EQ Update #8 and New TLP Servers Launch Today!

Site Update

Plenty of content updates to the site since the first of the month. Check out the updates by clicking on Read More.... below.

Also Aradune and Rizlona TLP servers launch today at 12PM PDT. Visit our progression wiki pages for each server to see information on them.


Updated Items: Lesser Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScaleBlood-Splattered DirkRazor-Sharp Dagger of SlayingCareworn EarringBattered StudLost Adventurer's TrinketEmbroidered Supple GlovesShiliskin-Crafted Leather BeltDecorated War BeltShiliskin Military BootsAshen Vambraces of ImplacabilityDingy Neckguard of the FlockBrown Glazed RingRing of RestraintCorroded Ring of the AccursedRing of GriefBrownie-Crafted Leather GlovesBrownie-Blessed GlovesPlatinum Anniversary CakeWant ListRhyolite Tear of ThralldomLeatherfoot SkullcapRallos Zek's Axe ReplicaVenomous Stonemite Poison SacStone of Eternal Power: Northeast EyeTreant BarkIce Encrusted Idol of BrillianceBonecruncher's BastionOccluded Sun Pendant

Updated Quests: Kevlin's BrideWall Squad RingHopeless Love, Part 2Rogue Epic 1.5: FatestealerDefending the LairBrownies of DoomA Griffin's PlightInfiltrating the HiveDefending the CavesThe Moonfires' Burning DesiresMash BrowniesForgetful NanzieThe Lost NecklaceFarm Clean Up - CrowsFarm Clean Up - DoombugsFarm Clean Up - ScarecrowsA Quick Attack - Ladies of the LightSarnak Recovery (Burynai)Achievement: Mercenary of The Resplendent TempleDecay DecreasedForce the ForcefulSilk Silk Silk (Crystal Caverns) (10 Points)Torment of Velious Master Scavenger (10 Points)Tactical Observations (ToV Earring #6)

Updated Recipes: Ethereal Silk SwatchLarge Brick of High Quality SteelJagged Emblem Platinum AmuletLarge Brick of High Quality Steel

Bestiary Updates: Hendi Mrubble [Cleric Guildmaster]a ra`tuk decapitatorVorla DienskTernsmochina Kar`zok infiltratoran aneuk fleshthreader



Updated Recipes: Arch Lich's Conflagrant CapArch Lich's Conflagrant GlovesArch Lich's Conflagrant PantsArch Lich's Conflagrant RobeArch Lich's Conflagrant SandalsArch Lich's Conflagrant SleevesArch Lich's Conflagrant Wristguard


Updated Items: Necklace of the Sporali EldersIce Encrusted Necklace of VigorIce Encrusted Great Sword

Updated Quests: Chart the UndershoreBrave the Ruins of IllsalinSporali Mind MeldTDS Progression #2: Gathering CloudsAll Hail the Cleansing (ToV Earring #1)

Updated Recipes: Concentrated Grade A Oleander Extract (2)Concentrated Grade A Oleander Extract (3)Concentrated Grade A Larkspur Extract (2)Concentrated Grade A Larkspur Extract (3)Concentrated Grade B Muscimol Extract (2)Concentrated Grade B Muscimol Extract (3)Concentrated Grade A Muscimol Extract (2)Concentrated Grade A Muscimol Extract (3)

Bestiary Updates: Patrol XIVBalinus



Updated Items: Carp FilletsCalamariYellow Tide Feaster BileKing's Feast RequestFaded Snowbound Feet ArmorCrystallized Precious Velium OreStaff of the Shai'dinIron OxideForgotten Crypt KeyBloodied Boots of Dark RitesDragorn BloodFrayed Silk ArmsShiliskin Commoner's ShawlSlime-Covered ShroudShroud of the LostCorathus-Flecked MantleShroud of Dark DaysPolished Hammer of StrikingShilgrave Battle HammerConcussion HammerHammer of ImpactEthernere EssenceAcrylia Ore FragmentCongealed Blood Magic (Glowing)Glowfungus TrinketSpore-Dusted BootsFaded Icebound Wrist ArmorFaded Icebound Hands ArmorFaded Icebound Head ArmorFaded Icebound Legs ArmorFaded Icebound Feet ArmorSpore-Laden BootsSpore-Smudged SabatonsPreservationist's Call to ArmsClear Resin-Covered Plate BootsRepaired Plate BootsColorless Plate BootsHighkeep Guard Plate BootsAncient Tome of Cursed WritingsTimeworn Tome of Cursed WritingsRaging Soul ShardDragon Fin SpikesScaled Sleeve FacetScaled Tunic FacetScaled Shoes FacetScaled Pants FacetScaled Gloves FacetScaled Cap FacetGlowing Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScaleGreater Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScaleMedian Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScaleLesser Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScaleMinor Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScaleBrown Scale CloakBlack Cape of the FreeFaded Green CapeNisch Mal Engraved Splitpaw JadeRosch Mal Splitpaw JadeTesch Splitpaw JadeCarved Splitpaw Ritual Jade

Updated Quests: The Lost SnakeExterminate the Vermin (Freeport East)Rogue Epic 1.5: FatestealerExplore Stoneroot FallsBeware the HiveThe Fall of the ShissarDoD Level 70 Spell #3: The Fall of IllsalinStorming the KeepThe Accursed BookSporali Mind MeldBerserker Epic 1.5 Pre-QuestThe Gnolls KnowBabeliyna #1: The Lost HusbandFight or FlightThe Lost ElvesReducing the Threat - GoblinsReducing the Threat - WereorcsReducing the Threat - WorgsThe Queen's DemiseThe RescueCastle RaidFancy Feast

Updated Recipes: Velium Infused Fish Scale Sheet

Bestiary Updates: Korucusta stone wardDisease-Ridden GorillaDrarakon the MadMaster Taruun Rakutah [Rogue Guildmaster]Kessdona the EnlightenedGrellik, Master of Tormentsan Imperial sentrya tower sciona famished feastera starving devoureran archaic trilobitean acrid deathcapa burynai earthstrippera drogan ratMalicious Trueborn EssenceArisen Gloriant Kra`duZburator the DamnedLoremaster Metiheib the LostDirefang

Zone Updates: Nedaria's Landing



Updated Items: Scribbled NoteIce Encrusted Mask of BrillianceIce Encrusted Kite ShieldCarp FilletsCalamariYellow Tide Feaster BileKing's Feast RequestFaded Snowbound Feet Armor

Updated Quests: Rogue Epic 1.5: FatestealerRaid Expedition: A Council DividedArgath #1: This Is Argath

New Recipes: Velium Enhanced Charm of Brilliance

Bestiary Updates: Master Taruun Rakutah [Rogue Guildmaster]Loremaster Metiheib the Lost




Updated Items: Distraction DeviceVelium Infused Short SpearVelium Infused Shadowscale WristguardVelium Infused Shadowscale SleevesVelium Infused Shadowscale LeggingsVelium Infused Shadowscale GauntletsVelium Infused Shadowscale CoifBleak Stone Earring of VigorDark Stone Earring of PowerVelium Infused Shadowscale CoatVelium Infused Shadowscale BootsVelium Infused ScimitarVelium Infused PickVelium Infused Natureward WristguardVelium Infused Natureward SleevesVelium Infused Natureward LeggingsVelium Infused Natureward GauntletsVelium Infused Natureward CoifVelium Infused Natureward CoatVelium Infused Natureward BootsVelium Infused Mindlock WristguardVelium Infused Mindlock SleevesVelium Infused Mindlock SandalsMoldy Resilient MaskVelium Infused Mindlock RobeVelium Infused Mindlock PantsVelium Infused Mindlock GlovesVelium Infused Mindlock CapTainted Pendant of Shadows

Updated Quests: Craft Keeper RobeRogue Epic 1.5: FatestealerFind Fibblebrap 1: The MinesThe Grozmok Stone

New Recipes: Velium Infused Mindlock CapVelium Infused Mindlock GlovesVelium Infused Mindlock PantsVelium Infused Mindlock RobeVelium Infused Mindlock SandalsVelium Infused Mindlock SleevesVelium Infused Mindlock WristguardVelium Infused Natureward BootsVelium Infused Natureward CoatVelium Infused Natureward CoifVelium Infused Natureward GauntletsVelium Infused Natureward LeggingsVelium Infused Natureward SleevesVelium Infused Natureward WristguardVelium Infused PickVelium Infused ScimitarVelium Infused Shadowscale BootsVelium Infused Shadowscale CoatVelium Infused Shadowscale CoifVelium Infused Shadowscale GauntletsVelium Infused Shadowscale LeggingsVelium Infused Shadowscale SleevesVelium Infused Shadowscale WristguardVelium Infused Short Spear

Bestiary Updates: AntinimePoekie Raraesha flighty catfishPoison Master Ajik [Poison Tasks]



Updated Items: Archaeologist's Runic BeltSpell: Illusion: Gunthak PirateGunthak Swabby's EyepatchAmorphous Cohort's LeggingsSkycleaverIce Encrusted Necklace of SecurityIce Encrusted War Hammer

Updated Quests: Warwing #4: The Queen BixieLegendary Enchanter IllusionsRelic of Decay: Bone DensityHunter of Gates of Kor-Sha (10 Points)

Bestiary Updates: Hunter Gwalnex IVHunter Gwainex IV



Updated Items: Sage's Golden RingCraita's SaberArchaeologist's Runic Belt

Updated Quests: Relic of Decay: Bone DensityXorbb #3: Escape From the Prison of Xorbb

Bestiary Updates: UrsaluaWuoshi



Updated Items: Wretchful Trollish Plate Helm OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Chest OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Arms OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Wrist OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Hands OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Legs OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Feet OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Helm OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Chest OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Arms OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Wrist OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Hands OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Legs OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Feet OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Helm OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Chest OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Arms OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Wrist OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Hands OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Legs OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Feet OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Helm OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Chest OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Arms OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Wrist OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Hands OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Legs OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Feet OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Helm OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Chest OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Arms OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Wrist OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Hands OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Legs OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Feet OrnamentMalefic Trollish Plate Helm OrnamentMalefic Trollish Plate Chest OrnamentMalefic Trollish Plate Arms OrnamentMalefic Trollish Plate Wrist OrnamentMalefic Trollish Plate Hands OrnamentMalefic Trollish Plate Legs OrnamentMalefic Trollish Plate Feet OrnamentMalefic Trollish Chain Helm OrnamentMalefic Trollish Chain Chest OrnamentMalefic Trollish Chain Arms OrnamentMalefic Trollish Chain Wrist OrnamentMalefic Trollish Chain Hands OrnamentMalefic Trollish Chain Legs OrnamentMalefic Trollish Chain Feet OrnamentMalefic Trollish Scalemail Helm OrnamentMalefic Trollish Scalemail Chest OrnamentMalefic Trollish Scalemail Arms OrnamentMalefic Trollish Scalemail Wrist OrnamentMalefic Trollish Scalemail Hands OrnamentMalefic Trollish Scalemail Legs OrnamentMalefic Trollish Scalemail Feet OrnamentMalefic Trollish Ringmail Helm OrnamentMalefic Trollish Ringmail Chest OrnamentMalefic Trollish Ringmail Arms OrnamentMalefic Trollish Ringmail Wrist OrnamentMalefic Trollish Ringmail Hands OrnamentMalefic Trollish Ringmail Legs OrnamentMalefic Trollish Ringmail Feet OrnamentMalefic Trollish Leather Helm OrnamentMalefic Trollish Leather Chest OrnamentMalefic Trollish Leather Arms OrnamentMalefic Trollish Leather Wrist OrnamentMalefic Trollish Leather Hands OrnamentMalefic Trollish Leather Legs OrnamentMalefic Trollish Leather Feet OrnamentMalefic Trollish Cloth Helm OrnamentMalefic Trollish Cloth Chest OrnamentMalefic Trollish Cloth Arms OrnamentMalefic Trollish Cloth Wrist OrnamentMalefic Trollish Cloth Hands OrnamentMalefic Trollish Cloth Legs OrnamentMalefic Trollish Cloth Feet OrnamentVelium Empowered Dragonbrood BootsVelium Empowered Dragonbrood CowlVelium Empowered Dragonbrood ArmwrapsVelium Empowered Exarch BracerVelium Empowered Exarch GauntletsVelium Empowered Exarch BootsVelium Empowered Exarch HelmVelium Empowered Exarch VambracesVelium Empowered Exarch GreavesVelium Empowered Exarch BreastplateVelium Empowered Flameweaver GlovesVelium Empowered Flameweaver CapVelium Empowered Flameweaver PantsVelium Empowered Dragonbrood WristguardVelium Empowered Dragonbrood GlovesVelium Empowered Dragonbrood LeggingsVelium Empowered Dragonbrood TunicVelium Empowered Illuminator BracerVelium Empowered Illuminator BootsVelium Empowered Illuminator BreastplateVelium Empowered Frostfire WristguardVelium Empowered Frostfire GlovesVelium Empowered Frostfire SandalsVelium Empowered Frostfire CapVelium Empowered Frostfire SleevesVelium Empowered Frostfire PantsVelium Empowered Frostfire RobeVelium Empowered Flameweaver WristguardVelium Empowered Flameweaver SandalsVelium Empowered Flameweaver SleevesVelium Empowered Flameweaver RobeVelium Empowered Legionnaire BracerVelium Empowered Legionnaire GauntletsVelium Empowered Legionnaire BootsVelium Empowered Legionnaire HelmVelium Empowered Legionnaire VambracesVelium Empowered Legionnaire GreavesVelium Empowered Legionnaire BreastplateVelium Empowered Illuminator GauntletsVelium Empowered Illuminator HelmVelium Empowered Illuminator VambracesVelium Empowered Illuminator GreavesVelium Empowered Lifewalker GlovesVelium Empowered Lifewalker BootsVelium Empowered Lifewalker CowlVelium Empowered Lifewalker ArmwrapsVelium Empowered Lifewalker WristguardVelium Empowered Lifewalker LeggingsVelium Empowered Lifewalker TunicVelium Empowered Loremaster BracerVelium Empowered Loremaster GauntletsVelium Empowered Loremaster BootsVelium Empowered Loremaster HelmVelium Empowered Loremaster VambracesVelium Empowered Loremaster GreavesVelium Empowered Loremaster BreastplateVelium Empowered Mindlock GlovesVelium Empowered Mindlock SandalsVelium Empowered Mindlock CapVelium Empowered Mindlock SleevesVelium Empowered Mindlock PantsVelium Empowered Mindlock RobeVelium Empowered Natureward WristguardVelium Empowered Natureward GauntletsVelium Empowered Natureward BootsVelium Empowered Natureward CoifVelium Empowered Natureward SleevesVelium Empowered Natureward LeggingsVelium Empowered Natureward CoatVelium Empowered Shadowscale WristguardVelium Empowered Shadowscale GauntletsVelium Empowered Shadowscale BootsVelium Empowered Shadowscale CoifVelium Empowered Shadowscale SleevesVelium Empowered Shadowscale LeggingsVelium Empowered Shadowscale CoatVelium Empowered Mindlock WristguardVelium Empowered Soulrender BracerVelium Empowered Soulrender GauntletsVelium Empowered Soulrender BootsVelium Empowered Soulrender HelmVelium Empowered Soulrender VambracesVelium Empowered Soulrender GreavesVelium Empowered Soulrender BreastplateVelium Empowered Soulforge WristguardVelium Empowered Soulforge GlovesVelium Empowered Soulforge BootsVelium Empowered Soulforge CowlVelium Empowered Soulforge ArmwrapsVelium Empowered Soulforge LeggingsVelium Empowered Soulforge TunicVelium Empowered Soulslayer CapVelium Empowered Spiritwalker WristguardVelium Empowered Spiritwalker GauntletsVelium Empowered Spiritwalker BootsVelium Empowered Spiritwalker CoifVelium Empowered Spiritwalker SleevesVelium Empowered Spiritwalker LeggingsVelium Empowered Spiritwalker CoatVelium Empowered Soulslayer WristguardVelium Empowered Soulslayer GlovesVelium Empowered Soulslayer SandalsVelium Empowered Soulslayer SleevesVelium Empowered Soulslayer PantsVelium Empowered Soulslayer RobeVelium Empowered Warmonger WristguardVelium Empowered Warmonger GauntletsVelium Empowered Warmonger BootsVelium Empowered Warmonger CoifVelium Empowered Warmonger SleevesVelium Empowered Warmonger LeggingsVelium Empowered Warmonger CoatIce Woven Exarch BracerIce Woven Exarch GauntletsIce Woven Exarch BootsIce Woven Exarch HelmIce Woven Exarch VambracesIce Woven Exarch GreavesIce Woven Exarch BreastplateIce Woven Flameweaver CapIce Woven Dragonbrood WristguardIce Woven Dragonbrood GlovesIce Woven Dragonbrood BootsIce Woven Dragonbrood CowlIce Woven Dragonbrood ArmwrapsIce Woven Dragonbrood LeggingsIce Woven Dragonbrood TunicIce Woven Frostfire GlovesIce Woven Frostfire SandalsIce Woven Frostfire CapIce Woven Frostfire PantsIce Woven Frostfire RobeIce Woven Flameweaver WristguardIce Woven Flameweaver GlovesIce Woven Flameweaver SandalsIce Woven Flameweaver SleevesIce Woven Flameweaver PantsIce Woven Flameweaver RobeIce Woven Illuminator BracerIce Woven Illuminator BootsIce Woven Frostfire WristguardIce Woven Frostfire SleevesIce Woven Legionnaire BracerIce Woven Legionnaire GauntletsIce Woven Legionnaire BootsIce Woven Legionnaire HelmIce Woven Legionnaire VambracesIce Woven Legionnaire GreavesIce Woven Legionnaire BreastplateIce Woven Illuminator GauntletsIce Woven Illuminator HelmIce Woven Illuminator VambracesIce Woven Illuminator GreavesIce Woven Illuminator BreastplateIce Woven Loremaster BracerIce Woven Loremaster GauntletsIce Woven Loremaster BootsIce Woven Loremaster HelmIce Woven Loremaster VambracesIce Woven Loremaster GreavesIce Woven Loremaster BreastplateIce Woven Mindlock GlovesIce Woven Mindlock SandalsIce Woven Mindlock CapIce Woven Mindlock SleevesIce Woven Mindlock PantsIce Woven Mindlock RobeIce Woven Natureward WristguardIce Woven Natureward GauntletsIce Woven Natureward BootsIce Woven Natureward CoifIce Woven Natureward SleevesIce Woven Natureward LeggingsIce Woven Natureward CoatIce Woven Soulforge BootsIce Woven Soulforge CowlIce Woven Soulforge ArmwrapsIce Woven Shadowscale WristguardIce Woven Shadowscale GauntletsIce Woven Shadowscale BootsIce Woven Shadowscale CoifIce Woven Shadowscale SleevesIce Woven Shadowscale LeggingsIce Woven Shadowscale CoatIce Woven Mindlock WristguardIce Woven Soulrender BracerIce Woven Soulrender GauntletsIce Woven Soulrender BootsIce Woven Soulrender HelmIce Woven Soulrender VambracesIce Woven Soulrender GreavesIce Woven Soulrender BreastplateIce Woven Soulforge WristguardIce Woven Soulforge GlovesIce Woven Soulforge LeggingsIce Woven Soulforge TunicIce Woven Soulslayer CapIce Woven Spiritwalker WristguardIce Woven Spiritwalker GauntletsIce Woven Spiritwalker BootsIce Woven Spiritwalker CoifIce Woven Spiritwalker SleevesIce Woven Spiritwalker LeggingsIce Woven Spiritwalker CoatIce Woven Soulslayer WristguardIce Woven Soulslayer GlovesIce Woven Soulslayer SandalsIce Woven Soulslayer SleevesIce Woven Soulslayer PantsIce Woven Soulslayer RobeIce Woven Warmonger WristguardIce Woven Warmonger GauntletsIce Woven Warmonger BootsIce Woven Warmonger CoifIce Woven Warmonger SleevesIce Woven Warmonger LeggingsIce Woven Warmonger CoatVelium Infused SwordVelium Infused WandVelium Infused SpearVelium Infused War AxeVelium Infused War ForkVelium Infused Soulrender BracerVelium Infused Soulrender BootsVelium Infused Soulrender BreastplateVelium Infused Soulforge WristguardVelium Infused Soulforge GlovesVelium Infused Soulforge BootsVelium Infused Soulforge CowlVelium Infused Soulforge ArmwrapsVelium Infused Soulforge LeggingsVelium Infused Soulforge TunicVelium Infused Soulrender GauntletsVelium Infused Soulrender HelmVelium Infused Soulrender VambracesVelium Infused Soulrender GreavesVelium Infused Spiritwalker WristguardVelium Infused Spiritwalker GauntletsVelium Infused Spiritwalker BootsVelium Infused Spiritwalker CoifVelium Infused Spiritwalker SleevesVelium Infused Spiritwalker LeggingsVelium Infused Spiritwalker CoatVelium Infused Soulslayer WristguardVelium Infused Soulslayer GlovesVelium Infused Soulslayer SandalsVelium Infused Soulslayer CapVelium Infused Soulslayer SleevesVelium Infused Soulslayer PantsVelium Infused Soulslayer RobeVelium Infused Warmonger GauntletsVelium Infused Warmonger BootsVelium Infused Warmonger CoifVelium Infused Warmonger LeggingsVelium Infused Warmonger CoatVelium Infused Warmonger WristguardVelium Infused Warmonger SleevesIcebound Exarch BracerIcebound Exarch GauntletsIcebound Exarch BootsIcebound Exarch HelmIcebound Exarch VambracesIcebound Exarch GreavesIcebound Exarch BreastplateIcebound Flameweaver GlovesIcebound Flameweaver SandalsIcebound Flameweaver CapIcebound Flameweaver PantsIcebound Flameweaver RobeIcebound Dragonbrood WristguardIcebound Dragonbrood GlovesIcebound Dragonbrood BootsIcebound Dragonbrood CowlIcebound Dragonbrood ArmwrapsIcebound Dragonbrood LeggingsIcebound Dragonbrood TunicIcebound Legionnaire BracerIcebound Legionnaire GauntletsIcebound Legionnaire BootsIcebound Legionnaire GreavesIcebound Legionnaire BreastplateIcebound Illuminator BracerIcebound Illuminator GauntletsIcebound Illuminator BootsIcebound Illuminator HelmIcebound Illuminator VambracesIcebound Illuminator GreavesIcebound Illuminator BreastplateIcebound Frostfire WristguardIcebound Frostfire GlovesIcebound Frostfire SandalsIcebound Frostfire CapIcebound Frostfire SleevesIcebound Frostfire PantsIcebound Frostfire RobeIcebound Flameweaver WristguardIcebound Flameweaver SleevesIcebound Legionnaire HelmIcebound Legionnaire VambracesIcebound Lifewalker WristguardIcebound Lifewalker GlovesIcebound Lifewalker BootsIcebound Lifewalker CowlIcebound Lifewalker ArmwrapsIcebound Lifewalker LeggingsIcebound Lifewalker TunicIcebound Loremaster BracerIcebound Loremaster GauntletsIcebound Loremaster BootsIcebound Loremaster HelmIcebound Loremaster VambracesIcebound Loremaster GreavesIcebound Loremaster BreastplateIcebound Mindlock GlovesIcebound Mindlock SandalsIcebound Mindlock CapIcebound Mindlock PantsIcebound Mindlock RobeIcebound Natureward WristguardIcebound Natureward GauntletsIcebound Natureward BootsIcebound Natureward CoifIcebound Natureward SleevesIcebound Natureward LeggingsIcebound Natureward CoatIcebound Soulforge GlovesIcebound Soulforge BootsIcebound Soulforge CowlIcebound Soulforge ArmwrapsIcebound Soulforge LeggingsIcebound Shadowscale WristguardIcebound Shadowscale GauntletsIcebound Shadowscale BootsIcebound Shadowscale CoifIcebound Shadowscale SleevesIcebound Shadowscale LeggingsIcebound Shadowscale CoatIcebound Mindlock WristguardIcebound Mindlock SleevesIcebound Soulrender BracerIcebound Soulrender GauntletsIcebound Soulrender BootsIcebound Soulrender HelmIcebound Soulrender VambracesIcebound Soulrender GreavesIcebound Soulrender BreastplateIcebound Soulforge WristguardIcebound Soulforge TunicIcebound Spiritwalker GauntletsIcebound Spiritwalker BootsIcebound Spiritwalker CoifIcebound Spiritwalker CoatIcebound Soulslayer WristguardIcebound Soulslayer GlovesIcebound Soulslayer SandalsIcebound Soulslayer CapIcebound Soulslayer SleevesIcebound Soulslayer PantsIcebound Soulslayer RobeIcebound Spiritwalker WristguardIcebound Spiritwalker SleevesIcebound Spiritwalker LeggingsIcebound Warmonger WristguardIcebound Warmonger GauntletsIcebound Warmonger BootsIcebound Warmonger CoifIcebound Warmonger SleevesIcebound Warmonger LeggingsIcebound Warmonger CoatSnowbound Exarch BracerSnowbound Exarch GauntletsSnowbound Exarch BootsSnowbound Exarch HelmSnowbound Exarch VambracesSnowbound Exarch GreavesSnowbound Exarch BreastplateSnowbound Flameweaver GlovesSnowbound Flameweaver CapSnowbound Dragonbrood WristguardSnowbound Dragonbrood GlovesSnowbound Dragonbrood BootsSnowbound Dragonbrood CowlSnowbound Dragonbrood ArmwrapsSnowbound Dragonbrood LeggingsSnowbound Dragonbrood TunicSnowbound Legionnaire BracerSnowbound Legionnaire GauntletsSnowbound Legionnaire BootsSnowbound Legionnaire GreavesSnowbound Legionnaire BreastplateSnowbound Illuminator BracerSnowbound Illuminator GauntletsSnowbound Illuminator BootsSnowbound Illuminator HelmSnowbound Illuminator VambracesSnowbound Illuminator GreavesSnowbound Illuminator BreastplateSnowbound Frostfire WristguardSnowbound Frostfire GlovesSnowbound Frostfire SandalsSnowbound Frostfire CapSnowbound Frostfire SleevesSnowbound Frostfire PantsSnowbound Frostfire RobeSnowbound Flameweaver WristguardSnowbound Flameweaver SandalsSnowbound Flameweaver SleevesSnowbound Flameweaver PantsSnowbound Flameweaver RobeSnowbound Legionnaire HelmSnowbound Legionnaire VambracesSnowbound Lifewalker WristguardSnowbound Lifewalker GlovesSnowbound Lifewalker BootsSnowbound Lifewalker CowlSnowbound Lifewalker ArmwrapsSnowbound Lifewalker LeggingsSnowbound Lifewalker TunicSnowbound Loremaster GauntletsSnowbound Loremaster HelmSnowbound Loremaster VambracesSnowbound Loremaster GreavesSnowbound Loremaster BreastplateSnowbound Mindlock GlovesSnowbound Mindlock SandalsSnowbound Mindlock CapSnowbound Mindlock PantsSnowbound Mindlock RobeSnowbound Natureward WristguardSnowbound Natureward GauntletsSnowbound Natureward BootsSnowbound Natureward CoifSnowbound Natureward SleevesSnowbound Natureward LeggingsSnowbound Natureward CoatSnowbound Soulforge WristguardSnowbound Soulforge GlovesSnowbound Soulforge BootsSnowbound Soulforge CowlSnowbound Soulforge ArmwrapsSnowbound Soulforge LeggingsSnowbound Soulforge TunicSnowbound Shadowscale WristguardSnowbound Shadowscale GauntletsSnowbound Shadowscale BootsSnowbound Shadowscale CoifSnowbound Shadowscale SleevesSnowbound Shadowscale LeggingsSnowbound Shadowscale CoatSnowbound Mindlock WristguardSnowbound Mindlock SleevesSnowbound Soulrender BracerSnowbound Soulrender GauntletsSnowbound Soulrender BootsSnowbound Soulrender HelmSnowbound Soulrender VambracesSnowbound Soulrender GreavesSnowbound Soulrender BreastplateSnowbound Spiritwalker WristguardSnowbound Spiritwalker GauntletsSnowbound Spiritwalker BootsSnowbound Spiritwalker CoifSnowbound Spiritwalker SleevesSnowbound Spiritwalker LeggingsSnowbound Spiritwalker CoatSnowbound Soulslayer WristguardSnowbound Soulslayer GlovesSnowbound Soulslayer SandalsSnowbound Soulslayer CapSnowbound Soulslayer SleevesSnowbound Soulslayer PantsSnowbound Soulslayer RobeSnowbound Warmonger BootsSnowbound Warmonger WristguardSnowbound Warmonger GauntletsSnowbound Warmonger CoifSnowbound Warmonger SleevesSnowbound Warmonger LeggingsSnowbound Warmonger CoatSong: Aria of MargidorSong: Lullaby of ZburatorSong: Pulse of Vhal`SeraSong: Tonitruous BarrierSong: Zlexak's Chant of DiseaseSong: Silence of ZburatorSong: Aura of Vhal`SeraSong: Echo of Vhal`SeraSong: Fatesong of RadiwolSong: Yelinak's Chant of FrostSong: Omorden's InsultSong: Psalm of the RestlessSong: Kellek's Spry SonataSong: Placating AccelerandoSong: Chorus of Vhal`SeraSong: Velketor's Psalm of PotencySong: Reivaj's Reckless RenewalSong: Sontalak's AriaSong: Malvus's Chant of PoisonSong: Mahaha's Assonant BindingSong: Zburator's Lively CrescendoSong: Omorden's Song of SufferingSong: Radiwol's Melodic BindingSong: Slumber of ZburatorSong: Voice of ZburatorSong: War March of RadiwolSong: Arcane SymphonySong: Sofia's Burning CallSong: Aura of MargidorSong: Echo of MargidorSong: Omorden's Spiteful LyricSong: Sontalak's Chant of FlameSong: Wave of SleepScroll: DeceiveScroll: Omica's AnimationScroll: Rune of KildrukaunScroll: Deviser's RuneScroll: Speed of CekenarScroll: Ideological AppropriationScroll: Chromatic StabScroll: Aegis of CekenarScroll: Tears of AaryonarScroll: Runic Luminescense AuraScroll: Deceiving FlashScroll: Deviser's AuraScroll: Deviser's EchoScroll: Serene MindScroll: Remote Color CascadeScroll: ChromashockScroll: Proclamation of TashanScroll: EnraptureScroll: Legion of CekenarScroll: Aegis of OmicaScroll: Placating IssuanceScroll: Fortifying AuraScroll: Chaotic DeceptionScroll: Pulmonary GripScroll: Constraining CoilScroll: SagacityScroll: Mana ReplicationScroll: NeutralizeScroll: Polycascading AssaultScroll: Horrendous RuneScroll: Neutralizing GlanceScroll: Deceiving ConstrictionScroll: Brimstone FortitudeScroll: Color CascadeScroll: Dizzying CoilScroll: Legion of KildrukaunScroll: Neutralizing WaveScroll: Crepuscular RuneScroll: Crepuscular AuspiceScroll: Hastening of CekenarScroll: Mana Replication AuraScroll: Issuance of Mana ReplicationScroll: Mind CoilScroll: MindriftScroll: Deceiving StareScroll: Deviser's CommandScroll: Perilous NeutralizationScroll: Polycascading RuneScroll: Deviser's UnityScroll: Voice of SagacityScroll: Ward of the DeviserScroll: Noxious DecayScroll: Breath of BledrekScroll: Narandi's Spear of VenomScroll: Talisman of the LionessScroll: Unity of the KromrifScroll: Spirit BracingScroll: EnnuiScroll: Zrelik's RecourseScroll: Malvus's MaladyScroll: Svartmane's AfflictionScroll: Amontehepna's DrowseScroll: Grondo's FaithfulScroll: Dracolich BreathScroll: Refreshing CounterbiasScroll: Ancient BargainScroll: Primordial InterventionScroll: Direfang's BiteScroll: Halcyon WindScroll: Bolman's PandemicScroll: Sjeon's MendingScroll: Svartmane's MalosinaraScroll: Evil EyeScroll: Ice SalvoScroll: Nectar of MiseryScroll: Xalgoti's VenomScroll: Wintry GiftScroll: Pack of The Black FangScroll: Spectre of RenewalScroll: Reckless RenewalScroll: Restless BloodScroll: Talisman of the Ry'GorrScroll: Ward of RecuperationScroll: Marlek's CurseScroll: Natural AllianceScroll: Focus of TobartScroll: Horasug's AggressionScroll: Horasug's ProtectionScroll: Salve of TobartScroll: Ikatiar's BloodScroll: Depleting BiteScroll: Restless LanceTome: Maelstrom of ClawsScroll: Neemzaq's EndemicScroll: Spiritual VehemenceScroll: Kallis' MeliorationScroll: Sympathetic WarderScroll: Spiritual InsightScroll: Bloodmaw's BiteScroll: Frozen MalignanceScroll: Spirit of BlizzentScroll: Endaroky's ChillScroll: Restless RoarScroll: Growl of the LionessScroll: Spirit of MandrikaiTome: BatterScroll: Grikor's FeralgiaScroll: Reclaimer's UnityScroll: Bay at the MoonScroll: Spellbreaker's CitadelScroll: Vkjen's MaelstromScroll: Astounding VelocityScroll: AweflashScroll: Obliterate the UndeadScroll: Placating GlowScroll: Sincere RemedyScroll: Unity of JorlleagScroll: Vow of VeracityScroll: Word of SoothingScroll: Yaulp XVIScroll: Infusion of SincerityScroll: Seventeenth RejuvenationScroll: Hammer of ObliterationScroll: Divine KeepScroll: Divine IntermediationScroll: Sincere ElixirScroll: InjunctionScroll: Unified RighteousnessScroll: Ward of InjunctionScroll: Ward of RighteousnessScroll: Sincere LightScroll: Sincere InterventionScroll: Issuance of SincerityScroll: Greater Protection of VieScroll: Promised RedemptionScroll: Syllable of SoothingScroll: Sermon of InjunctionScroll: Sound of RebukeScroll: Vow of VituperationScroll: Purified GroundScroll: Hand of Sincere InfusionScroll: ChromaflareScroll: Mark of WenglawksScroll: Unyielding Hammer of ObliterationScroll: Unyielding CensureScroll: Sincere AcquittalScroll: Shining AegisScroll: Silent WritScroll: Armor of SincerityScroll: Unified Hand of JorlleagScroll: Restoring SplashScroll: Dire RenewalScroll: Unified Hand of RighteousnessScroll: Sincere ContraventionScroll: Elixir of TranscendenceScroll: Rallied Greater Protection of VieScroll: Word of Greater ReplenishmentScroll: Doctrine of AbolishmentScroll: Sincere TouchScroll: Sincere ForceScroll: RequiemScroll: Mark of SevalakScroll: Placating WordsScroll: Stormwall KeeperScroll: Protest for HonorScroll: Crush of the GrottoScroll: RemonstrateScroll: Fervent AudacityScroll: Lesson of PropitiationScroll: Symbol of SevalakTome: Righteous AntipathyTome: Armor of SincerityScroll: Armor of Steadfast GraceScroll: Burst of WakeningScroll: Sincere CleansingTome: Mantle of the Sapphire CohortScroll: Splash of ExaltationScroll: Renewing SteelScroll: Brell's Blessed BarrierScroll: Mark of the Jade CohortScroll: PropitiationTome: Unending AffirmationScroll: Wave of PropitiationScroll: Preservation of the GrottoScroll: Force of the Jade CohortScroll: Aurora of WakeningScroll: Crush of Restless IceScroll: Sincere FuryScroll: Force of the GrottoScroll: Brilliant ExculpationScroll: Hand of the Stormwall KeeperScroll: Protective ConsecrationScroll: Tectonic FrostheaveScroll: Marked ShotsScroll: Meltwater SpringScroll: Shield of RimespursTome: Blizzard of BladesScroll: Outrider's Ever-Burning CloakTome: Enraging Axe KicksTome: Jolting Axe KicksScroll: Jolting VeliumScroll: Strength of the Arbor StalkerScroll: Restless WindScroll: Lingering SnowshowerScroll: Mistral BoonScroll: Swarm of HyperboreadsScroll: Wakening BalmScroll: Pyroclastic AshScroll: Rimespur CoatScroll: Pyroclastic BoonScroll: Shared Cloak of RimespursScroll: Obsidian CoatScroll: Summer's SleetScroll: Shout of the Arbor StalkerTome: Arbor Stalker's DisciplineScroll: Protection of the Wakening LandScroll: Provoked by the HuntScroll: Tempestuous HailScroll: Sustaining GrowthScroll: Nature's SustenanceScroll: VinespikeScroll: Maelstrom of the StormbornScroll: Opaline SkinScroll: ViridavidaScroll: Promised RefreshmentScroll: Remote SunshockScroll: Typhonic RoarScroll: Survival of the FavoredScroll: Winter's WildshockScroll: Restless FrostScroll: Opaline MoonbeamScroll: Opaline ThornmawScroll: Adrenaline DelugeScroll: Remote MoonrakeScroll: Sunrake BlessingScroll: SunshockScroll: Summer SunshockScroll: Legacy of IcebriarsScroll: Opaline BlessingScroll: Icerend CrystalsScroll: Mask of the Arbor TenderScroll: LunalesceScroll: RejuvenescenceScroll: Nature's Fervid WrathScroll: Vinespike RushScroll: Spirit of the EnduringScroll: Talisman of the EnduringTome: ThwartScroll: Stormwall StanceScroll: Duskreaper's ProclamationScroll: Specter SkinScroll: Cadcane's HorrorScroll: Bond of VulakScroll: Vulak's BiteScroll: Terror of MirenillaScroll: Mental TormentScroll: Treacherous AudacityScroll: Blood of IkatiarScroll: Protest for PowerScroll: Pestilent DarknessScroll: Plague of ZlandicarScroll: Shroud of the RestlessTome: Rending BladeScroll: Insidious RejectionScroll: Gift of DrendarScroll: Syl`Tor CovenantTome: Cadcane's CarapaceTome: Restless MantleScroll: Minion of DrendarScroll: Call of TwilightTome: Spite of MirenillaScroll: Drape of the IceforgedScroll: Spear of CadcaneScroll: Nefarious BlightScroll: ContemptScroll: Abhorrent BargainScroll: Dire IndictmentScroll: Dire ConvulsionScroll: Cadcane's SkinTome: Cerise BladeScroll: Touch of DrendarScroll: Touch of ZlandicarScroll: Torrent of AnguishScroll: Searing VeninScroll: Draw EssenceScroll: Danvid's DecayScroll: Grip of ZorglimScroll: Vilefang's Swift VenomScroll: Quivering Veil of NeemzaqScroll: Scent of MortalityScroll: Tserrina's GraspScroll: OblivionScroll: MiasmaScroll: Lexelan's Swift DeconstructionScroll: Sigil of DecayScroll: Cascading DreadshieldScroll: Bestow DreadScroll: Chaotic MiasmaScroll: Nightmarish ShriekScroll: Icy RevivalScroll: Frozen SkinScroll: Shadowbone ManaclesScroll: Otatomik's FlashblazeScroll: Pyre of the WretchedScroll: SoulgougeScroll: Dracnia's Pallid HazeScroll: GloomsideScroll: Pyre of KlraggekScroll: Lairsaf's Swift SicknessScroll: Tormenting DarknessScroll: Ignite IntellectScroll: Mind ErosionScroll: Frozen LeechScroll: Tserrina's CommandScroll: Crystal Crawler VenomScroll: Call Skeleton HordeScroll: Assert for BloodScroll: Incite AllyScroll: Tserrina's Swift LifedrawScroll: Char BonesScroll: Septic WoundsScroll: Broiling ShadowScroll: Tserrina's ShadeScroll: Restless AssassinScroll: Shield of Restless IceScroll: Shield of DestinyScroll: Obliterate the UnnaturalScroll: MalosinaraScroll: Promised HealingScroll: Aegis of the IceboundScroll: Claw of FeshlakScroll: Concussive ShockScroll: Scorching BeamScroll: Lure of Restless IceScroll: Tears of WildfireScroll: KatelanagaScroll: Wildscorch StrikeScroll: NeurofreezeScroll: Ethereal BlastScroll: Restless Ice PillarScroll: Leap of StormsparksScroll: Loop of FlameScroll: Quiet HarvestScroll: Cloudburst StormboltScroll: Aegis of the CrystalwingScroll: Funnel of Restless IceScroll: Lure of SontalakScroll: Claw of SontalakScroll: ColdburstScroll: Lightning RoarScroll: Spiked LightningScroll: Chaos InfernoScroll: Coldmist GuardScroll: Fiery PillarScroll: Frostscale HuskScroll: Restless Ice CometScroll: FlashbrandScroll: Restless Ice CascadeScroll: Ricartine's PyrobladeScroll: Volcanic DownpourScroll: Ethereal BrandScroll: Claw of GozzremScroll: Coldburst TorrentScroll: Dagarn's FireScroll: TelajagaScroll: Thricewoven RadianceScroll: Ethereal ConfluenceScroll: Crash of SandScroll: Burnout XIVScroll: Manifestation of AirScroll: Igneous CoatScroll: Grant Ocoenydd's PlateScroll: Grant Crystasia's HeirloomsScroll: Shockwave of ManyScroll: Restless GuardianScroll: Manifestation of WaterScroll: Shock of Burning SteelScroll: Wand of Frozen ModulationScroll: Beam of ScimitarsScroll: Incinerating SandsScroll: Burning SkinScroll: Manifestation of FireScroll: Grant Yalrek's ArmamentsScroll: Renewal of EvrethScroll: Summon Imperative ServantScroll: Pyroxene StanceScroll: Manifestation of EarthScroll: Exothermic VeilScroll: Circle of Igneous SkinScroll: Iceflame RampartScroll: Burning MalosinaraScroll: Chaotic BestowalScroll: Rain of ScimitarsScroll: Chaotic PyroclasmScroll: Riotous ServantScroll: Remote Riotous ServantScroll: Restless SymbiosisScroll: Gather PotencyScroll: Summon Imperative MinionScroll: Pyroxenite BodyguardScroll: Bolt of Molten KomatiiteScroll: Beam of Molten KomatiiteScroll: Rain of Molten KomatiiteScroll: Monster Summoning XIIIScroll: Spear of Molten KomatiiteTome: RelaxTome: Armor of Relentless RunesTome: Kragek's RoarTome: Unending AttentionTome: Finish the FightTome: AggravateTome: Oppressing ShoutTome: Ultimate Stand DisciplineTome: Precision StrikeTome: Tempest BladesTome: Warrior's RampartTome: Paragon ChampionTome: Courageous DefenseTome: Icewalker's SynergyTome: Frostblurred ApparitionTome: Eagle's PoiseTome: Heron StanceTome: Echo of DisorientationTome: Breath of TranquilityTome: Zlexak's FangTome: Barrage of FistsTome: Rescind DeathTome: BushwhackTome: Naive MarkTome: Blinding GlintTome: Jugular CutTome: Drachnid BladeTome: Powerful Dagger-ThrowTome: SlashTome: Pinpoint DefectsTome: CozenTome: Cloaked BladeTome: Chelicerae DisciplineTome: BlitzstrikeTome: DaggerslashTome: Bold EscapeTome: SmokeveilTome: Axe of the VindicatorTome: Premature RetaliationTome: Vindicating FrenzyTome: Tendon RipTome: Rabbit PunchTome: Vicious RevolutionTome: Seething RageTome: Reflexive RetaliationTome: Vindicating Axe ThrowTome: Temple CrackTome: Magnified FrenzyTome: Vindicating VolleyTome: Jarring ShockTome: Restless FrenzyTome: Shared AtavismTome: Axe of DerakorIrae Faycite Shard: Draw EssenceIrae Faycite Shard: Danvid's DecayIrae Faycite Shard: Grip of ZorglimIrae Faycite Shard: OblivionIrae Faycite Shard: MiasmaIrae Faycite Shard: Pyre of the WretchedIrae Faycite Shard: Dracnia's Pallid HazeIrae Faycite Shard: Pyre of KlraggekDurus Faycite Shard: Tormenting DarknessIrae Faycite Shard: Ignite IntellectIrae Faycite Shard: Crystal Crawler VenomIrae Faycite Shard: Broiling ShadowIrae Faycite Shard: Assert for BloodIrae Faycite Shard: Char BonesTempus Faycite Shard: Cascading DreadshieldIrae Faycite Shard: Septic WoundsIrae Faycite Shard: Lure of Restless IceIrae Faycite Shard: Tears of WildfireIrae Faycite Shard: NeurofreezeIrae Faycite Shard: Restless Ice PillarIrae Faycite Shard: ColdburstIrae Faycite Shard: Lightning RoarIrae Faycite Shard: Chaos InfernoIrae Faycite Shard: Restless Ice CascadeIrae Faycite Shard: Ethereal BrandIrae Faycite Shard: Claw of GozzremIrae Faycite Shard: Pure Wildscorch IXIrae Faycite Shard: Thricewoven RadianceIrae Faycite Shard: Cloudburst StormboltIrae Faycite Shard: Bolt of Molten KomatiiteIrae Faycite Shard: Beam of Molten KomatiiteIrae Faycite Shard: Shockwave of ManyIrae Faycite Shard: Shock of Burning SteelIrae Faycite Shard: Incinerating SandsTempus Faycite Shard: Riotous ServantIrae Faycite Shard: Spear of Molten KomatiiteIrae Faycite Shard: Rain of ScimitarsDurus Faycite Shard: DeceiveDurus Faycite Shard: Deceiving FlashDurus Faycite Shard: Serene MindIrae Faycite Shard: ChromashockIrae Faycite Shard: Pulmonary GripIrae Faycite Shard: Polycascading AssaultDurus Faycite Shard: Neutralizing WaveIrae Faycite Shard: Mind CoilIrae Faycite Shard: MindriftDurus Faycite Shard: Deceiving StareIrae Faycite Shard: Tears of AaryonarIrae Faycite Shard: Chromatic StabTempus Faycite Shard: Crepuscular AuspiceIrae Faycite Shard: Sermon of InjunctionIrae Faycite Shard: ChromaflareIrae Faycite Shard: Obliterate the UnnaturalIrae Faycite Shard: Tempestuous HailIrae Faycite Shard: Heliacal EmbersSalus Faycite Shard: ViridavidaIrae Faycite Shard: Icerend ChillIrae Faycite Shard: Horde of HyperboreadsSalus Faycite Shard: Survival of the FavoredIrae Faycite Shard: Winter's WildshockIrae Faycite Shard: SunshockIrae Faycite Shard: Summer SunshockSalus Faycite Shard: Adrenaline DelugeSalus Faycite Shard: LunalesceIrae Faycite Shard: Chill of the Arbor TenderIrae Faycite Shard: Nature's Fervid WrathIrae Faycite Shard: Typhonic RoarIrae Faycite Shard: Narandi's Spear of VenomIrae Faycite Shard: Malvus's MaladyIrae Faycite Shard: Svartmane's AfflictionSalus Faycite Shard: Primordial InterventionIrae Faycite Shard: Direfang's BiteSalus Faycite Shard: Sjeon's MendingIrae Faycite Shard: Evil EyeIrae Faycite Shard: Ice SalvoIrae Faycite Shard: Nectar of MiseryDurus Faycite Shard: Spectre of RenewalSalus Faycite Shard: Reckless RenewalIrae Faycite Shard: Restless BloodSalus Faycite Shard: Zrelik's RecourseIrae Faycite Shard: Marlek's CursePure Sapphire Trade GemTempus Faycite Shard: Zburator's Lively CrescendoTempus Faycite Shard: Warrior's RampartTempus Faycite Shard: Vindicating VolleyTempus Faycite Shard: Tendon RipTempus Faycite Shard: Temple CrackTempus Faycite Shard: Tempest BladesTempus Faycite Shard: Restless FrenzyTempus Faycite Shard: Rescind DeathTempus Faycite Shard: Rending BladeTempus Faycite Shard: RelaxTempus Faycite Shard: Rabbit PunchTempus Faycite Shard: Premature RetaliationTempus Faycite Shard: Oppressing ShoutTempus Faycite Shard: Maelstrom of ClawsTempus Faycite Shard: Force of the GrottoTempus Faycite Shard: Enraging Axe KicksTempus Faycite Shard: Eagle's PoiseTempus Faycite Shard: Chelicerae DisciplineTempus Faycite Shard: BushwhackTempus Faycite Shard: Breath of TranquilityTempus Faycite Shard: Blinding GlintTempus Faycite Shard: BatterTempus Faycite Shard: Armor of Relentless RunesTempus Faycite Shard: AggravateSalus Faycite Shard: Sincere TouchSalus Faycite Shard: Sincere LightSalus Faycite Shard: Salve of TobartSalus Faycite Shard: PropitiationSalus Faycite Shard: Meltwater SpringSalus Faycite Shard: Kallis' MeliorationSalus Faycite Shard: Desperate MeltwaterSalus Faycite Shard: Chorus of Vhal`SeraSalus Faycite Shard: Burst of WakeningSalus Faycite Shard: Bethun's MendingIrae Faycite Shard: Zlexak's FangIrae Faycite Shard: Vulak's BiteIrae Faycite Shard: Vkjen's MaelstromIrae Faycite Shard: Vindicating Axe ThrowIrae Faycite Shard: Vicious RevolutionIrae Faycite Shard: Touch of DrendarIrae Faycite Shard: Summer's SleetIrae Faycite Shard: Spear of CadcaneIrae Faycite Shard: Sofia's Burning CallIrae Faycite Shard: SlashIrae Faycite Shard: Restless WindIrae Faycite Shard: Restless RoarIrae Faycite Shard: Restless LanceIrae Faycite Shard: RequiemIrae Faycite Shard: RemonstrateIrae Faycite Shard: Pyroclastic AshIrae Faycite Shard: Plague of ZlandicarIrae Faycite Shard: Pestilent DarknessIrae Faycite Shard: Omorden's InsultIrae Faycite Shard: Nefarious BlightIrae Faycite Shard: Neemzaq's EndemicIrae Faycite Shard: Ikatiar's BloodIrae Faycite Shard: Ice Burrower SwarmIrae Faycite Shard: HeartsunderIrae Faycite Shard: Frozen MalignanceIrae Faycite Shard: Endaroky's ChillIrae Faycite Shard: Drachnid Blade StrikeIrae Faycite Shard: Dire IndictmentIrae Faycite Shard: Crush of the GrottoIrae Faycite Shard: Crush of Restless IceIrae Faycite Shard: Brilliant ExculpationIrae Faycite Shard: Bond of VulakIrae Faycite Shard: Bloodmaw's BiteIrae Faycite Shard: Blood of IkatiarIrae Faycite Shard: Abhorrent BargainDurus Faycite Shard: Zlexak's Chant of DiseaseDurus Faycite Shard: Yelinak's Chant of FrostDurus Faycite Shard: Sontalak's Chant of FlameDurus Faycite Shard: Sincere CleansingDurus Faycite Shard: Protest for PowerDurus Faycite Shard: Protest for HonorDurus Faycite Shard: Malvus's Chant of PoisonDurus Faycite Shard: Growl of the LionessTempus Faycite Shard: Axe of DerakorViridian Hero's Forge Chain Chest OrnamentBloodlaced DaggerTest of SmithingCollection SatchelVampire's Lute of Bone

Updated Quests: Rogue Epic 1.5: Fatestealer

Updated Recipes: Elaborate Enchanted Spell ParchmentOrnate Enchanted Spell ParchmentIntricate Enchanted Spell ParchmentRuned Enchanted Spell ParchmentRefined Enchanted Spell ParchmentFeral Lord's Conflagrant ArmwrapsFeral Lord's Conflagrant BootsFeral Lord's Conflagrant CowlFeral Lord's Conflagrant GlovesFeral Lord's Conflagrant TunicFeral Lord's Conflagrant WristguardFeral Lord's Conflagrant Leggings

Bestiary Updates: a goblin warriorDiggins [Rogue Guildmaster]an ogre guarddark-boned skeletona goblin magicianA NecromancerA MinotaurA Guard Officera froglok ghoul (Najena)TrazdonThe WidowmistressBoneCrackerNajenaRathyl reincarnateDark Elf Corruptora skeletona visiting priestessa froglok ghoulSteelslave Infiltratora Blacksail pirate


Updated Items: Deceiver's Garb InstructionsCollection SatchelGolden Ruby and Garnet RingWitheran Prowler MaskSpiritcharmers Assembly KitNightmare CichlidKavruul`s Mystic PouchKavruul`s Mystic PouchTreasure Hunter's SatchelFlask of Berry JuiceFlask of Sylvan Berry JuiceFlask of Rathe Berry JuiceFlask of Orange JuiceFlask of Fruit JuiceAmorphous Cohort's BootsAmorphous Cohort's BreastplateAmorphous Cohort's HelmAmorphous Cohort's GauntletsBroken Mancatcher Crown

Updated Quests: Totemic VambracesTotemic GreavesTotemic BootsTotemic GauntletsSpiritcharmer Chainmail BootsRogue Epic 1.5: FatestealerRoyal VisitsToV Rank II Level 111 Spells: Minor Engraved Velium RuneTotality of War (ToV Earring #7)

Updated Recipes: Flask of Berry JuiceFlask of Fruit JuiceFlask of Orange JuiceFlask of Rathe Berry JuiceFlask of Sylvan Berry JuiceRidged Silvery KeySmoked Cragbeast MeatSmoked Hynid MeatSpit in the OceanGrilled Cragbeast MeatSpiced Cragbeast MeatSpiced Hynid Meat1 lb. Cragbeast MeatFlask of Pomegranate JuiceJuice of QuelliousFlask of Pitaya JuiceFaded Velium Club

Bestiary Updates: Elyn Connoy [Rogue Guildmaster]a kobold runta froglok ghoulPrashnaka fungus man trackerResearcher Akila [Tradeskill Quests]a blood spiderOld Man McKenzie [Classic Missions]Hunter Gwalnex IVSagaag [Bartender]



Updated Items: Descending Moon Idol of VigorDescending Moon Idol of AdroitnessAthletic Descending Moon BeltAthletic Descending Moon EarringDescending Moon Amice of VigorGuardian's Descending Moon MaskDescending Moon Amice of AdroitnessBook of Bindings and Incantations

Updated Quests: Silk CollectionMagician Twilight CapMonk Twilight GiMonk Twilight Arm WrapsMonk Twilight HeadbandMonk Twilight Hand WrapsMonk Twilight VeilShaman Twilight GauntletsCleric Twilight MaskMagician Twilight RobeShaman Twilight MaskWizard Twilight MaskWizard Twilight GlovesCleric Twilight CloakCleric Twilight GauntletsCleric Twilight TalismanCleric Twilight GirdleCleric Twilight HammerMagician Twilight PantsMagician Twilight ShawlMonk Twilight LeggingsMonk Twilight ShawlMonk Twilight SandalsMonk Twilight Bo StickShaman Twilight TalismanShaman Twilight GirdleShaman Twilight SpearWizard Twilight ChokerWizard Twilight StaffWizard Twilight BeltMagician Twilight SandalsMagician Twilight MaskMagician Twilight CloakMagician Twilight GlovesMagician Twilight ChokerMagician Twilight BeltRanger Twilight HelmRanger Twilight MailRanger Twilight VambracesRanger Twilight GreavesRanger Twilight BracerRanger Twilight BootsEnchanter Twilight SandalsEnchanter Twilight MaskEnchanter Twilight CloakEnchanter Twilight GlovesEnchanter Twilight ChokerEnchanter Twilight BeltEnchanter Twilight StaffEnchanter Twilight CapEnchanter Twilight SleevesEnchanter Twilight PantsEnchanter Twilight ShawlNecromancer Twilight GlovesNecromancer Twilight ChokerNecromancer Twilight BeltNecromancer Twilight StaffBeastlord Twilight VeilBeastlord Twilight CapeBeastlord Twilight CapBeastlord Twilight GlovesBeastlord Twilight TalismanBeastlord Twilight ClawsBeastlord Twilight TunicBeastlord Twilight SleevesBeastlord Twilight LeggingsBeastlord Twilight MantleBeastlord Twilight BootsPaladin Twilight BootsPaladin Twilight MaskPaladin Twilight CloakPaladin Twilight GauntletsPaladin Twilight GorgetPaladin Twilight SwordPaladin Twilight BreastplatePaladin Twilight VambracesPaladin Twilight PauldronsPaladin Twilight BracerRogue Twilight CoifRogue Twilight TunicRogue Twilight VambracesRogue Twilight GreavesRogue Twilight MantleRogue Twilight BootsShadowknight Twilight HelmShadowknight Twilight BreastplateShadowknight Twilight VambracesShadowknight Twilight BracerShadowknight Twilight BootsShadowknight Twilight GirdleRogue Twilight MaskRogue Twilight CloakRogue Twilight GauntletsRogue Twilight GorgetRogue Twilight WaistbandRogue Twilight DirkRanger Twilight MaskRanger Twilight CapeRanger Twilight GauntletsRanger Twilight ChokerRanger Twilight BeltDruid Twilight SleevesDruid Twilight MantleDruid Twilight BracerDruid Twilight BootsDruid Twilight CloakDruid Twilight GlovesDruid Twilight BeltShaman Twilight VambracesShaman Twilight GreavesShaman Twilight BracerBard Twilight BracerBard Twilight GirdleBard Twilight SwordNecromancer Twilight CapNecromancer Twilight RobeNecromancer Twilight SleevesNecromancer Twilight ShawlNecromancer Twilight BracerNecromancer Twilight SandalsCleric Twilight VambracesCleric Twilight PauldronsCleric Twilight BracerCleric Twilight BootsWarrior Twilight HelmWarrior Twilight BreastplateWarrior Twilight VambracesWarrior Twilight PauldronsWarrior Twilight BracerWarrior Twilight BootsWarrior Twilight MaskWarrior Twilight CloakWarrior Twilight GauntletsWarrior Twilight GorgetWarrior Twilight GirdleShaman Twilight PauldronsWizard Twilight BracerWizard Twilight CapWizard Twilight SandalsWizard Twilight Sleeves

Bestiary Updates: a giant black widowa tentacle terrora froglok ghoul (Najena)The WidowmistressBoneCrackera mist elemental



Updated Items: Velium Infused Soulrender BootsVelium Infused Soulforge WristguardVelium Infused Soulforge TunicVelium Infused Soulforge LeggingsVelium Infused Soulforge GlovesVelium Infused Soulforge CowlVelium Infused Soulforge BootsVelium Infused Soulforge ArmwrapsIce Encrusted Injection Dagger

Updated Quests: Deadline

New Recipes: Velium Infused Soulforge ArmwrapsVelium Infused Soulforge BootsVelium Infused Soulforge CowlVelium Infused Soulforge GlovesVelium Infused Soulforge LeggingsVelium Infused Soulforge TunicVelium Infused Soulforge WristguardVelium Infused Soulrender Boots



Updated Items: Faded Icebound Arms ArmorIcebound Dragonbrood ArmwrapsVelium Infused Warmonger BootsVelium Infused Warmonger CoatVelium Infused Warmonger CoifVelium Infused Warmonger GauntletsVelium Infused Warmonger LeggingsVelium Infused Warmonger SleevesVelium Infused Warmonger WristguardVelium Infused War ForkVelium Infused War AxeVelium Infused WandVelium Infused Spiritwalker BootsVelium Infused Spiritwalker CoatVelium Infused Spiritwalker CoifVelium Infused Spiritwalker GauntletsVelium Infused Spiritwalker LeggingsVelium Infused Spiritwalker SleevesVelium Infused Spiritwalker WristguardScuffed Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksack

Updated Quests: Zelniak MeatLDoN Raid: Takish-Hiz: Within the CompactLDoN Raid: Mistmoore Catacombs: Struggles within the ProgenyLDoN Raid: Deepest Guk: Ritualist of Hate

New Recipes: Velium Infused Spiritwalker WristguardVelium Infused Spiritwalker SleevesVelium Infused Spiritwalker LeggingsVelium Infused Spiritwalker GauntletsVelium Infused Spiritwalker CoifVelium Infused Spiritwalker CoatVelium Infused Spiritwalker BootsVelium Infused WandVelium Infused War AxeVelium Infused War ForkVelium Infused Warmonger WristguardVelium Infused Warmonger SleevesVelium Infused Warmonger LeggingsVelium Infused Warmonger GauntletsVelium Infused Warmonger CoifVelium Infused Warmonger CoatVelium Infused Warmonger BootsIcebound Dragonbrood Armwraps

Updated Recipes: Celestial Essence (Words of Incarceration)Celestial Essence (Words of Bidding)Celestial Essence (Words of Dissolution)Celestial Essence (Words of Projection)Celestial Essence (Words of Convocation)Celestial Essence (Words of Collection (Azia))Celestial Essence (Words of Bondage)Celestial Essence (Words of the Spectre)Celestial Essence (Words of Seizure)Celestial Essence (Words of the Psyche)Celestial Essence (Words of Acquisition (Beza))Celestial Essence (Words of the Suffering)Celestial Essence (Words of Requisition)Celestial Essence (Words of Odus)Celestial Essence (Words of Obligation)Celestial Essence (Words of Grappling)Celestial Essence (Words of Descrying)Celestial Essence (Words of Crippling Force)Celestial Essence (Words of Collection (Caza))Celestial Essence (Words of Collection (Beza))Celestial Essence (Words of Cazic-Thule)Celestial Essence (Words of Burnishing)Celestial Essence (Salil's Writ Pg. 153 [left half])Celestial Essence (Salil's Writ Pg. 282 [left half])Celestial Essence (Rune of Attraction)Celestial Essence (Salil's Writ Pg. 174 [left half])Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 450)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 449)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 416)

Bestiary Updates: Angry WaspCirakk BlackfistFjokar FrozenshardKeldor Dek`TorekBjrakor the ColdNerik WolfsoulKromzog ZekkinIce Chanter ljelinDrendar BlackbladeKallis StormcallerKlraggek the Slayer

Zone Updates: Stratos: Zephyr's FlightLair of the SplitpawHalls of Betrayal (Chardok B)



Updated Items: Scaled Pants FacetScaled Bracer FacetScaled Cap FacetScaled Gloves FacetScaled Tunic FacetScaled Sleeve FacetScaled Shoes FacetSmall Curved Fish SpineVelium Infused Spider SilkDeepwater Ink

Updated Quests: Messy Miners (10 Points)

Updated Recipes: Celestial Essence (Words of Incarceration)Celestial Essence (Words of Bidding)Celestial Essence (Words of Dissolution)Celestial Essence (Words of Projection)Celestial Essence (Words of Convocation)Celestial Essence (Words of Collection (Azia))Celestial Essence (Words of Bondage)Celestial Essence (Words of the Spectre)Celestial Essence (Words of Seizure)Celestial Essence (Words of the Psyche)Celestial Essence (Words of Acquisition (Beza))Celestial Essence (Words of the Suffering)Celestial Essence (Words of Requisition)Celestial Essence (Words of Odus)Celestial Essence (Words of Obligation)Celestial Essence (Words of Grappling)Celestial Essence (Words of Descrying)Celestial Essence (Words of Crippling Force)Celestial Essence (Words of Collection (Caza))Celestial Essence (Words of Collection (Beza))Celestial Essence (Words of Cazic-Thule)Celestial Essence (Words of Burnishing)Celestial Essence (Salil's Writ Pg. 153 [left half])Celestial Essence (Salil's Writ Pg. 282 [left half])Celestial Essence (Salil's Writ Pg. 174 [left half])Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 450)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 449)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 416)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 415)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 401)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 400)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 379)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 378)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 36)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 352)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 351)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 35)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 301)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 300)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 116)Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 115)Celestial Essence (Rune of Infraction)Celestial Essence (Rune of Conception)Celestial Essence (Rune of Ap`Sagor)Celestial Essence (Rune of Al`Kabor)Celestial Essence (Rune of Concussion)Celestial Essence (Rune of Crippling)Celestial Essence (Rune of Embrace)Celestial Essence (Rune of the Combine)Celestial Essence (Rune of Tyranny)Celestial Essence (Rune of Rathe)Celestial Essence (Rune of the Helix)Celestial Essence (Rune of Frost)Celestial Essence (Rune of Impetus)Celestial Essence (Rune of the Inverse)Celestial Essence (Rune of Paralysis)Celestial Essence (Rune of Petrification)Celestial Essence (Rune of the Astral)Celestial Essence (The Scent of Marr)Celestial Essence (Tears of Prexus)Celestial Essence (Glove of Rallos Zek)Celestial Essence (Flame of Vox)Celestial Essence (Essence of Rathe)Celestial Essence (Breath of Ro)Celestial Essence (Salil's Writ Pg. 153 [left half])Celestial Essence (Salil's Writ Pg. 282 [left half])Celestial Essence (Salil's Writ Pg. 174 [left half])Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 450) - 3Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 449) - 3Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 416) - 3Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 415) - 3Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 401) - 3Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 400) - 3Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 379) - 3Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 378) - 3Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 36) - 3Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 352) - 3Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 351) - 3Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 35) - 3Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 301) - 3Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 300) - 3Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 116) - 3Celestial Essence (Nilitim's Grimoire Pg. 115) - 3Celestial Essence (Words of Bidding) - 3Celestial Essence (Words of Dissolution) - 3Celestial Essence (Words of Convocation) - 3Celestial Essence (Words of Collection (Azia)) - 3Celestial Essence (Words of Bondage) - 3Celestial Essence (Words of the Spectre) - 3Celestial Essence (Words of Seizure) - 3Celestial Essence (Words of the Psyche) - 3Celestial Essence (Words of Projection) - 3Celestial Essence (Words of Incarceration) - 3Celestial Essence (Words of the Suffering) - 3Celestial Essence (Words of Requisition) - 3Celestial Essence (Words of Odus) - 3Celestial Essence (Words of Obligation) - 3Celestial Essence (Words of Grappling) - 3Celestial Essence (Words of Descrying) - 3Alliance Longbow

Bestiary Updates: Shellara Ebbhuntera rotting huskOverlord KlerkonQueen Dracnia


Updated Items: Snowbound Exarch VambracesSnowbound Exarch HelmSnowbound Exarch GreavesSnowbound Exarch GauntletsSnowbound Exarch BracerSnowbound Exarch BootsSnowbound Exarch BreastplateBrilliant Frigid GemstoneFlawed Defiant Leather TrousersFlawed Defiant Plate GauntletsIntricate Defiant Chain BracerFlawed Defiant Chain Coif

Updated Quests: Cold IronTunic of Riddosan

New Recipes: Snowbound Exarch BreastplateSnowbound Exarch BootsSnowbound Exarch BracerSnowbound Exarch GauntletsSnowbound Exarch GreavesSnowbound Exarch HelmSnowbound Exarch Vambraces

Updated Recipes: Ethereal Silk Swatch

Bestiary Updates: a chokidai manglera Di`Zok Legionnairea Sarnak Slavedrivera Creep basiliska Deep Orc legionnairea greater Guardian



Updated Items: Fragment of Legendary Alaran HistoryFaded Ice Woven Chest ArmorFaded Ice Woven Head ArmorFaded Ice Woven Legs ArmorFaded Ice Woven Feet ArmorFaded Ice Woven Arms ArmorSpaulders of VindicationBow of the Zekarian DestroyerRestless Ice Plate Arms OrnamentRestless Ice Plate Legs OrnamentRestless Ice Leather Helm OrnamentRestless Ice Cloth Chest OrnamentRestless Ice Chain Arms OrnamentRestless Ice Leather Wrist OrnamentRestless Ice Cloth Robe OrnamentRestless Ice Cloth Arms OrnamentRestless Ice Chain Feet OrnamentRestless Ice Cloth Legs OrnamentRestless Ice Cloth Feet OrnamentRestless Ice Leather Legs OrnamentRestless Ice Leather Chest OrnamentRestless Ice Chain Legs OrnamentRestless Ice Chain Wrist OrnamentRestless Ice Chain Helm OrnamentRestless Ice Cloth Hands OrnamentRestless Ice Leather Feet OrnamentRestless Ice Plate Feet OrnamentRestless Ice Leather Hands OrnamentRestless Ice Leather Arms OrnamentRestless Ice Plate Hands OrnamentRestless Ice Plate Wrist OrnamentRestless Ice Cloth Helm OrnamentRestless Ice Cloth Wrist OrnamentRestless Ice Chain Chest OrnamentRestless Ice Chain Hands OrnamentRestless Ice Plate Helm OrnamentRestless Ice Plate Chest OrnamentDiamondized Velium Ore NuggetGreater Kromrif EtchingMinor Kromrif EtchingLesser Kromrif EtchingMedian Kromrif EtchingGlowing Kromrif EtchingFaded Ice Woven Hands ArmorFaded Ice Woven Wrist ArmorVelium Threaded GirdleJibbity JabberDerakor's DirgeVelium Infused LogsRestless Ice SlushRestless Bone MarrowMangled Animal PeltSnowbound Loremaster VambracesSnowbound Loremaster HelmSnowbound Loremaster GreavesSnowbound Loremaster GauntletsSnowbound Loremaster Breastplate

New Quests: Animated DerakorRestless Avatar of War

Updated Quests: Sleepless NightsCalling Phantasm

New Recipes: Snowbound Loremaster BreastplateSnowbound Loremaster GauntletsSnowbound Loremaster GreavesSnowbound Loremaster HelmSnowbound Loremaster Vambraces

Updated Recipes: Snowbound Loremaster BootsSnowbound Loremaster Bracer

Bestiary Updates: The Elemental Masterpiecea befouled flesheatera rotting huska Darkhollow shriekera Darkhollow shriekera lost dark elfa Blacksail swabbiea Blacksail piratea Blacksail swashbucklera giant chestFjokar Frozenshard

New Zones: Kael Drakkel (ToV raid instance)

Zone Updates: Kael Drakkel (ToV raid instance)



Updated Items: Snowbound Mindlock WristguardSnowbound Mindlock SleevesSnowbound Mindlock SandalsSnowbound Mindlock RobeSnowbound Mindlock PantsSnowbound Mindlock GlovesSnowbound Mindlock CapSnowbound Lifewalker WristguardSnowbound Lifewalker TunicSnowbound Lifewalker LeggingsSnowbound Lifewalker GlovesSnowbound Lifewalker CowlSnowbound Lifewalker BootsSnowbound Lifewalker ArmwrapsSnowbound Illuminator VambracesSnowbound Illuminator HelmSnowbound Illuminator GreavesSnowbound Illuminator GauntletsSnowbound Illuminator BreastplateSnowbound Illuminator BracerSnowbound Illuminator BootsSnowbound Warmonger WristguardSnowbound Warmonger SleevesSnowbound Warmonger LeggingsSnowbound Warmonger GauntletsSnowbound Warmonger CoifSnowbound Warmonger CoatSnowbound Warmonger BootsSnowbound Dragonbrood WristguardSnowbound Dragonbrood TunicSnowbound Dragonbrood LeggingsSnowbound Dragonbrood GlovesSnowbound Dragonbrood CowlSnowbound Dragonbrood BootsSnowbound Dragonbrood Armwraps

Updated Quests: Dog in a Crate: Frostfell SpiritDog in a Crate: PackmasterThe Divided Empires (10 Points)

New Recipes: Snowbound Dragonbrood ArmwrapsSnowbound Dragonbrood BootsSnowbound Dragonbrood CowlSnowbound Dragonbrood GlovesSnowbound Dragonbrood LeggingsSnowbound Dragonbrood TunicSnowbound Dragonbrood WristguardSnowbound Warmonger BootsSnowbound Warmonger CoatSnowbound Warmonger CoifSnowbound Warmonger GauntletsSnowbound Warmonger LeggingsSnowbound Warmonger SleevesSnowbound Warmonger WristguardSnowbound Illuminator BootsSnowbound Illuminator BracerSnowbound Illuminator BreastplateSnowbound Illuminator GauntletsSnowbound Illuminator GreavesSnowbound Illuminator HelmSnowbound Illuminator VambracesSnowbound Lifewalker ArmwrapsSnowbound Lifewalker BootsSnowbound Lifewalker CowlSnowbound Lifewalker GlovesSnowbound Lifewalker LeggingsSnowbound Lifewalker TunicSnowbound Lifewalker WristguardSnowbound Mindlock CapSnowbound Mindlock GlovesSnowbound Mindlock PantsSnowbound Mindlock RobeSnowbound Mindlock SandalsSnowbound Mindlock SleevesSnowbound Mindlock Wristguard

Bestiary Updates: ThornWillowalk


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