Site Update #9

Site Update

Here are the site updates for the month of August.


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Updated Items: Faycite Seal of the HealerAxe of DestructionRuned BladePeerless Component BagMystical Component BagMundunugu Component BagJeweler's Component BagFletcher's Component BagEthereal Component BagDenmother's Component BagContraption Component BagClay Flinger's Component BagBrewmaster's Component BagAdamantine Component BagSignet of the Crystal CircleFun BallShell of SustainmentSol Ro Ash BreatherEnigmatic Cap of the PhantasmistThe Pirate's AdventureObsidian Scale Wand OrnamentationShinai of the Ancients OrnamentationSplit Blade of Destruction OrnamentationSwiftcleave, the Flesh Carver OrnamentationShield of Bane Warding OrnamentationTon Po's Mystical PouchScroll: Sraskus' Curse Rk. II


New Quests: Neriak Quests - Exterminate the Vermin (5 Points)


Updated Quests: Shield of the DevoutMinotaur HornsRaid Expedition: The Herald of Oratory


New Recipes: Shield of Bane Warding OrnamentationSwiftcleave, the Flesh Carver OrnamentationSplit Blade of Destruction OrnamentationShinai of the Ancients OrnamentationObsidian Scale Wand OrnamentationEnigmatic Cap of the Phantasmist


Updated Recipes: Unfired Obsidian Scale Wand OrnamentExtraplanar Trade SatchelUnfired Shinai of the Ancients OrnamentUnfired Swiftcleave, the Flesh Carver OrnamentUnfired Shield of Bane Warding Ornament


Bestiary Updates: Historian Divinicus [Lore]Dreadclaw



Updated Items: The Drink of Timeless EnergyAbsinthe SpoonAbsinthe GlassEstarim Family CrestPrize: Estarim Family CrestFist of Avanish OrnamentPrize: Fist of Avanish OrnamentStone IdolGrade A Laburnum ExtractNilitim's Grimoire Pg. 351Rune of TyrannyVelium Two Handed SwordNilitim's Grimoire Pg. 116Salil's Writ Pg. 174Velium Short SwordThick SilkCrude SilkTears of PrexusFulginate OreWords of IncarcerationCeramic Mace Ornament MoldAegis of Blackscales OrnamentationAncient Prismatic Brawl Stick OrnamentationAligned Long Spear OrnamentationGembladed Axe OrnamentationCrate of Defective Arrows


New Quests: Neriak Quests - Mammoth Tusks (5 Points)Neriak Quests - Tier`Dal Courier (5 Points)Neriak Quests - Yegek's Test (5 Points)


Updated Quests: Gnoll PawsNesiff's Statue


New Recipes: Gembladed Axe OrnamentationAligned Long Spear OrnamentationAncient Prismatic Brawl Stick OrnamentationAegis of Blackscales OrnamentationCeramic Mace Ornament Mold


Updated Recipes: Unfired Ceramic Mace Ornament MoldUnfired Aegis of Blackscales OrnamentUnfired Ancient Prismatic Brawl Stick OrnamentUnfired Gembladed Axe OrnamentUnfired Aligned Long Spear OrnamentMana of the SarnakCleaned White Dragon ScaleEnchanted Meteorite FragmentEnchanted Giant Lymph FluidEnchanted Imperial OreCleaned Korshan Sarnak ScaleEnchanted Ancient Sarnak BonesMana of the Sarnak Compressor


Bestiary Updates: Mrysila [Satchels]Guard WelethCorun FiniscFrenway MarthankVesteri Nomanoi [Druid Guildmaster]an ulthork man o wardelete mea skulking gnolldelete meLerian Wyndrunner



Updated Items: Potion of Peace: The Freeport MilitiaPotion of Peace: Storm GuardPotion of Peace: ThurgadinPotion of Peace: SkyshrinePotion of Peace: Oggok GuardsPotion of Peace: King AkAnonPotion of Peace: Kael DrakkelPotion of Peace: Indigo BrotherhoodPotion of Peace: High Guard of ErudinPotion of Peace: HereticsPotion of Peace: Guards of QeynosPotion of Peace: Guardians of the ValePotion of Peace: Faydarks ChampionsPotion of Peace: Emerald WarriorsPotion of Peace: DaBashersPotion of Peace: Wolves of the NorthLesser Spirit of LifePiece of Kitschy Local ArtMinor Engraved Velium RuneHole KeyScalebreaker's Storage CrateFearslayer's Storage CratePanda Bear HeadUnjeweled Dragon Head HiltFishing Pole


Updated Quests: Hole Key (10 Points)


Updated Recipes: Panda Bear HeadAlliance ElixirAlliance ElixirEnchanted Meteorite FragmentEnchanted Dronan OreEnchanted Imperial OreCleaned Korshan Sarnak ScaleAlliance Elixir


Bestiary Updates: King AkanonLysbith McNaff [Warrior Guildmaster]TrugTurga [General Supplies]Ziglark WhisperwingDergMerchant StiresKeeli Syzen [Bartender]a bar patrona bar server [Bartender]



Updated Items: Embellished Handwraps of KolosEmbellished Armwraps of KolosEmbellished Wristwraps of KolosFormal Wristwraps of LunanynFormal Footwraps of LunanynFormal Stole of LunanynFormal Legwraps of LunanynFormal Handwraps of LunanynFormal Headdress of LunanynEvergreen LeafMedian DreadmoteSevered HoopletGovernmental SealFancy PaintingSpell: Divine Aura


Updated Quests: Bat Fur and Beetle LegsTibor's Chain Armor (Tier 2)Dragons of Norrath Progression (Dark Reign)


Updated Recipes: Spiced Wind Willow Acorns


Bestiary Updates: Judge Monosty [Satchels]Tan Monosty [Satchels]Vall Stonewisp [Satchels]Sern Adolia [Cleric Guildmaster]Sparlus Penfold [Parcels and Town Crier]Murkglider School Leadera cursed drachnid arcanistDzan AmoUrash, Specter of DeathJorth Hunter of Beastsa cleric of Vallon Zeka chest - We Make Our Own Rewardsan honored residentCarrot Top



Updated Items: Thoughts of Frozen AirSpiked FangSphere of Coalesced WaterPutrescent Fungal SporesCosgrove PowderBridle of the Viridian CragslitherStrong Captured Cliknar Mount SaddleShort Sword*


Updated Quests: Reactivate the Portals


Updated Recipes: Caesar DressingCoconut Milk/Shredded CoconutSlice of Taelosian Cherry Mountain PieSlice of Taelosian Wildberry Mountain PieSpiced Wind Willow AcornsCiodaru's Gift Box


Bestiary Updates: Essence of WaterRigg NostraDiabo Xi Xin - ToLa sporali replenishera bloodsaber defilerJorlleag



Updated Items: Haze Panther WristbandsHaze Panther SleevesHaze Panther LeggingsHaze Panther GlovesHaze Panther CloakHaze Panther BootsHaze Panther BeltChalandria's FangConcentrated Chalandria's Bite XIOrnate Combatant's GlobePrisoner Grub, Recipe #8Prisoner Grub, Recipe #7Prisoner Grub, Recipe #6Prisoner Grub, Recipe #5Prisoner Grub, Recipe #4Prisoner Grub, Recipe #3Prisoner Grub, Recipe #2Prisoner Grub, Recipe #1Unfired Simple Friable Potion Vial SetSimple Friable Potion VialShadow TorchiereChunk of IceConflagrant Celerity


Updated Quests: Shadow Seeker (30 Points)


Updated Recipes: Haze Panther MaskHaze Panther GorgetHaze Panther WristbandsHaze Panther BeltHaze Panther SkullcapHaze Panther CloakHaze Panther GlovesHaze Panther ShoulderpadsHaze Panther SleevesHaze Panther BootsHaze Panther LeggingsHaze Panther TunicSlant Scribed SwatchMana Scribed SwatchLodestone Scribed SwatchRadiant Scribed SwatchVisage Scribed SwatchTashani Scribed SwatchIntellect Scribed SwatchArgli Scribed SwatchCurdled CreamUnfired Simple Friable Potion Vial SetSimple Friable Potion VialSpell: Replenishment


Bestiary Updates: a focus gema gem collectorAtrayan [Missions]Indanrian Lyshius [Weapons]Refugiu



Updated Items: Marr's SustenanceBandagesEmpty Fish SackCrude Defiant Leather BracerFish in a JarJar of LiquidStrongboxSpell: Flame BoltSebilisian HarmonyThe Firepride Secret of HeroesSimple Defiant Plate VambracesWeak Gormar VenomCrude Defiant Chain Gauntlets


Updated Quests: Bandit SistersBone ChipsJournal StrongboxMarr Minnows for PalonPiranha HuntingRat Ear PieMinotaur HornsBasilisk TonguesWeight of a Worthy HeartSpiritstone of the Feerott


Updated Recipes: Metallic TemperCured Raw Silk (Coarse Silk)Cured Raw Silk (Crude Silk)Cured Raw Silk (Excellent Silk)Cured Raw Silk (Exotic Silk)Cured Raw Silk (Exquisite Silk)Cured Raw Silk (Fantastic Silk)Cured Raw Silk (Fine Silk)Cured Raw Silk (Flawless Silk)Cured Raw Silk (Immaculate Silk)Cured Raw Silk (Natural Silk)Cured Raw Silk (Pristine Silk)Cured Raw Silk (Rough Silk)Cured Raw Silk (Sullied Silk)Cured Raw Silk (Superb Silk)Cured Raw Silk (Tacky Silk)Cured Raw Silk (Thick Silk)Sack of Piranha


Bestiary Updates: a piranhaTynkale [Paladin Guildmaster]Celsar Vestagon [Cleric Guildmaster]Palon Deskeb [Wizard Guildmaster]a drunkardMerchant Tananie [Plate Armor]Shayla NybrightJayla NybrightKayla NybrightRephasMinotaur GuardBrother BalatinBlugurg [Satchels]a piranha



Updated Items: Ruined Animal PeltMangled Animal PeltCoarse SilkSullied Animal PeltThalium OreTacky SilkIron OreFroglok MeatCrude Adept's MantleGrub LockerPainting: Slugs TavernLocked BookScouting Shield of the Da BashersPotion of Peace: DaBashersKylong War HelmAncient Thin Flute


Updated Quests: Lydl MastatWhistling FistsExterminate the Vermin for FilrogA Job for NanrumNerbilik's Grub LockerFungus Dung PieGrobb Oven Mittens


Bestiary Updates: Olunea MiltinHemia Skemner [Wizard Guildmaster]Carver CagrekHergorBasher Nanruma froglokForager Grikka froglok fishermanorc chiefa fairy guardThe Gobbler [General Supplies]Lydl the GreatBrother BalatinTeir`Dal EliteThe Avatar of WarExterminator FilrogTranslocator SetikanTranslocator NarrikTranslocator FithopTranslocator GethiaHowling SpectreGarghLynuga



Updated Items: Scroll: Promised Restitution Rk. IISpell: Mass Prime Transvergence Rk. IIScroll: Wand of Arcane Transvergence Rk. IIScroll: Splash of Molten Steel Rk. IIScroll: Strike of Many Rk. IIScroll: Bolt of Molten Steel Rk. IIScroll: Beam of Molten Steel Rk. IIScroll: Iceflame Armor Rk. IIScroll: Famished Flames Rk. IIScroll: Ruthless Servant Rk. IIFroglok MeatRusty AxeRing of CyclesFungus Spore PieCrude Defiant Cloth Gloves


Updated Quests: Ranjor's WeaponUnforgivable BetrayalFungus Dung Pie


New Recipes: Scroll: Ruthless Servant Rk. IIScroll: Famished Flames Rk. IIScroll: Iceflame Armor Rk. IIScroll: Beam of Molten Steel Rk. IIScroll: Bolt of Molten Steel Rk. IIScroll: Strike of Many Rk. IIScroll: Splash of Molten Steel Rk. IIScroll: Wand of Arcane Transvergence Rk. IISpell: Mass Prime Transvergence Rk. IIScroll: Promised Restitution Rk. II


Bestiary Updates: Carver CagrekHergor [Warrior Guildmaster]Ranjor [Warrior Guildmaster]a fungus sporefungus man trackeran ogre shamanGrallvek [Parcels and Town Crier]Gemcrafter Tessu [Melee Augments]a froglok tadOven #1 - GrobbSkulking Gnolla domesticated bleedera cral ligi warmaster



Updated Items: Spell: Walking SleepSpell: Turtle SkinSpell: Spirit of WolfSpell: Spirit of SnakeSpell: Spirit of BearSpell: Spirit StrikeSpell: ShrinkSpell: RootSpell: Light HealingSpell: LevitateSpell: Enduring BreathSpell: DisempowerSpell: Burst of StrengthSpell: Bind AffinitySpell: Summon DrinkBlood of the DhampyreKarana Clover ShipmentLion Meat ShipmentTattered NoteSarnak Earring of Station


Updated Quests: Head of Granin O'GillLion Meat ShipmentKarana Clovers


Updated Recipes: Scroll: Ruthless Servant Rk. IIScroll: Famished Flames Rk. IIScroll: Iceflame Armor Rk. IIScroll: Beam of Molten Steel Rk. IIScroll: Bolt of Molten Steel Rk. IIScroll: Strike of Many Rk. IIScroll: Splash of Molten Steel Rk. IIScroll: Wand of Arcane Transvergence Rk. IISpell: Mass Prime Transvergence Rk. IIScroll: Promised Restitution Rk. II


Bestiary Updates: Jinkus Felligan [Shaman Guildmaster]Holana Oleary [Weapons]Tukanta [Shaman Spells]Margyn McCann [Shaman Guildmaster]Misla McMannusEinhorst McMannusThrackin Griftenan elder shardwurman ancient shardwurma guardian shardwurmVluudeenGranin O'Gilla Di`zok WarlordKavri Flightfoot [Quests]



Updated Items: Shiny New Class V Collapsible RoboboarEssence of SpeedBlood-Soaked Idol of BrillianceThrowing AxePolar Bear SkinEmpty JarBag of Ice NecklacesEmpty BagUriasarpe FangSnake Rattle RingEmpty Bottle of ElixirLixt Wing StalkTattered Animal PeltCrude Binding PowderWinter LillyOne Quarter of ElixirOne Half of ElixirOne Quarter of ElixirFull Bottle of ElixirEmpty Jar


Updated Quests: The CigarIce Goblin NecklacesMagic Elixir for the WarriorsWooly FungusWulthan Ceremonies (Gorowyn)


Updated Recipes: Harmony of the SoulBag of Ice NecklacesJar of FungusShiny New Class V Collapsable Roboboar


Bestiary Updates: a wooly spiderlingArnis McLishBryndin McMillMegan O`ReillyTalin O`DonalSnowflakea snow orc shamanDok [General Supplies]Waltor Felligan [Shaman Guildmaster]Lysbith McNaff [Warrior Guildmaster]Dargon McPherson [Warrior Guildmaster]Uriasarpea ring snakeHigh Lorekeeper Udengar Dergon



Updated Items: Golden Soldier's BeltStone of Horrid TransformationNew Brood TalismanGarsen's Secret BrewsDelius Thyme's Diary Pg. 74Bone ChipsRusty Short SwordSkeleton PartsRusty HalberdLarge Raw-Hide LeggingsCrude Defiant BreastplateRusty ScytheSilvril OreLarge Cloth WristbandWorn Weighted GlovesTin OreTacky SilkRusty MaceSullied SilkRusty Battle AxeMangled Animal PeltRuined Bear PeltEverburn CandleRusty Shortened SpearRusty SpearCrude Defiant Chain BracerCrude Defiant Granite PebbleCrude Defiant Plate GauntletsRusty RapierRusty Long SwordBixie PartsCrude Binding PowderBixie StingerHoneycomb


New Quests: Oggok Quests - Clurg's Revenge (5 Points)Oggok Quests - Craknek Hero (5 Points)Oggok Quests - Exterminate the Vermin for Glurg (5 Points)Oggok Quests - Feeding Dooga (5 Points)Oggok Quests - Lizard Dolls (5 Points)Oggok Quests - Lizard Tails for Grevak (5 Points)


Updated Quests: Bone Chips for YeolarnThe CigarCindl's Polar Bear CollectionThe Vengeful MusiciansMuffin for PandosCindl's Wristband CollectionMiranda's DiceCripple Their MachinationsDemotivate the ConscriptsMercenary of Kor-Sha Laboratory


Updated Recipes: Full Honeycomb Jar


Bestiary Updates: a bixiea polar bear cuba snow orc troopera snow orc shamanTrissa Whistlesong [Task Master]Cindl [Tailoring Supplies]a bixie dronevengeful composera bixie queenPandos FlintsideThadres ThymeDonald McQuaid



Updated Items: Dwarf BonesCrude Defiant Plate BootsCrude Defiant Chain GauntletsCrude Defiant Plate GauntletsPast Expansion Collector's Edition BundleTaelosian Morphemic StaffLesser Crypt SpiritDusty Mail Assembly KitRusty WarhammerIntricate Toothed RingPotion of Disease WardingUnfired Simple Formed Potion Vial SetCrude Defiant Leather Gloves


Updated Quests: Bone Chips (Kaladim)Cromil's RemainsRunnyeye Warbeads for DigginsRunnyeye Warbeads for ByzarApprentice Miners AssignmentExterminate the Vermin for Vin


Updated Recipes: Arx Mentis Formula


Bestiary Updates: a large skunka goblina goblin shamanZarchoomiNarra TanithWalnanaqua goblin marauderExterminator VinRenell BekeaCrovsar Dirkbringer [Rogue Guildmaster]Remote Gnomework Fibblesnapa putrid skeletona rodentDiggins [Rogue Guildmaster]



Updated Items: Silver Infused Bottle of WaterTarnished ScimitarTorn Page of Mastery WaterStatue of BrellPristine ScrollUnicorn HornShield of StratosThe Silver FlashSmall Tattered ShoulderpadsTorch of KelethinSmall Tattered GorgetSpell: Spook the DeadSpell: True NorthDwarf BonesBone ChipsSkeleton TibiaSmall Cloth GlovesSmall Cloth Shawl


Updated Quests: Bladed WeaponsEmerald Warriors' ItemsCrushbone BeltsCromil's RemainsRat PatrolWolf Bites GiantKaladim Quests - Cromil's Remains (5 Points)


Bestiary Updates: Heartwood Master [Druid Guildmaster]Regren [Warrior Guildmaster]Canloe Nusback [Warrior Guildmaster]Parija Kalamira dwarf skeletona death lordCloud Iron LanceSilver Eyes Dread



Updated Items: Broken Shoulderpads of the RighteousBard's Golden MaskShakey's Dilapidated NogginLeather SkullcapStatue of BrellDirk of the GruntBronze Short SwordTarnished Battle AxeMuramite NeedleMuramite Residue


Updated Quests: Orc HatchetsOrc Runner (Kelethin)Blyle Bundin's Head


Updated Recipes: Muramite NeedleGuise of Horror


Bestiary Updates: Dill Fireshine [Ranger Guildmaster]Hogunk Ventille [Warrior Guildmaster]Shakey ScarecrowBlyle BundinSpymaster Gephesa girplan rebuilderCrafter Arvang



Updated Items: Ring of CyclesPowder of RoSunshard PowderElddar BloodElddar WineCrushed Diamond DustElddar PartsPsilocybeGreen AppleSmudged Rough PaperShark EyeShark MeatPack for SharkPack of MeatSmall Tattered ShoulderpadsRaw-Hide MaskPouch of Pixie DustPledge to LadrysMysaphar`s Thoughtbringer Breastplate


Updated Quests: Pixie TrickstersPixie DustShark MeatFeeding DoogaRat PeltsApprentice Miners AssignmentInformal DiplomacyFractured Findings (Veeshan's Peak)Kaladim Quests - Blyle Bundin's Head (5 Points)Kaladim Quests - Bone Chips (5 Points)Kaladim Quests - Cromil's Remains (5 Points)Kaladim Quests - Crushbone Belts (5 Points)Kaladim Quests - Exterminate the Vermin for Vin (5 Points)Kaladim Quests - Knight Card (5 Points)Kaladim Quests - Rat Patrol (5 Points)Kaladim Quests - Rat Pelts (5 Points)Kaladim Quests - Runnyeye Warbeads for Byzar (5 Points)Kaladim Quests - Runnyeye Warbeads for Diggins (5 Points)Oggok Quests - Clurg's Revenge (5 Points)Oggok Quests - Exterminate the Vermin for Glurg (5 Points)Oggok Quests - Feeding Dooga (5 Points)Oggok Quests - Lizard Dolls (5 Points)Oggok Quests - Lizard Tails for Grevak (5 Points)Oggok Quests - Lizard Tails for Horgus (5 Points)Oggok Quests - Noble Hunters (5 Points)


Updated Recipes: Pouch of Pixie DustShark Fillet (Oyster Sauces)Pack of MeatSmoked Shark (Oyster Sauces)Enchanted Velium Clay


Bestiary Updates: a pixie tricksterExpin [Rogue Guildmaster]Gallin Woodwind [Warrior Guildmaster]Lorka sharka Takish blackguardScrollkeeper Bonnekia loyalist of Takisha Nokk spiritista hammerhead sharka vandala Takish scrollkeeper



Updated Items: Solusek Ro Sun Shield OrnamentShield of the Unrelenting SunBulwark of the Firebringer OrnamentationBulwark of the Firebringer OrnamentationBulwark of the Firebringer Ornament SketchWhitened Treant FistsThin Steel WireSimple ClaspIntricate Toothed RingPotion of Disease Warding


Updated Quests: Innoruuk RegentCromil's RemainsThe Summoning of FearTunare InitiateTunare DiscipleShard's #4: The Harbingers of Thule


New Recipes: Bulwark of the Firebringer Ornamentation


Updated Recipes: Unfired Bulwark of the Firebringer Ornament


Bestiary Updates: Dran `slug` Rembor [General Supplies]a blade stormKalayia WoodwhisperGlirina Morningbloom [Jewelcrafting Supplies]Skelontorim Orrthemech [Tinkering Supplies]Jeweler Chuma [Tradeskill Quests]Matrum Geerlok [Tradeskill Quests]Elder Fuirstel



Updated Items: Radiant Amber Pridewing BridleDuality of DecayScintillating Shard


Updated Quests: Legendary Enchanter IllusionsUnscheduled Repairs


Bestiary Updates: Inte AkeraIvie Bramblefoottamed bazu herder



Updated Items: Monocle of BloodSupple White LeggingsSupple White TunicTotem of the StonemightRuned DiamondEverspring Jerkin of the Tangled BriarsRevenge on the FallenMintTro Jeg BrainSea GrassMark of TrickeryMark of the NaturalistMark of SpiritEngraved Fire Emerald StatuetteMagma StoneSecret Dawn HikmaWhispering Midnight Enhancement


Updated Recipes: Bazu Seal of Baleful CelerityRevered Sleeve Symbol of the Farceur (Crude Silk)Revered Sleeve Symbol of the Farceur (Rough Animal Pelt)Revered Sleeve Symbol of the FarceurRevered Sleeve Symbol of the Farceur


Bestiary Updates: StormbreakerBjorak StonefistIcebreakera cral ligi bagmanHeldin Swordbreaker [Warrior Tomes]a ra`tuk bonebreakerPixtt Willbreakera ra`tuk bonebreakerPixtt Willbreaker peta Grelian bonebreakeran Isle mindbreakeran ikaav willbreakera soulbreakerChief Armbreakera stormbreakera stormbreakera soulbreakera soulbreakeran Isle mindbreakera rock breaker slavea Mucktail rock breakera Frostfoot spellbreakerKadara Fangbreaker [Missions]Larquin Fangbreaker [Missions]Derak Fangbreaker [Supplier]a steamwork rock breakerPixtt Willbreaker petPixtt Willbreaker petPixtt WillbreakerPixtt WillbreakerGloribo HammerbreakerHexxt ChitinbreakerCaedwin AxebreakerChief Armbreakera dragorn gatebreakerIndestructible Veilbreaker Mk. IIIndestructible Veilbreaker Mk. IIan ut`len mindbreakerKorizar the NeckbreakerBattlebreaker Kraklest [Heroic Adventures]a wall breakerBattlebreaker KraklestBattlebreaker KraklestTrook, the Hive Breakera rockbreakera rockbreakeran Isle mindbreakeran Isle mindbreakeran Isle mindbreakerGlassbeak StormbreakerStarshine, IcebreakerBreakerA Non-Standard DeviationTattersKoldan WallbreakerKoldan WallbreakerMorton Stonebreaker - CoV [Raid Merchant]a well-fed rockbreaker



Updated Items: Ornate Adept's ScarfOrnate Adept's CloakOrnate Adept's BeltOrnate Combatant's MantleOrnate Combatant's CloakOrnate Combatant's BeltChub Fillets


Updated Quests: The Summoning of FearA Simple Task - Level 40A Simple Task - Level 45


Updated Recipes: Black Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Bear Skin)Blue Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Bear Skin)Dark Blue Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Bear Skin)Orange Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Bear Skin)Purple Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Bear Skin)Red Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Bear Skin)White Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Bear Skin)Yellow Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Bear Skin)Green Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Bear Skin)Brown Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Bear Skin)Chub Fillets (Despair)Chub Fillets (Rujarkian)Caynar Nut Stuffed Trout (Fogwater)Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Bear Skin)Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Rockhopper Hide)Yellow Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Rockhopper Hide)Brown Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Rockhopper Hide)Blue Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Rockhopper Hide)White Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Rockhopper Hide)Red Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Rockhopper Hide)Green Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Rockhopper Hide)Orange Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Rockhopper Hide)Purple Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Rockhopper Hide)Dark Blue Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Rockhopper Hide)Black Hand Made Backpack (High Quality Rockhopper Hide)Beer Braised Bear (Algae)Beer Braised Mammoth (Algae)Beer Braised Wolf (Algae)


Bestiary Updates: Avatar of Fright



Updated Items: Anaglass' BandArid Indicolite ShardLuclinite Coagulated Cloak of SecurityFaded Bloodied Luclinite Cloak of SecurityLuclinite Ensanguined Cloak of SecurityDiseased Netherbian Claw StaffBloodied Luclinite Core Mana BatteryEtched Peridot of NatureSmall Resisting DeityStrifetorn RebraceWrit of WisdomRusty Templar of Fright CudgelRefined Templar of Fright CudgelHot-N-Spicy ToelingsBlade LeafBlue Nightwort PetalBongo's Hot Chili SpiceBriar Thistle ThornBuffing SheetsBulb LotusBulb Lotus PetalBundle of AcaanaBundle of AgrimonyBundle of AloeBundle of Bitterwood TwigsBundle of Blue NightwortBundle of Briar ThistleBundle of CloverBundle of Marsh AlgaeIce Encrusted Mask of VigorPrize: Metamorph Totem: TureptaMetamorph Totem: TureptaExtravagant Adept's HoodExtravagant Adept's CloakExtravagant Adept's BeltElegant Adept's HoodElegant Adept's CloakElegant Adept's BeltElaborate Combatant's BeltElaborate Combatant's PauldronsElaborate Combatant's CloakElaborate Adept's CloakElaborate Adept's BeltElaborate Adept's HoodIntricate Adept's ShoulderpadsIntricate Adept's CloakIntricate Adept's BeltFlawed Combatant's CloakFlawed Combatant's BeltFlawed Combatant's PauldronsFlawed Adept's CapeFlawed Adept's ShoulderpadsFlawed Adept's BeltRough Combatant's BeltRough Combatant's CloakRough Combatant's MantleRough Adept's CloakRough Adept's BeltRough Adept's ScarfSimple Adept's CloakSimple Adept's MantleSimple Adept's BeltSimple Combatant's ShoulderpadsSimple Combatant's BeltSimple Combatant's CloakRing of PineCloth Sleeves


Updated Quests: Ivy Etched LeggingsMerona's BrotherIvy Etched TunicWarrior Epic 1.5: Champion's Sword of Eternal PowerMagician Epic 2.0: Focus of Primal ElementsVrald's Lost BrotherA Simple Task - Level 20A Simple Task - Level 25A Simple Task - Level 30A Simple Task - Level 35A Simple Task - Level 40A Simple Task - Level 45A Simple Task - Level 50A Simple Task - Level 55A Simple Task - Level 60A Simple Task - Level 65A Simple Task - Level 70A Simple Task - Level 75A Simple Task - Level 80A Simple Task - Level 85A Simple Task - Level 90To the Brave, Go the Spoils!A Simple Task - Level 95Trail of Discovery


New Recipes: Luclinite Coagulated Cloak of SecurityLuclinite Ensanguined Cloak of Security


Updated Recipes: Small Resisting DeityHot-N-Spicy ToelingsRobe of LodestoneSharpened Storm Reaper MacheteGnome KabobsRefined Templar of Fright CudgelTailored Excellent Pack


Bestiary Updates: a vicious shadowphantom of asphyxiationFranklin Teek [Daily Hot Zone Quest]Karth Punoxa skeletal sentineloozing flesha shadowbound chest - Aten Ha Ra - RaidAvatar of Quellios [Elite Iconic]Avatar of Anashti Sul [Elite Iconic]Avatar of Luclin [Elite Iconic]



Updated Items: Ancient Iksar Bone InkwellBlackened VoidsoulBlackiron BeltCavern Spider Venom SacCompleted Map of IcecladCrag Beetle LegCrag Beetle SpittleDecrepit Taelosian BandDirewind Soil SampleDirewrought MaskDirewrought Silk HoodDragorn Head Statue PieceGlob of Fine Gelatinous OozeHoop of RegrowthImperfect Garnet of ConstitutionLorekeeper Charm NecklaceMap BindingPieces of the Iceclad MapPirate's Booty


Bestiary Updates: a lost piratea dragorn knightorc oraclespectral dukeAvatar of Anashti Sul [Elite Iconic]Avatar of Luclin [Elite Iconic]Avatar of Quellios [Elite Iconic]



Updated Items: Ice Encrusted Leather BootsGlittering Amber FragmentFerioStorm CloudCoarse SaltBlank Scroll SheetsGrobb Hide MaskKing's ThornCollector's Heirloom NecklaceFlayed Iksar Skin Shoulder Pads


Updated Quests: When Orcs Fly


Bestiary Updates: a cragwyrma brontotheriuma glacier mastodonGrziz the Tormentora Broken Skull bloodguardDrake Matriarcha lava defenderBlood of Ssraeshza


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