Site Update #5

Site Update

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Updated Items: Prize: Ping's Practical Potion PackFire Dancers' RetributionFaded Celestial Zenith Chest ArmorOtherworldly Chest Armor LiningMorell Thule Banner of ImpalementMorell Thule Banner of DancettyGreen Candy EggRed Candy EggYellow Candy EggPurple Candy EggChocolate Cookie Sandwich TableGreen Gumdrop StoolRed Gumdrop StoolYellow Gumdrop StoolPurple Gumdrop StoolSpell: Deathly TemptationSpell: Cloak of the AkhevaSpell: Hammer of SoulsSpell: Koadic's Endless IntellectSpell: Nature's RecoverySpell: MoonfireColorful Gumdrop TreeRed Candy TileGreen Candy TileYellow Candy TilePurple Candy TilePainting: Shrubbery, With a PathPainting: Evening on the CanalsPainting: ReflectionsPainting: Resplendent Bloom


Bestiary Updates: a pixie pranksterIllusionist Lobaen [Enchanter Spells 51-60]Reaver Thirlan [Shadow Knight Spells 51-60]Vicar Delin [Cleric Spells 51-60]Wanderer Frardok [Druid Spells 51-60]a corrupted pixie pranksterToraji, Korath's WarderManifested ChestChampion KamakCanloe Nusback [Warrior Guildmaster]Lord Inquisitor Seru



Updated Items: Apparitional Chest Armor Lining


Updated Quests: Berserker Epic 1.5: Raging Taelosian Alloy AxeFocus the Crystal Geode (Guild Hall Portal)Mean Streets (Raid)


Bestiary Updates: Trusk [Shadow Knight Spells]Bonlarg [Shadow Knight Guildmaster]Grevak [Shadow Knight Guildmaster]Ruksa [Shadow Knight Guildmaster]Soonog [Shadow Knight Guildmaster]Primal Reptilea ravenous cragbeastRough Chesta riled up thuga wild-eyed thugan impassioned thug


Zone Updates: Shar Vahl, Divided: Raid instance


Updated Items: Gem of the Maiden's TempestTri-Spirit Embossed TokenFishing Spear


Updated Quests: Focus the Crystal Geode (Guild Hall Portal)Here Be Dragons!EverQuest Anniversary Events: An Overview22nd Anniversary: Unity


Bestiary Updates: Mantrek NeedlebenderZeflmin Werlikanin [Portal Crystals]Commander Xatakaa burly gnollSasily Verous [General Merchant]


Zone Updates: 22nd Anniversary: Blackburrow: Unity



Updated Items: Speckled Green EggClaw Sconce TorchSpiritually Faded Luclinite Wrist Armor


Updated Quests: Crafted HelmEverQuest Anniversary Events: An OverviewShake the CitadelStomple's Day - Here Comes SpringEverfrost Peaks Traveler (10 Points)


Updated Recipes: Revered Chest Symbol of the SkepticRevered Chest Symbol of the SkepticRevered Chest Symbol of the SkepticRevered Chest Symbol of the Skeptic


Bestiary Updates: sabretooth tigerQileour Bahiael [Raid Recruiter]Artisan Vuro Padfoot [Tradeskill Quests]a swarming snow dervishKolburn Inglewort [Alchemy Supplies]Krizle Geerlok [Tinkering Supplies]Lareso RunsalarkLoensa EsorlinalLoewnsaz WaldalonLolaraLookout EloralonLookout GereolLookout GirolsLookout Valoboloa wild-eyed thuga malleable spiderlingLulling dust



Updated Items: Figurine Collector's Chest: DenizensRing of CyclesVisage of a Paineel Skeleton GuardLucent Cloak of the SelenelionNightlight Petunia FruitDecanter of Cavern WaterWrapped Erudin BrazierErudin BrazierWrapped Painting: Toxxulia ForestPainting: Toxxulia ForestPainting: Stonebrunt MountainsBookshelf of PaineelKing Gragnar's ThroneTattered Cazicite BannerShadeweaver Snake SkinTanglewood Tree SapPilfered Pouch of SaltScattered Stone BeadsChain Cosgrove Wrist Seal of the Foot SoldierLetter to Shar Vahl LeadershipSpell: Illusion: Paineel Skeleton GuardWrapped Visage of a Paineel Skeleton GuardDaesorak's BadgeOverslo's BadgeSuit of Mrang's Ogre LeatherDevotee's Strategy of the SelenelionBlack Burrow StoutCase of Blackburrow Stout


New Quests: Paineel Traveler (10 Points)


Updated Quests: Blackburrow Stout ShipmentLegendary Enchanter IllusionsA Miner SetbackA Lesson in AltruismNo Grave Can Hold Them DownA Little GoodwillErudite Heritage Crate: Erudite Art Collector (10 Points)


New Recipes: Devotee's Strategy of the SelenelionChain Cosgrove Wrist Seal of the Foot Soldier


Updated Recipes: Steamjet Pack


Bestiary Updates: Gnasher Furgutta young slashclawGadrika ravenous citizenBokon MaruCaptain Aranjia shik'nar tunnelerNoppta MottunKejaan Kerrath [Quests]a pot of tree sapa pouch of salta snake homeLookout BolomboLookout NelorinLookout Sereon



Updated Items: Fabled Mana RobeVisage of VanikiDrunkard's SteinBrick of KnowledgeToxiplax's Cloak of ComfortOtherworldly String Serving


Bestiary Updates: Kipler Steffeal [Adventure Merchant]Biski Teezlen [Adventure Merchant]Gizula [Adventure Merchant]Daevyd Londayl [Adventure Merchant]Dereu Ztr`Tn [Adventure Merchant]Taeri Kuqq [Adventure Merchant]Haele Straedhon [Adventure Merchant]Jelqtan Oretnai [Adventure Merchant]Toxiplax



Updated Items: Elixir of Stalwart RegenerationMetallic LiquidVelium SwiftbladeThick Ice Studded CollarSpell: Illusion: Violet SporaliCollector's Pendant of MarrElaborate CharmsElegant Charms


Bestiary Updates: An Animated SoldierLegionnaire Yerven



Updated Items: Sprinkled Pixie DustSturdy BoneAcolyte's Casting Magic of the Selenelion


Bestiary Updates: Avatar of Tunare [Anniversary Quest]Clockwork Merchant 2081, -412, -182 [Necromancer Spells]The Fabled MagmatonThe Fabled Babnoxis the Spider Queen



Updated Items: Primal EyeLegion Issue KukriIlluminated HammerIkaav-Scale PauldronsCragbeast BloodVial of Swirling SmokeWrist PouchWhite Gold IngotVelium Laced Sealed Poison VialVelium Laced Poison VialTregrumToxin VialThorny ErgotThe Scent of MarrSuspensionSpring CrystalSmall VialSketch BookSealed Poison VialSandalwoodRosinPotion of Light HealingPoison VialPale Green PotionOsbdosmnOpen Letter - Part 2Open Letter - Part 1Old Delivered BookMurky VialMortar and PestleMistletoeMethysticumMercuric OreMasticMark of VirilityMark of SunderingMark of SightMark of QuicknessMark of PotencyMark of HealingMark of HasteMark of FerocityMark of ExtensionMark of EfficiencyMark of DexterityMark of CelerityMark of BattleMark of AlacrityMark of AggressionLuclinite Laced Sealed Poison VialLuclinite Laced Poison VialLined Poison VialLarent SuspensionLacteraKatuka BarkJellico's NotesIvory PoppyHydroabrasiveHarvest CrystalGerti BlossomFish Gill ExtractFine HydroabrasiveEthereal SuspensionDufreniteDihedral BurinDelphiniumCrystallized PumiceCrimson PotionCreeper IvyCoyotetailConstrict SuspensionCloudy PotionCliversChipped Bone RodCententialsporeBuffing SheetsBlack Gold IngotBark PotionArnworthAmberAlocasia RootRo EmulsifierNeutral WashWaterbane PowderFormic AcidSolusek NoduleInert Poison GrainInnoruuk EmulsifierDistilled Grade C Taipan VenomDistilled Grade C Mamba VenomDistilled Grade C Choresine SampleRefined Grade AA Choresine SamplePurified Grade B Choresine SamplePurified Grade AA Choresine SampleGranting PeaceExtracting PeacePrimitive Sealed Poison VialRough Sealed Poison VialSimple Sealed Poison VialUnrefined Sealed Poison VialPlain Sealed Poison VialUnadorned Sealed Poison VialRefined Sealed Poison VialFine Sealed Poison VialEtched Sealed Poison VialEmbossed Sealed Poison VialGold Embossed Sealed Poison VialPlatinum Embossed Sealed Poison VialPrimitive Poison VialRough Poison VialSimple Poison VialUnrefined Poison VialPlain Poison VialUnadorned Poison VialRefined Poison VialFine Poison VialEtched Poison VialEmbossed Poison VialGold Embossed Poison VialPlatinum Embossed Poison VialWeak Muscimol ExtractGrade E Muscimol ExtractGrade D Muscimol ExtractGrade C Muscimol ExtractGrade B Muscimol ExtractGrade A Muscimol ExtractWeak Oleander ExtractGrade E Oleander ExtractGrade D Oleander ExtractGrade C Oleander ExtractGrade B Oleander ExtractGrade A Oleander ExtractWeak Larkspur ExtractGrade E Larkspur ExtractGrade D Larkspur ExtractGrade C Larkspur ExtractGrade B Larkspur ExtractGrade A Larkspur ExtractGrade C Caladium ExtractGrade B Caladium ExtractGrade A Caladium ExtractGrade C Laburnum ExtractGrade B Laburnum ExtractGrade A Laburnum ExtractThick Suspension FluidSuspension FluidEthereal Suspension FluidSuffusing Suspension FluidEmulsifierE`ci EmulsifierPurified Grade A Choresine SamplePurified Grade B Taipan VenomWeak Nigriventer VenomGrade E Nigriventer VenomGrade D Nigriventer VenomGrade C Nigriventer VenomGrade B Nigriventer VenomGrade A Nigriventer VenomWeak Gormar VenomGrade E Gormar VenomGrade D Gormar VenomGrade C Gormar VenomGrade B Gormar VenomGrade A Gormar VenomWeak Mamba VenomGrade E Mamba VenomGrade D Mamba VenomGrade C Mamba VenomGrade B Mamba VenomGrade A Mamba VenomGrade AA Mamba VenomRefined Grade A Mamba VenomRefined Grade AA Mamba VenomPurified Grade B Mamba VenomPurified Grade A Mamba VenomPurified Grade AA Mamba VenomWeak Taipan VenomGrade E Taipan VenomGrade D Taipan VenomGrade C Taipan VenomGrade B Taipan VenomGrade A Taipan VenomGrade AA Taipan VenomRefined Grade A Taipan VenomRefined Grade AA Taipan VenomPurified Grade A Taipan VenomPurified Grade AA Taipan VenomWeak Choresine SampleGrade E Choresine SampleGrade D Choresine SampleGrade C Choresine SampleGrade B Choresine SampleGrade A Choresine SampleGrade AA Choresine SampleRefined Grade A Choresine SampleCrude Poison VialCrude Sealed Poison VialConcentrated Grade B Taipan VenomConcentrated Grade B Mamba VenomConcentrated Grade B Choresine SampleConcentrated Grade AA Taipan VenomConcentrated Grade AA Mamba VenomConcentrated Grade AA Choresine SampleConcentrated Grade A Taipan VenomConcentrated Grade A Mamba VenomConcentrated Grade A Choresine SampleCoarse Sealed Poison VialCoarse Poison VialChronal Infused Sealed Poison VialChronal Infused Poison VialCelestial Suspension FluidBite of the Shissar IBite of the Shissar IIBite of the Shissar IIIBite of the Shissar IVBite of the Shissar IXBite of the Shissar VBite of the Shissar VIBite of the Shissar VIIBite of the Shissar VIIIBite of the Shissar XBite of the Shissar XIBite of the Shissar XIIBite of the Shissar XIIIBite of the Shissar XIVBite of the Shissar XVBite of the Shissar XVIAdorned Sealed Poison VialAdorned Poison VialPotential Earring of Rallos ZekBella's Charming DiamondWindchill Hide BeltSignet of VahElegant Wood Elven Cultural TailoringElegant Wood Elven Cultural SmithingElegant Vah Shir Cultural TailoringElegant Vah Shir Cultural SmithingElegant Troll Cultural SmithingElegant Troll Cultural TailoringElegant Iksar Cultural TailoringElegant Iksar Cultural SmithingElegant Human Cultural TailoringElegant Human Cultural SmithingElegant High Elven Cultural TailoringElegant High Elven Cultural SmithingElegant Halfling Cultural SmithingElegant Halfling Cultural TailoringElegant Half Elven Cultural TailoringElegant Half Elven Cultural SmithingElegant Gnomish Cultural TinkeringElegant Gnomish Cultural TailoringElegant Gnomish Cultural SmithingElegant Froglok Cultural SmithingElegant Froglok Cultural TailoringElegant Erudite Cultural TailoringElegant Erudite Cultural SmithingElegant Drakkin Cultural TailoringElegant Drakkin Cultural SmithingElegant Dark Elven Cultural TailoringElegant Dark Elven Cultural SmithingElegant Barbarian Cultural SmithingElegant Barbarian Cultural TailoringTenacious Supplicant's Earring of Rallos ZekHorn of Crescendoing LegendsFlute of Everlasting GallantryEpic Tales of HeroismDrum of Legendary UnisonBarbat of Unrelenting ChivalryPondweedBlack Pearl


Updated Quests: 22nd Anniversary: Unity24th Anniversary: Footloose and Fancy Free


Updated Recipes: Swamp TemperBottle of Double Brewed Orcish StoutLarge Deep Cavern LeggingsSmall Deep Cavern Ringmail SkirtSmall Deep Cavern LeggingsLarge Deep Cavern Ringmail MantleSmall Deep Cavern Ringmail MantleLarge Deep Cavern BraceletSmall Deep Cavern BraceletLarge Deep Cavern Ringmail TunicLarge Deep Cavern Steel BracerSmall Deep Cavern Steel GreavesLarge Deep Cavern Steel BootsSmall Deep Cavern Ringmail BootsSmall Deep Cavern Ringmail GlovesSmall Deep Cavern Ringmail GorgetMounted Rock Grendlaen HeadMounted Pale Grendlaen HeadSmall Deep Cavern Ringmail VeilMounted Forest Kangon HeadMounted Brownscaled Selyrah HeadMounted Violetscaled Selyrah HeadMounted Sunset Goral HeadMounted Vinescaled Selyrah HeadMounted Mountain Kangon HeadMounted Flame Goral HeadSmall Deep Cavern Steel BootsSmall Deep Cavern Ringmail CloakSmall Deep Cavern Ringmail SleevesSmall Deep Cavern Ringmail TunicSmall Deep Cavern Ringmail CoifLarge Deep Cavern Ringmail BootsMounted Flamescaled Selyrah HeadSmall Deep Cavern BreastplateMounted Fire Grendlaen HeadSmall Deep Cavern Steel PauldronsSmall Deep Cavern Steel BracerSmall Deep Cavern Steel CloakSmall Deep Cavern Steel GirthSmall Deep Cavern Steel CollarSmall Deep Cavern Steel HelmetSmall Deep Cavern Steel GauntletsSmall Deep Cavern Steel VisorSmall Deep Cavern Steel VambracesLarge Deep Cavern Ringmail CloakLarge Deep Cavern Ringmail GorgetLarge Deep Cavern Ringmail VeilLarge Deep Cavern Ringmail SleevesLarge Deep Cavern Ringmail SkirtLarge Deep Cavern Ringmail CoifLarge Deep Cavern Ringmail GlovesLarge Deep Cavern BreastplateLarge Deep Cavern Steel CloakLarge Deep Cavern Steel CollarLarge Deep Cavern Steel GirthLarge Deep Cavern Steel GauntletsLarge Deep Cavern Steel GreavesLarge Deep Cavern Steel HelmetLarge Deep Cavern Steel PauldronsLarge Deep Cavern Steel VambracesLarge Deep Cavern Steel Visor


Bestiary Updates: Loran Thu`Leth [Poison Supplies]a cultural discoveries historian [Tradeskill Books]Toxicologist Huey [Poison Merchant]A Vendor of Reagents [Merchant]The Fabled MagmatonThe Fabled Babnoxis the Spider Queen



Updated Items: Fabled Glowing Orb of the StormwatcherApparitional Necklace ClaspShik'Nar Carapace CrateGirdle of Living ThornsOtherworldly Earring ClaspHooded Cloak of the InitiateOrnate Chain Bracelet PatternSealed Box of TotemsShadowy Coif of CondemnationRed Eyed Mask of Rage


Updated Quests: Beastlord Epic: Claw of the Savage SpiritArmadilloed and DangerousTo the Brave, Go the Spoils!18th Anniversary: Fippy's Further Revenge20th Anniversary Challenge (10 Points)22nd Anniversary: A Riviting Tale!


New Recipes: Spectral Luclinite Frostfire GlovesSpectral Luclinite Frostfire PantsSpectral Luclinite Frostfire SandalsSpectral Luclinite Frostfire WristguardSpectral Luclinite Legionnaire BootsSpectral Luclinite Legionnaire BracerSpectral Luclinite Legionnaire GauntletsSpectral Luclinite Legionnaire GreavesSpectral Luclinite Spiritwalker BootsSpectral Luclinite Spiritwalker GauntletsSpectral Luclinite Spiritwalker LeggingsSpectral Luclinite Spiritwalker WristguardSpectral Luclinite Soulrender BootsSpectral Luclinite Soulrender BracerSpectral Luclinite Soulrender GauntletsSpectral Luclinite Soulrender GreavesSpectral Luclinite Shadowscale BootsSpectral Luclinite Shadowscale GauntletsSpectral Luclinite Shadowscale LeggingsSpectral Luclinite Shadowscale WristguardSpectral Luclinite Natureward BootsSpectral Luclinite Natureward GauntletsSpectral Luclinite Natureward LeggingsSpectral Luclinite Natureward WristguardSpectral Luclinite Exarch BootsSpectral Luclinite Exarch BracerSpectral Luclinite Exarch GauntletsSpectral Luclinite Exarch GreavesSpectral Luclinite Soulslayer GlovesSpectral Luclinite Soulslayer PantsSpectral Luclinite Soulslayer SandalsSpectral Luclinite Soulslayer WristguardSpectral Luclinite Soulforge BootsSpectral Luclinite Soulforge GlovesSpectral Luclinite Soulforge LeggingsSpectral Luclinite Soulforge WristguardSpectral Luclinite Flameweaver GlovesSpectral Luclinite Flameweaver PantsSpectral Luclinite Flameweaver SandalsSpectral Luclinite Flameweaver WristguardSpectral Luclinite Mindlock GlovesSpectral Luclinite Mindlock PantsSpectral Luclinite Mindlock SandalsSpectral Luclinite Mindlock WristguardSpectral Luclinite Lifewalker BootsSpectral Luclinite Lifewalker GlovesSpectral Luclinite Lifewalker LeggingsSpectral Luclinite Lifewalker WristguardSpectral Luclinite Illuminator BootsSpectral Luclinite Illuminator BracerSpectral Luclinite Illuminator GauntletsSpectral Luclinite Illuminator GreavesSpectral Luclinite Warmonger BootsSpectral Luclinite Warmonger Gauntlets


Updated Recipes: Spectral Luclinite Legionnaire BreastplateSpectral Luclinite Soulforge ArmwrapsSpectral Luclinite Frostfire Cap


Bestiary Updates: Scout SihmojScout AhlikalArms Historian Qua [Cultural Smithing Supplies]a focus of SolThorolf SutherlandDiabo Xi Xundraux [Raid Merchant]Diabo Xi VestaBrutea rough chestShaded ChestThe Fabled Gaukr SandstormThe Fabled Oreen WavecrasherThe Fabled Hreidar LynhilligThe Spirit of Malevolence



Updated Items: Drunkard's SteinBasilisk EggsGriffon EggsMushroom SporeFaded Ascending Spirit Wrist Armor


Updated Recipes: Meat Lover's Omelet (Cockatrice)Meat Lover's Omelet (Griffon)


Bestiary Updates: a fungus sporeThorn Petal



Updated Recipes: Phantasmal Luclinite Mask of Brilliance


Zone Updates: Caverns of Exile (Solusek C)Solusek Ro's TowerTorden, the Bastion of ThunderTemple of MarrVegarlson, the Earthen BadlandsRuins of Lxanvom [Crypt of Decay] - [PoP]Reef of CoirnavPlane of TranquilityPlane of ValorRagrax, Stronghold of the TwelvePlane of StormsPlane of Time APlane of Time BPlane of TormentPlane of NightmareEryslai, the Kingdom of WindPlane of JusticePlane of KnowledgeLair of Terris ThulePlane of DiseasePlane of InnovationHalls of HonorDoomfire, the Burning LandsDrunder, Fortress of Zek (Plane of Tactics)Takish-Hiz: The Sandfall CorridorsUmbral PlainsGrimling ForestTwilight SeaVex ThalThe NexusSanctus SeruThe GreyThe DeepThe BazaarTenebrous MountainsSsraeshza TempleShar VahlShadow HavenShadeweaver's ThicketScarlet DesertGrieg's EndPaludal CavernsMarus SeruMons LetalisNetherbian LairJaggedpine ForestMaiden's EyeKatta CastellumPlane of Fear 2.0Raid Expedition: The Western WastesHollowshade MoorFungus GroveEcho CavernsDawnshroud PeaksAcrylia CavernsAkheva Ruins23rd Anniversary: Shadeweaver's Thicket: Whispers in the DarkCobalt ScarCrystal CavernsGreat DivideEastern WastesDragon NecropolisIceclad OceanIcewell KeepKael DrakkelKerafyrm's Lair (Sleeper's Tomb)Plane of GrowthPlane of Hate 2.0Plane of Mischief 1.0SkyshrineSiren's GrottoTemple of VeeshanStonebrunt MountainsThe WarrensThurgadinTower of Frozen ShadowVelketor's LabyrinthWestern WastesWakening LandBrell's RestBurning WoodsChardokCity of MistCrypt of DalnirDreadlandsEast CabilisEmerald JungleFiriona VieHowling Stones (Charasis)KaesoraFrontier MountainsField of BoneKarnor's CastleKurn's TowerLake of Ill OmenMines of NurgaMines of Nurga 1.0Old SebilisSkyfire MountainsWest CabilisSwamp of No HopeTemple of Droga 1.0The OverthereTimorous DeepTrakanon's TeethVeeshan's PeakWarsliks WoodGulf of GunthakHate's Fury, The Scorned MaidenTorgiran MinesSouth RoSurefall GladeEverfrost PeaksGrobbBefallenKerra IsleHalasHighpass HoldKithicor ForestLavastorm MountainsNorthern FelwitheSouthern FelwitheAk'AnonCastle MistmooreCrushboneEstate of UnrestButcherblock MountainsDagnor's CauldronGreater FaydarkKedge KeepLesser FaydarkNorth KaladimSouth KaladimSteamfont MountainsNorth KaranaPlane of HatePlane of FearPlane of Sky



Updated Quests: A Simple Task - Level 25


Zone Updates: Rujarkian Hills: War March of Imal Ojun (Raid)Rujarkian Hills: The Wind BridgesRujarkian Hills: The Hidden Vale (Raid)Rujarkian Hills: The Hidden Vale (Group)Rujarkian Hills: The Halls of WarRujarkian Hills: The Gladiator PitsRujarkian Hills: The Fortified Lair of the TaskmastersRujarkian Hills: The Drudge HollowsRujarkian Hills: The Bloodied QuarriesRujarkian Hills: Prison Break (Raid)Rujarkian Hills: The Blazing ForgeRujarkian Hills: The Barracks of WarRujarkian Hills: The Arena of ChanceMistmoore Catacombs: The Sepulcher of the DamnedMistmoore Catacombs: The Forlorn CavernsMistmoore Catacombs: The Infernal SanctuaryMistmoore Catacombs: The Halls of Sanguinary RitesMistmoore Catacombs: The Asylum of Invoked Stone (Raid)Mistmoore Catacombs: The Dreary GrottoMistmoore Catacombs: The Chambers of Eternal AfflictionMistmoore Catacombs: The Cesspits of PutrescenceMistmoore Catacombs: The Asylum of Invoked Stone (Group)Mistmoore Catacombs: The Aisles of BloodMistmoore Catacombs: Scion Lair of Fury (Raid)Mistmoore Catacombs: Ritualistic Summoning GroundsRujarkian HillsTakish-HizPlane of Hate BMistmoore CatacombsTemple of Droga 2.0VeksarMiragul's Menagerie: The Theater of Imprisoned HorrorsMiragul's Menagerie: The Maw of the MenagerieMiragul's Menagerie: The Spider DenMiragul's Menagerie: The Silent GalleryMiragul's Menagerie: The Morbid LaboratoryMiragul's Menagerie: The Hushed BanquetMiragul's Menagerie: The Frosted HallsMiragul's Menagerie: The Heart of the MenagerieMiragul's Menagerie: The Grand LibraryMiragul's Menagerie: The Forgotten WastesMiragul's Menagerie: Frozen Nightmare (Raid)Miragul's Menagerie: Folly of Miragul's Ambition (Raid)Deepest Guk: Ritualist of Hate (Raid)Deepest GukHalls of Betrayal (Chardok B)Infected Paw (OoW / LDoN)Miragul's MenagerieDeepest Guk: The Root GardenDeepest Guk: The Foreboding PrisonDeepest Guk: The Rescue (Raid)Deepest Guk: The Mushroom GroveDeepest Guk: The Cauldron of Lost SoulsDeepest Guk: The Drowning CryptDeepest Guk: The Curse Reborn (Raid)Deepest Guk: The Chapel of the WitnessesDeepest Guk: The Accursed SanctuaryDeepest Guk: The Ancient AqueductsCaverns of Exile (Solusek C)Solusek Ro's TowerTorden, the Bastion of ThunderTemple of MarrVegarlson, the Earthen BadlandsRuins of Lxanvom [Crypt of Decay] - [PoP]Reef of CoirnavPlane of TranquilityPlane of ValorRagrax, Stronghold of the TwelvePlane of StormsPlane of Time APlane of Time BPlane of TormentPlane of NightmareEryslai, the Kingdom of WindPlane of JusticePlane of KnowledgeLair of Terris ThulePlane of DiseasePlane of InnovationHalls of HonorDoomfire, the Burning LandsDrunder, Fortress of Zek (Plane of Tactics)Takish-Hiz: The Sandfall Corridors



New Items: Polished Paebala Silver BandMrang's Ogre Plate Legs OrnamentMrang's Ogre Plate Hands OrnamentMrang's Ogre Plate Wrist OrnamentMrang's Ogre Plate Arms OrnamentMrang's Ogre Plate Chest OrnamentMrang's Ogre Plate Helm OrnamentGnawed Strap of the NecropolisTattered Chetari BeltRinki's Lost Brass BuckleMajestic Mallard MountZlandicar Scale RingDrape of DreamsDiscovery of Thunder Part 8Discovery of Thunder Part 7Discovery of Thunder Part 2Discovery of Thunder Part 1Token of the MagusQuarm Hat - Blue OrnamentationGhoulish Grape JuiceMrang's Ogre Chain Helm OrnamentWrapped Music Box: Miragul's MenagerieEnchanted Tome FamiliarWrapped Painting: Stonebrunt MountainsMrang's Ogre Plate Feet OrnamentSpiritually Faded Luclinite Stone of HarmonyMrang's Ogre Cloth Feet OrnamentMrang's Ogre Cloth Legs OrnamentMrang's Ogre Cloth Hands OrnamentMrang's Ogre Cloth Wrist OrnamentMrang's Ogre Cloth Arms OrnamentMrang's Ogre Cloth Chest OrnamentMrang's Ogre Cloth Helm OrnamentMrang's Ogre Chain Feet OrnamentMrang's Ogre Chain Legs OrnamentMrang's Ogre Chain Hands OrnamentMrang's Ogre Chain Wrist OrnamentMrang's Ogre Chain Arms OrnamentMrang's Ogre Chain Chest Ornament


Updated Items: CaedesBlood-Soaked WandSleggur's Mask of Fallen LeavesVivid Combatant's Cloak of the SelenelionObscured Mendicant's Cloak of the SelenelionObscured Harasser's Cloak of the SelenelionObscured Convoker's Cloak of the SelenelionObscured Assaulter's Cloak of the SelenelionEclipsed Mendicant's Cloak of the SelenelionEclipsed Harasser's Cloak of the SelenelionEclipsed Convoker's Cloak of the SelenelionDulled Combatant's Cloak of the SelenelionAged Vivid Supplicant's Cloak of the SelenelionAged Vivid Combatant's Cloak of the SelenelionAged Obscured Mendicant's Cloak of the SelenelionAged Obscured Harasser's Cloak of the SelenelionAged Obscured Convoker's Cloak of the SelenelionAged Obscured Assaulter's Cloak of the SelenelionAged Eclipsed Mendicant's Cloak of the SelenelionAged Eclipsed Harasser's Cloak of the SelenelionAged Eclipsed Convoker's Cloak of the SelenelionAged Eclipsed Assaulter's Cloak of the SelenelionAged Dulled Combatant's Cloak of the SelenelionPondweedDrunkard's SteinDwarf DisguiseSummoned: Talisman of ReturnFaded Celestial Zenith Arms ArmorDire Fulgurating AmethystFluorescent Fungal CapeKnightly Sword of Spectral DestructionFabled Glowing Orb of the StormwatcherFabled Small Iron Shackle KeyTorn, Burnt BookFabled Geomantic Fingers of FocusFabled Mask of PulchritudeInsidious Chain Feet OrnamentSignet of the MistdragonBloodstoneJadeSpider SilkStauroliteSpider MandibleSuperb SilkIntricately Patterned Spider CarapaceSpider LegsSunderspring SleevesSpell: Wand of Elemental TransverganceSpell: Rod of Mystical TransverganceSpell: Mass Mystical TransverganceRunnyeye Adventurer's HeadOrnate Restless Great AxeStatue of BrellGlimmering SignetVeil of the WindstriderFerocious Pernach of the Khati ShaCrude Defiant Leather GlovesCrude Defiant Plate BracerBrick of Crude Iron OreAncient Jewelry Box


Updated Quests: Bravefoot GreavesSafe PassageBonfires of Vanity - Solusek Ro's FavorA Taste of Fear - Cazic Thule's Favor15th Anniversary: Magically DeliciousTesting the WatersDwarf Heritage Crate: Dwarf Art Collector (10 Points)


Updated Recipes: Bravefoot Mail Greaves


Bestiary Updates: Scout AhlikalScout EyruElder Animist Muadaa dragorn sentinelObsidiana grove snakePesha of the Mist [Magician Spells]pile of bonesMirrormaskGemcrafter Solus [Melee Augments]Avatar of Solusek Ro [Anniversary Quest]Avatar of Cazic Thule [Anniversary Quest]Omakin the StalkerVelishan, The DeceitfulRock Lobbera solid chestManifested Chestan elder elfa war chestdark venom reflectionScout VyrakLord Antonius BaylePirex SaulenGalayna IdirinArthin GuindenIerene SeldonAgar TreebsCaptain CalleshSephlin of Oceangreen


Zone Updates: Clan RunnyEyeToxxulia ForestPaineelErudinErudin PalaceKerra IsleRuins of Old Paineel (The Hole)Miragul's Menagerie: The Forgotten WastesMiragul's Menagerie: The Silent GalleryTakish-Hiz: The Fading TempleRujarkian Hills: The Arena of ChanceRujarkian Hills: The Blazing ForgeRujarkian Hills: The Bloodied QuarriesRujarkian Hills: The Fortified Lair of the TaskmastersRujarkian Hills: The Gladiator PitsRujarkian Hills: The Halls of WarMistmoore Catacombs: Ritualistic Summoning GroundsMistmoore CatacombsMistmoore Catacombs: Scion Lair of Fury (Raid)Mistmoore Catacombs: The Aisles of BloodMistmoore Catacombs: The Forlorn CavernsPlane of Hate BDeepest GukTakish-Hiz: The Sunken LibraryAbysmal SeaFerubi, Forgotten Temple of TaelosiaBarindu, Hanging GardensTakish-Hiz: The Palace GroundsTakish-Hiz: Within the Compact (Raid)Takish-Hiz: The Sweeping TidesTakish-Hiz: The Shifting TowerTakish-Hiz: The Royal ObservatoryTakish-Hiz: The River of RecollectionTakish-Hiz: The Prismatic CorridorsTakish-Hiz: The Balancing ChamberTakish-Hiz: The Antiquated Palace



Updated Items: Elemental MailElemental LegplatesElemental GlovesElemental BracersElemental BootsElemental ArmplatesApparitional Hand Armor Lining


Updated Quests: Amphibicide


Bestiary Updates: Master of ElementsManifested Chest


Zone Updates: ShadowrestSunset HomeMob GraveyardThundercrest Isles: Goblin DojoTirranun's Delve: Storming the Goblin TempleTirranun's Delve: Fanning the FlamesTirranun's DelveTirranun's Delve: Have Note Will TravelTirranun's Delve: Children of GimblaxTirranun's Delve: Calling EmoushTirranun's Delve: A Goblin's EscortThundercrest Isles: Throes of ContagionThundercrest Isles: The Gilded ScrollThundercrest Isles: The CreatorThundercrest Isles: Splitting the StormThundercrest Isles: Simple TaskThundercrest Isles: Scions of ThundercrestThundercrest Isles: Plunder the HoardThundercrest Isles: Lair UnguardedThundercrest Isles: House of the Autumn RoseThundercrest Isles: Holy HourThundercrest Isles: History of the IsleThundercrest Isles: Behind Closed DoorsThundercrest Isles: An End to the StormsThundercrest IslesThe Ascent: Sudden TremorsThe Ascent: Storm Dragon ScalesThe Ascent: Signal FiresThe Ascent: Reflections of SilverThe Ascent: Kessdona's PerchThe Ascent: Drake EggsThe Ascent: Death Comes SwiftlyThe AscentThe BroodlandsStillmoon Temple: Tracking the KirinStillmoon Temple: Tea for Thy MasterStillmoon Temple: Sickness of the SpiritStillmoon Temple: Scales of JusticeStillmoon Temple: Guardian of the SandsStillmoon Temple: Diseased PumasStillmoon Temple: Best Laid PlansStillmoon Temple: Animated Statue PlansStillmoon TempleStillmoon Temple: Trial of PerseveranceLavaspinner's Lair: Volkara's BiteLavaspinner's Lair: Lavaspinner's LocalsLavaspinner's Lair: The Drake MenaceLavaspinner's Lair: Lavaspinner HuntingLavaspinner's Lair: InfestedLavaspinner's Lair: Halfling's Treasure MapLavaspinner's Lair: Grounding the DrakesLavaspinner's Lair: A Halfling's GreedLavaspinner's LairNorth Qeynos: Sleeping on the JobAccursed NestBefallen: The Rise of MarnekCrushbone: Dethroning the EmperorEstate of Unrest: The Curse BeginsHate's Fury: Setting SailGuild LobbyGuild HallAccursed Nest: Web of LiesAccursed Nest: The Curse of Ju`rekAccursed Nest: Spider's EyeAccursed Nest: Scrap MetalAccursed Nest: RivalsAccursed Nest: Rival PartyAccursed Nest: Rampaging MonolithAccursed Nest: Origins of the CurseAccursed Nest: Lost ComradesAccursed Nest: Lair of the BlackwingAccursed Nest: In the ShadowsAccursed Nest: Dragon's EggAccursed Nest: CluesAccursed Nest: Circle of DrakesThe BloodfieldsVeeshan's Peak 2.0Vxed, the Crumbling Caverns: RedemptionWall of SlaughterSewers of Dranik CSewers of Dranik BSewers of Dranik ARuined City of DranikRiftseekers' SanctumProving Grounds: The Mastery of WeaponryProving Grounds: The Mastery of SubversionProving Grounds: The Mastery of SpecializationProving Grounds: The Mastery of IngenuityProving Grounds: The Mastery of HateProving Grounds: The Mastery of ForesightProving Grounds: The Mastery of FearProving Grounds: The Mastery of EnduranceProving Grounds: The Mastery of EfficiencyProving Grounds: The Mastery of DestructionProving Grounds: The Mastery of CorruptionProving Grounds: The Mastery of AdaptationHarbingers' SpireMuramite Proving GroundsNobles' CausewayPlane of Hate: Innoruuk's RealmDranik's ScarDranik's Hollows C (Murkglider Hive)Dranik's Hollows B (Fire Pit)Dranik's Hollows A (Watering Hole)Catacombs of Dranik ACatacombs of Dranik BCatacombs of Dranik CCatacombs of Dranik: RedemptionTacvi, Seat of the Slaver



Updated Items: Spell: Demand for Blood Rk. IIHide TomeSpell: Eye of ZommSpell: Eye of ZommSummoned: WaterstoneBlue Crystal StaffRod of DronesKanleku's Vambraces of SpiritsKanleku's Helm of SpiritsKanleku's Helm of SpiritsKanleku's Gauntlets of SpiritsKanleku's Chainmail of SpiritsKanleku's Bracer of SpiritsKanleku's Boots of SpiritsSuede Gloves of CreationKanleku's Greaves of Spirits


Updated Quests: Spirited SpiritFind Fibblebrap 1: The MinesYokaw, Ameek!To the Tune of Sweet Caroline


New Recipes: Spell: Eye of ZommSpell: Demand for Blood Rk. II


Updated Recipes: Kanleku's Boots of SpiritsKanleku's Bracer of SpiritsKanleku's Chainmail of SpiritsKanleku's Gauntlets of SpiritsKanleku's Helm of Spirits (graphics)Kanleku's Vambraces of SpiritsKanleku's Greaves of SpiritsInk of TunareInk of PrexusInk of the BoarSpell: Protection of the Minohten Rk. IIKanleku's Helm of SpiritsHide TomeSpell: Elementalkin: WaterSpell: True North


Bestiary Updates: The Fabled Estrella of Gloomwatera cinderscale saureka Firefall falcona soot-specked hawk


Zone Updates: UndershoreThe Liberated Citadel of RunnyeyeStonebrunt Mountains: The Kejek TrialsSporali Caverns: Cavern BotanyEastern Wastes: Cage KerafyrmSnarlstone Dens: Shadowmane InvasionSnarlstone Dens: A Plea for HelpPrince's Manor: The Search for IlsurasPrince's Manor: The Rage of KelliadNargilor Pits: The Last MigrationNargilor Pits: Preemptive StrikeIllsalin MarketplaceElddar ForestEverfrost Peaks: Battle for PermafrostDulak's Harbor: The Grozmok StoneDeathknell, Tower of DissonanceCrypt of Dalnir: To Raise the KingCity Hall: Fall of the CombineCity Hall: Drachnid SpiesBefallen: The Dead's ClaimArcstone, Isle of SpiritsAcademy of Arcane SciencesUndershore: Trailing LongshadowThe Ruins of Old GukThe Overthere: The Fall of the ShissarThe Liberation of RunnyeyeThe Hive: The Orb of SubversionThe Hive: The Lost NotebookThe Hive: The Accursed BookThe Hive: Sabotage!The Hive: Infiltrating the HiveThe Hive: Hides You SeekThe Hive: Freeing an ElderThe HiveTemple of the Korlach: The KorlachTemple of the Korlach: The Council of NineTemple of the Korlach: Shiliskin SubterfugeTemple of the Korlach: Praetorian GuardTemple of the Korlach: Last of the LegionStoneroot Falls: Scouting the CityStoneroot Falls: Building the DisguiseStoneroot FallsStoneroot Falls: A Rogue's TrustSolusek's Eye: War MachinesSouth Karana: The Gnolls KnowSporali Caverns: Antraygus, the Sporali KingSporali Caverns: Way of the FreemindSporali Caverns: Sporali Mind MeldSporali Caverns: Defending the GroveSnarlstone Dens: Under Your SkinSnarlstone Dens: Confronting a TraitorSnarlstone Dens: BloodeyeShadowed Grove: The Rescue of VodrakShadowed Grove: Queen Nok Nok's TombLair of the SplitpawShadow SpineLodge of the FangLiving Larder: The Search for CluesLiving Larder: Find Fibblebrap 3, The Hive



Updated Recipes: Goo Gun


Bestiary Updates: a hermitan interrogatora wolf cuban efreeti sorceror


Zone Updates: Sverag, Stronghold of RageThe Seething WallKael Drakkel: A Daring RaidRazorthorn: Samples of CorruptionThe DevastationGoru`kar MesaRuins of Takish-Hiz: Message to the PastTunare's Shrine: Questioning the PriestSilyssar, New ChelsithThe Buried SeaJewel of AtiikiJewel of Atiiki: Fate of the CombineJewel of Atiiki: Gorillas in the GardenJewel of Atiiki: Knowledge for PowerJewel of Atiiki: Stone Tongue of AtelekaJewel of Atiiki: The Great InvasionKatta CastrumJardel's Hook: Jardel's Hidden CoveDeadbone Reef: The Drowned DeadDeadbone Reef: Soothing the RestlessDeadbone Reef: Shipping LanesDeadbone Reef: Pirate StewDeadbone Reef: Attract the DeadBlacksail Folly: Sharpeye's DemiseBlacksail Folly: Running RumBlacksail Folly: Reduce His NumbersBlacksail Folly: Buried TreasureBlacksail Folly: A Spy Among ThemValdeholmValdeholm: Kill KangurValdeholm: Speak with the KingValdeholm: Udengar the TraitorVergalid MinesThe SteppesSunderock SpringsStone HiveIcefall GlacierVergalid Mines: Into the Leviathan's LairVergalid Mines: Vergalid's EndFrostcrypt: Raid Instance #2Frostcrypt: Raid Instance #1Frostcrypt, Throne of the Shade KingDirewind CliffsCrescent ReachBlightfire MoorsAshengate, Reliquary of the ScaleAshengate West (Raid)Ashengate North (Raid)Ashengate East (Raid)Goru`kar Mesa: The Troubled MesaBlackfeather RoostRuins of Takish-Hiz: The Burning PrinceSkylance: Daosheen the FirstbornSkylance: The LibrarySkylance: The LaboratorySkylance: The OublietteThe Freeport Arena: Pilfered PossessionsThe Freeport Arena: Hidden TreasuresRuins of Takish-HizRoot of Ro: The Key to the PastRoot of Ro: Lair of SuchunRivervale: Zombie InvasionRelic, the Artifact CityRazorthorn: Hero's ChallengeRazorthorn, Tower of Sullon ZekTheater of BloodTheater of the TranquilTunare's Shrine: Investigating the ElddarTunare's Shrine: The Corruption of RoOld Sebilis: Fall of an EmpireNektulos Forest: Wanted Dead or AliveKaesora: Zebuxoruk's PactHall of TruthGreat Divide: The Founding of ThurgadinGreat Divide: The Defense of ThurgadinFreeport Sewers: The Ooze NewsFreeport Sewers: Ratfink MysteryFreeport Militia HouseFreeport City HallFrontier Mountains: One Shall Rule Them AllFreeport ArenaEastern Wastes: Cage KerafyrmNargilor Pits: The Last Migration



Updated Items: Ghoulish Grape JuiceAged Nebulous Convoker's Cloak of the SelenelionAged Nebulous Mendicant's Cloak of the SelenelionAged Nebulous Protector's Cloak of the SelenelionNebulous Convoker's Cloak of the SelenelionNebulous Mendicant's Cloak of the SelenelionNebulous Protector's Cloak of the SelenelionCommon Blind MinnowCommon Angler FishCommon Bone FishSection of a Draconic TomeCrude Defiant Leather SleevesCrude Defiant Plate VambracesCrude Defiant Chain BracerCrude Defiant Chain GauntletsCrude Defiant Chain BootsCrude Defiant Leather BracerCrude Defiant Plate GreavesCrude Defiant BreastplateCrude Defiant Cloth SandalsCrude Defiant Cloth PantaloonsCrude Defiant Cloth SleevesCrude Defiant Cloth RobeCrude Defiant Leather CapCrude Defiant Chain LeggingsCrude Defiant Chain CoifCrude Defiant Plate GauntletsCrude Defiant Cloth CapCrude Defiant Leather TunicCrude Defiant Leather TrousersCrude Defiant Chain TunicCrude Defiant Plate HelmCrude Defiant Plate BootsCrude Defiant Cloth WristwrapCrude Defiant Leather BootsWords of DisillusionmentFaded Ascending Spirit Feet ArmorFaded Ascending Spirit Head ArmorFaded Ascending Spirit Arms ArmorFaded Ascending Spirit Chest ArmorFaded Ascending Spirit Hands ArmorFabled Tolapumj's RobeFabled Mana RobeFabled Radiant Mask of the Disease LordThe Fabled Rotting FistMaia's Gem of Heliacal RisingAncient Combine Coin


Updated Quests: Solteris Event #2: Deadly Swarm9th Anniversary Scavenger HuntA Secret Hidden in Plain SightArmadilloed and Dangerous19th Anniversary: Fish Eyes in the DarkClose the Gate (Group Mission)Nights Of The Dead: The Rot's SporaliA Little Goodwill


Updated Recipes: Fox HeadSpiritual Luclinite PowderPhantasmal Luclinite Exarch Bracer


Bestiary Updates: Fergul FrostskyThe Fabled Estrella of GloomwaterElder Veteran Muhrak - Luclina grove snakea piece of the ManyThorn PetalFowl MatriarchDraz Nurakk`s Warder


Zone Updates: Blacksail Folly: A Spy Among ThemBloodmoon Keep: Bronzebeard's FateBloodmoon Keep: The Fanged MoonBloodmoon Keep: The DepartedBloodmoon Keep: The Dark CrystalsBloodmoon Keep: The BroodmotherBloodmoon Keep: The BloodmoonBloodmoon Keep: Walking Into Spider WebsBloodmoon Keep: Ralkor's CrystalsBloodmoon Keep: MoonfangBloodmoon Keep: Crazok MoonfangBloodmoon KeepMaiden's Grave: Never Trust a SirenMaiden's Grave: Piecing Things TogetherSilyssar, New ChelsithRedfeather Isle: The Windsong Compels YouRedfeather Isle: Finding a Way to UnderstandMonkey Rock: Long AbandonedMonkey Rock: An Experiment Gone WrongDeadbone Reef: The Drowned DeadBlacksail Folly: Reduce His NumbersTheater of BloodSkylance: Daosheen the FirstbornBefallen: The Dead's ClaimHall of TruthGreat Divide: The Founding of ThurgadinGreat Divide: The Defense of ThurgadinFreeport Sewers: The Ooze NewsMines of Gloomingdeep: Jail Break!The Mines of Gloomingdeep



Updated Items: Lifewalker Leggings of the Celestial ZenithLifewalker Armwraps of the Celestial ZenithLegionnaire Vambraces of the Celestial ZenithLegionnaire Greaves of the Celestial ZenithIlluminator Vambraces of the Celestial ZenithIlluminator Greaves of the Celestial ZenithFrostfire Sleeves of the Celestial ZenithFrostfire Pants of the Celestial ZenithFlameweaver Sleeves of the Celestial ZenithFlameweaver Pants of the Celestial ZenithExarch Greaves of the Celestial ZenithExarch Vambraces of the Celestial ZenithDragonbrood Leggings of the Celestial ZenithApparitional String ServingFaded Spectral Luminosity Head ArmorMrang's Ogre Cloth Chest OrnamentMrang's Ogre Leather Helm OrnamentMrang's Ogre Leather Chest OrnamentMrang's Ogre Leather Arms OrnamentMrang's Ogre Leather Wrist OrnamentMrang's Ogre Leather Hands OrnamentMrang's Ogre Leather Legs OrnamentMrang's Ogre Leather Feet OrnamentMrang's Ogre Plate Helm OrnamentMrang's Ogre Plate Chest OrnamentMrang's Ogre Plate Arms OrnamentMrang's Ogre Plate Wrist OrnamentMrang's Ogre Plate Hands OrnamentMrang's Ogre Plate Legs OrnamentMrang's Ogre Plate Feet OrnamentMrang's Ogre Chain Helm OrnamentMrang's Ogre Cloth Feet OrnamentMrang's Ogre Chain Arms OrnamentMrang's Ogre Chain Wrist OrnamentMrang's Ogre Chain Hands OrnamentMrang's Ogre Chain Legs OrnamentMrang's Ogre Cloth Legs OrnamentMrang's Ogre Chain Feet OrnamentMrang's Ogre Cloth Hands OrnamentMrang's Ogre Cloth Wrist OrnamentMrang's Ogre Cloth Arms OrnamentMrang's Ogre Cloth Helm OrnamentSuit of Mrang's Ogre ClothMrang's Ogre Scalemail Feet OrnamentMrang's Ogre Scalemail Legs OrnamentMrang's Ogre Ringmail Helm OrnamentMrang's Ogre Ringmail Chest OrnamentMrang's Ogre Ringmail Arms OrnamentMrang's Ogre Ringmail Wrist OrnamentMrang's Ogre Ringmail Hands OrnamentMrang's Ogre Ringmail Legs OrnamentMrang's Ogre Ringmail Feet OrnamentMrang's Ogre Scalemail Helm OrnamentMrang's Ogre Scalemail Chest OrnamentMrang's Ogre Scalemail Arms OrnamentMrang's Ogre Scalemail Wrist OrnamentMrang's Ogre Scalemail Hands OrnamentMrang's Ogre Chain Chest OrnamentPoacher Captain's SignetSaurek Eye EarringSuit of Mrang's Ogre PlateSuit of Mrang's Ogre ChainApparitional Mask FastenerApparitional Feet Armor LiningScarred BrowbandDragonbrood Armwraps of the Celestial ZenithBent Mushroom StalksTrap BundleScrap Metal StripsSturdy BoneLife EssenceFlayed Ogre SkinOrc MuscleSickly Ogre Suit


Updated Quests: Solusek's FlowerCollect Drops of Shadow14th Anniversary: Ogres at the GatesHunter of Accursed Temple of Cazic-ThuleA Little Goodwill


New Recipes: Dragonbrood Armwraps of the Celestial ZenithSuit of Mrang's Ogre ChainSuit of Mrang's Ogre ClothSuit of Mrang's Ogre PlateDragonbrood Leggings of the Celestial ZenithExarch Vambraces of the Celestial ZenithExarch Greaves of the Celestial ZenithFlameweaver Pants of the Celestial ZenithFlameweaver Sleeves of the Celestial ZenithFrostfire Pants of the Celestial ZenithFrostfire Sleeves of the Celestial ZenithIlluminator Greaves of the Celestial ZenithIlluminator Vambraces of the Celestial ZenithLegionnaire Greaves of the Celestial ZenithLegionnaire Vambraces of the Celestial ZenithLifewalker Armwraps of the Celestial ZenithLifewalker Leggings of the Celestial Zenith


Updated Recipes: Suit of Mrang's Ogre LeatherSuit of Mrang's Ogre ScalemailSuit of Mrang's Ogre Ringmail


Bestiary Updates: Noble SivrnMaster Tailor SticklepokeGrundlebrewJorbashan uneartherTrapper Snaplocka charred shadea chitterlinga Cht`Thk ash beetlea Cht`Thk scorched beetlea clawed hoppera firefall callera firefall guardiana firefall seera firefall sentrya gloompetal lotusa gloompetal thistlea lesser shadea Loda Kai battlera Loda Kai championa Loda Kai contendera Loda Kai divinera Loda Kai fightera Loda Kai guardiana Loda Kai knighta Loda Kai magusa Loda Kai raidera Loda Kai spiritista Loda Kai thuga mature hoppera minor shadea shak dratha bruisera shak dratha dathiara shak dratha guardsmana shak dratha huntera shak dratha nightcallera shak dratha scouta shak dratha seekera shak dratha senthiena shak dratha shadecallera shak dratha shadeguarda shak dratha shawia skeletal briganda skeletal thuga stoneclaw burrowera stoneclaw stalkera wildfire elementala xakra borera xakra burrowera xakra leecha xakra silkwormBanker Karra Kai [Banker]Captain Alymon [Beastlord Guildmaster]Captain Kaiden [Berserker Guildmaster]Captain Karim [Warrior Guildmaster]Captain Tarief [Rogue Guildmaster]Commander EslineDar Khura Kurinnfire dancer Davrafire dancer Kiarafire dancer Liorafire dancer Nikfire dancer NikkaGuard Athia TresGuard Bik TikGuard Drek TherGuard Esle TukGuard Nekto GibbinGuard Nok TharGuard Xath TresGuard Yuk TukHymnist Omiyad [Bard Guildmaster]Jynhadarscorched bonesSentry Har KalafSentry Kinra LuninSentry Naora LeiSpiritist Karina [Shaman Guildmaster]Trainee AdaTrainee AlreyTrainee AmkeenTrainee AmoneTrainee ArfieTrainee CadeTrainee CaminTrainee CindeyTrainee CinlonTrainee ColeTrainee CollieTrainee EmalyneTrainee FerdoTrainee LioTrainee LoosaTrainee MalenTrainee MariTrainee MaronTrainee MystTrainee RegineTrainee RonnTrainee RydsTrainee RyxlonTrainee ZelaTrainer FerdrinTrainer GorinTrainer JolnegTrainer Kylfaa Loda Kai guard commandera Loda Kai informantZov Liakoa painted elementalManifested ChestShaded Chesta war chestfire dancer SavraZov Senshalia skeletal hunter


Zone Updates: Bloodmoon Keep: Crazok MoonfangCrystallos, Lair of the AwakenedDeepscar's DenCrystallos: Raid InstanceCrypt of ShadeCazic-Thule 2.0Bloodmoon Keep: Ralkor's CrystalsBloodmoon Keep: MoonfangTinmizer's WunderwerksSteam Factory: Raid InstanceSteam FactoryS.H.I.P. Workshop: Tactical TeleportationS.H.I.P. Workshop: S.H.I.P Sabotage!S.H.I.P. Workshop: MechalossusS.H.I.P. Workshop: Kill UngraciousS.H.I.P. Workshop: Deception and InterceptionS.H.I.P. Workshop: Administrative AssassinationMechamatic Guardian: Tracking the SteamworksMechamatic Guardian: Security, Yeah RightMechamatic Guardian: Mechamatic MemoryMechamatic Guardian: Infiltrating the GuardianMechamatic Guardian: Engine RoomMechamatic Guardian: Disposing of ThingsMeldrath's Majestic MansionMeldrath's Mansion: Raid InstanceMechamatic GuardianLoping PlainsHills of ShadeGyrospire Beza: Sand in the GearsGyrospire Beza: It's All in Your HeadGyrospire Beza: How Does Your Garden GrowGyrospire Beza: End the ReturnGyrospire Beza: Scout Gyrospire BezaGyrospire Zeka: Cut Off the HeadGyrospire Zeka: Did We Forget the CheeseGyrospire Zeka: Intelligence GatheringGyrospire Zeka: To Climb a SpireGyrospire Zeka: You Might Poke an Eye Out



Updated Items: Fabled Band of Elder UnderstandingApparitional Amice FastenerApparitional Cloak FastenerShawl of the VoidFlowing Stone of Discord


Updated Quests: Beetlemania


Bestiary Updates: Rough Chesta moldy chest - Insatiable an AppetiteNoble Sivrn


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