WoW Blog: RL friends add breath of life to my game

As longtime Allakhazamers might now (or might have read and instantly forgotten), my playtime is constantly on-agaon-off-again. My current sig even states I am off the game right now, looking for jobs (which is true; today is my graduation!). However, I reactivated my account again a couple days ago for the first time in, oh, three months. Why? Two real life friends of my just started World of Warcraft, and finally convinced me to join up with them, even if it was only for a few days.

Was it worth it?So far I can say: YES!

I had forgotten how fun it is to be a newbie, and I'm reliving the experience through them. Of course I get to play the "old hand" role, as I've been playing WoW for more than three years. It was a lot of fun to watch my friend roll a Paladin and not know things I take for granted. Judgment? Had to explain to him what it was... at level 13. Bubbles? He didn't buy the spells because he didn't "see the use in them." Seals? He used Seal of the Crusader "on animals, because attacking faster helps me kill them faster" (I couldn't quite get him to explain why it helped more on animals than on humanoids, but I didn't press too hard).

Meanwhile his girlfriend rolled a rogue, and seeing the simple joy she had from getting immersed in the game made me smile. "Die!" She'd yell as she stabbed stuff, all the while giggling like a maniac. "I'm using this to stab things that I can't stab in real life!" She told me, smiling. That was a little scary perhaps :-P

So I rolled a priest, a class I have never played past level 6 or so. It was a lot of fun, and being the addict/knowing player that I am, in a single night I caught up to them in levels (around 13 or so). I also managed to make 10 gold thanks to knowing what to sell on the AH. I ended up buying them some bags, for which I was thanked profusely, and also bought myself a bunch of green gear which helped my own leveling a lot. It's definitely new... but I'm enjoying priest. I'd like to run the Deadmines with them at some point, but we'll have to see what my playtime is like after graduation.

You see, I'm moving back in with the 'rents, and they... don't condone WoW. To say the least. So I'll only be able to play relatively late at night, when they're already in bed. So again, we'll see how it goes. I justified to my friends by saying "Well, I'm spending $15 for 3 guaranteed days of fun with you both. If I went out drinking each night, I'd spend twice that every single day!"

So my advice to any of you, if you find your gaming a little stale, is to invite some friends in WoW. It might be just what you need to keep the game fresh after all these years!


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RL Friends
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Grats on graduation

For Me it's a never ending struggle. I got my stepson involved, now he is hooked, plays one toon to my 9, has better gear and rubs it in my face. I tell him simply that if he had 9 toons or I had only 1, then things would be WAY different. I am glad he enjoys the game, but for the life of me I can't get my other half to even try it. She says I am addicted, I play way too much, and dont spend time with her. I tell her she could come with the laptop to me, but its hard for me to take my desktop to her. I love the game, have been at it since before release, and am looking foward to yet another MAJOR expansion. From what I have read on Boards and blogs, I am going to have a DK and work him only till he is as good as he can be. This is the plight of someone who enjoys to relax by killing stuff.

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And, all those other things people use in game to say congratulations!!!!!!
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Congrats on your graduation!

I agree 100%! The only reason I play MMOs is to make friends, or play with the RL ones I currently have.
RL Friends
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This entry makes me smile. My husband, who no longer plays, brought me into the game and the second time I logged in I was hooked. Never having played MMORPGs before, I was confused by the game at first - I'd always played solo games - me against the computer. However, it didn't take long to catch on and a new addiction began. I've brought so many friends and family into WoW they are now calling me "The Pusher" because they are all addicted! But what fun is it being addicted to something if you can't share it? LOL

Edited to say - Congratulations on your graduation!

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RL Friends
# Jun 01 2008 at 9:27 AM Rating: Decent
I agree it is very addicting and way better to be addicted to WOW then other things
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