Lore: Report from the Wilds #7

As seen on EQLive: ================================================ *From the tan pages of an ancient brass-hinged leatherbound tome titled "History of Norrath Volume 29"* Pillars of black smoke poured into the air as the camps and dwellings of the Frogloks burned. A river of bodies flowed from the bloodsoaked Commonlands to the doors of Gukta. Thousands of bodies baked under the hot sun in the lands of Rathe Mountains. Ykesha's army had cut through the lands of Antonica like a sharp cleaver and changed the face of Norrath forever. From his twisted tower under the earth, Xon Quexill stood in red flowing robes, drinking a red liquid from a crystal goblet. His mind's eye saw Lord Ykesha sitting on a throne of Froglok skulls, the ancient troll's huge sword resting on his lap. Ykesha watched as trolls hoisted up a chained dwarven body in the center of Grobb's courtyard. Warlord Ykesha smiled and hundreds of miles away, Xon Quexill smiled as well. The lord-necromancer's intricate plot and his dark ceremony had worked perfectly. All across Norrath, city leaders sighed in relief. Their cities stood untouched from the threatening armies. Slowly the elven guardians outside of Felwithe recalled to the city and to their former lives. Even the adventurers who fought in the battles quickly forgot the bloodshed they had seen a month before. Quickly the daily squabbles in Freeport and the defense against gnollish tribes in High Pass continued as they had for centuries. Life returned to its former state. But not for all. Hundreds of Froglok refugees, their numbers cut nearly in half in the battle of Innothule and the siege of Gukta, walked with heads low from their former city to the refugee camps in the southern plateau of the Rathe mountains. Ogre brigands and hostile wildlife cut further into the survivors of the fall of Gukta. The tent city grew wide within the plateau, housing the survivors of Gukta and attempting a return to order. The Guktans quickly prepared defenses for their people. Slowly political power resurfaced and the children of Marr stood up their temples. Not all of the Guktans returned to the old ways, however. Whispers spoke of sects of Frogloks touched by Xon Quexill's curse in the swamps of Innothule. Late night searches revealed evidence of dark ceremony. Deep gouges filled with blood formed horrible symbols on the packed earth. Dissected and mutilated bodies hung upside down from the trees. Strange text unknown to Guktan researchers filled the discoverers with an unknown fear. Some Guktans whispered of Froglok assassins training in poisons and stealth. If they could not take back Gukta with direct force, perhaps they could take it back with murder, deception, and terror. When asked how his people would live on in these new times and asked if the Frogloks would one day seek revenge for Ykesha's attack, one proud and noble froglok said three simple words: "The Fist Strikes." Kandrow Seawinter Nine Hundred and Fourth Researcher of Norrathian History Twenty third day in the month of the Red Sun, 4264 PD


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Warlord is Powerful
# Sep 11 2006 at 8:42 PM Rating: Default
We were raiding on Tribunal with guild in Grobb ( took many lifes ) and i saw a troll in room and i said " Brb pulling" i went to room ( had a few trolls on me so i went back and got them killed ) and Guys name is Warlord Yeksha I am like what the hell I pull and some how get him down to raid ( back then i didnt know Warlord was that tough ) and all got wiped out even me. killed warrior is a few hits worked on all of us and killed so fast clerics could CH a HoTing and shrot healing was worthless. Next day i go in Grobb with me ( Froglok warrior ) my friend ( Highelf Cleric ) two LFG guys i found ( both rangers ) and a Rouge for DPS and i went back up into room forgetting that Warlord could be me spitless i went in room and on my screen said Loading Please wait... I looked back and the Warlord hit me 5 times can't rember how much damge but got rez and said " Thats it" got to raids together ( my guild and ally guild ) we had 2 raid groups We wiped out the town ( at least puller couldnt find anymore ) and i was like " did ya get the Warlord?" and he was like "HUH?" and i showed him the room He went up there and pulled him down ( it think we had adds couldn't rember) I said "LEts kick some Troll Butt!" and we got WArlord to 97% and my ally guild had been wiped out and my guild was more than half dead and it eventually came down to be tanking and surpisley i got him down 1% then he did a fulrry of attacks and next thing i know i am in PoK. Bottom line: THE WARLORD KICKS *****
70 Froglok warrior,70 High Elf Mage,67 Troll beastlord,70 Froglok shamman,and 63 human wizard
No loot
# Jul 25 2006 at 10:29 PM Rating: Default
Hi. i was there in the battles and when i looted kills i found nothing. Although there i found nothing? whats the deal?
# Aug 23 2005 at 6:27 PM Rating: Decent
As for classes the stuff above says froglok ASSASSINS which would be rogues. Sugal the Fist has nothing to do with monks hes a warrior quest npc as I recall something about having all melee skills up or something. I see zero mention hint or anything at all to do with monks.
# Aug 19 2005 at 11:26 PM Rating: Decent
ROFL that would be good
Re: The Fist Strikes
# Aug 19 2005 at 2:06 PM Rating: Decent
Definitely were talking to Sugal. (By the way, ever get knocked clear across Innothule by Sugal - bit of a rush Lol). Wonder if the reference could mean that Sugal will establish a Monk school dedicated to revenge. Hmm!
RE: Re: The Fist Strikes
# Aug 19 2005 at 10:59 PM Rating: Decent
166 posts
lmao, Sugal is fun to play with. Careful tho, **** him off enough and he'll make you 20k. :( I learned the hard way,lol.
I'll quit if...
# Aug 19 2005 at 8:54 AM Rating: Decent
641 posts
they make it so that any race can play any class.
I won't like it.
Froglok rogues?
Ogre rangers?
Vah Shir clerics?
Bah... go play EQ2 if that's what you want.
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RE: I'll quit if...
# Aug 20 2005 at 9:31 PM Rating: Default
They can not, and will not ever do this. In order to make every race be every class, they would need to add whole new textures and graphics to both the old world models, and the Luclin models. For example: they would need to add monk cloth textures to almost every race, and give them all a flying kick graphic.
RE: I'll quit if...
# Aug 21 2005 at 10:44 PM Rating: Decent
LMAO seeing a troll or ogre doing a flying kick would be awsome!
RE: I'll quit if...
# Sep 02 2005 at 5:21 PM Rating: Default
remember this, there are illusions and im pretty sure flying kick graphics go with it. also rather then see a vahshir cleric- imagine a troll cleric an ogre wizzard a barbarian magician and a gnomish berzerker.
RE: I'll quit if...
# Nov 03 2005 at 9:11 AM Rating: Decent
Playing a monk myself I know for a fact that only Iksar and Humans have the flying kick graphic. If you are illusioned to another race you just stand there and do nothing when you execute a flying kick.
RE: I'll quit if...
# Apr 19 2009 at 1:45 AM Rating: Decent
60 posts
old post (really old) but frogloks do indeed have a flying kick, eagle claw dragon punch etc grahpic.. i use guktan illusion as iksar mnk and its funny seeing a frog use tiger claw =P
RE: I'll quit if...
# Aug 22 2005 at 4:56 PM Rating: Decent
13 posts
Ha-ha, forget ogres and trolls, I want to know if a gnome monk would look like Yoda.
The Fist Strikes
# Aug 19 2005 at 8:25 AM Rating: Good
4,596 posts
Actually, thats a reference to Sugal The Fist. A mean little froggy that used to get his kicks punching lesser races across the swamp. He's always said that.
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RE: The Fist Strikes
# Aug 19 2005 at 8:41 AM Rating: Default
I always thought frog monks would be cool, dunno how RP that would be though.
RE: The Fist Strikes
# Aug 20 2005 at 10:18 PM Rating: Default
I always thought frog monks would be cool, dunno how RP that would be though.

Maddoc himself said there'e never be froglok monk's due to the fact that monk's do not worship Marr. But now we have Innoruk worshiping froglok's, why not Quellios?
RE: The Fist Strikes
# Aug 21 2005 at 4:05 PM Rating: Decent
Because Inny is an evil god who CURSED the Frogloks to worshipping him. You'd never see a follower of Quellious pull something like that.
# Aug 19 2005 at 6:18 AM Rating: Decent
"The Fist Strikes" sounds like something a Monk would say. Maybe Frog Monks are next.
RE: Hi.
# Aug 19 2005 at 9:14 AM Rating: Good
753 posts
I won't be happy until there are Froglok Bards that only sing when being watched by one person ;-)
RE: Hi.
# Aug 19 2005 at 4:14 PM Rating: Decent
Hello my baby, hello my darling, hello my rag time gal....

He can sing and dance really, come on froggy you can do it....

RE: Hi.
# Aug 20 2005 at 10:20 PM Rating: Default
RE: Hi.
# Aug 19 2005 at 1:22 PM Rating: Decent
Some day we find the rainbow connection and Frogloks will sing.
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