EQ Update #23 & Sept 2019 Patch

Site Update

The September patch hit yesterday. It looks like some old bugs and some new were fixed. Dzarn has been busy it looks like as we got another round of AA changes that rolled out. I'm always glad to see that amount of work still being poured into the game.

Plenty of updates have happened to the site since the 2nd, largely done by Drewinette. Check them out by clicking on the Read More link below.

All NPC's in all expansions/zones should now have an expansion tag except for Plane of Knowledge. We'll need to go over that zone by hand to figure out the correct expansions for those NPC's. All Fabled NPC's should now be set to the expansions they release in as well. If you play on the progression servers and see we have a NPC set to the incorrect expansion, let us know please by posting on the NPC's forum.

All quests that had a minimum level of 0 are now set to level 1. The Troll Heritage Crate quest entry has been updated with most of the items that come in it.

The item collector was worked on by SwiftyMUSE and most new items have been uploaded. We hope to release that to everyone soonish after he's been able to patch it for the latest game update.

Edit: 9-27-2019 - The item collector is now patched.




September 10, 2019

*** Items ***

- Removed the stacking on 5 Dose Potion of the Bone Field and 10 Dose Potion of the Bone Field items. Changed Toy Eye Ball to one charge.
- Fixed a typo in the lore of Overgrowth Shears.
- Restored mana preservation to The Burning Lands evolving shoulders that include classes with mana.
- Consolidated the various mount blessings. In nearly all cases, the new buff is equal to or an improvement over the previous buff, with the exception of Mount Blessing Izah which has had its AC value reduced to be in line with the other mount blessings.

*** Quests And Events ***

- Guntrik's quests - Sven and Philicia Drinn are no longer merchants and can be killed.
- Strange Magic - Pets and mercenaries will no longer flee right after the first golem is defeated.
- Destroy Marnek's Wand - If a character who has handed in the wand loses their Suncrest Isle instance, the fisherman will offer a new instance.
- Gnome Memorial Mountain - Adjusted the risk vs reward for Heroic Adventures in GMM.

*** Spells ***

- Buffs that absorb hits (up to a maximum damage value) will no longer fully negate resistible spells. These buffs will continue to properly block the intended amount of damage from spell and melee attacks.
- Corrected an issue that allowed certain types of pets (Cleric hammers, Wizard swords, Magician runes, etc) to be hit by detrimental spells. They are now immune to all spells as intended.
- Bard - Added a target limit of 5 to the Denon's Desperate Dirge line of AE damage songs.
- Cleric - Sacred Word and Stun Command now have their target limit explicitly defined on the spell.
- Druid - The Heliacal Flare and Lunar Chill lines of targeted AE spells now have their target limit explicitly defined on the spell.
- Magician - Fixed an error that caused pets that used Fire Elemental Bolt I-VII to deal less damage when focused. Increased the power all ranks of Fire Elemental Bolt VI and VII.
- Magician - Corrected an error that made fire pets on Progression servers deal more damage than expected in Kunark, Velious, and Luclin eras.
- Wizard - Thunderbolt now has its target limit explicitly defined on the spell.

*** AA ***

- All - Refunded Identify as this ability is redundant now that item descriptions are displayed when inspecting items at level 50+.
- All - Fixed a typo in the description of Veteran's Enhancement that errantly stated the ability increased your worn mana regeneration cap rather than your worn health regeneration cap.
- Multiple - Renamed the non-pet class ability 'Pet Discipline' to 'Companion's Discipline' to be in line with the naming used for pet classes.
- Bard - Refunded all ranks of Steady Hands and increased the base pick lock skill cap for bards for levels 80+ by 40 points. The skill bonus was reduced from 60 points to correct a few level span where bards had a higher skill cap than rogues. The skill cap increase is being granted at level 80 rather than level 70 due to the ability initially releasing with Secrets of Faydwer.
- Bard - Capped the maximum number of opponents that can be hit by Vainglorious Shout to 6 and increased the endurance cost for all ranks of this ability by 50%.
- Bard - Granted the ability to use Double Riposte as Bards were the only class with the skill that did not have access to this ability.
- Bard - Refunded all ranks of Tune of Pursuance and increased the base tracking skill cap for Bards for levels 65 and 96-100+.
- Berserker - Refunded all ranks of Student of War and increased the base frenzy skill cap for Berserkers for levels 101+.
- Berserker - Refunded all ranks of Weapon Proficiency and increased the base weapon skill caps for Berserkers for levels 85-105+.
- Berserker - Renamed Cry of Battle to Mass Group Buff.
- Cleric - Removed the undead-only restriction from Repel the Wicked.
- Cleric - Fixed a typo in the description for all ranks of Channeling the Divine that stated the ability granted a 50% twincast chance rather than a 100% chance.
- Cleric - Shield of Reverence has been changed to a passive ability.
- Druid - Refunded all ranks of Advanced Tracking and increased the base tracking skill cap for Druids for levels 65+.
- Enchanter - Renamed the enchant metal abilities to include the quantity as a suffix rather than prefix. Ex: 'Mass Enchant Feymetal' is now titled 'Enchant Feymetal (x10)'. Refunded 'Enchant Palladium (x3)' and 'Enchant Palladium (x20)' as they were inconsistent with the rest of the abilities.
- Magician - Call Hither has been renamed Summoner's Step and is now a teleport-forward ability similar to Netherstep or Whisperwind. Reduced the level and expansion required to obtain ranks 4 and 5 of this ability.
- Magician - Updated Turn Summoned to deal direct damage rather than damage over time and updated Infusion of Elemental Light to always deal instant critical damage that will no longer block other instances of Infusion of Elemental Light from landing.
- Magician - Updated the buff icon for Thaumaturge's Focus.
- Monk - Consolidated Hastened Crane Stance and Focus: Crane Stance into a single line, Improved Crane Stance, and added an additional rank that was intended to go live with The Burning Lands.
- Necromancer - Call to Corpse has been renamed Summon Corpse. This ability now has 9 ranks and will cast the highest rank of your equivalent level summon corpse spell with a 10 second reuse time.
- Necromancer - Refunded Self Sacrifice as its initial purpose of dealing damage to the caster in order to benefit from other abilities is no longer required.
- Necromancer - Summon Remains now consumes 4 Tiny Jade Inlaid Coffins when cast.
- Paladin - Hand of Tunare no longer triggers Tunare's Fatigue after fading but will now instead increase the mana cost of twincast healing spells by 100%.
- Paladin - Moved Holy Warhorse from the Class tab to the Special tab in the AA window.
- Paladin - Shield of Brilliance has been changed to a passive ability.
- Paladin - Refunded all ranks of Glorious Reflection as this ability provided no benefit given the existence of Healing Adept.
- Paladin - Consolidated Restoration of Life to be rank 2 of Gift of Resurrection. Rank 2+ will now restore 96% experience. Reduced the hastening offered by rank 5 by 1 second and increased the mana cost of ranks 2+ by 100 points.
- Ranger - Refunded all ranks of Tracking Mastery and increased the base tracking skill cap for Rangers for levels 66-70+.
- Rogue - Refunded all ranks of Weapon Proficiency and increased the base weapon skill caps for Rogues for levels 96 and 101-105+.
- Rogue - Fixed an error with ranks 5 and 6 of 'Focus: Hack' that prevented the ability from focusing the combat ability 'Slice'.
- Shadowknight - Moved Unholy Warhorse from the Class tab to the Special tab in the AA window.
- Shadowknight - Summon Remains now consumes 4 Tiny Jade Inlaid Coffins when cast.
- Shaman - Improved Pure Spirit has been changed from a passive focus ability to an activated ability that casts the best rank of Pure Spirit that you have scribed.
- Shaman - Turgur's Virulent Swarm will no longer land on PCs (including yourself).
- Shaman - Feral Bite, the damage triggered by Rabid Bear, has had its damage over time component consolidated into its direct damage component.
- Wizard - Ward of Destruction now summons a stationary aura rather than a ward. As an aura, Ward of Destruction will no longer be susceptible to damage and any opponents hit by Silent Fire will now credit the wizard as the attacker. Changed all ranks of Silent Fire from a 12 second damage over time spell to a direct damage spell that will not break root.
- Wizard - Updated Arcane Fusion to always deal critical damage and fixed an issue that allowed the ability to trigger on beneficial spells.
- Wizard - Corrected an issue that prevented Mirror Mirror from functioning as expected.
- Wizard - Refunded Translocational Anchor and updated all ranks of Cryomancy to include gate suppression as part of Cryomantic Stasis.

*** NPCs ***

- Moved a spiderling in the Broodlands that was spawning inside of a tree.
- In Stoneroot Falls, a witheran named Slubber with unique items now has a chance to spawn.
- In the Ruins of Illsalin, Overseer Xygern now drops unique items instead of the same items that Battlemage Ristyr drops.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Access to Gnome Memorial Mountain now requires that The Burning Lands is unlocked on your server.
- Corrected an error that made fire pets on Progression servers deal more damage than expected in Kunark, Velious, and Luclin eras.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- The /safelock command now requires typing the full command in order to function to prevent accidental locking of the game. This should help in real life when kerrans are frisking your keyboard and manage to lock the game with a secret safelock password.
- You can no longer block, parry, dodge, or riposte an attack that would have missed.
- Made multiple adjustments to Tribute and Guild Tribute:
- - Merged the various "II" lines into their parent line as additional ranks. This results in ranks above 10 for some tribute lines.
- - Reduced the cost of ranks 5 to 13 of the tribute lines: Power of Will, Visions of Suffering, Twinge of Pain, Expeditious Aid, Persistent Boon, Power of Sight, Power of Recovery, Power of Conservation, Power of Alacrity, Visions of Command, Commanding Presence, and Power of Suffering.
- - Increased the effectiveness of rank 12 of Bulwark of Honor, Strength of Body, Strength of Mind, and Strength of Will.
- - Increased the effectiveness of rank 13 of Arm of Power, Body of Divinity, Symphony of the Rabbit, Juggler's Grace, Sage's Requital, Sage's Comprehension, and Countenance of Ardor.
- - Reduced the cost of ranks 6 to 13 of the guild tribute lines: Aura of Preservation, Power of Will, Visions of Suffering, Twinge of Pain, Expeditious Aid, Persistent Boon, Power of Sight, Power of Recovery, Power of Conservation, Power of Alacrity, Visions of Command, Commanding Presence, and Power of Suffering.
- - Guild Tribute: Added String Resonance to rank 8 of Symphony of Replenishment.
- Removed the Hero's Forge - Tinker's Clockwork and Hero's Forge - Memorial Clockwork achievements. The items are not currently available.
- Housing Explorer (Achievement) - Visiting Evantil's Abode, Hermit's Hideaway, and Bixie Hive houses are now optional for completing this achievement.
- Guild Locals Explorer (Achievement) - Visiting Grand, Modest, and Palatial Guild Halls are now optional for completing this achievement.

*** UI ***

- Made improvements to taunt messages:
- - Taunt messages are sent to all players in the area, and include the name of the NPC being taunted.
- - Added a new chat filter for taunt messages.
- - Failing to capture your target's attention is more clearly indicated as a partial success.
- - Added a message when a player obtains aggro using an aggro lock ability (Ex: Undivided Attention).
- - Taunt spells are no longer blocked by spells locking an NPC's aggro.
- - Sends a single message to players in the area when someone uses an area effect taunt (Ex: Area Taunt).
- NPC tells are now formatted as 'Soandso told you' while player tells (including cross server tells) appear as 'Soandso tells you.'
- Removed an extra space from raid chat messages.
- Changed the format of tells from tell windows when writing to the log. They now use the same format as regular tells.

*** Previously Updated ***

- Shield of Spines reports the correct amount of healing on the item description.
- Staff of the Serpent (Enchanter epic 1.0) - The spectral librarian in Kaesora can again be charmed.
- Veeshan's Peak access - The NPCs that drop medallion pieces can no longer be charmed.

- The EverQuest Team


Updated Items: Zealot's Embroidered CloakCrate of Fine CarrotsCrate of CarrotsCrate of Rotten CarrotsCrate of Rotten CarrotsBody Fury BandDeed Fury BandHorror Fury BandLottery Ticket # 14350Lottery Ticket # 14001Lottery Ticket # 16568Lottery Ticket # 15602Lottery Ticket # 15601Lottery Ticket # 15600Crushed Froglok SkullEnchanted BookAssorted Research, Page 2Assorted Research, Page 3Faceted Blue GemLarge Folded ClothMiragul's Journal -- Page 812Miragul's Journal -- Page 790Gore-Covered Rat FleshPus-Soaked Rat FleshVial of Stagnant WaterMulletShotglassMeat PieMeadHoney MeadBottleAleSnake ScalesGreen Snake ScalesTopazTiny Jade Inlaid CoffinTiny DaggerStar RubyStar Rose QuartzScrying Stone ; SapphireRubyPeridotPearlOpalMalachiteLesser Scrying StoneJasperJadeGreater Scrying StoneFuligan Soulstone of InnoruukFish ScalesFire OpalEmeraldCloudy Stone of VeeshanCat's Eye AgateBone ChipsBloodstoneBat Wing ; Masterwork Axe ComponentsCrafted Axe ComponentsBasic Axe ComponentsBalanced Axe ComponentsAxe ComponentsAmberVial of Swirling SmokeLarge LanternDistillate of Spirituality XVIIDistillate of Spirituality XVIDistillate of Spirituality XVDistillate of Replenishment XVIIDistillate of Replenishment XVIDistillate of Replenishment XVDistillate of Health XVIIDistillate of Health XVIDistillate of Health XVDistillate of Divine Healing XVIIDistillate of Divine Healing XVIDistillate of Divine Healing XVDistillate of Clarity XVIIDistillate of Clarity XVIDistillate of Clarity XVDistillate of Celestial Healing XVIIDistillate of Celestial Healing XVIDistillate of Celestial Healing XVDistillate of Alacrity XCrystallized PumiceCloudy PotionClass XXI Augmentation DistillerClass XX Augmentation DistillerClass XVIII Augmentation DistillerClass XVII Augmentation DistillerClass XVI Augmentation DistillerClass XV Augmentation DistillerClass XIX Augmentation DistillerClass XIV Augmentation DistillerClass XIII Augmentation DistillerClass XII Augmentation DistillerClass XI Augmentation DistillerClass X Augmentation DistillerClass VIII Augmentation DistillerClass VII Augmentation DistillerClass VI Augmentation DistillerClass V Augmentation DistillerClass IX Augmentation DistillerClass IV Augmentation DistillerClass III Augmentation DistillerClass II Augmentation DistillerClass I Augmentation DistillerAloe SwatchDinoli`s Golden HeffeweizenLarge Bottle of MilkMarshmallow Hot CocoaMandolin LagerShip in a BottleAirship in a BottleWyvern Flesh PieTunare's Finest ; Neriak NectarMum's Cinnamon BreadMum's CakeLouie's Thick 'n HeartyLoaf of Baked JumjumJumjum JuiceHoney Berry PieHoneyElven BreadDzarn's DraughtBrandyBlack Burrow StoutSealed CrateKlunga's BraceletHardened Slime Agate ; Accursed BloodAncient CoinAncient CoinAncient CoinAncient CoinAncient CoinAncient CoinFull Coin Collection BoxVelium Spider LegSmudged Runic Spell TabletImmaculate DelphiniumImmaculate Spinneret FluidCliknar WingExquisite Silk ; Immaculate MuscimolCelestrium Encrusted Brachial ClayCosgrove PowderElegant Defiant Dayblade 

Updated Quests: Reebo's CarrotsChalice of ConquestRare CoinsThe Lottery TicketSpider LegsCoalition Trader Next TaskArcane Order TaskThe Dragon RingPirate Trouble 

New Recipes: Full Coin Collection BoxSealed Crate 

Bestiary Updates: a gnollTohsan Hallard [Weapons]Ping Fuzzlecutter [General Supplies]Treasurer LynnJail Clerk MarylRephas petRephasNicholasBlinza ToepopalReebo Leafsway [Druid Guildmaster]Elder Tal AlmadApprentice Fih`Yliaepicurean halfling ; Captain KrasnokMydi Darjik [Alchemy Supplies]Relm M`LochTovan Tenlah [Rogue Guildmaster]Brax NaeXaxa cliknar arcanista cliknar scout dronea cliknar skirmish dronea cliknar sentryCephuloid Tatraatixa shady chandler [General Supplies]Postmaster Dok Barroquillo [Parcels and Bartender]Scholar Eric KuceraScout Charles BardakianSupplier Derek Taylor [General Supplies]Supplier Zach Steiger [General Supplies]Half Elf Maidena stitched monstrosity


Updated Items: Rod of Oblations 

Updated Quests: Langseax 

Updated Recipes: Song: Aura of Lunanyn Rk. II 

Bestiary Updates: Too many to list. Gates of Discord, Omens of War, Dragons of Norrath, Depths of Darkhollow NPC’s all have expansion tags now.


Updated Items: Spell: Strength of the Thicket Stalker Rk. IISpell: Aurora of Daybreak Rk. IILyendlln's Lute 

New Quests: Trophy Collector (personal) 

Updated Quests: Achievement: Call of the Forsaken Master ScavengerAchievement: Master Scavenger of The Darkened SeaAchievement: Master Scavenger of The Broken MirrorEmpires of Kunark Master Scavenger (10 Points) 

New Recipes: Spell: Aurora of Daybreak Rk. IISpell: Strength of the Thicket Stalker Rk. II 

Updated Recipes: Bottle of Worm WineBottle of Darkened Orcish SpiritsBottle of Ancient Deathbrewed WineBottle of Extra Dry AleSpell: Wasp Swarm Rk. IISimple Charm of Physical Adaptation (Leather)Simple Charm of Physical Adaptation (Metal) 

Bestiary Updates: Kyrin Steelbone [Smithing Supplies]Mar Sedder [Smithing Supplies]Damar the OverseerRustbottom, Grinder of Gearsa dilapidated mechanic 

New AAs: Trophy Collector 

AA Updates: Trophy Collector


Updated Items: Watchman's BreechesCabilis Pale AleFetish of the NimbleIce of VeliousStar Rose QuartzSilver BarLegacy of Jewel CraftJadeGold BarElectrum BarDarkened Star Rose QuartzCat's Eye AgateStrong Captured Cliknar Mount SaddleSeal of Charasis FragmentFragment of Sathir's SealScaleborn Tunic FacetScaleborn Sleeve FacetScaleborn Shoes FacetScaleborn Pants FacetScaleborn Gloves FacetScaleborn Cap FacetScaleborn Bracer FacetPrismatic Sphere 

Updated Quests: Lay the Trap 

Bestiary Updates: a spiroc revolterThom the Fisha berserk fire elementala magma gianta runed giantCorfia NultethenAsh Golema fervid magminSynarcanic Essence


Updated Items: Too many to list. Items with a level to obtain level of 0 were set to 1. 26481 items updated with that.

New Quests: Illegible ScrollsTomes of Knowledge (Druid)Training Day (Druid)Common CentsThe Path of LightErrands for CastlenTrollish Heritage Crate: Trollish Art Collector (10 Points)Trollish Heritage Crate: Critters (10 Points)Heroic Forge - Malefic Plate (10 Points)Heroic Forge - Malefic Chain (10 Points)Heroic Forge - Malefic Cloth (10 Points)Heroic Forge - Malefic Ringmail (10 Points)Heroic Forge - Malefic Scalemail (10 Points)Heroic Forge - Malefic Leather (10 Points)Heroic Forge - Wretchful Cloth (10 Points)Heroic Forge - Wretchful Chain (10 Points)Heroic Forge - Wretchful Leather (10 Points)Heroic Forge - Wretchful Plate (10 Points)Heroic Forge - Wretchful Ringmail (10 Points)Heroic Forge - Wretchful Scalemail (10 Points) 

Updated Quests: Too many to list. Quests with a minimum level of 0 were set to 1, 666 quests updated with that.

Updated Recipes: Robe of NeglectRobe of BreathRobe of the AstralRobe of TashaniRobe of Expertise 

Bestiary Updates: Palatos KynarnFalia Frikniller [Armor]Tarikh Korulaa goblin bartender [Bartender]Frist FurtunFrostgiant Overseera Protector of Zekprotector of ZekGrand Huntsman DarralRoyal Scribe Kaavinan expedition guardReliksleeper 1.0 - Nanzata the WarderHarla DarJolly Arval [Bartender]Danlin Hildreth [Bartender]Royal Armorer SladeStorm Giant GeneralWanderer Kedrisan [Druid Spells 61-70]Banker Ceridan [Banker]Loran Thu`Leth [Poison Supplies]Tugog GrigolZok Lillis [Bartender] ; Hierophant Trilawyth [Druid Guildmaster]a Pickclaw FoeseekerCastlen Drewe [Armor Quests]Vivian the True [Knowledge Guide]V`Lynn Renloe [Armor Quests]a frost giant berserkerLozaniArima Fae [Quest]Dwedrogambushing thiefLoneq VardrinThimble Thrasherambushing thiefMianoanocan Orator`s army soldierThiroc the redeemera bokon flayera chokidai manglerHoshkarRekatok One-Eyea bixie dronesleeper 1.0 - Kerafyrm


Updated Items: Rotovator Counter Torque HousingRusted Access PanelSuit of Couture Clockwork PlateCouture Clockwork Plate Feet OrnamentCouture Clockwork Plate Helm OrnamentCouture Clockwork Plate Chest OrnamentCouture Clockwork Plate Arms OrnamentCouture Clockwork Plate Hands OrnamentCouture Clockwork Plate Wrist OrnamentCouture Clockwork Plate Legs OrnamentSuit of Duende PlateDuende Plate Feet OrnamentDuende Plate Legs OrnamentDuende Plate Helm OrnamentDuende Plate Chest OrnamentDuende Plate Arms OrnamentDuende Plate Wrist OrnamentDuende Plate Hands OrnamentWrit of the Jann GeneralEntwined Djinn CoinBlazing Euphoria DefenderBlazing Euphoria Protecting MagicBlazing Euphoria EnhancementFireclaw Talons

New Quests: Unfettered Emerald Excellence (raid)Achievement: Hero's Forge - Duende PlateAchievement: Hero's Forge - Couture Clockwork Plate

Updated Quests: Infiltration of Kor-ShaPalace Gates (raid)

Bestiary Updates: Guard HezlanKinlo StrongarmMad ResearcherStonespiked Guardiana broken prisoner

New Zones: Kor-Sha: The Wizard's Lab

Zone Updates: Kor-Sha: The Wizard's Lab


Updated Items: Blazing Euphoria Dorsal DefenseBlazing Euphoria Protecting FireBlazing Euphoria Casting Magic

Bestiary Updates: Mistress of Scorna swirling red massMistress A`ZaraEvangelist W`Rixxusa hatebone broodlordTemplar J`RosixWarlock J`Rath


Updated Items: Enforcer's BadgeSlayer's BadgeAmorphous Selrach's WristguardAmorphous Selrach's LeggingsCrystalline SilkWords of BiddingRegurgitated CrystalsBlue Flecked RockCrystal Lined SlippersSpire Stone of LceaniumSpire StoneAttuned Spire Shard 

Updated Quests: Achievement: It's Dangerous to Go Alone (Group)

Bestiary Updates: large fire goblina terror carvera Frenzied Velium Stalkera Frenzied Velium BroodlingNexus ScionNexus ScionNexus ScionNexus ScionNexus Sciona Chetari WarlordStonespiked Guardiana crystal purifiera Krellnakor patrollera Krellnakor seekerFractured SweeperMaareq the Prophet


New Items: Wrapped Oceanographer's GlobeAdoptable Jungle SpiderWrapped Nadox ChandelierWrapped The Grozmok StoneSuit of Wretchful Trollish ScalemailSuit of Wretchful Trollish RingmailSuit of Wretchful Trollish PlateSuit of Wretchful Trollish LeatherSuit of Wretchful Trollish ChainSuit of Malefic Trollish ScalemailSuit of Malefic Trollish RingmailSuit of Malefic Trollish PlateSuit of Malefic Trollish LeatherSuit of Malefic Trollish ClothSuit of Malefic Trollish ChainMalefic Trollish Plate Legs OrnamentMalefic Trollish Chain Feet OrnamentMalefic Trollish Ringmail Helm OrnamentMalefic Trollish Leather Chest OrnamentMalefic Trollish Cloth Arms OrnamentMalefic Trollish Plate Helm OrnamentMalefic Trollish Chain Chest OrnamentMalefic Trollish Scalemail Arms OrnamentMalefic Trollish Ringmail Wrist OrnamentMalefic Trollish Leather Hands OrnamentMalefic Trollish Cloth Legs OrnamentMalefic Trollish Plate Wrist OrnamentMalefic Trollish Chain Hands OrnamentMalefic Trollish Scalemail Legs OrnamentMalefic Trollish Ringmail Feet OrnamentMalefic Trollish Cloth Helm OrnamentMalefic Trollish Plate Feet OrnamentMalefic Trollish Scalemail Helm OrnamentMalefic Trollish Ringmail Chest OrnamentMalefic Trollish Leather Arms OrnamentMalefic Trollish Cloth Wrist OrnamentMalefic Trollish Plate Chest OrnamentMalefic Trollish Chain Arms OrnamentMalefic Trollish Scalemail Wrist OrnamentMalefic Trollish Ringmail Hands OrnamentMalefic Trollish Leather Legs OrnamentMalefic Trollish Cloth Feet OrnamentMalefic Trollish Plate Hands OrnamentMalefic Trollish Chain Legs OrnamentMalefic Trollish Scalemail Feet OrnamentMalefic Trollish Leather Helm OrnamentMalefic Trollish Cloth Chest OrnamentMalefic Trollish Chain Helm OrnamentMalefic Trollish Scalemail Chest OrnamentMalefic Trollish Ringmail Arms OrnamentMalefic Trollish Leather Wrist OrnamentMalefic Trollish Cloth Hands OrnamentMalefic Trollish Plate Arms OrnamentMalefic Trollish Chain Wrist OrnamentMalefic Trollish Scalemail Hands OrnamentMalefic Trollish Ringmail Legs OrnamentMalefic Trollish Leather Feet OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Helm OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Chest OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Arms OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Wrist OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Hands OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Wrist OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Hands OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Legs OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Feet OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Feet OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Helm OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Chest OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Arms OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Chest OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Arms OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Wrist OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Hands OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Legs OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Hands OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Legs OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Feet OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Helm OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Helm OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Chest OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Arms OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Wrist OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Arms OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Wrist OrnamentWretchful Trollish Scalemail Hands OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Legs OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Feet OrnamentWretchful Trollish Plate Legs OrnamentWretchful Trollish Chain Feet OrnamentWretchful Trollish Ringmail Helm OrnamentWretchful Trollish Leather Chest OrnamentTrollish Heritage CrateFace of the DrownedMusic Box: GrobbJungle Hatchling FamiliarFeral Froglok FamiliarFroglok Tad FamiliarDomesticated Bleeder FamiliarSign: Gunthak's BeltchOceanographer's GlobeNadox ChandelierDarkone's ThroneAll-Seeing SkullWrapped Troll's ButcheryWrapped Sign: Gunthak's BeltchWrapped Music Box: GrobbWrapped Face of the DrownedWrapped Darkone's ThroneWrapped All-Seeing SkullAdoptable Polychrome FungusAdoptable Jungle HatchlingAdoptable Feral FroglokAdoptable Domesticated BleederSuit of Verdant Clockwork ClothSuit of Sinister Steamwork LeatherElectrifying RoseBreeze SilkWater-etched VialSuit of Di`Zok ChainVeiled Silk Chest Seal of the BerserkerCountenance of Ardor II 2 BenefitGem of the SwampFragile ArmguardsMoldered Silk SleevesMoldered Silk LeggingsTimeworn ShawlChoker of the JungleEncrusted NecklaceCudgel of the FierceBloodstained Dragorn BracerMangy Rat Fur SlippersTrophy Benefit: HME 400 / AC 20Trophy Benefit: HME 700 / AC 35Trophy Benefit: HME 200 / AC 10Trophy Benefit: HME 500 / AC 25Trophy Benefit: HME 800 / AC 40Trophy Benefit: HME 300 / AC 15Trophy Benefit: HME 600 / AC 30Trophy Benefit: HME 100 / AC 5Trophy Benefit: HME 900 / AC 45Erollisi's Proudheart HareErollisi's Boundless Heart HareErollisi's Trueheart HareBow of the TamedTrophy Benefit: All Heroics 3Trophy Benefit: All Heroics 1Trophy Benefit: All Heroics 2Trophy: Metabolism 25Trophy Benefit: P/D/Crptn 45/45/15Trophy Benefit: P/D/Crptn 15/15/5Trophy Benefit: P/D/Crptn 30/30/10Trophy: Tailoring Skill Mod 8%Trophy: Research Skill Mod 5%Trophy: Tinkering Skill Mod 4%Trophy: Tailoring Skill Mod 4%Trophy: Tinkering Skill Mod 1%Trophy: Tailoring Skill Mod 1%Trophy: Tinkering Skill Mod 5%Trophy: Tailoring Skill Mod 5%Trophy: Research Skill Mod 2%Trophy: Tinkering Skill Mod 2%Trophy: Tailoring Skill Mod 2%Trophy: Tinkering Skill Mod 8%Trophy: Fletching Skill Mod 1%Trophy: Jewelry Making Skill Mod 5%Trophy: Pottery Skill Mod 1%Trophy: Blacksmithing Skill Mod 5%Trophy: Fletching Skill Mod 5%Trophy: Poison Making Skill Mod 2%Trophy: Pottery Skill Mod 5%Trophy: Jewelry Making Skill Mod 2%Trophy: Poison Making Skill Mod 8%Trophy: Blacksmithing Skill Mod 2%Trophy: Fletching Skill Mod 2%Trophy: Jewelry Making Skill Mod 8%Trophy: Pottery Skill Mod 2%Trophy: Blacksmithing Skill Mod 8%Trophy: Fletching Skill Mod 8%Trophy: Poison Making Skill Mod 4%Trophy: Pottery Skill Mod 8%Trophy: Jewelry Making Skill Mod 4%Trophy: Poison Making Skill Mod 12%Trophy: Blacksmithing Skill Mod 4%Trophy: Fletching Skill Mod 4%Trophy: Poison Making Skill Mod 1%Trophy: Pottery Skill Mod 4%Trophy: Jewelry Making Skill Mod 1%Trophy: Poison Making Skill Mod 5%Trophy: Blacksmithing Skill Mod 1%Trophy: Alchemy Skill Mod 2%Trophy: Baking Skill Mod 4%Trophy: Alchemy Skill Mod 8%Trophy: Brewing Skill Mod 1%Trophy: Baking Skill Mod 1%Trophy: Brewing Skill Mod 5%Trophy: Alchemy Skill Mod 4%Trophy: Baking Skill Mod 5%Trophy: Alchemy Skill Mod 12%Trophy: Brewing Skill Mod 2%Trophy: Alchemy Skill Mod 1%Trophy: Baking Skill Mod 2%Trophy: Brewing Skill Mod 8%Trophy: Alchemy Skill Mod 5%Trophy: Baking Skill Mod 8%Trophy: Alchemy Skill Mod 15%Trophy: Brewing Skill Mod 4%Trophy Benefit: Mana 300Trophy Benefit: Mana 250Trophy Benefit: Health 100Trophy Benefit: Mana 070Trophy Benefit: Health 200Trophy Benefit: Mana 010Trophy Benefit: Health 050Trophy Benefit: Mana 020Trophy Benefit: Health 150Trophy Benefit: Mana 100Trophy Benefit: Health 250Trophy Benefit: Mana 200Trophy Benefit: Health 070Trophy Benefit: Mana 050Trophy Benefit: Health 010Trophy Benefit: Mana 150Trophy Benefit: Health 020Trophy Benefit: Health 300

Updated Items: Troll's ButcheryAdoptable Froglok TadCrescent Reach Guild SummonsThe Arcane Alliance Apprentice Tunic*Purified Nest WaterPotable Nest WaterStrong Captured Cliknar Mount Saddle

Updated Quests: Shiny RingsNorrath's Keepers Tier 3a: Protect the WatersTrollish Heritage Crate

New Recipes: Secret Dawn CeleritySuit of Malefic Trollish ChainSuit of Malefic Trollish ClothSuit of Malefic Trollish LeatherSuit of Malefic Trollish PlateSuit of Malefic Trollish RingmailSuit of Malefic Trollish ScalemailSuit of Wretchful Trollish ChainSuit of Wretchful Trollish LeatherSuit of Wretchful Trollish PlateSuit of Wretchful Trollish RingmailSuit of Wretchful Trollish Scalemail

Bestiary Updates: FangMerchant Kaphiri [General Supplies]Firetongue Ethantis [Wizard Guildmaster]a master hunterIkaav SlavetraderIkaav SorceressSmokestormLavawalker SpiderChillwing



Updated Items: Desiccated Hedgerow LeafPainting: Forlorn AviakMortal Corporeal Light ZephyrLesser Spellbound LampDawn StarDying DraughtSuit of Couture Clockwork PlateFungus ClumpNilitim's Grimoire Pg. 35Musty Scale BracerShrouded TrinketFulginate OreMiner's PickMortal Celestial Nimble SparkFading BreezeFaltering GustLightning Striped ButterflyDaysmoke ButterflyPaling MistralWeeping Undefeated Heaven Binding Wrist MuhbisFloundering GaleCloudburst ButterflyLazy ZephyrDappled RainmothMistmothWavering WhirlwindWeeping Undefeated Heaven Binding Legs MuhbisTeal SkyIndigenous Mephit BloodIndigenous Mephit MeatMinor Spellbound LampPiercing StarWild Star NecklaceDuende Plate Chest OrnamentWeeping Undefeated Heaven Binding Hands MuhbisMortal Corporeal Gusting ZephyrMedian Spellbound LampCliff StonePrimordial Dynastic RadianceDayglow ButterflyDuende Chain Hands Ornament

Updated Quests: Return of the MoorwalkersNewbie Quest: Dark Elf Rogue

Updated Recipes: Trillion Cut Staurolite Electrum EarringTrillion Cut Harmonagate Gold EarringTrillion Mount Gold EarringSpell: Illusion: FroglokTrillion Cut ToolTrillion Cut PrestidigitaseTrillion Cut Harmonagate Palladium PendantTrillion Cut HarmonagateTrillion Mount Palladium PendantTrillion Cut Taaffeite Palladium RingTrillion Cut TaaffeiteTrillion Mount Palladium RingTrillion Cut Taaffeite Palladium PendantTrillion Cut StauroliteTrillion Mount Electrum EarringTrillion Cut Staurolite Electrum PendantTrillion Mount Electrum PendantTrillion Cut Staurolite Electrum RingTrillion Mount Electrum RingTrillion Mount Platinum PendantTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Platinum PendantTrillion Cut Staurolite Platinum PendantTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Electrum EarringTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Electrum PendantTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Electrum RingTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Gold PendantTrillion Mount Gold PendantTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Gold RingTrillion Mount Gold RingTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Platinum EarringTrillion Mount Platinum EarringTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Silver RingTrillion Mount Silver RingTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Velium EarringTrillion Mount Velium EarringTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Velium PendantTrillion Mount Velium PendantTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Velium RingTrillion Mount Velium RingTrillion Cut AmethystTrillion Cut Combine StarTrillion Cut BloodstoneTrillion Cut SapphireTrillion Cut Shimmering NihiliteTrillion Cut AmberTrillion Cut TopazTrillion Cut Harmonagate Platinum EarringTrillion Cut Harmonagate Platinum PendantTrillion Cut Harmonagate Platinum RingTrillion Mount Platinum RingTrillion Cut Harmonagate Palladium RingTrillion Cut Harmonagate Silver RingTrillion Mount Silver EarringTrillion Mount Silver PendantTrillion Cut Taaffeite Velium RingTrillion Cut Harmonagate Gold RingTrillion Cut Harmonagate Gold PendantTrillion Cut Underfoot DiamondTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Palladium RingTrillion Cut Taaffeite Velium EarringTrillion Cut MiragestoneTrillion Cut Taaffeite Gold PendantTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Platinum RingTrillion Cut Taaffeite Platinum EarringTrillion Cut Taaffeite Gold EarringTrillion Mount Palladium EarringHalf-Moon Cut Alaris GemstoneTrillion Cut Alaris GemstoneTrillion Cut Harmonagate Palladium EarringTrillion Cut Taaffeite Palladium EarringTrillion Cut Taaffeite Platinum RingTrillion Cut Taaffeite Platinum PendantTrillion Cut Taaffeite Silver RingTrillion Cut Taaffeite Electrum RingTrillion Cut Taaffeite Gold RingTrillion Cut Taaffeite Silver EarringTrillion Cut Taaffeite Velium PendantTrillion Cut Taaffeite Electrum EarringTrillion Cut Taaffeite Silver PendantTrillion Cut Taaffeite Electrum PendantTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Palladium EarringTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Palladium PendantTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Gold EarringTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Silver EarringTrillion Cut Prestidigitase Silver PendantTrillion Cut Staurolite Platinum EarringTrillion Cut Staurolite Palladium PendantTrillion Cut Staurolite Palladium RingTrillion Cut Staurolite Velium PendantTrillion Cut Staurolite Velium EarringTrillion Cut Staurolite Velium RingTrillion Cut Harmonagate Velium RingTrillion Cut Harmonagate Velium PendantTrillion Cut Harmonagate Electrum RingTrillion Cut Harmonagate Electrum EarringTrillion Cut Harmonagate Electrum PendantTrillion Cut Harmonagate Silver PendantTrillion Cut Harmonagate Silver EarringTrillion Cut Staurolite Gold RingTrillion Cut Staurolite Gold EarringTrillion Cut Staurolite Gold PendantTrillion Cut Staurolite Silver EarringTrillion Cut Staurolite Silver PendantTrillion Cut Staurolite Platinum RingTrillion Cut Staurolite Palladium EarringTrillion Cut Energized GemstoneViolet Hero's Forge Wizard Hat OrnamentTrillion Cut Staurolite Silver RingTrillion Cut Harmonagate Velium Earring

Bestiary Updates: Mariz IxtazCecile Kjartana shriekera deepspore mushroomAn Enthralled UnderbulkKnight of the Dread SunSun Revenant ChancellorSeer Mal Nae`Shia prismatic lightcrawlerthe Fanatical Dwarf ZealotArchitect VaukinBertrand BibblesworthShroudkeeper Hyush [Spirit Shrouds]Shroudkeeper Learu [Spirit Shrouds]Moonreader Ewera [Druid Guildmaster]Arch Druid Springthorn [Quests 30+]Ruinous Sun RevenantShroudkeeper Nisua [Spirit Shrouds]Alerynril the Loyal [Loyalists of Everquest]Gultrog Undbrige [Tutorial]Cecile K`Jartana wind phoenixa galea brume armora windweaver phoenixa whirlweaver phoenixa dignified djinna flameling [Brass Phoenix Brigade]a glorious djinna tempest gust [Contingent of the Alabaster Owl]a gusty mephit [Contingent of the Alabaster Owl]Wild Blossom StarTriumphal Still SkyDawnbreezeInfinite Horizon StarSilver Eyes DreadTsunami Sol Bloodan urgent messengera billowing galea tempest gust petSage BalicEthoach TrokithWinon GlaharTenada JeriedLeramas FestonChaunna Graice [Guild Tribute Master]Cecile K`JartanBelyea K`Jartan


Updated Items: Primitive InterrogatorTegi Taskmaster's WhipHate CrystalCyclops EyeZombie SkinTraveler's BootsShovelBlazing Euphoria Defending FireBlazing Euphoria Assaulting FireBlazing Euphoria Defending MagicBlazing Euphoria Ventral DefenseSylvan Leather Helm OrnamentTradeskill Basics Vol. ITradeskill Basics Vol. IIOld Black Tunic*SnowchipperThe Drink of Timeless EnergyShotglassShort BeerShort AleNectar of the Green FairyGnomish SpiritsDwarven AleCaskBrewer's LimericksBrandyAleAbsinthe SpoonAbsinthe GlassFlaming PunglaRough Animal PeltRound ShieldFine Steel Two Handed SwordLong SwordThick SilkCrude Spinneret FluidKeg of Vox Tail AleWhite WineWater FlaskUnderfoot Triple BockTurnipTrog BrewTorchTomatoSmall LanternSalted FishRed WineRationOgre SwillMuffinMeat PieMeadLoaf of BreadLettuceLarge LanternIron RationHoney Mush BreadHoney MeadHoney Berry PieGypsy WineGrooms PromiseGrapesGouda CheeseFresh FishFishcakesFish WineElven WineCloudy PotionClamcakesClam ChowderCheeseCarrotBrides PromiseBottle of MilkBottle of KalishBlack Burrow StoutBirthday StoutBandagesNeriak Nectar

Updated Quests: Druid Epic: Nature Walker's ScimitarSongweaver's Important TaskDeathknell Event #1: Tolling of Dissonance BellsThinning the PackSoF Tradeskill Quest #3: Food for the InjuredDwinn #8: A Working CrystalNewbie Quest: Dark Elf RogueWindsong #2: Getting Down to BusinessInnoruuk RecommendationMedal from the Living (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay)

Updated Recipes: Wine Baked (Wayunder Perch)Farwander Gar MeatballsSweet Sauce Shaded BonefishGrilled Ranthockgrass PrawnsShadow Trout KabobsEron's Herb Frog LegsDrachnid Repellant GlopDrachnid Repellant JarSecret Dawn Gem of Security MuhbisSecret Dawn Gem of Striking Muhbis

Bestiary Updates: Guard F`LokGuard N`MarKlan K`JartanMariz Ixtaz [Fishing Supplies]Cecile Kjartan (duplicate)Belyea Kjartan (duplicate)Eolorn J`Axx [Rogue Guildmaster]Perrir Zexus [Cleric Guildmaster]Twippie Diggs [Armor]Meeka Diggs [Armor]bag merchant [Satchels]dock merchant [Fishing Supplies]Marfen BinkdirpleHistorian BaenekGuard KristenScout GrandanLoremaster SarlPraps GemshardCecile K`Jartan [General Supplies]Belyea K`Jartan [General Supplies]Banker Granger [Banker]Saxarivza ZaxunDerron ColdmistCassia GemshardCaptain Dunstan ColdheartNadalia ColdmistSoren ColdheartTacy MistHeartHardat Gemshard [Bartender]Guard HollanderGuard GrabadinA Di`Zok JanissarySavarixsa Zexus (duplicate)Hand of Yinihortinkaha bartender [Bartender]a vendor [Bartender]`Shifty` Jenkins [Bartender]a silent worshippera soundless devoteea wind archera Di`zok dragoonwraith of a Di`zok heroa Di`zok gravebindera Di`zok invokera Di`zok soldiera Di`zok physiciana Di`zok watchera Di`zok herbalista Di`zok observera Di`Zok guardiana Di`zok seera Di`zok watchmana Di`zok aruspexjudicator of Di`zoka Di`zok myrmidonDi`zok royal guarda Di`zok librariana Di`zok sagesorcerer of Di`zoka Di`zok foremana Di`zok slavedrivera Di`zok overseera Di`zok herb gardenera Di`zok strategista Di`zok warlorda Di`zok evokera Di`zok slavemastera Knight of Innoruuka grol baku taskmasterDespairing Trueborn SoulHead Boiler AkettDragoon V`Retta


Updated Items: Rough Animal PeltSpell: Zephyr: NatimbiShiliskin Myrmidon ShieldLucidemVersluierd FungusDesiccated Zombie DustIce of VeliousWater FlaskUnfinished Brass TrumpetTorchSmall LanternShort BeerRationMuffinMeadLoaf of BreadIron RationBox of Lute StringsBandagesShiliskin Guardian HelmetDeep Water Defender GreavesLesser Shadowspine Rune 

Bestiary Updates: Overseer XygernRolynn B`DivPhilicia DrinnSven DrinnJars LegolaPeltin FunterMagus ZeirMagus TiraMagus ArindriMagus DelinMagus JeriraMagus WenlaKutin PyskarQuaria SeybinTecan ChriscobarWuria PyskarMagus ReleuaTann CellusMagus PellenSlave RegertZepin WinsleRell OstodlJessup Stormwind [Quests]Fandl ArathinSlubberNedaria DebeianViar JolerdarBunk Odon


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