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I received two letters today from SOE regarding the new changes being implemented in the game. The first was the one Quemn posted yesterday, so here's the second. It's definitely something you should read through, as there are some significant changes listed here. Letter #2: Fri Mar 15 2002, Changes/Anniversary Detail As promised, we would like to explain in more detail some of the changes that you'll be seeing in EverQuest. Some of these changes are already available on the Test Server and will be arriving on Live servers just in time for EverQuest's third anniversary. Others you may expect to find on Test in the coming weeks, which we hope to make available to everyone soon afterward. For those new to EverQuest, as well as our mid-level players:
  • The need to sit down and stare at the spellbook to regain mana has been removed at all levels. (Sitting down and having Meditation skill are still required.)
  • When starting a new character for the first time, it can take quite some time to get into that class' core abilities. In some cases, the style of gameplay needs to shift dramatically. That being the case, we've accelerated the rate at which people gain experience up to level ten.
  • In addition, undue frustration can occur during these youthful times. Traumatic events such as losing a corpse and not knowing where to find it or how to retrieve it can be quite the ordeal. With that in mind, we've changed the way that death works below level ten. Characters level nine and under who die will appear at their bind point with all of their equipment intact. (A short-lived corpse will still be left at the site of the disaster to allow the player to receive a resurrection.)
  • Experience gained in dungeons designed for players level 30 and under will be increased. For many people, there is nothing more satisfying in EverQuest than adventuring in dungeons. By giving people the tools to help them succeed earlier, and rewards to match, we hope that more players will discover why many people feel this way.
  • In the spirit of getting characters into more dangerous and rewarding situations, earlier, the following spell lines have been altered to make them easier to use and more widely available, across more level ranges.
  • * Resurrection, for Clerics and Paladins. * Summon Corpse, for Necromancers and Shadowknights. * Succor/Evacuate, for Druids and Wizards
  • The bind points of starting characters will more closely match the areas they are already familiar with. (No more getting lost as new characters die in town, only to show up someplace outside.)
  • New characters now start with considerably more food and drink.
  • After applying advanced mathematcs, the commonly known "hell-level" xperience gain effect in levels 30, 35, 40, and 45 has been largely done away with. Further, the "post-hell-level" experience loss in levels 31, 36, 41, and 46 was driven from the face of Norrath as well.
  • For all EverQuest players:
  • Rumors abound that Bristlebane, God of Mischief, for reasons of his own design, has infused the Gnome and Halfling races with new potential professions. (Whether this is a blessing or a curse has yet to be decided.)
  • The long-requested global chat channels are well on their way. We'll be supporting player-created chat channels for raids, for friends, for total strangers - Anything you'd like to use them for. Expect a documentation update (eqmanual_supplement.doc in your EverQuest directory) explaining how to use these soon.
  • We've cleaned up what happens while you're zoning. The days of a frozen screen full of blurry text may well be over, forever. (The days of losing /tells, /guild chat, and group messages while zoning will hopefully be heading out the door behind them.)
  • While we have aimed to support armor/skin layer tinting on the majority of video cards, some of the abandoned video cards that are still used to play EverQuest unfortunately do not have the power to handle this feature. With that in mind, we will soon be implementing a switch that will allow players to enable armor/skin tinting at their discretion. (Stay tuned to a patch message, coming soon.)
  • The last item we'd like to mention is a brief update on caster and priest rebalancing. (Please note that the balancing act is still going on, across the board. We wanted to update you on the progress we've made so far.)
  • Expect to see the first of the Focus Items for spell casters and spell-casting hybrids soon. We will leave the specifics to you to discover, but rest assured that useful and exciting focus items are making their way into the game as we speak.
  • Enchanters' Memory Blur line, and aspects of Rapture and Glamour of Kintaz have been improved.
  • The grouping requirement for the Translocate series of spells has been removed.
  • Clerics' Smite line has been improved.
  • The Post-50 Lich line for Necromancers has been redistributed.
  • Necromancers' Levant and Skin of the Shadow have been changed to allow them to be used any time of the day.
  • Necromancers' Quivering Veil of Xarn has been improved.
  • Many of the caster balance changes to date have been made with feedback from the dedicated players of these classes, both from EMails and message boards. We're grateful for the time and effort that has been put into many well-reasoned comments we've received. Thank you for helping us make our world, yours. - The EverQuest Team


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    # Mar 22 2002 at 1:50 PM Rating: Default
    I have read about half of the post here and cant take anymore. The game has changed live with it or quit! I like some of the changes and dont like others, i'll survive. I am lvl 41 now and its not to much easier than 40 was so the removal of hell lvls just makes the others harder. Bottom line is the game will change either you change with it or dont play. Stop crying about it you cant change it back.
    # Mar 20 2002 at 9:33 AM Rating: Decent
    I see Shaman have been ignored again and Enchanters don't get the long promised item enchantments.
    Ummm Wait a sec
    # Mar 19 2002 at 8:41 PM Rating: Decent
    I just logged on and on NONE of the patch messages - including the one listed at the everquest website - does it say that they have done away with hell levels OR that the spell book is gone for all levels....
    Did i miss something?
    RE: Ummm Wait a sec
    # Mar 20 2002 at 2:58 PM Rating: Decent
    Yeah you did miss it hehe, its towards the end of the patch message. My girlfriend didnt catch it either so i was sure to look for it when i patched on my pc...
    OK don't we all have lives besides EQ
    # Mar 19 2002 at 6:33 PM Rating: Decent
    I have played EQ since it's creation. I do not have a problem with the new changes. Let's change it even more. Come on it takes like 15 days at the minimum to have a character over lvl 50, I have a life besides EQ let characters level faster its hard to play and play and play to get there levels not everyone lives on EQ. I play alot and I mean alot, I have a friend that does not have as much time to play as much as I do, he has family oblgations etc. He has played enough that he should have a char. that is above level 50 give the part time players, those that don't live to play EQ a chance. Thats just my 2 cp worth.
    To the crying Rangers
    # Mar 19 2002 at 5:09 PM Rating: Default
    If the Ranger is such a bad/unbalanced class......


    San Dimas High School Football Rules!!!!
    -Bill & Ted's Excelent Adventure-
    # Mar 19 2002 at 4:22 PM Rating: Default
    I for one am excited about the changes, but must admit some of them are a bit more drastic than i expected. one must understand we didnt create EQ, but did help in its evoloution, so we basically need to trust verant,i dont know is people realize this or will even accept to belive this at the fear of losing there beloved game but verant just took a huge kick in the pants from DAoC , yes flame the game i dont like it much either, but understand if your country lost 1/2 its population society would have to make drastic changes in the way it functioned , thus you have "extreme" patches, and things like "not listing server population anymore" dont wanna cause a panic :), i like eq i support EQ, but as the competition grows expect more patches to balance the game and its population ....thats my 2 cp if anyone has change for a sp
    RE: Changes
    # Mar 25 2002 at 8:09 PM Rating: Default
    I got your sp for change! you are right on target...if they didnt advance the game and have all these (yes, i would agree annoying patches, but nonetheless) needed patches, the game would get boring...i like the new changes even tho i have to sacrafise what would be game time to sitting waiting for the new patches to load...but i am all for the changes and advancing the game! so if you have any gripes go ruin your own lands!
    # Mar 19 2002 at 3:56 PM Rating: Default
    Stop whinning about changes, if you cant go with the flow, then DROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like this game a lot if they decide to make it harder then great its more of a chal., if they decide to make it easier then fine with me i'll get to try a lot more things quicker. Either way Ill play EQ, sure I have my opinons on some things but its not going to do anything, but make other peeps say something and destract them from the game, like me right now. Anyway, have fun and enjoy.
    # Mar 19 2002 at 3:49 PM Rating: Default
    Here is my two cents: It should not be any easier for any player to lvl to 60.So far i have only went through hell 30 35 and 40 and i wanted to go through the rest. I wanted to earn my lvls's.Now i fear as a druid I am going to lvl to 50+ to fast and really not know what I am doing.It will also be a hollow victory when i get to lvl 60.I dont think it is fair to the older players who went through the hell levels and had to recover their corpse to have their results mirrored in a fraction of the time. How would you feel if you had a lvl 60 char that took you 45 playing days only to see someone do the same in 35 days.Taking the challenge out of the game is a sure fire way to lose longterm subscribers

    43rd druid with no right to gripe about lvling but doing it anywyay
    RDK forever
    torvonnilous server
    #Anonymous, Posted: Mar 19 2002 at 5:33 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Ok, your very clueless so let me enlighten u.
    RE: Patch
    # Mar 19 2002 at 8:18 PM Rating: Default
    Is it possible for you to enlighten people withought insulting them? It IS possible to give people more information without calling them clueless you know.
    New Characters
    # Mar 19 2002 at 3:20 PM Rating: Decent
    One thing nobody seems to remember, myself included at times, is that all these new characters starting out with an easier path to post 50 level are being played by a bunch of people who have many post level 50 characters allready. Lets take a quess at how many of the level 1 SK gnomes today are a players first attempt and how many are being created by experienced players as an alt? What you think 50 to 1, 100 to 1, 500 to 1. Yep most of them will be alts, who have been playing for years on some mains. OK what is my point.

    The game isnt easier for some newbs that need to go through the hell i went through when i created my character(s). The game is easier for you basically, there are very few players who just baught the game today compared to the number that have been on for years. The only basis this even has for argument is i can start on a different server and not have quite the trouble, but remember, i have three level 50 characters possibly on a different server.

    This helps to reduce the strange jelousy or whatever you want to call it? Lets also try to remember, if someone wants to, they can go work at mcdonalds for one month and save enough money to buy a Level 60 warrior in full ToV dragon armor, especially if they are only 16 years old and live at home. So the game is clearly much easier for them than it was for u, since it only takes them 40 hours time 4 weeks to get to level 60 as opposed to 60-80 play days. Want to ***** about that for a while now? No point to is too bad this thing is not even remotely resembling a game anymore.

    # Mar 19 2002 at 2:50 PM Rating: Decent
    Change creates excitement and renewed interest in all things. I am sure that there are those who will be upset by any changes made to the game. If your favorite "farming" spot no longer works for you, or your "leveling from 1 to 60 in next to nothing time" scheme no longer applies, and that perhaps people without your "obviously superior" playing skills might actually make it to YOUR level is all that concerns you; get a grip.

    The real world is slow to change, and because of that there is much opportunity to abuse and exploit the real world systems we have created. I do not wish to experience that in Everquest, and to that end I enjoy seeing it change. If Everquest ceased to continue evolving or presenting new challenges I would stop playing.

    These changes will most likely alter certain game dymanics. Instead of complaining about a players "dungeon skills" or "tactics" or "style" I would like to see CONSTRUCTIVE criticism which offers more than "Shut up, n00b." If that is all you have to say maybe you could keep it to yourself. Time does not make you an expert in anything.

    -Grunubbin, 35 SK - n00b =)
    RE: Changes
    # Mar 19 2002 at 3:19 PM Rating: Default
    See, Im such a crusty old guy I repeated the message twice! LOL
    RE: Changes
    # Mar 19 2002 at 3:34 PM Rating: Decent
    That's ok, I left my Shaman sig file "..will sow for food..." on my SK's post =)

    Thank you for your nice comment, enjoy!

    -Grunubbin, 35 SK
    -Kaelth, 45 Shaman
    Sinister Tribe, Luclin.
    RE: Changes
    # Mar 19 2002 at 3:18 PM Rating: Default
    ...amen, amen and AMEN!

    Hey, IM a father of 7 children, 3 of which play EQ, and this game has been a great adventure to me in many ways, and brought many hours of laughter and excitment into my home. I like to see the changes, and to enable some of us who may not catch on as fast as some of you younger players, feel we can succeed when we have so many shoulders turn from us.

    True players are those who thrive on change and can adapt to what comes their way. EQ is no different. What I HOPE this will do, is curb some of the frustrating and growing mean spirits as well as greed that I have seen all over Norrath, especially in EC.

    I know that this has given me a new excitement to go out and improve my skills and to work with those in my Guild for the good of all.

    Thanks Grunubbin for your comments, very well put.

    Cork Bloodborn
    46th lvl Tracker of Norrath
    Faithful Ranger of Letum Prae Dedecus

    RE: Changes
    # Mar 19 2002 at 3:16 PM Rating: Default
    ...amen, amen and AMEN!

    Hey, IM a father of 7 children, 3 of which play EQ, and this game has been a great adventure to me in many ways, and brought many hours of laughter and excitment into my home. I like to see the changes, and to enable some of us who may not catch on as fast as some of you younger players, feel we can succeed when we have so many shoulders turn from us.

    True players are those who thrive on change and can adapt to what comes their way. EQ is no different. What I HOPE this will do, is curb some of the frustrating and growing mean spirits as well as greed that I have seen all over Norrath, especially in EC.

    I know that this has given me a new excitement to go out and improve my skills and to work with those in my Guild for the good of all.

    Thanks Grunubbin for your comments, very well put.

    Cork Bloodborn
    46th lvl Tracker of Norrath
    Faithful Ranger of Letum Prae Dedecus

    # Mar 19 2002 at 2:44 PM Rating: Default
    rangers should have the ability to wear plate armor.As I see it the only problem they have is an ac deficiency of which no other hybrid has.Other than that I would partner with a ranger anyday over any other melee class.Is this a reasonable request? Pally's are getting exp rezzez,SK's have pets FD HT and such? I am sure a great many a ranger agrees that this is the only true problem with the class
    RE: Rangers
    # Mar 19 2002 at 4:12 PM Rating: Excellent
    51 posts
    Actually, the only true problem with the ranger class is that many newer people to the game start a ranger expecting to be some awesome tank/ awesome caster powerhouse and don't know how to play their classes effectively. Most of the loathing for rangers that comes from other players is listening to rangers complain that they should have more AC, more HPs, better spells, etc etc instead of knowing how to effectively use the skills they do have in group play. Rangers should not be able to wear plate and I'll give you some misconceptions that rangers like to have about the ranger class that will tell you why. For all general purposes, we are going to assume this post is for rangers that are not 60 with Kael/SS/ToV equip and epics. This is for the true newer players first starting out.

    1) Rangers are Tanks.

    Rangers are not tank classes. Rangers that solo do not stand toe-to-toe with a mob and try to grind it down warrior-style. They snare kite them around, DoTing and firing arrows. In a group situation you are not the tank. You are the damage dealer and sometimes you will be the puller (especially if out-doors). If you want to give rangers plate armor, then you need to give rogues plate too. Then you need to make some very-lightweight plate to give to monks. Of course this will make rangers and monks much more desireable if they have the same AC and HPs as warriors, paladins, and SKs plus can put out more damage than they do. So now we need to make higher AC for them. This unbalances the game for priests and casters, so we need to give them more AC and HPs too. Let's just make everyone able to wear plate and kill mobs with one hit and get it over with right?

    2) Rangers have the lowest AC and HPs of hybrid classes, which is unfair.

    Actually, a majority of ranger armor has more AC than the equivalent bard and beastlord armor. Do you ever see bards complaining that they need to wear plate? No, because they realize they have much better things to offer a group than trying to tank. You should realize the same thing.

    3) Rangers can snare, track, and SoW. That's about it.

    No. Rangers are a damage dealing class. They deal the most damage for a melee class with the exception of a rogue. Since rangers are not a tank class and want to pull the least amount of aggro as possible, they can afford to go for the best ratio in the off-hand while warriors are trying for the lowest delay. Rangers also get spells which pushes their damage up even further above that of warriors, and their duel wield ability allows them to out-damage paladins and SKs. Monks are about on par with rangers in terms of damage until they get the spell jolting blades. Monks will need to FD to drop aggro (good monks at least), but rangers will be able to keep fighting as long as they proc often enough to keep your MT with the aggro. While this may not make a huge amount of difference in damage, it's still a difference and gives rangers the edge in the damage department. Sure you are in second place in terms of damage, but seeing as how rogues don't have the solo-potential that you do, I think it's a fair trade, don't you?

    Now I expect to get people to respond to this in the normal manner (im a leve 60 monk an 1 r0xx012! ur a n00b adn i outdamng u!) or (IMRANGER WTIH 3K AC AND I TANK BEST OF YOU I WIN), but these are the facts of the matter, not my opinion. If you wish to in game, parse some rangers and compare it the damage output capable of other melee classes. You'll see that I'm right. So please stop trying to get every piece of equipment in the game to go to you and understand the balance issues in this game. They are trying to make you effective at what you do the best (which is DD) and they have set it up nicely if I say so myself.
    RE: Rangers
    # Mar 21 2002 at 3:35 PM Rating: Default
    How obvious it is that you have never played a ranger. Ranger DoTs are litterally useless. They are not worth the mana that they cost. And arrows? Maybe at lvl 30, but until you get Trueshot Discipline arrows are fairly useless. So how about you go to a cleric post and stop spewing untrue crap about my class?

    ALSO- Bards are a plate class and have more AC than rangers. Bard armor from Velious is the same as warrior, sk, paladin, cleric. Rangers are grouped with shamans and rogues as chain. Bards also use Moktor from umbral plains while rangers were nerfed down to dark assasin. Get your facts straight before posting.

    Pathfinder of Solusek Ro
    RE: Rangers
    # Mar 19 2002 at 3:34 PM Rating: Default
    HT + spell FD < Good tracking

    RE: Rangers
    # Mar 19 2002 at 3:34 PM Rating: Default
    Frankly I can't see rangers being the 'plate' type. And at any rate, I'd rather have the damage of a ranger instead of the AC of a sk/pal, as sks/pals aren't going to be tanking too often.

    Edited, Tue Mar 19 15:34:01 2002
    # Mar 19 2002 at 2:17 PM Rating: Decent
    Wow, so many senseless, mislead, and even uterly false statement here...

    Don't know where to begin.

    First, stop complaining about it being easier to get through 30-50 range, it WON'T. They are NOT taking away the hell lvls

    xp, but merely distributing it evently across the whole 30-50 range. 30-35-40-45 will now be easier, yes. But on the other

    hand 31-34, 36-39, 41-44 and 46-50 range will now be LONGER. A lvl 50 that got there with new changes will have EXACT same

    xp as a lvl 50 that got his lvl PRE-change. 1-10 will now be easier.. wow big deal. Will only allow new players to get a

    feel of the game in a safer way, more power to them. The removal of the hell levels is purely a mathematical correction. The lvl xp modifier will now be spread out across lvl range instead of a hard switch at hell levels (yes the reason for hells is the lvl xp modifier switching from 1.0 to 1.1 at 30, then from 1.1 to 1.2 at 35, etc). Now this change will come progressively, wich is better programming. ;P But it WON'T take away the hells xp.

    Second, it's funny to hear all you "high end", "uber", "veterant", etc people whinin about newbs getting bones trown at

    them. It's sickenin to hear things as "Whaaaaaaa! I had to watch my book till 35 and they won't". Hmmm you guys obvioulsy

    had no clue about the fact that originaly in EQ, you had to stare at that book your WHOLE DAMN LIFE. YOU had it easy too by

    being allowed to drop it at 35. "Whaaaaaa! Newbies today have it more easy than I did" Hmmmm guess what? You most likely

    had it easier than others, who knew the times were runed totem staff, skull of j'hen tra and PGT were "uber", when yeshka's

    sold for over 10k and jboots were perma camped in najena. The game has been getting easier since day one. Very good armor

    and weapons are sold cheap nowadays, maps for every zone are all over the internet, How-to's are posted for every

    class/mob/zones, life is MUCH easier and that's normal. The road is much longer now that you can get to lvl 60 and earn AA

    points, makes sense that the earlier stages are now easier to get through, this game evolved a lot remember. "Whaaaaaa!

    there will now be more newbies in LOIO, OT, DL, karnor, velk etc... Hmmmm guess what? If you are hunting in those zones,

    you ARE a newbie. Those zones are in no way "high end" or "uber". They are the equivalent of south karana or oasis at lower

    lvl. Easy to get to, steady and safe xp, no risky encouters and outdoors (yes karnor is an outdoor zone) with little to no

    loot. This was much worse in the "old days" anyway, when 1/2 the high lvl population was druids that PLed themselves on

    dwarves in BB and had no clue about grouping. Oh and you most likely never went in velk when the spiders were green to lvl 60, fought the same way as they do now AND had a 600 dmg dot proc. Velk was "toned down" to make it the casual zone it now is today.

    To conclude, I'm amazed how many ******** and moaning there is about POSITIVE changes... Only thing these will do is to

    make life easier on the "casual" players. "high end", "ubers" and whatnot will still be alone in tov, vp, ssra, st etc. You

    won't see any newbies spawning vulak anytime soon, I for one am sure about that. If you feel "threatened" by these change,

    you most likely are not "high end". Now please stop being condescending with newer people, let them enjoy the game, enjoy your game, and let me enjoy mine =p

    Woon, <TDE>
    arch mage, 7th hammer
    RE: whoa
    # Mar 19 2002 at 7:11 PM Rating: Excellent
    I'm at work atm so can't do extensive research on the net (already shouldn't be posting here). But trust me, what I said about xp is true, hell lvls were a result of bad programming, they now have "fixed" it. They actualy made the xp to 50 go up progressively instead of having big steps every once in a while (wich is not what they planned, it WAS a mathemagic mistake like they say in patch message). If you absolutely want I'll look up and post the way xp works in EQ, but you can do it yourself hehe, shouldn't be too hard to find, xp stuff been common knowledge ever since showEQ started hehe. it's something vagely like L*L*L*RM*MOD = xp needed to lvl
    where L is your level, RM is racial modifier (since class modifier are now thing of the past) and the last mod is what caused hell lvls. It used to be 1.0 from 1-29, then 1.1 at 30, 1.2 at 35, 1.3 at 40, etc.

    OK nm, found it while writing this, so i'll post it here. DO NOT read if you don't wanna know about inner game mechanics. This is not by me, dunno where it came from but saw it posted around quite a few times so i'll do it too =)


    The Halfling basically gets a 0.9 multiplier for xp needed to gain a level (that's a little over a 10% bonus). Warriors get a further multiplier of 0.9 while Rogues get a multiplier of 0.905. I was mistaken that Clerics get a bonus (sorry, senility must be setting in). Therefore Halfling Warriors get a (roughly) 20% bonus (ie. a 0.81 multiplier), Halfling Clerics get a (roughly) 10% bonus (ie. a 0.9 multiplier), and Halfling Rogues get a (roughly) 19% bonus (ie. a 0.8145 multiplier). Note that there are further modifiers for level, but this is the same for all Classes and Races (hence the "Hell" levels).

    As Abashi said about exp in a recent post:

    "It's not a matter of time, it's the fact that I've chosen not to answer this question. I'm sorry that the people here disagree with that decision, but there is information that you should find out on your own, and all of the bumps in the world won't change that."

    He finally challenged us to "find out on our own." Well, we did, and here are the results.

    First, some basics. For convenience, I will use the terms 'mob' and 'NPC' interchangeably. There is no difference as far as exp goes.

    1. The exp given by every mob in the game = (mob level) * (mob level) * X.

    There are four major catagories of mobs, 'newbie' (levels 1-4), 'low' (level 5-6), 'outdoor' (level 7+), and 'dungeon' (any level). The category determines the X value, which are as follows:

    Outdoor: 75 Dungeon: 80 Low: 100 Newbie: Varies by zone. Anywhere from 103 to 114 have been recorded.

    Therefore, every mob gives a fixed amount of exp, assuming it is in normal exp ranges (blue to red). Starting in the low-mid levels, mobs that are one level green give 50% of the exp that they should. Once into the mid levels, mobs that are two levels green start giving 25% of the exp they would if they were blue or higher.

    This only covers solo, non-pet combat. We'll get to pets and grouping later.

    2. The exp required to gain a level is determined by a character's race, class, and level range.

    This is fairly obvious, but what we really want to know is what the formulas are and what the values are for each race/class/level range. I'm not going to get into the details of just *how* these figures were derived, but suffice it to say it was a lot of testing, recording, and experimenting, and analyzing of usually hidden data in the game.

    The total exp required to complete level X = X * X * X * C * R * L, or X^3 * C * R * L.

    As Abashi has stated, we see that exp gain is not linear. Once again, no big surprise, but we really want values for these variables (R = race, C = class, L = level range), so here they are:

    R VALUES -------- Barbarian 105 Dark Elf 100 Dwarf 100 Erudite 100 Gnome 100 Half Elf 100 Halfling 95 High Elf 100 Human 100 Ogre 115 Troll 120 Wood Elf 100

    C VALUES -------- Bard 14 Cleric 10 Druid 10 Enchanter 11 Magician 11 Monk 12 Necromancer 11 Paladin 14 Ranger 14 Rogue 9.05 Shadow Knight 14 Shaman 10 Warrior 9 Wizard 11

    L VALUES -------- Levels 1-29: 1.0 Levels 30-34: 1.1 Levels 35-39: 1.2 Levels 40-44: 1.3 Levels 45-50: 1.4

    Here we have the data that everyone wants, the actual exp penalties/bonuses. Assuming the base value for the race multiplier is 100 (a reasonable assumption), we see that Humans get *no* exp bonus. Actually, the only race with an exp bonus are Halflings, with a 5% bonus.

    The numbers for the class multipliers aren't much of a surprise with the exception of the Bard (which is apparently considered a hybrid class), the Monk (who seem to get a penalty for not needing fancy equipment to be a melee class), and the Rogue (who get a bonus because, well, they kind of suck).

    The L values don't really come into play until looking at how exp works for leveling (in particular hell levels), so we'll get into that next.

    3. Hell levels really are a mathematical consequence, more of a "bug" or shoddy programming than a "feature".

    Abashi has stated that as the exp curves change, the game forces characters to make up the difference in the exp they should have gotten on that curve up to that point. To everyone's surprise, he's actually right. It helps to look at some actual exp tables at this point to see the "hell level phenomenon" in action. Unfortunately, I can't make tables in this post so it's kind of hard to show it here, but I will show show excerpts from a table.

    We'll use a Human Warrior in this example.

    Assume he's level 1, starting with 0 exp.

    To complete level 1, he needs a total of 1 * 1 * 1 * 100 * 9 * 1.0 = 900 exp points, a difference of 900.

    To complete level 2, he needs a total of 2 * 2 * 2 * 100 * 9 * 1.0 = 7,200 exp points, a difference of 6,300.

    To complete level 3, he needs a total of 3 * 3 * 3 * 100 * 9 * 1.0 = 24,300 exp points, a difference of 17,100.


    To complete level 27, he needs a total of 27 * 27 * 27 * 100 * 9 * 1.0 = 17,714,700 exp points, a difference of 1,896,300.

    To complete level 28, he needs a total of 28 * 28 * 28 * 100 * 9 * 1.0 = 19,756,800 exp points, a difference of 2,042,100.

    To complete level 29, he needs a total of 29 * 29 * 29 * 100 * 9 * 1.0 = 21,950,100 exp points, a difference of 2,193,300.

    Now, he's level 30, the first hell level. L changes to 1.1, and we see the (not so surprising) results.

    To complete level 30, he needs a total of 30 * 30 * 30 * 100 * 9 * 1.1 = 26,730,000 exp points, a difference of 4,779,900.

    Then, we're back to semi-normal leveling.

    To complete level 31, he needs a total of 31 * 31 * 31 * 100 * 9 * 1.1 = 29,493,090 exp points, a difference of 2,763,090.

    To complete level 32, he needs a total of 32 * 32 * 32 * 100 * 9 * 1.1 = 32,440,320 exp points, a difference of 2,947,230.

    To complete level 33, he needs a total of 33 * 33 * 33 * 100 * 9 * 1.1 = 35,577,630 exp points, a difference of 3,137,310.

    To complete level 34, he needs a total of 34 * 34 * 34 * 100 * 9 * 1.1 = 38,910,960 exp points, a difference of 3,333,330.

    Now we're at hell level 35, the L changes to 1.2, and we see the results again.

    To complete level 35, he needs a total of 35 * 35 * 35 * 100 * 9 * 1.2 = 46,305,000 exp points, a difference of 7,394,040.

    To complete level 36, he needs a total of 36 * 36 * 36 * 100 * 9 * 1.2 = 50,388,480 exp points, a difference of 4,083,480.

    To complete level 37, he needs a total of 37 * 37 * 37 * 100 * 9 * 1.2 = 54,705,240 exp points, a difference of 4,316,760.

    and so on up to 50.

    This tells us a few things, the main one being that progressive hell levels aren't all as bad as they're made out to be. The exp required to get level 31 is roughly 2x what would be expected, but the exp required to get 36 is rougly 2.1x. At 41 it's roughly 2.15x, and at 46 it's only around 2.2x.

    So, while this shows that hell levels really are just a "bug" with the formulas, the progressive severity of the effect is minimal. However, the "hell level phenomenon" could be eliminated if non-linearity were spread out. One way of doing this would be to have exponentially increasing multipliers over the entire 30-50 range. For example, the 30 multiplier would be something like 1.001 (to account for the large range beneath it), 31 might be 1.003, 32 at 1.01, etc, slowly increasing to 1.1 at 35. It would gradually but exponentially rise to the 1.4 level at 45, and ideally (mathematically, it wouldn't make the players very happy), beyond 45, to 50 and beyond. This would keep the 30-45 range basically the same but make the 46-50 range much harder, and by the time players hit 60, things start getting a little ridiculous with the exponential growth at this time.

    But we're getting off the point here, which is how exp works in the current game.

    3. Pets do not take a fixed amount of exp when solo.

    Surprise, surprise! Pet exp penalties do not work *at all* like Verant claims. If a pet class, for example a mage, is fighting blue mobs with a pet and the pet does less than 50% of the combined damage done between the mage and pet, the mage gets 100% of the exp. If the pet outdamages the mage and the mage gets credit for the kill, the mage gets 50% of the exp.

    This works for blue through red mobs, but when dealing with green mobs of any kind, if the pet outdamages the mage, the mage gets no exp. If the mage outdamages the pet, though, he gets the normal green exp, be it 50% or 25%.

    4. There is no group exp bonus.

    This might have already been discussed, but there is no extra exp tacked on to the total exp from a mob by nature of a group getting the kill. The "group bonus" is another way of saying that a good group will be able to fight more creatures with less downtime than if the group members fought solo, thus increasing each member's rate of exp gain.

    5. Group exp is not based on level (within reason).

    The exp gained by each group member, as long as each member is reasonably close in level to each other, is computed by proportionally dividing the exp per kill by the total exp of each group member. There is no accounting for the level of each person when determining the split, unless certain people in the group are far too low level (a level 50 and a level 20 for example). This leads to a few direct conclusions:

    People in hell levels do not take a disproportionate split of a group's exp. Classes will larger innate exp penalties do not take a disproportionate split of a group's exp. People with larger innate exp penalties level slower than their groupmates, even when fighting the same creatures. They gain exp at the same rate and will have the same total exp after fighting the same creatures together, but each one will be at a different level or at least a different percentage into a level with the same amount of exp points. Certain classes need to play more, outside of their normal groups, to keep up with their regular groupmates. A Troll Shadow Knight will need to play *a lot* longer than the Halfling Warrior he normally groups with to remain at the same level over any signifigant amount of time. Someone who is grouped with another who is slightly lowerl level but fighting things that are green to the higher level person and blue to the lower level one is still taking exp from the group. Therefore, the high level person isn't just "helping", he's stealing a lot of exp which isn't going anywhere because the mob is too low level for him to gain anything. 6. Pets take no exp in groups.

    No matter what they do, how many there are, and how much damage they put out, we can not find any cases where pets take *any* exp away from a group. It's possible that there is some way for pets to take exp from groups, but in every sort of normal fighting in Everquest, it simply does not occur.

    7. Exp loss on death is a percentage of a character's total exp.

    This is fairly obvious to anyone who has died in a hell level. A character loses a percentage of their total exp, and the percentage of loss increases either in relation to the total exp as the total increases. This is roughly equivalent in a mathematical sense to a table of percentage of exp loss per level with increasing values, but there is insufficient data collected at this time to determine either the actual implementation or the actual percentages. However, at very low levels the percentage is around 1%, slowly increasing to somewhere around 10% at high levels.


    This is starting to date a little, so there's some thing like class modifier (taken out of game), group xp (there is now a xp bonus for groups, the bigger the grp, the bigger the bonus) and the way that xp is now shared in groups that are innacurate because they changed since, but overall this is how xp works in EQ

    Woon <TDE>
    Arch Mage, 7h hammer
    RE: whoa
    # Mar 19 2002 at 4:38 PM Rating: Excellent
    51 posts
    - First, stop complaining about it being easier to get through 30-50 range, it WON'T. They are NOT taking away the hell lvls xp, but merely distributing it evently across the whole 30-50 range. 30-35-40-45 will now be easier, yes. But on the other hand 31-34, 36-39, 41-44 and 46-50 range will now be LONGER. A lvl 50 that got there with new changes will have EXACT same xp as a lvl 50 that got his lvl PRE-change. 1-10 will now be easier.. wow big deal. Will only allow new players to get a feel of the game in a safer way, more power to them. The removal of the hell levels is purely a mathematical correction. The lvl xp modifier will now be spread out across lvl range instead of a hard switch at hell levels (yes the reason for hells is the lvl xp modifier switching from 1.0 to 1.1 at 30, then from 1.1 to 1.2 at 35, etc). Now this change will come progressively, wich is better programming. ;P But it WON'T take away the hells xp.

    Ok, so where did you read this nice little nugget of information that everyone seems to be over-looking? Is there some Sony/Verant sponsered site that you could post a link to? Do you know someone that works for Sony/Verant that told you these things to be true? When you post something to be truth, I don't mean to be accusing, but need some kind of proof to its veracity. I have seen too much posting of things people claim to be 'facts' that I personally have proved false through testing and experimenting in game. Sorry if that makes me a skeptic Woonx, this game has made me such =(
    RE: whoa
    # Mar 19 2002 at 3:39 PM Rating: Default
    He's right.
    RE: whoa
    # Mar 19 2002 at 2:57 PM Rating: Default
    I couldn't agree more, not only that but maybe i won't see so many "I'm quiting EQ for good to leave for another online game" with these changes, well....atleast the med change. If theres one reason someone quits EQ, its because their first char was a caster and they didnt pass 35 or make a second char. So yeah, everyone stop ********* i didn't see one problem with any of the updates other than kicking me off but i'll live.

    ~ Fad
    A Balanced EQ...WAHAHAHA!!!
    # Mar 19 2002 at 2:16 PM Rating: Default
    2hours later.........

    Ok now that I've stopped lauging I can post this hehehe. Al these people complaining that the game is unbalanced should just shut their holes and play. The game has over a million people playing it, and Verant and Sony are NEVER going to be able to make it perfect. If your favourite fighting spot is taken TOUGH! Find a new one! The game is meant for you to explore new areas and try new things, NOT camp the same friggin creature for 2 hours straight! This game is too big and complicated to balance so just play it and have fun.

    Grenticous Drakous
    60 Human Shadowknight
    Nameless Server
    Halfling Rangers? Gnome Pallys and Sk's???!!!
    # Mar 19 2002 at 2:05 PM Rating: Default
    Whoa! All these changes are good and bad. The test server allows me to play a gnome SK, Pally, and a halfling ranger. I expect these changes will be coming to the "real game" soon. Although I probably won't use any of them......

    Monks are still best!

    Rangers deserve an upgrade.........
    Player Reps..
    # Mar 19 2002 at 1:40 PM Rating: Default
    I think most of the people that are objecting to these changes have forgotten the player reputation factor in grouping. If you player your character well and know what you are doing people remember your name and what you can do but the reverse is true also. If you group with a person that has no clue on what they can do for the group and what they do to get the group killed you aren't to likely to group with that person again. Not only that you tell your guild/friends about that cleric that was trying to tank instead of heal or the warrior that ran around yelling for people to get the MOB off of them. A player's reputation is one of those things that can make or break you. If these changes cause an huge increase in level 50+ morons then guess what, it won't take long for word to get out about them and then the group and raid offers tend to dry up. Just because they are there doesn't mean you have to take them. As I see it the level 50+ people that don't know their role should only get you killed 1 time at max. After that it is your fault for allowing them to be in a position to do it again.
    my 2 cents
    # Mar 19 2002 at 12:44 PM Rating: Default
    I just felt the need to coment to the lvl 47 anon mage I play a lvl 60 mage love her dearly I can still solo some blues for exp ( at 60 just about everythign is blue or green so it depends how blue they are) granted its not chain pulling but thats ok I can play with my son while I med . I am missing some of my 55+ kunark spells and all of my 55+ sol spells and I still do ok . only complaint I have about the summoned armor we got with sol is that I can not dress my pet up in it heheh (I dont know if he would get any benafits from it if I did would be nice to know) how ever I want some grafics we cant use the amor for our self so let us dress pet up )) think it would be fun ooh well just a crazy gnome mage))
    be safe all and good day
    60 arch mage

    # Mar 19 2002 at 11:29 AM Rating: Good
    Ok, great! Now that I finally broke into the 50's with my main, they do away with hell levels (sub 50 of course). How quickly I could have gotten here without getting stuck every 5 levels or so I'll never know. Frankly, I learned a lot during those extended times - frustrating, yes... challenging, yes... I certainly won't look at people coming through the ranks now with the same amount of respect because I am sure that they will have missed learning some things along the way. Going through hell levels not only taught me how to be more efficient and that dying has a consequence, but it also gave me an opportunity to celebrate on breaking through it. Hitting 46, for instance, I literally was overcome with joy. Then, as I usually do upon breaking through, I'd go off with my friends on a quest or into a dungeon raid or just kick back and explore again. I'm afraid without these painful interludes, people will just stick in the leveling rutt until they hit 60 and then go off and explore... if they make it that far. Then again, mad chain pulling for hours at a time will be a thing of the past without hell levels... maybe this will slow the pace of the game and make it more social.

    Just my $0.02.

    Oh yeah, it would only be fair to boost me to lvl 60 now since it's probably where I'd be if I hadn't gone through any hell lvls or post hell lvl exp loss. It's only fair... :-)
    RE: Chchchanges...
    # Mar 19 2002 at 12:55 PM Rating: Default
    Well I see some of your points as valid concerns but as a soloing cleric I have to disagree with most- I sort glad they doing away with hell levels- some players have different styles of playing games and I for one just thought it was annoying- been playing for 3 years and it gets very cumbersum to want to start another character after you've gone through the crap with first- sort keeps ya from ever starting a new one anyways. If you want challenge die - I know that sort sucks to say but I just find it a challenge to stay alive hehehe. Anyways I think that it will over flood the servers with a bunch of ppl not use to tactics of their individual classes but that is still to be seen. But it could lead to alot of ppl in high ranks really fighting over the higher areas- oh well no matter what happens there is always going to be a problem...
    At least I can start those other characters off now with less headaches and not spend the first 20 hours walking to a place more than getting exp or just having fun- something to think about

    Alexandrius Cornerstone
    Tunare Server
    Here is my thoughts
    # Mar 19 2002 at 10:36 AM Rating: Default
    i have been playing EQ now for over a year i have chars ranging from a 36 druid to a 15 VS shaman. i am a rogue, bard, chanter, Mage, and a Monkie. I have played DAoC, AO, and UO, and always came back home to EQ for the simple reason they have there dragon dung in the right places. Alot of the changes will make life alot easier for newbies granted, but lets face it guys we all cursed varent at one point or another over the hang ups in game, i feel it won't make for weaker players but rather help them to learn alot faster. As far as newbies let us share the wealth, as you get new armor help a newb out i always to come to Drinal server and look for birdsong everybody knows me. The real purpose of the game is to enjoy yourself either as a loner or a grp member so lets just have funn mayby i see you there.
    Cleric changes
    # Mar 19 2002 at 10:11 AM Rating: Excellent
    51 posts
    I am happy to see that they are changing some of the spells in the cleric's smite line. Namely, the one I would like to see changed is the 56 Luclin spell "Judgement". The spell before it "Reckoning" is 630 dmg / 250 mana and this "upgrade" is 725 dmg / 325 mana. What kind of upgrade is that? We are going to give you a spell that does more damage but is less mana efficent? Other priest classes get the following DD and DoT spells : Frost (Druid 57) 762 damage / 250 mana : Blizzard (Druid 54) Rain spell for 1470 damage / 332 mana : Winged Death (Druid 53) DoT for 1287 damage / 350 mana : Bane of Nife (56 Shaman) DoT 1648 damage / 425 mana : Pox (Shaman 59 I believe) DoT 2000+ damage / 430 mana. Ok, now each priest class has their own little niche that makes them different from one another (Clerics get the best heals and AC/HP buffs, Druids have travel and movement rate buffs, as well as movement decrease buffs against your foes and track if you need it, and Shamans have stat buffs and slows). Why should two of them excell massively at the ability to deal damage while the cleric can not? Am I suggesting that clerics get a 2000+ damage DoT for all-purpose fighting? Not at all, but we are supposed to be equiped for battling the undead. As it currently stands, a druid or a shaman is able to out-damage a cleric against undead and do so much more mana-efficently. The gap is even further apart when it comes to 'live' mobs. Hopefully this will change it up a little bit, and maybe Verant will add a step inbetween our Exile Undead (55 Cleric) undead only spell and Banishment of Shadows (60 cleric) undead only spell that costs a star ruby to cast.
    Now, for the things for clerics that I don't agree with. I don't agree that clerics should have more res spells and wipe out all of the hell levels (I know that's for all classes, but since clerics are included I will address that). Clerics should have to work through their levels to obtain spells that give back experience. The first cleric spell that does that currently is level 39. You learn a lot from dying and having to take that experience loss, and I believe it makes you a much better player since you have to learn your class better and play well with others better in order to work your way up through the ranks and the spell levels. What Verant is trying to do in my opinion is make the early levels fly so that new people to the game will fly up to where everyone else is quickly and get hooked on the game. While good business practice, destroying the learning curve and making it steep like this is going to do one of two things.
    1) People are going to fly through levels until they get to 50+. Then when the going gets rough and they don't have the experince of how to fight well and have shotty equipment, they will be frustrated and quit the game (aka bye bye subscriber).
    2) The 50+ game is going to be saturated with people that have no clue how to play their class and will be getting other people that have enjoyed this game for years killed with their incompetence. It won't be their fault, but still frustrating all the same, and they will start to quit the game (aka bye bye long time subscriber).
    Verant is trying to throw a band-aid on the game and ship it as something commercial and easy. Eventually Verant is going to make it so that for a price they will just start you at level 60 and you can start playing the game there (if you don't think they are starting to do things like that now, take a look at Legends, the drop-rate of things when expansions first come out, this new patch, etc). Everquest is not a game that you can just pick up and play for a week and then be bored of it since it was so easy and you've done all you can do. At least it's not been that way for me. Perhaps I'm just an avid RPGer that likes a challenge and using intelligence to solve problems and advance in the game. However it's a frightening trend that RPGs are becoming less and less of a challenge and more about looking at the pretty graphics and hitting buttons until you eventually win (I'm still pissed about what has become of the Final Fantasy series btw). Hopefully Everquest won't turn in that direction..... however with announcements like this and 'more changes on the way'... it looks like it just might be. /mourn EQ
    # Mar 19 2002 at 9:53 AM Rating: Decent
    I see everyone saying that the game is still unbalanced. This may be a fact but what is the point of playing a game without some kind of a challange.

    So Rangers get picked on and Mages get forgotten and Clerics can't solo... the point of having a massivly populated online game is to share the experience of interacting with all the other people...

    If you didn't need to cooperate to take down a dragon, or group to gain exp and advance skills you wouldn't even need to have EQ no the net.

    Don't get me wrong there are quite a few things that Verant has overlooked but don't forget that we are still playing a game meant for entertainment not griping and complaining.

    If that is what your looking for perhaps you should go into politics...

    42 Cleric of the Zebuxoruk server
    RE: Changes
    # Mar 19 2002 at 12:45 PM Rating: Default
    Who says clerics can't solo Alexandrius Cornerstone 49th level cleric STILL SOLOING on Tunare server= sorry if your ignorant of how to solo which mob on the server- and in a month too to boot- silly ppl. And I will be getting to 51 soon since I know where several great places are to solo still.
    RE: Changes
    # Mar 19 2002 at 3:43 PM Rating: Default
    He's talking about soloing for experience, not derv 2 in Nro... ;)

    Actually, I've tried soloing as a cleric, and grouping is better for exp. Soloing is sometimes more exciting(for short periods of time..)
    RE: Changes
    # Mar 19 2002 at 10:21 AM Rating: Excellent
    51 posts
    "If you didn't need to cooperate to take down a dragon, or group to gain exp and advance skills you wouldn't even need to have EQ on the net."

    I think that is one of the most intelligent things I have ever read in a post. Good point fellow Cleric. In the post I have above (I wrote it before reading yours), I am by no means suggesting that clerics get the ability to solo as well as other classes (druid, shaman, necro, mage, etc). It's just very annoying to not be able to solo the undead mobs that we are supposedly supposed to be the masters of fighting. How many druids and shamans have you seen with the Shield of Bane Warding (for those that don't know what that is, it's a 25ac 20wis 8cha 12svm shield usable by priest classes and maybe paladins I'm not sure and envolving killing many undead mobs to complete) compared to clerics you have seen carrying one? What's your answer? All the ones you have seen are on druids and shamans? There is a reason for that.....
    # Mar 19 2002 at 9:23 AM Rating: Default



    # Mar 19 2002 at 5:40 AM Rating: Excellent
    the guy who keeps whining about ranger ..obviously you may not play your ranger well enuff i was and still am always able to get groups...verants only shortcomin was maybe give us a decent cold dd we could use since we are a druid/warrior hybrid...... other then that there nothing wrong .. and if ya want gate its call snare root and use a thurg gate potion .. or if you own one a tolans Bp or lets see think shammys make gate potions also ....... yup ranger cant gate ... and if ya want haste work to gettin your epic it 40 percent haste....or save 3kpp and buy a fbss or save more and go for a rbg or cof or anyone of 1oo haste items in game......

    Myklas Nez'Shaddarr 60 Warder Darkblood < Sol Ro server >

    Edited, Tue Mar 19 05:42:17 2002
    RE: rangers...
    # Mar 19 2002 at 8:08 AM Rating: Decent
    How many rangers does it take to change a lightbulb?

    1 and 4 clerics to keep the poor "paper warrior" healed
    RE: rangers...
    # Mar 20 2002 at 11:56 AM Rating: Decent

    The only problem with the ranger class is the stigma it got when it was actually not up to par. With all the additions of archery bonuses, better spells, higher defense caps, Aggro management spells like Jolt and jolting blades, and some of the healing spells that have been added that seem tailored to healing us (celestial etc), we are quite viable as a class. People need to realize that and do away with the stigma. Yes, we have less Hp and Damage mitigation, but we also out damage most other classes when armed correctly. Also, if you have ever seen a ranger dish out thousands of Hp in damage with Trueshot Discipline, youll see that we add to both groups and raids.

    We are also the single most self sufficient melee class in the game. Camo, SoW, buffs, DD, Root, snare, solo play, fear kiting.

    Rangers Own. Anyone who tells you otherwise is desperately holding on to the pathetic notion that our class is worthless, and is feeling threatened that they will loose their traditional role.

    One more thing - we *can* tank. Go over to Rangers Glade and check out some of the threads on it. With a cleric who knows how to heal us, we can be better tanks than any other class. Well keep the aggro no matter what, and we can spawn controll. And we can pull like mo fos.

    Anyway, i digress. leave us rangers alone. And rangers, quit your damn whining. Just lead by example and well start getting a better rep as a class.

    Montegue Lonerunner
    48th season Ranger

    "Casting Complete Heal 3 seconds into this is insulting

    Warriors Rock
    # Mar 19 2002 at 4:47 AM Rating: Decent
    Nuff said
    going LD
    # Mar 19 2002 at 4:10 AM Rating: Default
    can there be something done about going ld,i'v logged on mant times and found myself at my bind point. maybe a 10-20 second damage resistance when logging on.
    just wondering if it could be possible.
    Whiners/Gripers = High Lvls
    # Mar 19 2002 at 4:09 AM Rating: Decent
    I've only been playing this game for 3 months after leaving the D2 world. I joined in on D2 long after it bagan, and dealt with the Ubers and theyre low regard for us n00bs. Its the exact same thing here. I absolutely love this game, and I dont mind paying $10 a month to be here. Keeps the hackers out. But not the Uber lvl whiners that I've grown used to seeing in MMORPG's.
    I also dont mind the patches. In D2 youre lucky to see 2 patches a year to correct problems. Now its basically a dead game.
    This game is far from being dead.
    You think after so many hours and money spent playing that Verant owes you something? You VOLUNTARILY spent that time and money on this game, no one forced you Ubers to play that long. Deal with it, or quit.
    After my experience with D2 and now this game, I will go to EQ2 and SWG as soon as theyre released so I can see for myself what its like to start a brand new MMORPG w/o Ubers in them to listen to they're WHINING about how theyre screwed, or **** on n00bs.
    Remember uber player, whomever you are, you were a n00b once too, and you will be again in the next game you go to.
    I'm staying in this game. I love it, the quests and for the most part, the people in it.
    My new rule for myself after reading these boards, experiences in the game, is to NEVER, EVER trust a high level. Theres always something up their sleeve when it comes to them helping a n00b like myself. A nice train, or like what I saw last night, one getting a brand new player, a n00b, that didnt know what /d meant.
    Needless to say, he learned before anyone could warn him.

    RE: Whiners/Gripers = High Lvls
    # Mar 19 2002 at 2:58 PM Rating: Default
    Your contradicting your own statements. You posting this was whining at its worst!
    RE: Whiners/Gripers = High Lvls
    # Mar 19 2002 at 2:56 PM Rating: Default
    heh looks like somebody has a death beetle stuck up his *****

    *points at Brachis and snickers*
    RE: Whiners/Gripers = High Lvls
    # Mar 19 2002 at 5:31 AM Rating: Decent
    Your post just proves my point. Cant cut it? I'm enjoying the game, your whining. Sounds to me like your the one that cant cut it.

    If you want the new lvl 50's to "learn the correct" (very relative term) way to play at those levels, then teach them (a very simple solution). They can't learn any other way.

    Or, you can do what you're best at.

    Whine some more.
    RE: Whiners/Gripers = High Lvls
    # Mar 19 2002 at 3:49 PM Rating: Default
    If you want the new lvl 50's to "learn the correct" (very relative term) way to play at those levels, then teach them (a very simple solution). They can't learn any other way.

    Very true.
    Very false.

    One good way to teach a chanter(or anyone else) how to play his class is to tell him how.

    But, some things people just don't have time for. I mean, there are certain strategies which guilds EXPECT you to know before you raid with them, which should have been learned in a dungeon style environment. However, most strategies in raids are for raids only.

    They CAN learn in other ways. On this website, for example.

    Anyway, all I'm saying is that guild are not supposed to be 'boot camps for newbies'

    Whenever there's a guy who has a question, I will answer it, but I'm not going to sit down with him and tell him how EQ works, after he just graduated from Dreadlands.
    RE: Whiners/Gripers = High Lvls
    # Mar 19 2002 at 5:16 AM Rating: Default
    just cause yoru a "cant cut it newb" doesnt mean Us quote Uber players cant tell you what we know about the game so here it is. I had to go through all the hell lvl's and in my opinion it builds chacter as well as eztablishes a base for learning your skills as a newb. You are seaching for ways to lvl faster through hell lvls and the result is a better understanding and depth of your chacter. I think anyone under 35 could not understand this because they have never experianced it and now they wont. We quote uber players are going to get a influx of newbs at lvl 50 who do not know how to play. High lvl raids and zones will be flooded with these lvl 50 newbs who cant play there chacter right because they never learned. Just my opinion. Good luck all .
    lvl 60 Dread Lord Saryn Server
    RE: Whiners/Gripers = High Lvls
    # Mar 19 2002 at 4:12 AM Rating: Default
    amen bro
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