EQ Update #181

Site Updates

New Items: Research Logbook ;  Research Notes ;  Portal Delver's Harness 

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Updated Items: Amorphous Cohort's Boots ;  Matron's Wedding Ring ;  Amorphous Selrach's Breastplate ;  Drachnid Bile ;  Bi'Faak's Silence ;  Bloodling Carapace ;  Amorphous Velazul's Sleeves ;  Amorphous Velazul's Gauntlets ;  Amorphous Velazul's Breastplate ;  Amorphous Velazul's Boots ;  Amorphous Velazul's Wristguard ;  Tsaph Katta Chain Wrist Ornament ;  Tsaph Katta Plate Legs Ornament ;  Amorphous Cohort's Wristguard ;  Celestial Solvent 

Updated Quests: Adventurer's Stone ;  Breakdown in Communication #14: Tacvi ;  Achievement: Wayfarers Brotherhood Emblem ;  Snazlieu #3: Working Overtime ;  TDS Progression #9: Leave No Brother Behind ;  In Defense of Health 

Bestiary Updates: Shalena Roan ;  Guard Calin ;  A Greater Water Elemental ;  Guard Juno ;  a spell research merchant [Research Supplies] ;  The Dreadland Wanderer ;  The Lost Hunter ;  Carpenter Adomnan ;  Gullerback Undying ;  Plaguebringer ;  Zakija ;  Bi`faak the Shadowwalker ;  Delirious Berserker ; Flamewarden Zev`ran ;  Flintikki Peltpile ;  Reese the Rhinopocalypse ;  Watch Captain Hir`roul ;  The Sokokar Matron ;  a drachnid stinger ;  a wurm-scorched skeleton ;  a naturalist ;  Haggle Baron Dry`dn corpse ;  Envoy Amibac ;  Envoy Kalam ;  Envoy Si`karr ;  a greater mudmonster ;  a siege warden ;  a tatterback ape ;  a tatterback gorilla ;  a tracker ;  a vanquished Kromdul ;  an ancient tatterback ;  an ash dauber ;  an unmounted harrier ;  The Incarnate Droga ;  an ornate chest ;  a spell research merchant [Research Supplies - Female] ;  a spell research merchant [Research Supplies - Male] ;  High Praetor Lcea Katta [Representative of Tsaph] ;  a disturbed ancestor


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to many visible updates caused Lag
# Nov 30 2016 at 10:50 AM Rating: Good
to many visible updates caused Lag
# Nov 29 2016 at 11:30 PM Rating: Decent
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I miss the updates not being behind a link.
# Nov 30 2016 at 11:38 AM Rating: Excellent
bigkid wrote:
I miss the updates not being behind a link.

The lag is generated by our browsers. Chrome, firefox, opera, edge or whatever browser you are using can only process so many links in a short amount of time. The browser has to parse all those links. So when we had posted a large amount of updates, it seemed like the site was lagging pulling up the front page. When actually the browser was still processing all the links and then would display the front page. So we decided to have updates back behind links to cut out all of that lag.
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