PST Episode 128

Lore brings you a super-sized final episode of PST


It's almost time for Josh "Lore" Allen to make his move to Irvine and join the community team at Blizzard. Somehow amidst getting ready to move to California and all of the other things he needs to wrap up before starting the new job, he's found time to record more shows.

As this week's episode of PST is Lore's last episode of the show, he's brought us a super-sized video with an hour's worth of questions.

It's another excellent episode as usual, but it is a bit sad to remember there won't be any more PSTs from Lore. Aside from him being another part of ZAM, Lore's one of the guys I followed in the earlier days of Tankspot back when I was learning how to properly tank instead of muttering "Eh, this sounds right". Yes, we'll still hear from him on Twitter and on the WoW forums, but that's not quite the same as watching the shows every week.

There is a glimmer on the horizon though, keep an eye out for some very exciting announcements coming to the official ZAM YouTube channel very soon.

Michael "Ragar" Branham

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