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Young Eressifar stayed within the boundries of the Kektulos Forest during his first days of adventuring. He later wandered into the dangerous Lavastorm Mountains but eventually wound up in the Commonlands. The racial tensions between Dark Elves and the Commonland folk made it difficult for Eressifar to be accepted, but he met up with mighty combatants of other races and slaughtered many Orcs in the region, gaining some acceptance but not complete acceptance. Freeport allowed Eressifar to enter within its walls, yet not all citizens of the city took kindly to him. His jounreys then took him to the desert of Ro and the the Oasis of Marr. There he survived the rugged desert conditions as he fought the various desert monsters. Returning to the Commonlands, Eressifar found the path to Highpass, though the Kithicor Forest was a difficult path to travel. He has stayed in Highpass for some time now, killing the Orcs that pester the entrance. The people of Highpass now accept him as well and welcome his trade. Along his way, Eressifar has made many allies. Despite the fact that most of his race never are able to find acceptance. His skill in combat combined with his ability to cast some spells has made him a powerful adventurer. He continues to travel and make a name for himself... yet his true intentions are yet unknown....