Lore: Report from the Wilds #3

As originally found on EQLive: =========================================== To Loral Ciriclight, the Hand of Tunare, Your murder of Warlord Bormar has sent the trolls into a frenzy. They continue to arm themselves and spread word of your attack from their town crier. They cry for a new leader to retake Grobb. However, your attempt to create a wedge between the trolls and the dark elves has partially succeeded. The trolls quickly blame your assassination on the weak guards of Neriak. A dark elf agent propositioned me to murder the trolls of Gunthak to further enrage the troll legions. It will only be a matter of time before the trolls learn of this treachery. The weakness of Neriak's internal guard became clear when Tier'Dal troops marched on Freeport from the west. Adventurers banded together in the tunnels of the East Commonlands led by a powerful general named Eromreven of Shar Val. The adventurers fought bravely but they ended broken on the rocks of the Spine of the World. I found the body of a decapitated Tier'Dal scout, one torn apart by Eromreven's warder and a warrior named Rebelwolf. On him I discovered a potion of illusions. When I took a sip I was horrified to see my beautiful visage transformed to look like you, a high elf. From within Neriak itself, the High Necromancer, Xon Quexill seeks the bodies of Frogloks, both live and undead. He is unclear of his motivations but one can easily assume his intentions and research. Even my own composure was shaken when I saw the flayed corpse of a young Froglok straining against leather bonds with death in its faded milky eyes. All throughout the kingdoms of Norrath the criers call of war. So eager are the nations to press their propaganda that they now give the news away for free. They speak of a battle between high elves and the natives of Guktan over a ritual performed within the swamps of Innothule. They speak of a horror torn from the depths of the fetid ground, a huge horned creature with lidless eyes and enveloped in a cloud of green noxious gas. It appears, under the illusions of their strange potions and the direction of Xon Quexill, the dark elves attempt to create a rift between the high elves and the guktans as you have done between the dark elves and the trolls. It will take much to restore alliances once word of this unholy beast reaches the frogloks. You should be pleased to know that the council of Felwithe has heard your call. Troops of Felwithe mobilize in the forest of Greater Faydark with sun shining off of silver armor and steel weapons. Let us all hope that the silver shine does not soon turn red. I expect thrice my normal payment delivered to my account by noon tomorrow. Your servant, Xarrak, Eye of the Shadow - Master of Spies


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A bad burly troll
# Jul 14 2005 at 3:57 PM Rating: Decent
I just led a small raid force of the willing to kill the burly troll. My guess is that it is a troll hero back from the dead and I did not want him to reclaim power over the troll clans. With 23 people (mostly DPS) we were able to get the troll to 98 percent before I called an end to the charge. We licked our wounds and rezzed our dead. I am curious how this is going to turn out.
RE: A bad burly troll
# Jul 14 2005 at 6:49 PM Rating: Decent
Too bad as players we can only fight them. In this mass confusion, attack is not the key. Subversion is. If the developers could only have figured out a way, a quest if you will, that would allow us to manipulate the warring factions by talk. Like delivering a message to a Faydark General, or to a Neriak Captain that would cause them to react in a predicted way. My lvl 63 Warrior was attacked by a Neriak Captain (and crew) and got hit 18 times in 2 seconds with blows ranging from 129 points to 810 points and one 228 point lifetap. Eleven of the 18 blows were for better than 225 points. No fighting them is not productive.
Troll Hero (cont.)
# Jul 14 2005 at 5:36 AM Rating: Decent
(cont. from above)
My druid friend said he just barely lived. He was hit for 2300 damage with a single sword blow, 500 more from a bash that then stunned him, then 2300 more after the stun, he got a spell cast on him (a proc), and then managed to get Exodus off. He told me while nursing his woulds that he had "resisted the Ykesha spell" least that was the message he got.
Then it hit me like a frieght train, the implications of which would mean much to me and my troll people. Above, the report says the trolls are crying for a leader to retake Grobb. The darkelves and trolls in Nektulos say they are part of Ykesha's army. The druid resisting a spell from a weapon in the hand of this burly troll on a cliff in Lavastorm. And now that I thoought about it, the sword he wielded was even the fames curved forward sword, the "Short Sword of Ykesha"
Could this be the lost troll hero Ykesha? Come back from the whereabouts unknown in Gunthank, Dalok's, etc etc? Is he here to lead the scattered trolls back to their homeland? We have walked the lands like the Wandering Jew. We will have back our Isreal. And the Frogs will pay in a lump sum for all the trolls' blood they have spilt in their arrogance.

Wight Scion
Luclin Server
Troll Hero
# Jul 14 2005 at 5:25 AM Rating: Decent
On my way to the Dragon of Norrath camps, I decided to go straight over the volcano instead of around it (I am still skittish from the day the expansion was open and there was a dragon up there). Anyway, went straight over the top, and took a double take. I pulled my horse back, and did a u-turn. There, out on a ledge, was a single (red-con) troll fighting tons and tons of troll challengers. He was dubbed "a burly troll" and didnt really con at all...only reason I knew he was red to me is that the circle around the target was red.
I called my druid friend over here to look at him...he asked me if he thought he would get attacked if his invis fell off. I couldn't answer him cause he went from 100% to 2% then we all exodused. He lived.

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