EQ Update #19 and Summer, Summer, Summer Stuff!

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Here are the updates for the past week+.

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Also starting today, Daybreak activated some cool stuff for us in game. Check it out!





Summer Spectacular!

Summer is here, the days are long, and that means it's time to celebrate. Start your July off right with in-game bonuses, member gifts, and deals! Everything begins July 1, 2019:

Bonus Rewards!

  • All XP, faction, and rare drop rewards will be increased by 76%.

Member Gifts!

  • Log in to claim your two timely and celebratory familiars: the Metamorph Totem: Murikaglider and the Metamorph Totem: Cernerder'Eh Murkglider. Look for these in your reward window once you log in. Members only.

Heritage Crates Return!

  • Make sure you check out the Marketplace, because the spectacular is a special opportunity to catch up on any of the Heritage Crates you might have missed. ALL Heritage Crates are back in the Marketplace throughout the event.

The Summer Spectacular begins at 12PM PT (noon) on July 1, 2019, and ends at 12PM PT (noon) on July 8, 2019.



Updated Items: Ondine Plate Wrist OrnamentOndine Plate Legs OrnamentOndine Plate Helm OrnamentOndine Plate Hands OrnamentOndine Plate Feet OrnamentOndine Plate Chest OrnamentOndine Plate Arms OrnamentOndine Leather Wrist OrnamentOndine Leather Legs OrnamentOndine Leather Helm OrnamentOndine Leather Hands OrnamentOndine Leather Feet OrnamentOndine Leather Chest OrnamentOndine Leather Arms OrnamentOndine Cloth Wrist OrnamentOndine Cloth Robe OrnamentOndine Cloth Legs OrnamentOndine Cloth Helm OrnamentOndine Cloth Hands OrnamentOndine Cloth Feet OrnamentOndine Cloth Chest OrnamentOndine Cloth Arms OrnamentOndine Chain Wrist OrnamentOndine Chain Legs OrnamentOndine Chain Helm OrnamentOndine Chain Hands OrnamentOndine Chain Feet OrnamentOndine Chain Chest OrnamentOndine Chain Arms OrnamentKobold MeatBamboo Tanto Bo 

Updated Quests: Achievement: Autumn Appreciation Bonus '17Achievement: Autumn Appreciation Bonus '16Summer Appreciation Bonus '18 (0 Points) 

Bestiary Updates: Guard GruilkaGuard ShiznakShardwingGirgak the BloodyBrilliant Jade [Raid Merchant]Blar Gurin



Updated Items: Banner Dye Kit: Shiny Regal DyeBanner Dye Kit: Brilliant Exquisite DyeBanner Dye Kit: Dull Fine DyeBanner Dye Kit: Shiny Fancy DyeBanner Dye Kit: Brilliant Ornate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Dull Elaborate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Shiny Elegant DyeBanner Dye Kit: Brilliant Extravagant Dye ; Banner Dye Kit: Dull Formal DyeBanner Dye Kit: Lustrous Regal DyeBanner Dye Kit: Sharp Magnificent DyeBanner Dye Kit: Sharp Simple DyeBanner Dye Kit: Vibrant Fine DyeBanner Dye Kit: Lustrous Fancy DyeBanner Dye Kit: Sharp Intricate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Vibrant Elaborate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Lustrous Elegant DyeBanner Dye Kit: Sharp Embroidered DyeBanner Dye Kit: Vibrant Formal DyeBanner Dye Kit: Dull Regal DyeBanner Dye Kit: Shiny Exquisite DyeBanner Dye Kit: Brilliant Magnificent DyeBanner Dye Kit: Brilliant Simple DyeBanner Dye Kit: Dull Fancy DyeBanner Dye Kit: Shiny Ornate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Brilliant Intricate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Dull Elegant DyeBanner Dye Kit: Shiny Extravagant DyeBanner Dye Kit: Brilliant Embroidered DyeBanner Dye Kit: Vibrant Regal DyeBanner Dye Kit: Lustrous Exquisite DyeBanner Dye Kit: Sharp Fine DyeBanner Dye Kit: Vibrant Fancy DyeBanner Dye Kit: Lustrous Ornate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Sharp Elaborate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Vibrant Elegant DyeBanner Dye Kit: Lustrous Extravagant DyeBanner Dye Kit: Sharp Formal DyeBanner Dye Kit: Dull Exquisite DyeBanner Dye Kit: Shiny Magnificent DyeBanner Dye Kit: Shiny Simple Dye ; Banner Dye Kit: Brilliant Fine DyeBanner Dye Kit: Dull Ornate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Shiny Intricate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Brilliant Elaborate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Dull Extravagant DyeBanner Dye Kit: Shiny Embroidered DyeBanner Dye Kit: Brilliant Formal DyeBanner Dye Kit: Sharp Regal DyeBanner Dye Kit: Vibrant Exquisite DyeBanner Dye Kit: Lustrous Magnificent DyeBanner Dye Kit: Lustrous Simple DyeBanner Dye Kit: Sharp Fancy DyeBanner Dye Kit: Vibrant Ornate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Lustrous Intricate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Sharp Elegant DyeBanner Dye Kit: Vibrant Extravagant DyeBanner Dye Kit: Lustrous Embroidered DyeBanner Dye Kit: Brilliant Regal DyeBanner Dye Kit: Dull Magnificent DyeBanner Dye Kit: Shiny Fine DyeBanner Dye Kit: Brilliant Fancy DyeBanner Dye Kit: Dull Intricate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Shiny Elaborate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Brilliant Elegant DyeBanner Dye Kit: Dull Embroidered DyeBanner Dye Kit: Shiny Formal DyeBanner Dye Kit: Sharp Exquisite DyeBanner Dye Kit: Vibrant Magnificent DyeBanner Dye Kit: Vibrant Simple DyeBanner Dye Kit: Lustrous Fine DyeBanner Dye Kit: Sharp Ornate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Vibrant Intricate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Lustrous Elaborate DyeBanner Dye Kit: Sharp Extravagant DyeBanner Dye Kit: Vibrant Embroidered DyeBanner Dye Kit: Lustrous Formal DyeBanner Dye Kit: Dull Simple DyeBanner Material Kit: Wood Elf CanvasBanner Material Kit: Werewolf EssenceBanner Material Kit: Vah Shir CanvasBanner Material Kit: Troll CanvasBanner Material Kit: Teir`Dal CanvasBanner Material Kit: Sporali EssenceBanner Material Kit: Spirits EssenceBanner Material Kit: Skeleton EssenceBanner Material Kit: Scarecrow EssenceBanner Material Kit: Scaled EssenceBanner Material Kit: Orc EssenceBanner Material Kit: Ogre CanvasBanner Material Kit: Krup EssenceBanner Material Kit: Imp EssenceBanner Material Kit: Iksar CanvasBanner Material Kit: Human CanvasBanner Material Kit: High Elf CanvasBanner Material Kit: Halfling CanvasBanner Material Kit: Half Elf CanvasBanner Material Kit: Guktan CanvasBanner Material Kit: Goblin EssenceBanner Material Kit: Gnome CanvasBanner Material Kit: Frostbone EssenceBanner Material Kit: Focus of RecoveryBanner Material Kit: Focus of ExtensionBanner Material Kit: Focus of ConservationBanner Material Kit: Focus of Benefit ExtensionBanner Material Kit: Focus of Benefit ConservationBanner Material Kit: Focus of Benefit AlacrityBanner Material Kit: Focus of AngerBanner Material Kit: Focus of AlacrityBanner Material Kit: Fiery EssenceBanner Material Kit: Fae EssenceBanner Material Kit: Erudite CanvasBanner Material Kit: Evil Eye EssenceBanner Material Kit: Earthen EssenceBanner Material Kit: Dwarven CanvasBanner Material Kit: Drybone EssenceBanner Material Kit: Drakkin CanvasBanner Material Kit: Discipline of SharpshootingBanner Material Kit: Discipline of PreventionBanner Material Kit: Discipline of FerocityBanner Material Kit: Discipline of EvasionBanner Material Kit: Discipline of CleaveBanner Material Kit: Barbarian CanvasBanner Material Kit: Aura of the DeadBanner Material Kit: Aura of WisdomBanner Material Kit: Aura of VigorBanner Material Kit: Aura of VengeanceBanner Material Kit: Aura of StrengthBanner Material Kit: Aura of Stamina ; Banner Material Kit: Aura of SkinspikesBanner Material Kit: Aura of ReplenishmentBanner Material Kit: Aura of PoisonBanner Material Kit: Aura of ManaBanner Material Kit: Aura of MagicBanner Material Kit: Aura of IntelligenceBanner Material Kit: Aura of HealthBanner Material Kit: Aura of FrostBanner Material Kit: Aura of FlameBanner Material Kit: Aura of FaeruneBanner Material Kit: Aura of EnduranceBanner Material Kit: Aura of DiseaseBanner Material Kit: Aura of DexterityBanner Material Kit: Aura of CorruptionBanner Material Kit: Aura of ClarityBanner Material Kit: Aura of CharismaBanner Material Kit: Aura of CelerityBanner Material Kit: Aura of AgilityBanner Material Kit: Aqueous EssenceBanner Material Kit: Aery EssenceFellowship Registration InsigniaFellowship Lumber Bundle: Red ElmFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Brown AlderFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Green Maple ; Fellowship Lumber Bundle: Red FirFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Brown BriarwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Green OakFellowship Lumber Bundle: Red SandalwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Brown IronwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Red RosewoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Brown CedarFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Green EbonwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Yellow ElmFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Green AlderFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Brown AshFellowship Lumber Bundle: Yellow FirFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Green BriarwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Brown TeakFellowship Lumber Bundle: Yellow SandalwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Green IronwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Yellow RosewoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Green CedarFellowship Lumber Bundle: Red AlderFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Brown MapleFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Green AshFellowship Lumber Bundle: Red BriarwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Brown OakFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Green TeakFellowship Lumber Bundle: Red IronwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Red CedarFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Brown Ebonwood ; Fellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Brown ElmFellowship Lumber Bundle: Yellow AlderFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Green MapleFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Brown FirFellowship Lumber Bundle: Yellow BriarwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Green OakFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Brown SandalwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Yellow IronwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Brown RosewoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Yellow CedarFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Green EbonwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Green ElmFellowship Lumber Bundle: Red MapleFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Brown AshFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Green FirFellowship Lumber Bundle: Red OakFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Brown TeakFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Green SandalwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Green RosewoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Red Ebonwood ; Fellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Brown AlderFellowship Lumber Bundle: Yellow MapleFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Green AshFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Brown BriarwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Yellow OakFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Green TeakFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Brown IronwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Brown CedarFellowship Lumber Bundle: Yellow EbonwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Brown ElmFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Green AlderFellowship Lumber Bundle: Red AshFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Brown FirFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Green BriarwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Red TeakFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Brown SandalwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Green IronwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Brown RosewoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Light Green CedarFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Green Elm ; Fellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Brown MapleFellowship Lumber Bundle: Yellow AshFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Green FirFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Brown OakFellowship Lumber Bundle: Yellow TeakFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Green SandalwoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Green RosewoodFellowship Lumber Bundle: Dark Brown EbonwoodFellowship Kit: Aura of EnduranceFellowship Kit: Aura of Benefit AlacrityFellowship Kit: Aura of StrengthFellowship Kit: Aura of FlameFellowship Kit: Erudite EssenceFellowship Kit: Troll EssenceFellowship Kit: Aqueous EssenceFellowship Kit: Drybone EssenceFellowship Kit: Aura of ReplenishmentFellowship Kit: Aura of AngerFellowship Kit: Aura of CleaveFellowship Kit: Aura of DexterityFellowship Kit: Aura of DiseaseFellowship Kit: Halfling EssenceFellowship Kit: Guktan EssenceFellowship Kit: Beholder EssenceFellowship Kit: Goblin EssenceFellowship Kit: Aura of VigorFellowship Kit: Aura of Benefit ConservationFellowship Kit: Aura of EvasionFellowship Kit: Aura of CharismaFellowship Kit: Teir`Dal EssenceFellowship Kit: Iksar EssenceFellowship Kit: Aery EssenceFellowship Kit: Scarecrow EssenceFellowship Kit: Scaled EssenceFellowship Kit: Aura of FaeruneFellowship Kit: Aura of SkinspikesFellowship Kit: Aura of ExtensionFellowship Kit: Aura of StaminaFellowship Kit: Aura of FrostFellowship Kit: Gnome EssenceFellowship Kit: Vah Shir EssenceFellowship Kit: Spirits EssenceFellowship Kit: Frostbone Essence ; Fellowship Kit: Aura of ManaFellowship Kit: Aura of RecoveryFellowship Kit: Aura of FerocityFellowship Kit: Aura of IntelligenceFellowship Kit: Aura of CorruptionFellowship Kit: High Elf EssenceFellowship Kit: Drakkin EssenceFellowship Kit: Imp EssenceFellowship Kit: Sporali EssenceFellowship Kit: Aura of CelerityFellowship Kit: Aura of AlacrityFellowship Kit: Aura of PreventionFellowship Kit: Aura of MagicFellowship Kit: Dwarven EssenceFellowship Kit: Ogre EssenceFellowship Kit: Fiery EssenceFellowship Kit: Skeleton EssenceFellowship Kit: Aura of HealthFellowship Kit: Aura of the Dead ; Fellowship Kit: Aura of Benefit ExtensionFellowship Kit: Aura of AgilityFellowship Kit: Aura of PoisonFellowship Kit: Half Elf EssenceFellowship Kit: Wood Elf EssenceFellowship Kit: Werewolf EssenceFellowship Kit: Orc EssenceFellowship Kit: Aura of ClarityFellowship Kit: Aura of Conservation ; Fellowship Kit: Aura of SharpshootingFellowship Kit: Aura of WisdomFellowship Kit: Barbarian EssenceFellowship Kit: Human EssenceFellowship Kit: Earthen EssenceFellowship Kit: Krup EssenceFellowship Kit: Fae EssenceFellowship Kit: Aura of VengeanceDusty Soriz Worker PouchShissar FangsDirty Runic PapyrusGrimy Spell ScrollStone of the Shadowed WindsSpiny Great StaffBlack Acrylia ShieldNilitim's Grimoire Pg. 401Stein of Bitter ColdPulsing Frozen HeartBlock of VeliumSmall Piece of VeliumPrestidigitaseGreat Dragon's HeadRubicite OreTome of Battery Rk. IISpell: Summon BandagesFine Sheet of Black OreHearty Goblin BloodFossilized Bone Shard 

New Recipes: Spell: Summon BandagesTome of Battery Rk. II 

Bestiary Updates: skeletal captainBufaQueen RaltaasCrystal EyesOnavaZil SaparaSkrietat`ChaTrillcorThe Needlite QueenThe Brood MasterThe Trog KingGranic Obulusa vas ren cohortZhroushe MezhkazhSpiritcharmer HargortazHigh Priest BloodspearWarlock DirlozDisciple Yelwinzan Ancient AdvocatorBone Trooper GrolinBlood Ritualist TapromStone Seer KaigekHilog Jarsathan asinine apea theatre aficionadoa forsaken handa grimling arch sageExplorer GamusSephorra the Flagger (removed) [Guild Banners]Rhondda the Flagger [Guild Banners]Fellow Wyllie (removed) [Fellowship Vendor]Fellow Bylliea cral ligi warlordVelketor`s Experiment Lena



Updated Items: Lapis LazuliSullied SilkRough Defiant BreastplateRed WineFine Steel TantoMithril AmuletFine Steel WakizashiFine Steel TachiThick SilkMelted Stone CrystalBamboo Splint CoatGrade D Muscimol ExtractWhite WineSteel IngotKobold MeatAlkaline LoamOdd Cold Iron NecklaceReinforced Bamboo Tanto BoRaw Fine HideBamboo Splint VisorFine Steel YariBamboo Splint NeckguardKobold PartsGrade D Gormar VenomReinforced Bamboo Wakizashi BoGrade D Oleander Extract ; MalachiteMakeshift Binding PowderShort BeerShard of Imperceptible PowerFine Steel TonfaReinforced Bamboo BokkenElementary Binding PowderBamboo Splint SkirtThalium OreKobold Shaman's PouchKobold HideBrandyForlorn Totem of Rolfron Zek ; Fine Steel NaginataBamboo Splint SleevesBlood Crusted Burlap CloakBlood Crusted Battle HammerSaltpeterPhosphiteVampire PartsVampire TeethGargoyle EyeGargoyle HeartDeepwater Black DiamondBlackflameDrachnid BloodDrachnid Carapace ; Gargoyle DustDeepwater PearlPearlEternal Grove Plate Legs OrnamentEternal Grove Cloth Arms OrnamentShadowmane TeethVampire BloodVampire HeartFine Steel Long SwordDeepwater Black PearlGargoyle GraniteCoalesced DarknessFire Elemental Animation EssenceFine Animating ForceRusset OxideDeepwater DiamondShimmering Gargoyle DustTome of Scoff Rk. IITome of Reckless Escape Rk. IITome of Pureforge Discipline Rk. IITome of Five Breaths Rk. IITome of Fighting Frenzy Rk. II ; Tome of Field Outfitter Rk. IITome of Daggerswipe Rk. IITome of Bullseye Discipline Rk. IILancer Swordfish FinFractured ShardPlanar Energy ShardGreater DreadmoteVisage of the WildScuffed Weapon Crate of the MercenaryDrake SpineRight Half of The Endless Song Page VILast Diary Page 

Updated Quests: Rings and Things 

New Recipes: Tome of Bullseye Discipline Rk. IITome of Daggerswipe Rk. IITome of Field Outfitter Rk. IITome of Fighting Frenzy Rk. IITome of Five Breaths Rk. IITome of Pureforge Discipline Rk. IITome of Reckless Escape Rk. IITome of Scoff Rk. II 

Updated Recipes: Tome of Last Breath Rk. II (Fine Runic Grimoire)Tome of Last Breath Rk. II (Fine Runic War Doctrine)Tome of Smokeshroud Rk. II 

Bestiary Updates: a ghoul sentinelLord Soptyvra fierce impalerPetcas ColdbeardHurglak the Destroyera highland kobold shamana raging highland koboldProwler of the Junglea mature pandaa slaveAltheaBrendaUr-Floxiz Lochmaula Trueborn destroyera shadowmane healera gargoyle evokera drachnid mesmerizera drachnid deathcallera drachnid destroyerGuardian of the Fourth PrimeGuardian of the Fifth PrimeGuardian of the Sixth Primea Trueborn deathcallera torrid elementala blazing elementalA Gargoyle MagnateA Gargoyle Overseera gargoyleA Trusted Slavea blazing warriorMigglesPit Boss TorgudIxyl the ClaymasterKrondalPurveyor F`Devax [Bartender]an enraged bladefishan armed flyeran enraged bladefish 

Zone Updates: Crushbone (Level 90 - Hardcore Heritage)Nagafen's Lair (Level 100 - Hardcore Heritage)Castle Mistmoore (Level 100 - Hardcore Heritage)



Updated Items: Elemental Curio of Ondine ForceImmortal Curio of Ondine ForceImmortal Corporeal Light ZephyrElemental Corporeal Light ZephyrGolden CenserChampion Cape PatternHurricane Fists 

Updated Quests: Challenger of The Burning Lands (60 Points) 

Bestiary Updates: Kojinn Kaaa challenging goblinRaging ThunderheadZakijaa Wulthan administrator



Updated Items: Noble's CrestHead of Sir Edwin MotteWeak Larkspur ExtractRingmail GlovesRingmail SkirtHuman BloodHuman FleshSteel IngotHunting BowHigh Elf PartsHigh Elf FleshTacky SilkRusty DaggerSilvril OreRusty Short SwordLongbowArrowCrude SteinBronze Two Handed HammerBronze Two Handed Battle AxeBronze Two Handed SwordCorrupted Shissar BattlehammerCorrupted Shissar BowCorrupted Shissar ClaidhmoreCorrupted Shissar DaggerCorrupted Shissar Knight's SwordCorrupted Shissar UlakCorrupted Shissar Warsword 

Updated Quests: Noble HuntersCorrupted Shissar WeaponsTDS Progression #6: Just RecompenseFell Foliage (Raid)End of Empire (Raid)Crypt Robbers (Raid)Drusella's Vault (Raid)The Sathir Line (Raid)Balance of Power (Raid)Hoshkar (Raid)Silverwing and Xygoz (Raid)Talendor (Raid) 

Bestiary Updates: Sir Edwin MotteJyle WindstormJyle WindstormGwynn MarthankRell OstodlTal GodinJars LegolaJars LegolaTann CellusZepin WinslePeltin FunterSylp TyanathinTann CellusZepin WinsleRell OstodlSir Edwin MotteSir Edwin MotteGwynn MarthankHogus DurmasSylp TyanathinPeltin FunterTal Godina wayward kiraikuei



Updated Items: Metallic LiquidFine SilkPeridotFresh OleanderHero PartsFresh CaladiumTungsten OreRhenium OreConsigned Bite of the Shissar XIExcellent SilkExcellent Animal PeltFresh MuscimolEthereal ParchmentFresh LaburnumBrick of Ethereal EnergyStrand of EtherSteel Ingot 

Bestiary Updates: Quartermaster FisanMaster Sergeant Aaramis DarylnAn Animated SoldierA Soldier of MarrA Squad LeaderKatizm BanumBaltron WertersAbalin GoretParalin NotionSergeant Johson PopoahBoluen Aredena Valorian SentryA Valorian GuardJohaan LandroFranzik WellsAn Apprentice CartographerFyking BaerXaven WhiteTaggart HinesSergeant Sikfaun BowahSergeant Amon TillanRylan TragenRegalt TripedesGuardian ReloiosGenii Rolfs



Updated Items: Flawed Defiant Quartz 

Bestiary Updates: Gorul LongshanksCorpsetender XacineBonecruncherRozoth Orbua Green Legion corpsetender peta Green Legion bonecaller peta doomshriek mushroomRul Shadowfanga voidspawn bonefiendSkullrend



Updated Items: Thick SilkWords of the SufferingCrystallized SulfurRubyTruesight HammerAmorphous Selrach's BreastplateAmorphous Selrach's GauntletsAmorphous Selrach's HelmAmorphous Selrach's Leggings 

Bestiary Updates: Estrella of Gloomwatera seahorse matriarchYun Master Arglug [Shaman Guildmaster]Arcanist V`Gimisa hideous ratMojo the TaintedOverseer Dal`guurVicar M`Kari


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Heritage Crrates Are Teh Suq
# Jul 10 2019 at 2:20 PM Rating: Decent
Those heritage crates drop tons of uselessness. I did the Iksar heritage crate. Out of 30, I got 2 pieces of furniture only! The rest was fregging chain, cloth, and plate visuals, that suck.

Then they dropped the price.... a-holes
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