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Skarzeth had a huge amount of hatred for the world since he was a broodling and his Mother and father were Slain by a Sarnak raiding party during what was supposed to be a regular day of learning the art of swordplay with his Father. He was Outraged not at the Sarnak but at his Parents for Being so weak as to Allow themselves to be overcome by the Sarnak. Skarzeth was down by the shoreline of the Lake of ill Omen getting a drink when he heard the fighting. When he got back his Mother lay slain and his Father Bloodied and dieing.. Skar was outraged at his father. Cazic-thule shows no mercy for the weak and Skar knew what had to be done. He unsheathed his sword and Cleaved his fathers skull in two. As he gazed upon the bloodied and mutilated corpse of what had once been his father a sly and evil grin came across his scaled lips. He'd found his calling in the world...He sheathed his sword and walked off into the distance unknowing of just how great a Warrior of Cazic-Thule he would become..