Coin Drop Ability to be Discontinued

This was posted over at the developer's corner: There are a number of scams out there where nefarious inviduals attempt to get people to perform a series of operations that results in the victim unknowingly dropping their coin on the ground. In order to help our players avoid these scams, we're taking action in the patch on Tuesday [note -- the patch is actually Wednesday]. We first considered popping up a confirmation box when attempting to drop coin on the ground, however upon reflection we could not determine a reason why anyone would want to do this, except perhaps when attempting to "self-trade" items and coin between characters. However dropping things on the ground is as you can imagine an extremely unsafe and unsupported way to trade items, and has created more headaches for players and our CS staff than it has done them good. To that end, beginning on Tuesday the dropping of coinage will no longer be allowed by the client. Players will of course still be able to destroy it if they wish, for instance, to releave themselves of unwanted copper. We look forward to hearing your comments. If there are any reasons that dropping coinage should be allowed that we haven't thought of, please reply and let us know.


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We couldn't think of a reason?
# Oct 09 2002 at 9:32 PM Rating: Good
I believe this nerf was supposed to stop the scam at Shady's fire in the Ro tunnel. Seller auctions expensive item for oh, twenty thousand and stand next to the fire. Buyer is told seller is too lagged to open a trade window, would he please do it? Buyer drops twenty thousand pp onto seller but the trade window doesn't open; instead, money falls onto the ground. Seller snaps it up before buyer even knows what's going on, then tells buyer 'I didn't see no money drop. Dood, petition them bums. They owe you twenty thousand plat.'

No trade, no record; Verant now has a very dissatisfied customer who thinks they owe him because they had a bug. And as a matter of fact, it was a bug of Verant's.

But it was easier for them to do this than it was to fix the bug.

What gets me is their statement, "We first considered popping up a confirmation box when attempting to drop coin on the ground, however upon reflection we could not determine a reason why anyone would want to do this..." Monks (and a lot of others) hated this change, but apparently Verant never asked people for input, since they couldn't think of a reason.
this is BS
# Apr 19 2002 at 10:55 AM Rating: Decent
First of all i've been looking for a place to post a note on this for about a few months.

I have one question: Y the hell did they do this?

there answer was becuase some people were scaming poor newbies, well what about the people that use this to a more noble end, i used to drop trials of 1 gold for newbies to find and keep as a little helping hand. (not to metion twinking over cash for spells to a broke character). Now i have to buy items and sell them with the other character which i loss money over that method!

I personnally think this is just a bunch of d***ed B***-S***, VI please reenable coin-drop
its too valuable not to.
no-drop coinage
# Feb 25 2002 at 9:21 AM Rating: Default
This is just another limp-wristed patch that hampers the many to fix a rare problem caused by a few -- and being an evil character is role-playing too, is it not ?
#Anonymous, Posted: Jan 14 2002 at 4:23 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) For caster they could to allow a 2. spot for b. near a bank.So once gated one get opt. to take 1. or 2. spot And perhaps even make the bank area unacc. for travel so they had to gate back to spot 1 and only be capa. of bank.
RE: Enable gate
# Mar 08 2002 at 11:46 AM Rating: Decent
#Anonymous, Posted: Jan 14 2002 at 4:23 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) For caster they could to allow a 2. spot for b. near a bank.So once gated one get opt. to take 1. or 2. spot And perhaps even make the bank area unacc. for travel so they had to gate back to spot 1 and only be capa. of bank.
Trust in...
# Dec 21 2001 at 10:49 AM Rating: Good
I trust in Verant's judgement even though it may seem a little ackward. Doesn't really hurt anyone, but twinkers and perhaps the few newbies who stumble across a group of high levels. *remembers the druid/kiting issue and the Enchanter/Religion issue that was "left" uns*
And to all who complain: A good action to protest would be to quit, or start a newbie enchanter and have him reach level 8. Take him to a crowded zone and start casting sentinal multiple times and cause massive lagdeath. Low Guk Entrance and perhaps other parts of the level as well would be a good place to do this. It would attract attention I believe. Also start a bunch of barbarians(good faction) and barricade the entrance to Qeynos or some other major newbie city.
EQ is not a utopian society (or atleast not designed to be).
RE: Trust in...
# Apr 19 2002 at 10:58 AM Rating: Default
I like the barbarian idea, better yet, an army of barbarians barricades almost ever town in the game, that would really get verant's attention about this issue!!!!

One angry character
Trust in...
# Dec 21 2001 at 10:41 AM Rating: Decent
Whine, whine, whine
# Dec 12 2001 at 9:09 PM Rating: Good
Every time something changes it's always EVIL VERANT out to get us. They made money no-drop, OH NO! If you want to get rid of it, destroy it! What's really the difference? Sure, as a newbie I've picked up money lying on the ground and it has helped, but like someone said earlier, I got just as much selling off bone chips to the necros out there, plus the exp.

About moving stuff from one person to another... Is it really so hard to ask someone to hold it? I mean really, if you're playing the game as intended to be, then you will have numerous friends to ask! If you've been a troll, (Idiot, not literal troll) then yeah, you've got no friends. People have to learn to trust, people have to become trustable. This change, I guess might point out that fact more than ever now.

I've also killed greenies that had over 500 copper on them as well, from someone dropping the money on them as they were going by. I like that as a surprise, at least you make people work for it.
My 2cp
# Dec 09 2001 at 12:15 AM Rating: Default
EQ isn't really fun anymore without twinking. The game had gotten boring for me, endless search for xp and loot and at 30 druid hell, it didn't seem worth it.I didn't really start havin a lotta fun til I used my druid's resources to twink a lil DE SK. Sweet armor, wurmy, MM shield for the look of it :), plus spells? Hehe at 20 I became a lil badass ;). Next thing I knew I was leveling with ease and havin a lotta fun kickin some PK butt (welcome to the raging war that is Vallon Zek hehe). The game seemed worth playin again. At least til this whole Luclin thing. Seems with this new expansion I can't get in, something about my 3D device (which is enabled). Oh well, maybe its for the best, Verant just doesn't care about the players as RL people,and maybe its time I moved on.
oh please.,...
# Dec 04 2001 at 10:49 AM Rating: Default
Look...if your character has enough money to support a twink should be at a point where you have friends to help you out with it anyway. Hire a newbie to twink if you don't have a friend..gees. Deal with the situation, instead of crying about it. As far as the copper, silver situation...maybe a filter that stops the picking up of such items should be considered. If considering not playing because you can't drop coin, good...You're usually the greedy loot grabber that I usually don't like adventuring with anyway....Deal with it.
RE: oh please.,...
# Dec 04 2001 at 2:27 PM Rating: Default
Actually, "oh please..." poster, a lot of us want the ability to transfer money between our characters with ease because we DON'T like being loot grabbers. As long as our high lvl players can fund all our needs, we can enjoy the game without stress over loot and money. We paid our dues, now we get the reward.

And of course we have friends we could hand stuff off to. It's just htat usually the friends are not just hanging out ready to assist you, they're off in Norrath having their own adventures, and everytime I want to pass some money between my 8 characters on Luclin Server, I don't want to have to pull them away from what they're doing.

Scams exist in every society, even virtual ones. The answer is for users to get smart to them, not to modify the world and punish everyone.
RE: oh please.,...
# Dec 07 2001 at 1:25 PM Rating: Default
I agree with what you say about "oh please" but there is solution for everything. Like instead of getting mad over not being able to drop money find ways around it. Like, buying the items for your alt characters and dropping the items instead of the dropping $ and then buying it anyway.
Supporters of NO DROP coin:1 -- Players displeased about NO
# Dec 04 2001 at 9:54 AM Rating: Excellent
NO DROP coin supporters:1 -- Displeased or utterly disgruntled players about NO DROP coins: 25 -- Players (out of 26) seriously considering quitting EQ because of this change and others: 3

That's not a good ratio for losing players. 3 out of 26 is very bad considering the revenue generated in a year by a single player.

Dear Verant Interactive,
You, as the EQ staff, have requested ideas as to why this NO DROP coin change should not be implemented, despite having already done it. I will provide a brief summary and add some of my own thoughts.

You (V.I.) say this change was implemented to prevent scams performed by mischievious players on the gullable, young or simply new. And also due to petitions such as "I was self trading items and they poofed".

For the self trade petitions I would say they are few since even as a newbie common sense brought me to the conclusion that droping items or coin for self trade was very unsafe. Anyone doing this would not attempt it with a sum of coin/items that is truely significant to them. And if they lose it they know it was a risk and take a gulp and walk on. For those few that do petition, a simple 5 seconds to type "That is truely unfortunate, but you chose to drop you coin to the ground with no garantee that it would remain there. There is nothing that can be done. Safer travels to you" is not much trouble.

As for scams, there are two types. Sleigh of hand and game bugs. Sleigh of hand is misleading people into buying junk or switching items such as cloth gloves for the silver chitin handwraps they are supposed to be selling. If people get conned for doing such it is their fault for not using their head and being careful. After all this is a role play environment, and rogues, amoung other thieves, do exist in EQ. There are also game bugs such as trading on top of fire pits resulting in coin droping to the ground, only to be quickly snatched up by the person aware of the bug and using it to their mischivious advantage. THIS is the problem that should either 1: be corrected in the game code itself so it cant happen or 2: alternately invest the time and money to hiring more GMs to deal with petitions about scammers, somehow tracking the money lost, reinbursing the victim since they are paying for the game and shouldnt lose all they have due to a game bug, then proceeding to ban the person knowingly abusing faults in the game which is the action explicitely outlined in your EULA. But fixing game bugs we pay money NOT to be subjected to would be the obvious prefered course of action. Not quick-fix work-arounds, especialy a fix like this that inconviniences so many people. There are several free mutiplayer real time games on the net that, though less complex, experience such troubles and have a hard time fixing all bugs, keeping multiple servers running smoothly 24hours a day etc. But part of the reason people pay for this game is expecting as smooth a ride as is technicaly possible, expecting their money to actualy be paying to solve the minor issues as well as the big ones.

Now that I have presented my opinions as to why the reasons you outline as being why this change was implemented are faulty... I, and others, feel that there were other considerations in your plan of action. Not being able to drop coins eliminates the non-trackable sale of EQ coin for real money which is very much a concern of V.I. and rightly so. I feel you change with all it's great inconviniences will greater serve to further displease customers and add to the stack of things that will eventualy make us leave. Nothing is perfect and there will always be problems. That is acceptable and even though I pay for two accounts myself I dont expect flawlessness in the game. But it's in how you handle the problems and how well you listem to your customers that determines who stays and who clicks "Cancel Account".

Now for the reasons to restore dropable coins in EQ.
1. Monks! This change has presented the most trouble to this class as they cannot carry the weight and a 4 step process to dump the extreme amount of small change dropped by all mobs is inconvinient if not at times deadly.
2. Casters, especialy true casters with their low strength. With "A/S on" groups this means unloading very often. And casters under lvl 35 have difficulty finding time for such a complicated proccess as every second of meditation is usualy essential to do your good part in the group.
3. Countless fist time low level folks benefit greatly from running around gathering 100s of silver to buy spells or that dwarven axe being auctioned for on 10pp! A happy newbie means a long term customer because they wont be thinking "this takes way too long, I cant lvl because I dont have any items and keep dieing" and quit their account after 10 hours of play. If a newbie gets a neat item like shinny brass shield early on, they become exstatic and dont even worry about dieing a lot.

Any ONE of these reasons alone should be enough to leave EQ coin dropable. You should concern yourself with the real problem of fixing the bugs that cause scams and accidental loss of coin. And if your reason for making coin NO DROP is concerns about EBaying coin, well... in my opinion you quick fix will cause V.I. much more problems from revenue loss of players leaving than anything else.

And they will leave, because there are many problems and quick fixes make for poor customer service and depreciation of the company and the game. To mention only one of your quick fixes, all the horrible pathing problems in many zones for pet classes which simply cant use pets effectively in dungeons was "fixed" by simply giving mages a summon pet spell. And they still are not allowed pets in most raid situations no matter how skilled they are at handling their companions. Fix the problems at the core. It is an big task, but one that must be done, however slowly, to keep your customers.

Use the no drop coin solution until you can fix coin bug/scam problems which has been present since I started playing, or at least make the no drop thing an option or only active in merchant zones. But I cant give you more than a month to revert back to the original ability to drop coin without frowning. Might be hard at the present time with the release of SoL expansion and the problems that are more than likely expected with its comming. But dont put this one on the bottom shelf.

I hope this post serves to not only address this coin issue, but also to change the way V.I. treats its customers and their ideals of an "appropriate solution" in dealing with problems. I would be with you Verant in being patient with all the problems until they are fixed, and I DO often advocate for you and GMs to other players saying "it's not that easy" or "there are many things to do, they cant do everything instantly", but your quick fixes and ignoring of crucial issues only shows poor dedication to the players who are sooo dedicated to your great product. [Product: 4.8 of 5 -- GM/In-game Service: 4.2 out of 5 -- Development/Technical Service: 2.7 of 5 :-/ ]

Quellious Server
Taking it way to seriously
# Dec 20 2001 at 1:15 AM Rating: Decent
Whoa, not much of a change, It's the same number of steps as dropping first of all, and i really dont care about the whole thing. Newbies don't need us to drop copper and sp for em when now its easy for anyone to make qucik cash. If theyre a human, run to Surefall, pick up some mail, then run back to Qeynos, or go to erudin or WK, u'll get the equivalent of 500 copper and still have the ability to walk because its only 5 gold. Shut up, god. However, i DO agree that its fun to become little bags, but just drop wolf meat or sumthing. No biggie.

Mannaa Draynn
12 Chanty
RE: Supporters of NO DROP coin:1 -- Players displeased about
# Dec 04 2001 at 7:13 PM Rating: Good
16 posts
Valmeria -

I also agree with your post. Although I can see what VI is attempting to do, I definitely think that it is overkill on a problem that may not be a problem at all. What next? To prevent scams on other items being traded, are we going to prevent other items from being dropped as well?

Another reason I like to drop coin is for my enchanter. It is fun to drop a coin, cast minor illusion so you look like the coin, then pick the coin back up. Its a great way to hide, and I enjoy people trying to pick me up :).
RE: Supporters of NO DROP coin:1 -- Players displeased about
# Dec 04 2001 at 3:09 PM Rating: Default
Great Post. I agree with eveything. Being a lvl 18 Mage. Str is aways a n issue and being over weight is a Detriment.

RE: Supporters of NO DROP coin:1 -- Players displeased about
# Dec 04 2001 at 3:05 PM Rating: Default
Great Post. I agree with eveything. Being a lvl 18 Mage. Str is aways a n issue and being over weight is a Detriment.

# Dec 03 2001 at 7:26 AM Rating: Decent
Has anyone here even thought of how this affects monks?

I for one always drop all my silver copper and sometimes a good deal of my gold. You have to understand how much weight that crap builds up if some idiot in your group cant figure out that he has A/S on and wont turn it off.

Now instead of just click and drop I am forced to destroy it as the fastest means of dropping weight. Gimmee a break Verant.
Too Late
# Dec 02 2001 at 6:27 PM Rating: Good
12 posts
Get real people, if they REALLY were going to give us a say so on this unneeded change, then they would have asked BEFORE they did it. They will not go back to the old way now...all they will say is this is the way it is, it has been this way for however with it. Besides, there is not a better game out there, oh...wait, um I keep hearing about that DAoC which is said to be better....but I don't want to start on that rant.

I tend to believe some of the other posts that say this is not for the reason they stated. I am leaning toward the belief that they changed it so they can track strange trades (ie. ebay trades) and soon everything will not be allowed to be placed on the ground.

Besides, if you don't want any copper don't pick it up from the corpses...oh wait, YOU DON'T HAVE THAT CHOICE (disclaimer: I am by NO means saying I would want to click on the money to get it off the corpse, but maybe have an option that you can modify, via check boxes, so you only pick up, or get from auto-splits, plat and gold leaving the silver and copper on the corpse for someone else. This of course would only come into play later on in the game since you need all you can get at the start.)

But who am I kidding, they will do what they want since there is nothing we can do about it.
# Dec 01 2001 at 3:25 PM Rating: Decent
As a paying customer of Verant's for almost two years, I would much prefer to have game bugs fixed, class balancing issues taken care of, etc and whatnot rather than having my money spent on time paying programmers to change what is not a bug or improvement, but rather what is inconvenient to the majority of all players in the game in order to please a few foolish folks.
A LOT of heavy MOBs out there now
# Dec 01 2001 at 1:14 AM Rating: Excellent
316 posts
Since I cannot drop the copper and (sometimes silver), I look for another player who could want it. When I cannot find one, I throw it up in the trade window and dump it off on a passing green mob.

I reckon some low-level players killing Gnoll Pups and Decaying Skeletons in North Qeynos and Qeynos Hills are gonna start wondering how the heck those dudes can still be walking around with all that coin on them.
Hair Dryers
# Nov 29 2001 at 9:45 PM Rating: Excellent

Have you ever seen that little tag on hairdryers that have a picture of a bathtub FULL of water, a little image of a hairdryer hovering above it and a HUGE red X over the combined image? Those directions are SO 'important' that the sticker is virtually 'welded' on the cord with some sort of NASA approved adhesive tape.

The saddest bit is that these sorts of warnings are, and I'm not kidding here, needed. There are some individuals who are so blatantly stupid that the idea of saving time drying their hair whilst taking a shower actually sounds good. Granted, for the over all gene pool, it is but from a PETA standpoint… this all sounds bad and scarey.

My point here is that Darwin had a good idea: Let the idiots sort themselves out.

If there is a god in heaven, they will learn from their mistakes, like many of us have, and not NEED a little tag to remind them that taking a shower with a live electrical device, while it might look good when you're in the middle of midterms, tends to come to a rather violent and shocking conclusion.

I must admit that the aforementioned tag is sad, really sad, but to not even sell them the hairdryer because there is this ability??

I feel for CSR's, I really do. Granted, idiocy is rampant in Everquest, as well as in the real world, and there's neither a legal season on the over population of idiots ruining their natural habitats nor law against them breeding but to make an across the board decision like this seems well, to be polite, lacking in common sense… to say the least.

It seems to me that as the result of a few people with less stunning MENSA scores losing their money (VIRTUAL MONEY.. it's not even REAL mind you) you feel the need to set policy for individual gamers who can, and often (note my caveat here) do, use their reasoning faculties.

My issue isn't with the discontinuation of the coin drop ability. Big deal. Get rid of it, keep it, make it into a trade skill for all I care. My issue is with your reasoning.

Let's face it, people who are self-trading are gambling. They're betting that they can relog in time to pick up what they dropped. That EverCrash isn’t going to live up to its name and they are going to quickly become very high and very naked all of the sudden. Dropping is not supported, as it rightly shouldn’t be. I lost around 300 Plat, some really decent armour and weapons but I didn’t complain because it was a gamble. I do feel that in your own defense here you should take a hard-*** line towards this situation. i.e.:

-"I lost all my money! <whine>"

="Did someone scam it out of you?"

-"<whine> No, I dropped it and.."

="Thank you for playing Everquest, you're idiocy has been noted, you're account has been flagged. I see this is the third time you&#8217;ve complained about this. We are sending a 300 pound troll (CSR) over to your house to repeatedly bash you in the head with a mallet, goodbye."

"..but, but.. you can&#8217;t do that!"

=&#8221;Remember that user agreement that you click EVERY time you log on and have yet to read? Well that gives us the right. It also gives us the right to spit in your milk, feed your dog pork and beans as well as force you to watch home movies of my European vacation.&#8221;

-&#8220;No, no. I&#8217;m sorry, I&#8217;ll never..&#8221;


(cries of startlement and the sickly wet sound of a hammer hitting something like a melon over and over again)

As for the scammers.. well, anyone who (this is the part that gets me here) UNKNOWINGLY (?!?!) gives someone else their money should learn after only one experience that this is a bad idea and to do it again will earn them a visit from the Ogre that plugs up your bathroom facilities and leaves without telling you. Or at the very least a level 30 druid who's REALLY sick of all the bloody jokes about being a tree hugger.

RE: Hair Dryers
# Dec 04 2001 at 12:54 AM Rating: Default
You are my new best freind.I have been laughing for 5 min.
RE: Hair Dryers
# Dec 04 2001 at 10:00 PM Rating: Decent
I wasn't aware that anyone replied to these let alone actually read them besides myself, thanks. =)
vi are a-holes on purpose
# Nov 29 2001 at 8:02 PM Rating: Default
no drop is the most anti-roleplaying concept i have ever heard of. these game designers have gone too far, and have annoyed me, and a whole lot of other paying customers. and for us there is no alternative. u think daoc will be any different (although they have tried to be nicer in a million different little ways)? why should they, when being scumbags is the current formula for profit.
The other day my friend had severe crash/ld problems, died and lost his body. he petitioned, and the smug gm was too lazy to do anything at all. (note: being arogant to ppl who petition reduces future petitions.) This meant my friend had lost all of his items. not too big a deal, cause he was low level.
Luckily for my friend, no drop does not exist in the real world, and my friend proceeded to cancel his account, and drop the eq trilogy right into the trash. Good work smug gm, another happy gamer. Good work team, you have taken a great game concept and smashed it into the ground.
I too will be quitting this game very soon, but i will be selling my account on EBAY! what's that i hear? my account is nodrop? don't make me laugh, we are not in stalin's russia. this is america verant, and ppl can do what they please with their property. (note: when selling account offer to keep billing and other details the same, that way nothing can be proven).
The only guilt i will feel is selling someone what i feel is an inferior product. but at least i'll be saving them lots of time in boring camps and lvls. and at least the monthly fees they would have paid verant for the privilidge of boring lvls will go to me :). eliminate the middle man, that's the foundation of a healthy economy; and it's what keeps america free.
Wake up ppl, the coin drop was to prevent ppl from selling large amounts of plat. now vi can track trades much better, and if u buy a batwing for 5k, they will prolly ban u. before u could just drop it in a quiet place, and have the client pick it up.
haha verant, in trying to lock ppl into playing for years, you have only driven them away. open your eyes, more than half the ppl posting here despise the management, and have slowly left. It is one thing to be disliked, and u can cry that the person who enforces the rules will always be unpopular, but if you read some of these posts u will see u are downright hated. foul language is evrywhere, and it does not come from immaturity, but intense dislike. out of respect for others i have been polite, but but i cant complain if someone has to vent. (btw if any of you want to do something about this besides whine, post a reply here with ur email --create a hotmail or somethin to avoid spam, and if there is enuff interest ie at least ten ppl, i guarantee a very big difference will be made.
I hope future games will learn a lesson here; there is more to be gained by treating ppl nicely, and creating a fun game for them to play, then ppl will like the idea of playing a game for years. but the idea of listening to all this crap, and the odd encounter with a smug gm, who thinks they are god really puts me off the idea of years. instead i'm thinkin, well i bought the game, might as well play it for a bit, salvage as much enjoyment as possible as fast as possible, and move on.
This is why the interactive world of eq is almost an ebay graveyard, of uber chars that have been previously enjoyed many times, of hideous twinking, and grief playing, because there is nothing to do with the growing angst you get when hearing about verant did this, and verant did that, aren't they nasty?
Well thats my 2cp worth. with any luck ill get enough money from sellin my eq account to buy an xbox. I hear microsoft is a very nice company, that treats everyone fairly, and with respect, so i wont mind giving them my money--even if i am losing $150 usd on the purchase of the console.
# Nov 28 2001 at 7:35 AM Rating: Default
People please! Not be able to drop coin or twink charachters!? Do I not PAY to play this game?
Forgive me, but I don't feel that I should be forced to accept this from Verant, surely there are other things they need to work on that are of importance! Like falling through the lifts at Kelethin, or any of the other numerous bugs. How about you get some staff that knows how to take care of problems, instead of the standard "sorry, nothing I can do" what a bunch of crap. Have a rogue that died in Highpass at gnolls once from falling from the cliff, no big deal except my safe fall is maxed and I had jumped from there a kajillion times before. Well you can guess the answer to my petition. C'mon Verant, we're supposed to all be adults in this your policy terms that we have to accept every time we log an adult i should be able to make my own an adult that is paying your bills you should be listening!
WE hate the truth
# Nov 28 2001 at 2:29 AM Rating: Default
This is stupid my monk has to destry now instead of droppin and helpin someone that need a few hundred cp and sp. anf i have another account and i used to love to mess with people and drop a fewpp and then become the pp wtf Veriant if ya say ya diont support or encourage twenking yet ya made a game wher ya gotta be lev 35 ot get some stupid item that a lev 10 -15 really needs and when ya get to 35 its usless basiclly who ya think ya kiddin like u really give a crap about anything more than server fees and sales of upgrades get a grip ya think were all stupid bite me. Goodlookin #1 that name sint game orintated so if ya usein it loose it and quit your winnin only reason ya ******* is cause ya to stupid ta figure out how ta twink ya just admitted it in you stupid statement try earning a living and shut up and play. Veriant GRATZ you have succceded in creating a subculture of excapist that i am now part of whats tht mom were bing attacked in NY? ahh heck ok <whew thought my isp was gonna go down for a min now that woulda sucked > ( thinkin? pissed ? think im an *** hole ?? GOOD!!! means your thinkin
Stupid reason
# Nov 24 2001 at 10:08 PM Rating: Default
This is supposed to "stop" scams? Don't make me laugh! If you are STUPID enough to drop your money on the ground me because of a scam, you deserve to have it stolen. As for the anti-twinking connection... Anyone doing serious item/money transfers will almost always use a second account to mule it to the other character, or a trusted friend/guildmate. All this does is waste the time of the development team, and annoy the players (Chanters and monks anyone?). Rather than disable it, they should add a confirmation box, default on, to the options where coin drops are concerned. Although, that's only if they do anything at all do it, and I don't think they should.
Let the people lose there coins...
# Nov 24 2001 at 5:52 AM Rating: Decent
Hey if you lose your cash cause you allow some other person to confuse you into switching through inventories and money left and right, and dont step back and say... HOLD IT!! let me get this strait... If you cant stick up for yourself, especially over the internet, then you deserve to be ripped. I never realized they did this and its been VERY annoying past week with trying to drop hoards of cash out on the battle fields, but not being able to. I thought i was bugged or something.

Yes... it is annoying to click yes/no to dropping something, but it cant be as annoying as having to pickup the cash and bring it over to the destoy button, then click yes/no to destroying it. Twinking characters is also somewhat of a proble, but in some cases, we twink characters because we have spent years building a character from scratch, so its nice being able to finally go back and solo with a character, and basically just have some crazy fun and not worry about being killed as much. I dont just go around handing out lammies or cobalt armor to just any n00b playin around Halas, no way, i give it to my little twinkie and have some great fun killin in Blackburrow.
no coin drop
# Nov 22 2001 at 1:14 PM Rating: Default
Adding the no-coin-drop "feature" really burns me. I have three sons and we all play EQ on the same account .. each of us has a charactor, on that account. We used to occasionally drop coins as a way of trade between our charactors. I'm sure Varient would rather we each brought our own complete account, but being that we only have one computer in the house, I think that would be a little unrealistic on their part!

Sometimes it seems to me that varient spends more time enforcing arbitrary rules than ensuring that people get what they want for their money. People play games to have fun, not put up with silly things like this.
No reason not to drop
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Give us the confirmation box, with a configuration option to turn it off if we so choose.
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While twinking isn't exactly illegal or forbidden by Verant, it is definitely not encouraged. The idea of making it easier to do (by sharing bank accounts, etc.) seems opposed to the ideal Verant is working towards.

Yes, it happens. BUT that doesn't mean that it ought to be easier. And losing the ability to drop coins isn't really going to hurt people all that much.

I'm with Verant on this one.
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