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How are you and your loved ones doing during this pandemic? Me and my family are fine and staying at home. I am fortunate to have a development job where I can work from home and the business is doing fine.

We support all those fighting to keep people alive and well all across the world. They need our help right now. If you have any PPE used for medical purposes such as N-95 masks, isolation gowns, medical eye protection shields, ear loop masks with shields or Nitrile exam gloves of any size, donate these items to your local hospitals if they are in need of them. Respirators are in very high demand right now as well.

Site News

Listed updates from March 14th through yesterday.

Some fixes for the site were rolled out. One of them regarding the recipe search where clicking on pages was showing the same results.

The Overseer wiki needs some major help for those who are familiar with it. I haven't hardly logged in the past couple weeks but plan on playing some to work on it. If you would like to submit some information on it you can click on the Discuss link at the top of the page here or you can directly edit the wiki if you would like directly submit your info.


Click on Read More to see all the updates.


Updated Items: Flawed Combatant's HoeEthereal Storm Dragon HeartEthereal Silver Dragon HeartEthereal Gold Dragon HeartEthereal Black Dragon HeartScornful's Chromatic TalismanVisage of the VitrikPrize: Visage of the VitrikVisage of the Spirited SatyrPrize: Visage of the Spirited SatyrVisage of the Siren EnticerPrize: Visage of the Siren EnticerVisage of the Screaming BansheePrize: Visage of the Screaming BansheeVisage of the Primal KerranPrize: Visage of the Primal KerranVisage of the Phased ScrykinPrize: Visage of the Phased ScrykinVisage of the Kobold SerfPrize: Visage of the Ice GolemVisage of the Ice GolemVisage of the Hideous HarpyVisage of the Embattled MinotaurVisage of Queen PyrilonisPolymorph Wand: Regal Vampire - MaleVisage of the Crystal GolemPolymorph Wand: Shadow NekhonPolymorph Wand: Fallen SoldierForm of the ReclusePrize: Form of the RecluseForm of Crystalline Skittering

Updated Quests: Plate Elemental Tranquility ArmorCrown of DeceitAria of AsceticismAria of InnocenceSusarrak the Crusader - HeartsRecharge Prayer BeadsAn Epic Request (Shadow Knight)Tactical Observations (ToV Earring #6)

Updated Recipes: Blooded Backing

Bestiary Updates: Tyokan Mekasean Oceancrasher initiatea mysterious presence [Overseer Merchant]



Updated Items: Velium Reinforced Corrupted Drake CanineFaded Icebound Feet ArmorGreater Engraved Velium RuneMedian Engraved Velium RuneLesser Engraved Velium RuneMinor Engraved Velium RuneGlowing Engraved Velium RuneSmall Gold TokenHardened Bloodstone EarringScepter of the AugurCrystallized Precious Velium OreFaded Ice Woven Arms ArmorFaded Ice Woven Legs ArmorBroken Alchemy VialFragile PhurbuChipped CauldronDulled BolineDented ChaliceFaded Ice Woven Feet ArmorFrozen FateIrae Faycite Shard: Chaotic PyroclasmVelium Infused Pelt

Updated Quests: Till Death Do Us PartFancy Feast

Bestiary Updates: an ice encrusted chesta frost encrusted chesta frosted mammothVkjen Thunderslayeran icebound chesta frozen chesta giant chesta Coldain wanderera restless kobolda chilling chestDamanVarjean undead dancerNosjaPelpaPriest Majes MedoryTihgrenEugieUenlarc



New Quests: Seeking the Sorcerer (raid)

Updated Quests: Resurrection of Marnek the Wicked (evil version)

Bestiary Updates: Horasug [Raid and Quest]Maitreya the Maitre D` [21st Anniversary Quest]Emissary of Erollisi [21st Anniversary Quest]



Updated Items: Damaged Fine Steel Greatsword

Updated Quests: Darkwood StaffAn Epic Request (Shadow Knight)

Updated Recipes: Lemon-Buttered Timeless Hunter SausageLion Fillet in CreamLion SteaksLemon-Buttered Crab MeatLemon-Buttered Cragbeast MeatLemon-Buttered Hynid MeatLemon-Orange FillingLemon-Buttered Tuna MeatLemon-Buttered Horse MeatLemon-Buttered Treant VegetablesLemon-Orange PieLemon-Orange TartLoaf of Leavened BreadLemon-Buttered Darkhollow Basilisk MeatLoaf of Taelosian BreadLoaf of Taelosian Mountain BreadLemon-Buttered Shark FinLemon-Buttered Minotaur MeatLemon-Buttered Freshwater FishLemon-Buttered Planar Goo



Updated Items: Potamide BraidsCrystallized Precious Velium OreWhite Frost Fur

New Quests: 21st Anniversary Tasks (10 Points)21st Anniversary Tasks (Bonus) (20 Points)

Updated Quests: Jillin's StewAshengate North Event: Lethar's Final StandKerrin the Unkempt #1b: Poach the PoachersI Guess This Is Growing Up

Bestiary Updates: Sir Ariam ArcanumWalnana potamide wildlingLethar (second encounter)Bazu Warsmashera starving gianta giant chest



Updated Items: Restless Ice SlushRestless Bone MarrowRestless Meat SlurryVelium Laced Mamba VenomRaw Velium OreFrozen Giant's NoseVelium Laced Taipan VenomVelium Laced Gormar VenomVelium Infused LogsVelium Impacted Raw DiamondFrozen Giant's ToeFrozen Direwolf PawFrozen Direwolf EyeFaded Icebound Chest ArmorThalium Ore

Updated Quests: Tactical Observations (ToV Earring #6)

Bestiary Updates: Quid Rilstonea fallen Krithgor warriora moldering corpsea shade of Zekan ice golema restless dire wolfa storm giant soldierBlack FangDirefangLegionnaire KhyosrSentinel BvellorSentinel UthnornSergeant BreldimerIcecrafter UthyeorTrooper EbonbladeSentinel FleshflayerSentinel RethdeynSentinel NellenarLegionnaire BlizzardwalkerSergeant MiidenaerTrooper RelhjornSentinel ThernekVeteran Eiyloren



Updated Items: Song: Cinda's Charismatic CarillonSong: Chords of DissonanceSong: Chords of DissonanceSong: Chant of Battle*Song: Chant of BattleSong: Cassindra's Chorus of ClaritySong: Brusco's Boastful BellowSong: Anthem de ArmsSong: Angstlichs Appalling ScreechSong: Alenia's Disenchanting MelodySong: Agilmente's Aria of EaglesVelium Infused PeltFaded Icebound Chest ArmorScroll: Bethun's MendingScroll: Ally's UnityScroll: Aegis of OrfurTome: Unending AcrimonyScroll: Bonecrawler SwarmScroll: Adrenaline BarragePlains PebbleComponent ChestSebilisian SatchelRestless Ice SlushGreater Engraved Velium RuneFaded Icebound Feet ArmorBlack Frosted Pearl NecklaceLesser Engraved Velium RuneCrystallized Velium OreScrap Metal StripsKretv Krakxt SignetVelium Impacted Raw DiamondFrozen Giant's FingerRestless Bone MarrowRestless Meat SlurryVelium Laced Mamba VenomRaw Velium OreFrozen Giant's NoseVelium Laced Taipan VenomVelium Laced Gormar VenomVelium Infused LogsFrozen Giant's ToeFrozen Direwolf PawFrozen Direwolf EyeThalium Ore 

Updated Quests: Renew BonesRogue Epic 1.5: FatestealerRaid Expedition: Rathe Council Chambers: Rallos ReturnsCastle RaidAnniversary Shared Task: Liquid CourageDeaths of the UnlivingFamiliar HauntsGiant FlavorThe Rujarkian Hills ExplorerTactical Observations (ToV Earring #6)

New Recipes: Homemade Bait (Kelpfish)Homemade Bait (Grunion)

Updated Recipes: Full Component ChestSpell: Conjure CorpseHomemade Bait (Takish Catfish) 

Bestiary Updates: Quid RilstoneKeeper Pain [Necromancer Spells]VilefangBeltron the Shade KingMorlon the TaintedSpite-clad Poltergeista majestic cockatricea restless dire wolfa storm giant soldierBlack FangDirefangFrostLegionnaire KhyosrSentinel BvellorSentinel UthnornSergeant BreldimerIcecrafter UthyeorTrooper EbonbladeSentinel FleshflayerSentinel RethdeynLLyndal Desterhoff [Ranger and Druid Spells]Kutt Maxious [Necromancer and Shadowknight Spells]Paskal Lobb [Shaman and Beastlord Spells]Drendar BlackbladeVelden DragonbaneSentinel NellenarLegionnaire BlizzardwalkerSergeant MiidenaerTrooper RelhjornSentinel ThernekVeteran Eiylorena fallen Krithgor warriora moldering corpsea shade of Zekan ice golem



Updated Items: Morell-Thule Lance OrnamentationFaded Ice Woven Hands Armor

Updated Quests: Tserrina Syl`Tor 

Bestiary Updates: Tserrina Syl`Tora wedding gifta shadow reflectionan enraged vampirea shrouded bat



Updated Items: Master's BadgeMorell-Thule Lance OrnamentationSilver Frost CrystalFaded Icebound Legs ArmorCrystallized Velium OreFaded Icebound Chest ArmorRestless Meat SlurryVelium Laced Choresine Sample

Updated Quests: Heroes Must Die (Again)Restless Assault (Raid)I Guess This Is Growing Up

Updated Recipes: Ability: Greater Mass Enchant PalladiumHeavenly Glorious Void Frostfire Cap

Bestiary Updates: a Krellnakor patrollera frosted direwolfa frosted mammothBlack FangFjokar FrozenshardKlraggek the SlayerNarandi the Restlessa shivering dire wolfHuntmaster GrondoWarlord FeriMandrikaiEndaroky Stormcallera restless dire wolfa restless crystalDarikan the AncientKoldan Wallbreakera restless kromrifZrelik the Bravean animated tizmak


Updated Items: Eron's Threaded Web PatternStone of the Shard's FallVelium Shard of Cobalt ScarUnrefined Brellium OreUndershore CoralStormstone of the WestSplinter from a Guild StandardShattered Bone of the DreadlandsShadowed Sand of the Twilight SeaOpal of ToxxuliaMoss Agate of StonebruntMiniature Worker's Sledge MalletLavastorm MagmaKatta Castrum PowerstoneKarana Plains PebbleGrassy Pebble of The CommonlandsGoru'kar Mesa SandstoneFuligan Soulstone of InnoruukFrozen Shard of IcecladFragment of the Combine SpireBroken TimestoneChipped Shard of SlaughterCloudy Stone of VeeshanEtched Marble of BarinduForest Emerald of FaydarkDrowned Katta Castrum PowerstoneDragonscale FayciteCrystallized Dream of the FeerrottChunk of Argathian SteelBrilliant Frigid GemstoneBurning LampArcstone Spirit SapphireCliff StoneGnomework Adaptive PlatingSpell: Spirit of Khati ShaCold Awareness IVHeat Awareness I

Updated Quests: Shiny Robe of the UnderfootFocus the Crystal Geode (Guild Hall Portal)Arcanist Thalian #1: Renegade ServantsFang Breakers Group #1: The BloodmoonFang Breakers Group #2: Walking Into Spider WebsCrizlyna #1: Assault the Main HiveUnfit for Adventures (10 Points)ToV Rank II Level 112 Spells: Lesser Engraved Velium RuneI Guess This Is Growing UpFancy Feast

Updated Recipes: Block of High Quality SteelHeat Awareness IVCold Awareness IV

Bestiary Updates: Echo of Nortlava broken gargoylea spirit of the old cityan elemental warrioran elemental crusaderA Rock Golemthehole 1.0 - a flighty fiendthehole 1.0 - bejeweled elementalthehole 1.0 - an elemental capturerAn Elemental Harvesterthehole 1.0 - an elemental wizarda fallen hereticKejar the Mightya chestthehole 1.0 - a ratman warriorRocksoula spirit of the ruinsthehole 1.0 - Master YaelPolzin MridPolzin Mrid Peta ratman guardthehole 1.0 - Stonegrinder MinionIrslak the WretchedKeeper of the TombsHigh Scale KirnJaeil the WretchedCaradonthehole 1.0 - muck covered elementalInitiate Sirlisthehole 1.0 - Gibartikthehole 1.0 - Stonesoul the UnmovingJaeil the InsaneA Stone CallerDvis Zexus [General Supplies]Mokon BrokenskullSlizik the MightyIkurenm the SlyUrwenae the ColdKeeper of the Tombs PetUlrik the DevoutPellillo CogswinGuardian of the Sealan Animated Constructa fallen adventurera crumbling gargoylea destroyed gargoylea destroyed constructan old constructa broken constructa templebound spirita ruined gargoylean elemental monstrositya massive constructa ruined constructProtector of the Ruinsa temple researcherBishop Rimaka dormant watcheran ancient gargoyleKyrennaa ratman inhabitanta stone wardXthid the UndyingJulei DireaxeZeflmin Werlikanin [Portal Crystals]Tzitzi the Crazeda citybound spiritShade of SorrowLamenting SpiritStone CollectorUrwenae the Cold petLost SpiritObliterated GolemElemental Strikeran unmasked changelingObliterated ConstructDented Constructa rock golemApothecary Cadmael [Quests 65+]a cliknar invaderMarie Fay [Merchant]thehole 1.0 - Nortlav the ScalekeeperAlgernonSupplier Zach Steiger [General Supplies]Erlics Brightstone [Reagents]Vizier AlbertRossette Mosgrow [Quest and General Supplies]Best Museum SecuritySummon Resupply Agent [Veteran AA Ability]



Updated Items: SkylancePearlescent PauldronsScale Touched Bracer Facet 

Updated Quests: Shadowknight Test of Raising the Dead 

Bestiary Updates: SkrizixMawmunRirwech the Finkan Arcron researcher



Updated Items: Amorphous Selrach's GauntletsAmorphous Selrach's LeggingsAmorphous Selrach's HelmAmorphous Selrach's SleevesAmorphous Selrach's WristguardArctic OrbSpell: Wand of Prime Transvergence Rk. IIBrownie BrainYellow Recluse SilkMountain Lion ClawWalking Staff of the ShortnobleShortnoble Platemail HelmShortnoble Platemail GreavesShortnoble Platemail GauntletsShortnoble Platemail BreastplateShortnoble Platemail BracerShortnoble Platemail BootsShortnoble Platemail ArmguardsHeroic Echoing ShriekHeroic Echoing ShriekHeroic Echoing ShriekHeroic Echoing ShriekHeroic Echoing ShriekHeroic Soothsayer's EyeHeroic Rockomancy DiamondHeroic Rockomancy DiamondHeroic Rockomancy DiamondHeroic Rockomancy DiamondHeroic Rockomancy DiamondHeroic Protective ScalesHeroic Bloodbound RubyHeroic Crystalline TearHeroic Crystalline TearHeroic Bleakburn GooHeroic Bleakburn GooHeroic Bleakburn GooHeroic Bleakburn GooHeroic Bleakburn GooHeroic Signet of DevotionHeroic Signet of DevotionHeroic Signet of DevotionHeroic Golden OreHeroic Golden OreHeroic Golden OreHeroic Golden OreHeroic Golden OreHeroic Sporali SkinHeroic Sporali SkinHeroic Sporali SkinSooty Fine Orphic CardSinister Steamwork Chain Hands OrnamentSinister Steamwork Cloth Arms OrnamentSinister Steamwork Chain Legs OrnamentSinister Steamwork Plate Wrist OrnamentSinister Steamwork Plate Hands OrnamentSinister Steamwork Cloth Hands OrnamentSinister Steamwork Cloth Chest OrnamentSinister Steamwork Plate Legs OrnamentSinister Steamwork Plate Helm OrnamentSinister Steamwork Chain Arms OrnamentSinister Steamwork Chain Helm OrnamentSinister Steamwork Cloth Helm OrnamentSinister Steamwork Cloth Legs OrnamentSinister Steamwork Plate Arms OrnamentSinister Steamwork Cloth Feet OrnamentSinister Steamwork Plate Chest OrnamentSinister Steamwork Plate Feet OrnamentSinister Steamwork Cloth Robe OrnamentSinister Steamwork Leather Chest OrnamentSinister Steamwork Leather Legs OrnamentSinister Steamwork Leather Helm OrnamentSinister Steamwork Chain Wrist OrnamentSinister Steamwork Leather Wrist OrnamentSinister Steamwork Cloth Wrist OrnamentSinister Steamwork Chain Chest OrnamentSinister Steamwork Chain Feet OrnamentSinister Steamwork Leather Arms OrnamentSinister Steamwork Leather Feet OrnamentSinister Steamwork Leather Hands OrnamentGiant Wood Spider Femur

Updated Quests: Shortnoble Platemail HelmShortnoble Platemail BracerShortnoble Platemail ArmguardsShortnoble Platemail BootsShortnoble Platemail GreavesShortnoble Platemail GauntletsShortnoble Platemail BreastplateThinning Out Their Numbers: Skeletons and Bone GolemsThinning Out Their Numbers: Terror GuardsThinning Out Their Numbers: Bone Crafters and Quaking HauntsThinning Out Their Numbers: Terror Spinners and Sleeper CubesKedge CounterblowTDS Rank III Level 101 Spells: Minor Essence of the CitadelTDS Rank III Level 103 Spells: Median Essence of the CitadelTDS Rank III Level 104 Spells: Greater Essence of the CitadelTDS Rank III Level 105 Spells: Glowing Essence of the CitadelAnashti Sul, Damsel of DecayKuughrak's TaskDragon in the WorksIce Stones (10 Points)ToV Rank II Level 114 Spells: Greater Engraved Velium Rune

New Recipes: Spell: Wand of Prime Transvergence Rk. II

Updated Recipes: Faded Velium Intensity

Bestiary Updates: Iony Gredlonga large widowan Orator`s army warpriestMagmatic StoneSaevus Lapis OperariusSelrach's Regenta Kar`Zok laceratorMahaha



Updated Items: Mask of the Devious

Updated Quests: Anniversary Shared Task: Pub Crawl

Updated Recipes: Suzerain Protector's Conflagrant BootsSuzerain Protector's Conflagrant BracerSuzerain Protector's Conflagrant GauntletsSuzerain Protector's Conflagrant GreavesSuzerain Protector's Conflagrant HelmSuzerain Protector's Conflagrant Vambraces

Bestiary Updates: Principal Vicarum Nonia


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I am going to update the OP as well but wanted everyone to be aware that the answers to lots of these questions has a date and time!

Next Wednesday April 8, 2020, 230 PM PDT!

Which discord channel you using for this ?”

One that is currently still hidden.

I am going to be closing this thread at 5 PM PDT in preparation for Wednesday! Get your final questions in!

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