EQ Update #25

Site Update

Login services are now available. Sorry about that folks.

The new TLP server Miragul will be launching on Tuesday November 5th, 2019. If you haven't seen what this server is all about, check out the official FAQ from Daybreak Games here. You can also check out info for this server on our progression server wiki here.

We have been pretty busy over the past month updating all sorts of content. Also with Torment of Velious beta currently in progress we have been busy getting info and inputting everything. I have slowly been building up the wiki pages for ToV and have posted some tradeskill recipes on our ToV beta forums.

Other ToV beta info we're working on:

  • NPC general population is mostly created. We're still filling in other various info for them and screenshots. 
  • Many solo quests have been entered, we still need info to complete them.
  • Recipes will be created once we get items uploaded to the site, for now check out the beta forums for recipes.
Once achievements, spells, and AA's are live on beta, we'll get info on those.
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Updated Items: Scaled Prowler BeltSpell: Zephyr: IcecladSpell: Zephyr: CombinesWeight of the GodsChaotic Black Scimitar

Updated Quests: Methods of Sarnak Destruction

Bestiary Updates: Lianna Ferasa [Weapons]Tarikh Korula [Weapons]Carrion QueenScaled Prowlera wooden barrela forgotten Cave DwellerFlowkeeper Structure AttendantHigh Preservationist Dorjan (Sandfall Corridors)a sandy chest


Updated Items: Pristine OleanderFlawless Animal PeltExotic Spinneret FluidExotic Animal PeltImmaculate MuscimolOsmium OreImmaculate LarkspurImmaculate PrivitPalladium OreFlawless DelphiniumFlawless SilkFlawless LarkspurPristine CaladiumImmaculate Animal PeltImmaculate OleanderExotic MarrowExquisite SilkImmaculate SilkFantastic Animal PeltDistilled Grade B Nigriventer VenomTantalum OreVanadium OreEssence of AlarisSoul of ErillionStained Fine Runic Orphic CardMysterious LoamImmaculate DelphiniumExotic SilkPurified Grade AA Gormar VenomHeart of ArgathFantastic SilkGlowing Spellbound LampEmpyrean FalchionBattleworn Stalwart Moon Binding Hands Muhbis

New Quests: Hunter of Sweeping TidesHunter of Sunken LibraryHunter of Shifting TowerHunter of Sandfall CorridorsHunter of Royal ObservatoryHunter of River of RecollectionHunter of Prismatic CorridorsHunter of Fading Temple

Updated Quests: Summoning BeastiesAchievement: Hunter of Takish-Hiz

Bestiary Updates: Aeris GreymalkynTuchakoSergeant Larrenan Orator`s army soldierAshesGrilnir the UnrelentingGrizzleknota wooden barrela forgotten Cave Dwellera swift water elemental


Updated Items: Box of WindsDjarn's Platinum Gem Studded Amethyst RingDjarn's Platinum Gem Studded Amethyst RingDjarn's Platinum Gem Studded Amethyst RingDjarn's Platinum Gem Studded Amethyst RingDjarn's Platinum Gem Studded Amethyst RingDjarn's Rhodium Amethyst RingDjarn's Rhodium Amethyst RingDjarn's Rhodium Amethyst RingDjarn's Platinum Amethyst RingDjarn's Platinum Amethyst RingDjarn's Platinum Amethyst RingDjarn's Platinum Amethyst RingDjarn's Platinum Amethyst RingDjarn's Gold Amethyst RingDjarn's Gold Amethyst RingDjarn's Gold Amethyst RingDjarn's Gold Amethyst RingDjarn's Gold Amethyst RingDark Elf PartsDjarn's Silver Amethyst RingDjarn's Silver Amethyst RingDjarn's Silver Amethyst RingHoly Scepter of the Sky

Updated Quests: Adventurer's Stone

Updated Recipes: Beer Braised Bear (algae)Cherry Ice Cream (Ice of Velious)Cherry Ice Cream CakeCherry Ice Cream Cake SliceCherry Golanda Ice Cream CrunchCherry Golanda Ice Cream (Ice of Velious)Breakfast Gift BasketApple FillingBreakfast FeastCherry TartButtered Shark FinBeer-battered Freshwater FishCherry Walnut Ice Cream (Ice of Velious)Cherry PieCaptain's Dream FeastCherry Ice Cream CrunchCherry Kiola Ice CreamCherry Kiola Ice Cream CrunchAlaran Appetizer PlatterPolar Bear Hat OrnamentCherry Golanda Ice Cream (Ice)Cherry Ice Cream (Ice)Cherry Kiola Ice Cream (Ice)

Bestiary Updates: a magicianCauldron of Hate OverseerEmissary Tinnvin [Quest 1+]Wicked Winnie [Nights of the Dead Quests]a wizened hermit [Nights of the Dead Quests]Pralak the BonecollectorRhaeda Evel [Nights of the Dead Mission]Sentinel JorglIdle Jeweled Guard ChampionWhipping SandstormBattleMaster, Model MIllis Taberish [Nights of the Dead Quests]Grilnir the Unrelenting


Updated Items: Thalium OreVermilion Sky RingIncinspaianjen Carapace MaskUriasarpe FangRune of SoulsSebilisian SatchelSpiked Brimstone Warhammer

Bestiary Updates: Haddena rotting barrelSyxa Jewlborn [Nights of the Dead Quests]Lurgh [Nights of the Dead Quests]Crazy Charlie [Nights of the Dead Quests]Jilian Florantine [Nights of the Dead Quests]Aragol Gloomflow [Nights of the Dead Quests]Barsin, the Bone Collector [Nights of the Dead Quests]Cathil [Nights of the Dead Quests]Arisen Fenistra


Updated Items: Scythe of Skeletal ExpulsionStack of Squash PiesIndium OreWarped MaceConsigned Bite of the Shissar VIIIRaw Fine Supple Runic HideNatural SilkFaerie Catching BottleBlessed ShillelaghCouture Clockwork Leather Chest OrnamentCouture Clockwork Leather Arms OrnamentCouture Clockwork Cloth Hands OrnamentCouture Clockwork Cloth Arms OrnamentCouture Clockwork Chain Feet OrnamentCouture Clockwork Chain Chest OrnamentCouture Clockwork Chain Arms Ornament

Updated Quests: Adventure in Deepest Guk

Updated Recipes: Whispering Twilight Fish Scale Patch

Bestiary Updates: a Shissar RevenantAn Ancient Shissar ServitorTransient Patrollera sun revenantSunlord WedaziMynen the Bonecollector [Nights of the Dead Quests]Bethun the Bonecollector [Nights of the Dead Quests]Transient XakraDannos Safecoin [Banker]Silas Lightweaver [Nights of the Dead Quests]Filada the Bonecollector [Nights of the Dead Quests]Kordulaf the Bonecollector [Nights of the Dead Quests]Khbantiz the Bonecollector [Nights of the Dead Quests]Leavalin Mossbite [Nights of the Dead Quests]Brece Steelvane [Merc Liaison]Guaril Leafkeeper [Merc Liaison]Donka Leafkeeper [Merc Liaison]Best Museum SecurityBreakera gnomelike workeran Iron Legion climber


Updated Items: Ganak's Scaled BeltAcrodont AxeAegis of AuthorityAmorphous Velazul's BreastplateAmorphous Velazul's BootsAmorphous Velazul's GauntletsAmorphous Velazul's HelmAmorphous Velazul's LeggingsAmorphous Velazul's SleevesAmorphous Velazul's WristguardAncient Bow of the RingAncient Gaffi of TrorsmangAncient Staff of the DragonbornAncient Malevolent RunebladeAugmented Wyvernscale BeltBand of Living LavaBetrothal BandBristleBlade of CaleusCactus Leaf BeltCrasherCrescent of SkyfireCrippling Runed Bolster BeltDi`Zok Chain Arms OrnamentDekloaz's DirkDi`Zok Chain Chest OrnamentDi`Zok Chain Feet OrnamentDi`Zok Chain Helm OrnamentDi`Zok Chain Hands OrnamentDi`Zok Chain Wrist OrnamentDi`Zok Chain Legs OrnamentDi`Zok Cloth Arms OrnamentDi`Zok Cloth Chest OrnamentDi`Zok Cloth Feet OrnamentDi`Zok Cloth Hands OrnamentDi`Zok Cloth Helm OrnamentDi`Zok Cloth Legs OrnamentDi`Zok Cloth Robe OrnamentDi`Zok Cloth Wrist OrnamentDi`Zok Leather Arms OrnamentDi`Zok Leather Chest OrnamentDi`Zok Leather Feet OrnamentDi`Zok Leather Hands OrnamentDi`Zok Leather Helm OrnamentDi`Zok Leather Legs OrnamentDi`Zok Plate Arms OrnamentDi`Zok Leather Wrist OrnamentDi`Zok Plate Chest OrnamentDi`Zok Plate Hands OrnamentDi`Zok Plate Feet OrnamentDi`Zok Plate Helm OrnamentDi`Zok Plate Legs OrnamentDi`Zok Plate Wrist OrnamentDivine Mace of ChelsithDrape of the High ArcronDreadspineDrape of the SoulfeasterDrop of LavacoreEarring of Swirling StrengthEnchanted Spirit Wracked CordFangloryGirdle of EntombmentGlory, Node of StrengthGolden Guardian's MaskGraveHigh Vizier's CapeHeresh, Spine of PainHoard-Thieves' Bloodied BagIoulin's WarrantKavruul's Mystic RingKunzar EitchatkaLifestealer's CudgelKunzar Shawl of MourningMagma Lord's EyeMancatcher's Ketchata Koro MisMantle of AthisesMask of SufferingMercyMuzzle of the CombatantPricklePrickly PearRing of Icen EyesRings of ScaleRod of Ri`zyrSarnak StiltonSathir Signet RingScaleborn Bracer FacetScaleborn Cap FacetScaleborn Gloves FacetScaleborn Pants FacetScaleborn Shoes FacetScaleborn Sleeve FacetScaleborn Tunic FacetScarlet Dragon ScalesShattered Mirror of Self-LoathingSebillisian Ring of EnduranceShield of SpinesShield of the Sebilisian PhalanxShielded AegisShissar Arcanist's StyletShredded Death's DrapeSignet of the Forge LordSilverleafSkywing Threaded SashSinging Stone AmuletSoul BowSwordmaster's HonorTailbone BaubleTerrak-Nar, Emperor's BulwarkVeltar's Staff of TranquilityVeteran's FeruleSmall Fear ShardSpell: Flock's Breath Rk. IIScythe of Skeletal ExpulsionStack of Squash PiesIndium OreWarped MaceConsigned Bite of the Shissar VIIIRaw Fine Supple Runic HideNatural SilkFaerie Catching BottleBlessed Shillelagh

Updated Quests: Adventure in Deepest Guk

Updated Recipes: Spool of Sacred Coldain Thread

Bestiary Updates: Renux Herkanor [Rogue Guildmaster]Crusader Quarga Shissar RevenantAn Ancient Shissar ServitorTransient Patrollera sun revenantSunlord WedaziMynen the Bonecollector [Nights of the Dead Quests]Transient XakraDannos Safecoin [Banker]Silas Lightweaver [Nights of the Dead Quests]Filada the Bonecollector [Nights of the Dead Quests]Ordun the Bonecollector [Nights of the Dead Quests]Kordulaf the Bonecollector [Nights of the Dead Quests]Khbantiz the Bonecollector [Nights of the Dead Quests]Leavalin Mossbite [Nights of the Dead Quests]Brece Steelvane [Merc Liaison]Bahgreshs chest (hard)Pralak the Bonecollector [Nights of the Dead Quests]Jacob Masterson [Merc Liaison]Laura Masterson [Merc Liaison]a troopera terrible raptora filthy apean okiina vinethrasherGuaril Leafkeeper [Merc Liaison]Donka Leafkeeper [Merc Liaison]OozorozeThe BladeDarg Hillocka merchant [Raid Merchant]Mechagnomic WhirlrenderMercenary Akana [Merc Liaison]Mercenary Mdjai [Merc Liaison]


Updated Items: Blue PotionGray PotionScout's Trampled NotesFractured Iced Gem of KnowledgeCoiled Serpentskin BeltVictory Toast WhiskeyShar Vahl Cream LiqueurShar Vahl Almond LiqueurSelect Celebration PortGrooms PromiseGrand Palace Sparkling WineGladiator Choice AleBrides PromiseBirthday StoutRoyal Rebirth Rum

Updated Quests: LDoN Raid: Miragul's Menagerie: Spider Den

Updated Recipes: Golden Idol of Solusek Ro

Bestiary Updates: Jheral Alezya [General Supplies]Jakhal [General Supplies]Barkeep Nejat [General Supplies]a moldy chestMatter Focusa rotting barrelPetrad`s Frozen Chest


Updated Items: Scale Touched Shoes FacetAura of Sky ShieldSteamed Vegetable FeastSeared Sea BassSaffron Spiced MusselsNepeta Mint ChocolateMarinated Owlbear KabobVictory Cake SliceFestive Wedding Cake SliceFestive Birthday Cake SliceBlackened Pepper Snake

Bestiary Updates: Xinari Anara [General Spells]a silverflank shiverbackKahala [General Supplies]an eerie chestShardstubble



Updated Items: Bone ChipsWarded SatchelBinding Powder

Updated Quests: Noble HuntersMysteries of Kor-Sha

Updated Recipes: Fine Runic Martial Treatise

Bestiary Updates: Bran Greenglade [General Supplies]Guntrik [Warrior Guildmaster]Ghost of Glohnora gorilla prodigyTaxonomist Darwin GriskMarie Fay [Merchant]Greska [Merc Liaison]Runkuck [Merc Liaison]Zari Ikura [Parcels and General Supplies]Serphus Arlis [Quests]Oreda Safli [Quests]



Updated Items: Fine Runic Martial TreatiseStrange Dark FungusThubr's Darkened AleGray PotionMedal: Life of TrustMedal: Life of GloryOceangreen CloverGanak's Scaled BeltFistwraps of PainSuit of Couture Clockwork PlateWayfarer Secret SuspensionAmberBone ChipsBrother Island Parrot Whistle

Updated Quests: Damp Paws (Second Trial)Sweeping the Steppes: GnollsRaid Expedition: Bloody KithicorShake the CitadelThe Blade of SirrikMedal from the Living (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay)Guests, Gusts, Gifts (Esianti: Palace of the Winds) (10 Points)

New Recipes: Suit of Couture Clockwork Plate

Updated Recipes: Thubr's Darkened AleKaladim ConstitutionalSpool of Sacred Coldain ThreadComposite Treant Laminate Recurve Bow StaffDesiccated Treant LaminateDesiccated Treant Laminate Bow StaffDesiccated Treant Laminate Recurve Bow StaffComposite Treant Laminate Bow StaffDesiccated Treant LaminateTome of Drunken Monkey Style Rk. IIFine Runic Martial TreatiseTome of Final Breath Rk. IITome of Sureshot Discipline Rk. II

Bestiary Updates: Vesthon Marijakina Clan Direwind initiatea tribal defenderAleondra Finecloth [Cloth Armor]Erlics Brightstone [Reagents]Gloril Ironsmith [Metal Armor]Herrul Bakewell [Food]Torpex Rockspeaker [Special Items]Welery Brightstone [Jewelcrafting Supplies]a beleaguered functionarya ravenous citizena darkfell elitea moldy chestNightwing



Updated Items: Greaves of the HauntedBlazing Euphoria Warding Fire

Updated Quests: Hopeless Love, Part 1

Bestiary Updates: a chilled carcassa cold ghoula cold skeletona coldain defendera coldain enforcera coldain reclaimera corrupt gianta direwolfa frosted direwolfa frosted mammotha frozen horrora hoarfrost cadavera hypothermic ghoula lost mournera mammotha reinforced gianta restless coldaina restless dracolicha returned dracolichan exiled sentryan icy ghoulan infected corpseBethun Brewbeard [Raids and Mission]Cadcane the UnmournedColdearsCrusader Vraket [Quests]Dagmar Midcap [Raids]Emli WidgettonFroo FrooGrunakIceweaver Sjeon [Raids]MahahaMissionary Ada [Quest]Monolith the UnstoppableOrctoothReclamation Officer BorminnSofia the QuietYealdin Stormfell [Quests]Zburator the Damned

New Zones: Kael Drakkel (ToV)Velketor's Labyrinth (ToV)The Great Divide (ToV)Crystal Caverns (ToV)Ry`Gorr Mines (ToV)The Tower of Frozen Shadow (ToV)The Eastern Wastes (ToV)

Zone Updates: Kael Drakkel (ToV)Velketor's Labyrinth (ToV)The Great Divide (ToV)Crystal Caverns (ToV)Ry`Gorr Mines (ToV)The Tower of Frozen Shadow (ToV)The Eastern Wastes (ToV)



Updated Items: Weeping Heaven HikmaLiquefied EarthSkywrackDaubbed MudGlowing Meteorite ShardSand Snake SheddingNatural SilkBrittle CaladiumRusty Bastard SwordSebilisian SatchelBroom

Updated Quests: Crown of DeceitEfreeti Death Visage

Bestiary Updates: a froglok zol knighta huge water elementalRathylEvin X`LottlGuardian Norerd [Merc Liaison - Froglok]Guardian Erohach [Merc Liaison - Froglok]An Earthen MudwalkerGribnor the SmallGribnor`s Thuga spectral shimmerA Dirtfilled Earth GolemElemental Essence of Eartha mountain snakea spirit of flamea construct of magmaPraetor Jerok [Quests]Ancient Apparitiona Bloodmoon boneeatera Bloodmoon darkfista returned dracolichBethun Brewbeard [Raids and Mission]Crusader Vraket [Quests]Dagmar Midcap [Raids]Froo FrooGrunakMissionary Ada [Quest]Monolith the UnstoppableReclamation Officer BorminnSofia the QuietYealdin Stormfell [Quests]a blood familiara crystallized shadow guarda disturbed studenta drolvarg guarda frost familiara frost mummya ghostly scholara ghostly studenta golem ushera possessed armora restless mummya restless spectrea restless tudora returned shadow beasta shaded torcha shadowa shadow bata shadow beast necromancera shadow beast servanta shadow familiara shrouded bata skeletona skeleton sleepera zombie butlera zombie maidan armored shadowan emerald familiaran ice shadean undead bridesmaidan undead danceran undead musicianan undead studentCara OmicaDark HuntressDdee the ChilledDeacon Foels TomorinLibrarianLibrarian Assistantoozing fleshXalgotia restless Coldain minera restless crystal crawlera restless crystal webmastera restless Ry`Gorr foremana restless Ry`Gorr minera restless Ry`Gorr oraclea restless Ry`Gorr overseera restless Ry`Gorr propheta restless Ry`Gorr watchmana Ry`Gorr apprenticea Ry`Gorr minera Ry`Gorr overseera Ry`Gorr propheta Ry`Gorr watchmanGuard HollanderGuard Slaceya coldain minera crystal crawlera crystal lurkera crystal purifiera crystal skitterera crystal spiderlinga crystal webmastera drachnid retainera focus geonida geonida hollow carvera restless coldain minera restless Ry`Gorr watchmana stalag terrora terror crystala velium crawlerAndera VelmistCaptain Dunstan ColdheartCassia GemshardCrystal GrinderDerron ColdmistFlint VelweaverFuller VelweaverGilliad ColdheartGrabble ColdheartGuard EvercoldGuard GrabadinGuard JustikGuard KevinGuard KristenGuard SolistakHardat GemshardHursa BrightsteelKramble GemshardLife LeechMilliace GemshardNadalia ColdmistPraps GemshardRoderick ColdheartScout GrandanSoren ColdheartTacy MistHeartVevina Velweavera cold screamera coldain enforcera coldain survivora corrupted gianta failed reclaimera forgotten enforcera forgotten raid leadera frigid cadavera frigid coldaina frigid kodiaka frosted kodiaka frosttouched corpsea hardened gianta relentless tizmaka restless wurma starving gianta tizmak augura vicious Kodiaka windchill spritea windchilled marrowa windtorn marrowan unstoppable kodiakBekerak ColdbonesBlizzentBloodmawBrimgald BrightsteelBrollo AleslayGerton DumkinGorul LongshanksHakon BrightsteelHorasug [Raid]JoruminLaima RatgurLoremaster DorinanLoremaster Metiheib the LostLost Squire of NarandiMargidorOrfur, Priest of ZekRumagurSaramorTaskmaster AbyottThosgromri WarmgraniteTobart DirkinsTravit ConwilZrelik the Brave [Raid and Mission]a dismal guardiana failed adventurera freezing shadea glaring gargoylea living ice constructa living spirea lost peasanta mindless orca restless barricadea restless orca restless tarantulaa shambling servanta velium shadea velium spectrea wandering arachnidan icy gargoylean icy tormentan undying koboldan unprepared adventureran wandering icepawBjoron AxefallBledrekBrumen FirehammerBryma LoftaxeDlemin WhiteforgeDrella StonegrinderFrekka AlebringerKhlem AlestoneMarlek IcepawQabruhRadiwol PerpinZarhbub Icepawa cleric of Tallon Zeka cleric of Vallon Zeka domesticated direwolfa Drakkel dire wolfa frost giant berserkera frost giant commonera frost giant lorda frost giant wolf trainera guardian of Zeka kromzek sorcerera lesser storm giant noblea priest of Vallon Zeka protector of Zeka restless dire wolfa storm giant commonera storm giant noblea storm giant soldiera storm giant warlorda temple guardiana visiting nobleAdjutant FrinvanAdjutant GelbendenAdjutant HadreacAdjutant IcetorchAdjutant JharllAdjutant LynlromAdjutant PelurrAdjutant StormkeeperAdjutant Thyekan aggressive corpsearmor of ZekBendad the TraderBjarorm MjlomBjorak StonefistBjoskhua BlackfistBlack FangBygloirn OmordenChanter DethsekChanter KjrellorChanter KllejnorCirakk BlackfistDerakor the VindicatorDirefangDlammaz StormslayerFjokar Frozenshard


Updated Items: Shik'Nar Egg SacBloodstone Ring

New Quests: Oh, its you again!The Way Back HomeThe Last of the Storm BoarsDeafening QuietusGiants with a Big HeartGriklor the RestlessIcebound AvatarGive Us Your TiredReliks of the PastLake-Effect Snow DevilsJust Play DeadCool and RefreshingRestless Orc SyndromeInvisible ComplimentGlacial Apophysis

Updated Recipes: Spell: Sunbrand Rk. IITome of Daggerstrike Rk. IIScroll: Armor of the Zealous Rk. IISong: Lyssa's Lively Crescendo Rk. II

Bestiary Updates: Tobart DirkinsCh`ktokGuardian Norerd [Merc Liaison - Froglok]Guardian Erohach [Merc Liaison - Froglok]a coldain reclaimerBethun Brewbeard [Raids and Mission]Emli WidgettonFroo FrooIceweaver Sjeon [Raids]Missionary Ada [Quest]Reclamation Officer BorminnYealdin Stormfell [Quests]Zburator the DamnedAndera VelmistCaptain Dunstan ColdheartCrystal GrinderKramble GemshardLife LeechMilliace GemshardRoderick Coldhearta coldain survivora forgotten raid leaderBekerak ColdbonesBrimgald BrightsteelBrollo AleslayGerton DumkinGorul LongshanksHakon BrightsteelJoruminLaima RatgurLoremaster DorinanMargidorOrfur, Priest of ZekRumagurSaramorTaskmaster AbyottTobart DirkinsTravit Conwilan icy tormentBjoron AxefallBledrekBrumen FirehammerBryma LoftaxeDlemin WhiteforgeDrella StonegrinderFrekka AlebringerKhlem AlestoneMarlek IcepawRadiwol PerpinFrostfrost giant fishermanGkrean Prophet of TallonGrand Armsmith KorinGuard DelrenderakGuard DryndomarGuard ImmendrelGuard NocleinGuard SjiorGuard StonebenderHigh Priest of Tallon ZekHigh Priest of Vallon ZekIcecrafter BlackrockIcecrafter SleestaelIcecrafter ZegraenIceweaver BeldikanIceweaver PelryenIceweaver SjeonJaglorm YgorrKael militia captainKeldor Dek`TorekKelenek BluadfethKellek FelhammerKing TormaxKlaggan IceshardLegionnaire ByltorLegionnaire EvbarjorLegionnaire KhyosrLegionnaire RenarnLegionnaire SjeldorLegionnaire TharllLieutenant BloodeyeLieutenant ColdforgeLieutenant FrostbiteLieutenant IlldimrLieutenant LorhjornLieutenant LlreniiLieutenant StormeyeMiriku the ChaoticNoble HelssenNojas BlackfistOracle BloodstormOracle KaerenOracle RemalekPollos Stormkeeperrestless armor of ZekSemkak Prophet of VallonSenior Guard EihornSenior Guard GreldenSenior Guard HammerfallSenior Guard RandeilSenior Guard RedbonesSenior Guard YrrelkenSentinel BlackaxeSentinel BrajnorSentinel BvellorSentinel CrrlarnSentinel DragonbaneSentinel DrakeslayerSentinel FelshrefhSentinel FyjraelSentinel HarzokSentinel LergremorSentinel MaldevorSentinel MjrakkorSentinel MjrellSentinel SunderdrakeSentinel ThurdielSentinel TrllejenSentinel UthnomSentinel VeldrendyrSentinel VellhamSentinel WeldrenSentinel YeljornSergeant BreldimerSergeant KhleedSergeant SquallsounderSergeant TellsrenSergeant Tharjorstorm giant generalStormcaller DjlakkorSvekk FangbinderThe Statue of Rallos ZekTrooper BargrikTrooper ColdstoneTrooper DaelbrundTrooper DerheimTrooper DlemdimorTrooper JhonevTrooper KhyrenTrooper MykeorTrooper PejhayorTrooper UthmytelTrooper YmmedlorUlkar JollkarekVealok the AngryVeteran IcecallerVeteran KltremVeteran MjrlindVeteran SurlrenVeteran YllhaydmVkaakVkjorVorken IceshardVylleam VyaeltorWatch Sergeant IcestriderWatch Sergeant MjaekWatcher BrjorallWatcher FrozentoeWatcher Sergeant HyrenWatcher Sergeant VlreemarWatcher VashantirWatcher VlorrelkWatcher ZedlekWatchman GemmarelWatchman RydsheldWatchman SkaldojarWatchman ThyekWatchman WelvrakWenglawks KkeakWeyrevar BluehammerYetarrZlirron Windchilla barely tamed predatorDeaen GreyforgeVekboz WolfpunchRestless Ry`GorrRy`Gorr Corpsea hardened gianta restless tizmaka failed bodyguarda restless kodiak



Updated Items: Villainous VesselLead SulphideCeremonial Crystalwing Cloak

Updated Quests: Getting to Know You: For Those Gone Before Us

Updated Recipes: Spell: Mass Ethereal Transvergence Rk. IISpell: Exigency for Blood Rk. II

Bestiary Updates: a fog golemCouncil Aide Mystrana [Quests 1+]a returned dracolichCadcane the UnmournedColdearsEmli WidgettonMahahaMonolith the UnstoppableOrctoothReclamation Officer BorminnSofia the Quieta vicious kodiakLoremaster Metiheib the LostOrfur, Priest of ZekThosgromri Warmgranitea barely tamed predatorVekboz Wolfpuncha restless spidera lost peasanta glaring gargoyleBjoron AxefallBelinda (VoL)an icy torment



Updated Items: Short AleLarge BagKeg of Vox Tail AleFresh FishFishing PoleFishing BaitFishcakesFish WineDaggerArcane Orb of the Dark

Updated Quests: Icebound Avatar

Bestiary Updates: Puntar SandfisherJuni Sandfisher [Fishing Supplies]Tira Sandfisher [Fishing Supplies]Shaman Ren`Rexa rooftop revelerCynthia FrieslandDeirdre BostJohannes FrieslandOscar Little DocSarah Mannan unpleasant bureaucrata frozen horrorIceweaver Sjeon [Raids]Horasug [Raid and Quest]Tobart Dirkins [Quest]Deaen GreyforgeBelinda (VoL)



Updated Items: Water FlaskTorchSmall LanternRationMeadLarge LanternIron RationFishing PoleFishing BaitDaggerBottle of MilkBottleBandagesIce of VeliousBlack VoidsoulSand Verbena

New Quests: Invading IceVelium Ore SamplesOrcs EverywhereRestless DeadCrystal GeonidsCrystal TerrorsCrystal Spiders

Updated Quests: Achievement: FuzzyfeetDanger Zone (Raid)

Bestiary Updates: a Nogdha Tribe oracleOven (Argin-Hiz)Rustbottom, Grinder of Gearsa restless coldaina restless dracolichan exiled sentrya crystal crawlera crystal skitterera focus geonida geonida stalag terrorAndera VelmistCassia GemshardCrystal GrinderHursa BrightsteelLife LeechMilliace GemshardNadalia ColdmistRoderick ColdheartTacy MistHearta failed reclaimera windchilled marrowBrollo AleslayLaima RatgurLoremaster Dorinana dismal guardiana failed adventurera freezing shadea glaring gargoylea living ice constructa living spirea mindless orca restless barricadea shambling servanta velium spectrea wandering arachnidan icy gargoylean unprepared adventureran wandering icepawRestless Ry`Gorran infected orca guardian of sanda wandering icepawa restless cadavera corrupted giantFletching TableFly Making BenchLoomSpell Research TableForgePottery WheelKilnMixing BowlOven (Crystal Caverns) (ToV)Brewing Barrel (Crystal Caverns) (ToV)a returned dracolich



Updated Items: Ring of WoeEthereal ParchmentExcellent Animal Pelt

New Quests: Citizens Revolting

Updated Quests: Coldain Shawl 2.0 #5: I Hope You Can Hear This

Bestiary Updates: A Breathless VoidGallows Master TeionYurae Zhaleema ruthless grinderSigmas Borana cold ghoula cold skeletona lost mournera disturbed studenta frost giant berserkerBlack FangCirakk BlackfistDerakor the VindicatorIceweaver BeldikanKing Tormaxdelete meRestless Ry`Gorra shadowboneprotector of Zekdelete meAdjutant VelsharekAdjutant KhellendorBjrakor the ColdVkaaka storm giant gladiatorIcecrafter UthyeorStaff Sergeant DriocSergeant LeryalTrooper GyarllSergeant VoldeyenOracle ZardukelSentinel VllejenarSentinel FhaardWatchman DjobrenLieutenant FjloreVeldern BlackhammerNerik WolfsoulKromzog ZekkinWatchman LhaefGuard UlfhedinnWatcher HjrommarGuard DluerkinSergeant FjrakTrooper SyennChanter BjroernSentinel ThunderfistStormcaller RivenstellTrooper SardekIce Chanter ljelinSergeant YggrelinkVeteran YllhaydmWatchman BexlendWatch Sergeant Vedravik



Updated Items: Human ScalpHuman ScalpRing of ReflectionsMask of Burning HeatBelt of RoughnessFirebranded ChainmailScroll: Roar of the LionScroll: Undying LifeSynthesis of SulQuintessence of HealthQuintessence of DecayDuality of DecayDuality of LifeScroll: Dichotomic FireScroll: Dichotomic ParoxysmScroll: Dichotomic WeaponsScroll: Dichotomic FangScroll: Dichotomic ForceScroll: Dichotomic CompanionScroll: Dichotomic ReinforcementScroll: Dichotomic FuryScroll: Dichotomic WindsSong: Dichotomic PsalmTome: Dichotomic ShieldTome: Dichotomic FormTome: Dichotomic RageScroll: Dichotomic FusilladeSpell: UltravisionSpell: TashanianSpell: Summon CompanionSpell: Resist PoisonSpell: Resist MagicSpell: Resist FireSpell: Resist DiseaseSpell: Resist ColdSpell: Purify ManaSpell: Nullify MagicSpell: Mass Purify ManaSpell: Mass Imbue TopazSpell: Mass Imbue SapphireSpell: Mass Imbue RubySpell: Mass Imbue Rose QuartzSpell: Mass Imbue Plains PebbleSpell: Mass Imbue PeridotSpell: Mass Imbue OpalSpell: Mass Imbue JadeSpell: Mass Imbue IvorySpell: Mass Imbue Fire OpalSpell: Mass Imbue EmeraldSpell: Mass Imbue DiamondSpell: Mass Imbue Black SapphireSpell: Mass Imbue Black PearlSpell: Mass Imbue AmberSpell: Mass Enchant VeliumSpell: Mass Enchant PlatinumSpell: Mass Enchant MithrilSpell: Mass Enchant GoldSpell: Mass Enchant BrelliumSpell: Mass Enchant AdamantiteSpell: Mass Distill ManaSpell: Mass Clarify ManaSpell: MalosiniSpell: MalosiSpell: MalaisementSpell: MalaiseSpell: Major ShieldingSpell: InstillSpell: ImmobilizeSpell: Imbue TopazSpell: Imbue SapphireSpell: Imbue RubySpell: Imbue Rose QuartzSpell: Imbue Plains PebbleSpell: Imbue PeridotSpell: Imbue OpalSpell: Imbue JadeSpell: Imbue IvorySpell: Imbue Fire OpalSpell: Imbue EmeraldSpell: Imbue DiamondSpell: Imbue Black SapphireSpell: Imbue Black PearlSpell: Imbue AmberSpell: Group Resist MagicSpell: Greater ShieldingSpell: Eradicate DiseaseSpell: Eradicate PoisonSpell: Eradicate CurseSpell: Endure PoisonSpell: Endure MagicSpell: Endure DiseaseSpell: Enchant VeliumSpell: Enchant SteelSpell: Enchant PlatinumSpell: Enchant MithrilSpell: Enchant GoldSpell: Enchant BrelliumSpell: Enchant AdamantiteSpell: Distill ManaSpell: Counteract PoisonSpell: Counteract DiseaseSpell: Clarify ManaSpell: Cancel MagicSpell: Annul Magic

New Quests: The Broken Mirror progressive spells

Updated Quests: Noble HuntersAchievement: Champion of the Crypt of Decay (Raid)Achievement: Champion of the Plane of Health (Raid)Achievement: Mirrorbreaker (Raid)Achievement: Champion of Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay (Group)Achievement: Champion of Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life (Group)

Updated Recipes: Cured BaconSecret Dawn Bodkin Muhbis

Bestiary Updates: TunareGodain MacKodor [Common Spells]Quanan Mahius [Common Spells]Warlowe Rida [Spells]a crystal crawlera crystal lurkera crystal spiderlinga crystal webmastera stalag terrorGilliad ColdheartGrabble ColdheartGuard EvercoldGuard GrabadinGuard JustikGuard KevinGuard KristenGuard SolistakHardat GemshardHursa BrightsteelRoderick Coldheart [Quests]Scout GrandanSoren ColdheartTacy MistHeartFlint VelweaverGem Collector



Updated Items: Tattered NoteSeaworthy GirdleBottom Section of an Engraved SignetDisease PackageBasilisk TongueCloth CordLeather BeltSteel VambracesSteel PauldronSteel MaskSteel GreavesSteel CollarSteel BreastplateSteel BracersSplinted CloakPlatemail HelmPlate GirdlePlate GauntletsThe Firepride Secret of HeroesSpiked collar of StalactiteNote to Forpar Fizfla

Updated Quests: Hurrieta's Tunic

Bestiary Updates: Thar KelgandRaz The Rat MiskLanhern Firepride [Plate Armor]Meera Lylon [Plate Armor]McNeal Jocub [General Supplies]Hansl BigroonTon Firepride [Armor]Ghul Rustem [General Supplies]Bruno BarstomperFish Ranamer [Bartender]Captain Rohand [Fishing Supplies]Guard HezlanSneed Galliway [General Supplies]Captain Tillin [Warrior Guildmaster]a greedy beggarVedico WindwisperGuardian Cigosh [Merc Liaison - Dwarf]Guardian Rirak [Merc Liaison - Dwarf]Guardian Vaehan [Merc Liaison - Human]Linlanik ThroatcutterKonus AlatukPriest of Tumagala noc havocbladeGuardian Drendle [Merc Liaison - Human]Akkapan Adana rot eatera greater rot eaterRusted Stalactitean elemental chesta hypothermic ghoula lost mournerCadcane the UnmournedMahahaSofia the Quieta hollow carvera cold screamera windtorn marrowa restless cadavera hollow crystala familiar looking coldaina frosttouched corpsea restless shardwurma restless minera drachnid purifier


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