking truth in that this is both good and evil for the sake of knowledge and understanding ... for truth is the path that will set you free.