Fabled Planes of Power Lore Parts 18-22

If you like reading up on EQ lore, this one's for you. Here are Parts 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 of the Fabled Planes of Power Lore series from EQLive. These focus on the four elemental planes and the Plane of Time. While this post is text-only, plenty of screenshots can be found in their original EQLive articles:

Part 18: Doomfire, the Burning Lands

The Plains of Doomfire, the Burning Lands, is within the Plane of Fire which is ruled by Fennin Ro, the Tyrant of Fire. Everywhere, volcanic mountains spout lava flows that gather in pools and erupt in geysers. Petrified trees burn eternally, creating a magnificent forest of obsidian pillars and crimson flames.

Upon first entering the reaches of this realm, adventurers find themselves in the Burning Forest at a small camp with various headstones littering the area around the buildings.

Just beyond the obsidian forest is a huge imposing stone wall that is part of large compound of Fennin's loyal soldiers. The Flametongue River flows into an exquisite magma waterfall, feeding the lake below. Rising out the magma lake is a large isle composed of obsidian and black volcanic rock. On this isle, the village of the Jopal Tribe can be found. The Jopal are intelligent elemental creatures native to the plane. A tunnel leads from the island to a dangerous zone where some of Fennin Ro's fiercest guardians are on constant watch.

The river of burning lava lies directly in front of the Compound of Druav. It begins on a hill and weaves it way across the ground before forming into a fiery waterfall that becomes a large lake of lava at the bottom. The compound blocks access to the rest of the Plains of Doomfire. This compound is run under the tight fist of General Druav. Found throughout the compound are various soldiers of Fennin Ro that Druav commands. The general can be found overlooking his men on top in the middle of an overhanging bridge.

Beyond the compound is entrance to an area preceding Phoenix Bridge. This bridge is aptly guarded by planar fire phoenixes and is suspended over a canyon. The guardians are perched on pedestals, their wings hovering above their bodies in readiness to pounce on any intruders. The lake of lava can incinerate anyone foolish enough to try to swim through its burning expanse. The bottom of the canyon has lava flowing through it and contains no visible route of safe passage.

Deep in the lake that is spanned by the Phoenix Bridge is a hidden tunnel filled with lava. This tunnel leads to a large cavern that is home to the great phoenix Firetail. After crossing the bridge it opens up into a rocky plain dotted with lava pools. Within the plains, a large variety of creatures and outposts can be found.

Doomfire Keep is the last bastion of defense that guards the way to Fennin's Palace. The layout of the keep is filled with a few structures including a large tower. The keep has within it a large number of soldiers and fields that are led by the General Reparm and the Arch Mage Yozanni.

The Bridge of Flame is the last obstacle to be traversed along the path to Fennin Ro. It is a long twisting bridge with several platforms. Wandering the bridge and guarding the various platforms are several large fiends. Each platform has a large fiend that oversees that section of the bridge. At the end of the bridge is a giant fiend that guards the entrance to Fennin's Palace.

Fennin's Palace holds his throne room which is a large single chamber room. In this room Fennin and his advisors can be found.

The Fabled

Fennin Ro, Tyrant of Fire
Ruler of the Plane of Fire, Fennin Ro manifests himself as a large, bestial creature of immense, frightful power. Large wings of fire and magma sprout from his broad back, covered in an exoskeleton of obsidian plating lined with magma. He is respected among his peers for his intelligence nd hid fanaticism in preserving his plane, however, when he vents his fury, he is feared by even his fellow greater gods of the elements.

Fennin Ro retains a strong influence on the Wheel of Order and Discord. Of all the greater powers, he has shown the highest interest in the lesser beings of influence and Nature, though his attentions to them have not yet proven to extend far behind the creation of his son, Solusek Ro, who governs the Plane of Sun and Flame.

General Druav Flamesinger
Druav is the leader of the large compound in Doomfire.

Criare Sunmane
Criare is a phoenix on one of the pedestals that guards the Phoenix Bridge.

Jaxoliz Dawneyes
Jaxoliz is a phoenix on one of the pedestals that guards the Phoenix Bridge.

Quavonis Firetail
Firetail is an ancient phoenix of boundless power and intellect. Only Fennin Ro wields more power than he does in the plains.

Babnoxis the Spider Queen
Babnoxis is a giant obsidian lava spider that roams across the lava pools.

Pyronis, the Frog King
King of the frogs within Doomfire, Pyronis is a giant obsidian lava frog that roams the across the lava pools.

Magmaton is a powerful giant magma golem within the lava pools area of the Burning Lands.

Blazzax the Omnifiend
Blazzax is a giant fiend with the Doomfire and can rarely be found.

General Reparm
Reparm co-leads Doomfire Keep with Arch Mage Yozzani.

Arch Mage Yozanni
Yozzani co-leads Doomfire Keep with General Reparm.

Rexanous the Chaoslord
Rexanous is head of the chaos fiends on the Bridge of Flames.

Azobian the Darklord
Azobian is head of the dark fiends on the Bridge of Flames.

Hebabbilys the Ragelord
Hebabbilys is head of the rage fiends on the Bridge of Flames.

Javonn the Overlord
Javonn is head of all fiends on the Bridge of Flames.

Chancellor Traxom
Traxom is a Phoenix Advisor to Fennin Ro.

Chancellor Kirtra
Kirtra is an Arachnid Advisor to Fennin Ro.

Warlord Prollaz
Prollaz is a Fiend Advisor to Fennin Ro.

Omni Magus Crato
Crato is a Fiend Advisor to Fennin Ro.

Part 19: Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind

Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind floats within the Plane of Air. It sits perched atop the material and astral worlds upon clouds of vapor, a collection floating, majestic islands watched over in peace by Xegony, the Queen of Air. The isles are manifestations of Xegony's beauty, made up of idyllic clouds and wondrous places of worship kept by the peaceful guardians of the plane.

All creatures that inhabit the realm were created by Xegony to reflect a gently, eternal beauty, though they have innate ability to call upon the elements to defend themselves when necessary. Almost all of the disciples of Xegony are well-trained in the arcane arts, but they will only use their magical skills if provoked.

The plane itself is a place of wonder, mystery, and challenge. Through the wisdom unknown to anyone of the primal or lesser divine worlds, one may be able to unlock al the secrets that it holds.

Aggression is not welcome in this realm, in keeping with Xegony's desire to remove taint of the warfare and pretty strife to common in the primal and lesser divine worlds. Training does, however, take place in designated areas by those charged with preserving the eternal tranquility and harmony.

Xegony herself has summoned pure elemental beings and placed them in the training grounds due to their inability to feel and their mandate to serve exclusively only those that have called them forth. Elemental beings are viewed as acceptable opponents in combat when engaged in contests to prove one's loyalty to Xegony.

The inhabitants of the Plane of Air are recorded as being majestic, powerful creatures that live to serve their goddess in return for the privilege of being allowed passage and residence upon her plane. In addition, some of the most powerful conjurers have studied in the Plane of Air, seeking arcane knowledge of vapor and air related elementals.

The four floating isles that comprise Eryslai are places of worship and study. Each island contains a main castle. The beings selected to guard and maintain the four houses are highly intelligent, battle-tested, and powerful beyond the comprehension of both mortals and lesser deities. In a mysterious befitting Xegony, what lay behind the castles' walls are unknown to any mortal adventurer and even many of the lesser deities. Many believe that the wisest of Xegony's creations utilize these castles to perform their studies in peace, but, sine mortals are generally not allowed entry, no reliable record can confirm such speculation.

The island containing Xegony herself reflects her fundamental beauty and mystery. Heavy fog and elementals of unimaginable power are though to defend Xegony from anyone foolish enough to take up arms against her. But even those who worship her will find Xegony inaccessible. She has never been known to allow an outsider, even those pure of purpose, to send before her and pay homage to her greatness. It is believed that even many of the great gods who the mortals pay direct allegiance to have been denied her audience. This is the way those closest to The Nameless.

Temple of Vapor
Separated from the regular population, the Temple of Vapor is home to the most skilled creatures in the way of combat. It is in this temple that all races specializing in combat can seek guidance. Air Phoenix nobles and Stormrider champions are the most popular inhabitants of these halls.

Temple of Smoke
The Temple of Smoke is holds the highest-ranking priests and Queztocotal Deacons. It is in these halls that the shaman, cleric and druid are asked to gather knowledge and guidance about their profession. Filled with stacked bookcases and numerous annals it is here that one will go to learn about the ways of the Lifegiver.

Temple of Wind
This temple is the most widely explored and populated area of the Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind. Here adventurers and any residents of air that are willing to learn can study the arcane arts most notably being the ways of the conjurer. All intelligence spellcasters are encouraged to study here to further their knowledge of the elements. The founder and resident Arch Mage of the Wind Temple is Gakamenial Fir`Disralsi, an Air Phoenix.

Temple of Mist
Locked behind what is though to be an impenetrable wall and guarded by the fiercest defenders of Air, the Temple of Mist stands. It is in this castle that the outcasts and prisoners of Xegony are locked for their crimes against the inhabitants of Air. Being the biggest mystery of the Plane of Air, it is thought that many adventurers are deemed to spend eternity there for attempted assaults on the residents of Air.

The Fabled

Xegony, the Queen of Air
Ruler over the Plane of Air, Xegony's angelic manner and appearance grant her the greatest regard, for she is the most delicate and benevolent in her ways. She is also the greatest mystery to the lesser pantheon, never having turned her attentions from the greater wheel of the true elements.

Gentle in her divine beauty, the greater goddess of the Plane of Air embodies a scared tranquility and purity unlike any other being upon the whole expanse of the Planes of Power, rivaling even the tender innocence of Quellious, the child Goddess of Tranquility. An elfin female humanoid in appearance, Xegony's face is strikingly comely in ways which cannot be properly express even by the most since passionate of poets or done justice by the most gifted of sculptors

Xegony is a calm and gently deity who holds neither love nor disdain for the beings of the prime or for their gods of worship. It is her own agenda that concerns and motivates her - the maintenance of a peaceful, tranquil, and harmonious existence. Still, her true essence and purpose exists far beyond the comprehension of her mortal mind.

Queen Silandria
Silandria is the most powerful of Queztocotal high priests in the Temple of Smoke and is very heavily by deadly elementals and air Efreeti called upon to protect her.

Rinturion Windblade
Rinturion is an air Efreeti and is resident champion and founder of the Temple of Vapor

Elemental Masterpiece
The Elemental Masterpiece is one of greatest guardians within the Kingdom of Wind.

Part 20: The Reef of Coirnav

The Reef of Coirnav is a manifested, material presentation of the Plane of Water. It represents a miniscule subsection of the Greater elemental Plane of Water chosen by Triumvirate of Water as their contribution to the mortal's breaching of the astral barrier.

The uppers section of the reef is sprawling with brilliant coral, among which vibrate sea life such as tropical fish, sponges and anemones thrive. Beyond the coast shelf is the vast ocean, where the dangerous predator oddities of the deep lurk.

The Hraquis and Regrua Tribes
Deep within the Reef of Coirnav there is a tribe of fishmen called the Hraquis. The Hraquis are a tribal society ruled over by Ofossaa, a great shaman chieftain. The society is protected by a specially bred race of warrior crustaceans. These creatures, known as the Regrua, are giant crab valued for their brute strength and their ferocious protective nature. They safeguard the Hraquis from danger when they are threatened. The most powerful of the Regrua is Krziik, who has taken the leadership role among the warrior crabs.

The Sash of Irzolis
The mighty crab warrior Irzolis once led the protectors of the Hraquis, the Regrua. There have been tales of powerful artifact that he once used in defending the Hraquis from the encroachment of pillagers during the time of the elemental wars long ago. This artifact is now known as the Sash of Irzolis and it is a belt of extreme power. It is said to grant its wearer legendary combat prowess. Rumors have that when Irzolis first wore the belt during the elemental wars, he slew untold number of his enemies. He was tireless in battle seemingly being everywhere at once during the fighting. Unfortunately even the belt could not save Irzolis.

During one particular nasty round of fighting Irzolis and his crab warriors were outnumbered greatly. Irzolis and his men fought on until only Irzolis was left. He fought on for hours against the innumerable horde of his enemies laying waste to all that came before him. Unfortunately during this he took numerous minor wounds that took their toll upon him. In the end he gave way to a swarm of creatures and thus the sash was lost. There are many faint rumors and legends on the current whereabouts of the sash but at this time they are just that rumors and legends.

The Triloun
Found deeper within the Reef of Coirnav are the Triloun who are servants of the Avatar of Water, Coirnav. They serve their lord by watching over the reef's hatchlings, protecting them from the more aggressive creatures of the sea. Grioihon, an ancient and wise water mephit, is rumored to lead the Triloun.

The Fabled

Coirnav – Avatar of Water
In a timeless past, the Triumvirate of Water had a meeting to discuss the rise and influence of the domain of water. During this meeting, the three greater elemental gods agreed upon the creation of an avatar that would embody the three of them in unity. The creation of a pure, untainted being to represent them equally proved to be an arduous task. A great and demanding ritual was required – one that would be ale to leech a part of each of their essences and combine them into the mind, body and soul of an avatar.

To begin the ritual they used an onzolan crystal, through which they would each poured a small portion of their respective essences. Povar was the first to give his essence, infusing the crystal with the power of vapor – the light, delicate and near intangible state of the pure element. E`ci, the Wintry Guardian, contributed the essence of ice – the absolute solidified state of the pure element. Tarew Marr, the leader of the Triumvirate and Lord of Water and Fathom Lord, was the last contributor, infusing the crystal with the power of water – the most abundant state of the true element. With that part the ritual completed, in unison, they each let loose an awesome display of their divine powers. Through the combined might of these deities, The Avatar of Water, Coirnav was forged.

Coirnav came into being as a small marine creature and was at first very weak. The Triumvirate constructed a special domain of its own to grow in and one day rule. In time, Coirnav developed special powers based on the three forms of water – vapor, ice, and liquid – that was his birthright. More time passed and Coirnav grew to his full form, yet still he laid dormant within his domain, waiting for the time that he would be called upon to fully embody the three.

Ofossaa the Enlightened
Ofossaa is a great shaman chieftain and leader of the Hraquis tribe.

Krziik the Mighty
Krziik is the most powerful of the Regrua and has taken the leadership role among the warrior crabs.

Grioihin the Wise
Grioihon, an ancient and wise water mephit, is rumored to lead the Triloun.

Hydrotha is a large kraken sea monster.

Part 21: Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands

Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands is a representation of all different types of living earth with the Plane of Earth - containing muddy, rocky and heavily wooded areas. Different creatures guarding them each being forged out of their own environment commonly separate these areas. Intelligent plant life is also very common in this realm deriving from the many different types of vegetation that are present in the plane.

The Plane of Earth is home to The Rathe, the consciousness and pure embodiment of the primal element. The terrain of this realm is varied and includes jungles, caverns, muddle lakes, and burrows. The lush, beautiful lands are filled with precious jewels forged by the inherent powers of earth.

The many structures found within the plane are symbolic of The Rathe and the earth element that fuels the plane's existence. These consist of temples built in monumental proportions quite beyond the engineering capabilities of mortal civilizations. Servants of The Rathe Council and other denizens of the plane live in temples.

Among the Rathe's minions are the Vegorogs, large humanoids resembling ores with bodies composed of rotting vegetation, moss, and fungus. Planar scholars claim that the Vegerogs were once ogre solders that were led by their hero Murdunk during the ogre invasion of the Plane of Earth. The Rathe twisted these ogres to become servants of the plane, and cursed them with bodies of vegetation and hearts of solid stone.

Stonegrabber Temple
The Stonegrabbers are bulky rock formations that will posses great strength and agility even though their appearance may cause players to think otherwise. This temple is a sanctuary for some of the more prominent Stonegrabbers and it is believed that those that inhabitant this temple have earned a spot here by being particularly skilled in the ways of battle.

Muddite Temple
It is here that the Mudwalkers of Earth call their primary home. Although many of the muddites wander throughout the realm, it is here that the toughest and eldest of their tribe reside.

The Mudwalkers are a noble and proud, born out from the mud and muck of the Plane of Earth. Though not known to be the most intelligent of the Plane, they do possess a kinship far outweighing to that of any other creature in the plane. It is said that the muddites have the ability to come together in one fell swoop and make an immeasurably large and powerful creature, formed from the mud of all who join; a great link through which they can communicate as one, be as one, and live as one. They do tend to wander outside of the temple, however when accosted, they won't hesitate to run back to the temple to join the others

Elemental Temple
The Earth Elementals are mindless servants of the Rathe, set in the Plane of Earth for the sole purpose of keeping others away from the treasures that lay deeper in. They come up from the ground when they sense an intruder and will battle to the death. If too many of them are found to be destroyed, a great earthen beast will come forth from the rocky lands below and will strike fear into the hearts of those who would trespass on these sacred lands.

The elementals here are crafted of dust, rock mud by the Rathe Council to be mindless servants and protect the plane against all intruders even if it means their own death. Each of the powerful elemental warriors inhabiting this temple has been hand selected to guard the treasures that lie within. This temple is a bit smaller then the other temples in the realm but hold some of the most powerful elementals in all of the Plane of Earth.

Vegerogs Platform
This platform is where the most powerful Vegerogs reside. Molded from the corpses of fallen Rallosian Ogre Soldiers, the Vegerogs are towering creatures cursed by the Rathe to be mindless servants with a heart of stone. It is rumored that although they were reborn into the towering brute that the Rathe saw fit for them to be, they will still take formation on this platform as to symbolize their days of following tactical orders which are long gone. Because of their unbelievable strength and battle prowess, it is here on the last platform before the Fortress of Stone that they are placed to ensure anyone that has made it this far in the Plane will not make it any further.

Fortress of Stone
The Fortress of Stone is a gigantic temple of stone that serves as the last defense before the Gem Caves. The finest Guardians of Earth are strategically placed within this fortress to ensure that nothing will be able to gain passage through it to the other side. At the far end in the Fortress of Stone a locked door keeps intruders away from the Gem Caves.

Gem Caves
The Gem Caves are decorated with numerous gemmed rock formations of the rarest gems in existence. Each of the passageways within this cave system contains guardians that heavily patrol and defend against intruders. The caves are also frequented by majestic geonids.

Sun Temples
A collection of Sun Temples hosts guardians of the chamber of the Rathe Council. Inside and around these temples powerful stone taarids will be found and will quickly pursue any creature or mortal that attempts to enter. Because of the importance of protecting the Rathe Council from any would be attackers only the most deadly stone guardians can be found within these temples.

Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve
The Rathe themselves reside in an area known as Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve. It is a vast and open space of the plane where their essence intertwines with every fiber of the realm. Their bodies of earth and flora feed eternally upon the life–giving warmth of the plane's own sun.

Background Story

Centuries ago a great ogre hero named Murdunk decided that an assault should be commenced upon the Rathe and the plane that they call home. A great battle in the Plane of Earth ensued and many guardians of earth perished along with numerous members of Murdunk's Rallosian army. The army was made up of countless orc, goblin and giant champions.

But this army and invasion was destined to fail because of the regenerating ability that the Rathe Council, the Order of Twelve, possessed. As countless members of the Rallosian Army fell, few members of the Rathe council had been defeated when the final battle took place. With the ability to call another member of the Rathe council to duty as soon as a member was slain, the Rathe council had a great advantage and although many of their guardians had been defeated, the Rathe emerged victorious.

News quickly spread of this great battle won by the Rathe and the Plane of Earth. Obviously disgruntled by the fact that they were defeated, Rallos Zek decided he would lead his own army into the Plane of Earth for a monumental battle. Although he was extremely disappointed with the failure that occurred before, Rallos decided to allow Murdunk to accompany his horde in this second assault simply because of the knowledge that Murdunk had acquired in his battles on the great plane.

After building a massive army, Rallos decided that the time for an attack was now, so he sent his finest war generals to accompany Murdunk on his journey back into the Plane of Earth. Also on hand were the highest ranking officials in the Rallosian army, Tallon and Vallon Zek, master tacticians and proven war heroes.

The battle in Plane of Earth was like no other in history and left the plane scarred from war forever. It is said that the skies themselves shook from the battles that took place in that war. Ogre legends claim that each of the thirteen peaks in the Rathe Mountains represent the war and the death of the thirteenth Rathe Council member by Murdunk's hand. Lake Rathetear is also said to be formed from the tears of the Rathe Council as they were beaten by Murdunk and his army.

As a result of his insolence, Rallos Zek was cast out of the Planes of Power and back into the Planes of Influence. And once the information was passed onto the gods of one god's desire to rule another's plane, the Planes of Power were sealed by a mystical barrier and destined to never again be opened by any lesser god or creature.

The Rathe, the Council of Twelve
The Rathe are a council of twelve individuals, but a single collective consciousness and unified purpose in their embodiment of the pure element of earth. They rule over the Plane of Earth and rest high above the rest of the Plane of Earth on pillars extending from a pool of living moss below them. In temperament, thought and expression, they are emotionless, and well beyond the comprehension of mortal understanding. They show no trace of personality recognizable or comparable to those of the other gods, or of mortal beings.

Separated from the regular population of the realm these majestic beings made of the living earth stand guard to any and all intruders that dare to defile their Plane. Much like the beings that inhabitant their realm, the Rathe Council is an extension of Earth itself as they all maintain an identical presence of grass-green hair and earthen skin with veins of gold and turquoise.

Truly neutral in their views, The Rathe govern their plane and its influence upon the prime without judgment bias, or even regard for the affairs of mortals. However, when their patience is tried of their wrath is invoked by daring mortals who seek to assault their being. The Rathe are a force not to be taken lightly; their modes of vengeance are swift in execution and without remorse.

The Fabled

Avatar of Earth
The Avatar of Earth is summoned upon disturbing the Rathe Council.

Mystical Arbitor
The Mystical Arbiter is a large and powerful Earth Elemental that guards the path to the Rathe Council.

Warlord Gintolaken
Gintolaken is leader of the Storm Taarids of Earth. The Storm Taarids are the most trusted guardians that The Rathe will call upon. Forged from rock, stone and muscles these towering creatures serve as the last line of defense for the Council of Twelve.

Derugoak Bloodwalker
Derugoak is a powerful guardian at the Vererog Temple.

Peregrin Rockskull
Peregrin is a powerful guardian at the Stonegrabber Temple.

A Perfected Warder of Earth
This warder is an earth elemental at the Elemental Temple.

A Monstrous Mudwalker
This creature is a powerful guardian at the Muddite Temple.

A Muddite Muddling
This creature is a one of the muddites that protects the realm.

Part 22: The Plane of Time

The Plane of Time is a mystery all in itself due to the cloud of endless energy that seems to envelop the entire plane. It is here that the gods of all realms reside in order to discuss their plans for Zebuxoruk who they have imprisoned for reasons unknown. The gods that represent the Planes of Influence and Nature have chosen to hold their meetings while trapped in time to discuss all relevant issues and to be free from any aggressors that may choose to attack them.

In the Plane of Time some creatures and mortals have remained for extremely long periods as a result of their curiosity or as a result of a punishment. Because of the resentment that these inhabitants have for those that are responsible for trapping them in time they are very eager to give whatever knowledge they can to aid adventurers in their exploration of the plane because one party's success may possibly lead to the liberation of all those trapped in the plane.

Armies and minions of unimaginable power reside in this plane serving as a last line of defense for any mortals that choose to defy the gods by trying to advance where it should not be possible. Once adventurers have chosen to progress towards the strongholds of these gods, they will certainly be greeted by monsters that are like nothing they have ever encountered before or been forced to defend themselves against.

The time bubble that holds Zebuxoruk is linked to four spires that are representing the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Zebuxoruk, The Forsaken
Zebuxoruk is neither evil nor good. Some legends call him evil and others legends place him on the side of good. The other deities either dislike him or simply couldn't care less about him. Zebuxoruk was at some time mortal man, and trod upon the surface of Norrath after escaping the Plane of Justice or the Void. Mortality was either something forced upon him or something he may have wished for. Zebuxoruk is know as the Forsaken One, The Disgraced and other names among the pantheon of deities and heroes of the Outer Planes of Influence.

There is said to be a hidden city on Norrath that honor, not worship, the 'Ungod' Zebuxoruk, something not even truly cares for. The city has tales of his history both true and false, and the community is mostly comprised of fallen priests, shadowknights, paladins, and any who have been forsaken by their deities and either seek a pathway back or seek true neutrality. It is said that they believe that the deities are more mortal than they think.

The Fabled

Bertoxxulous, The Plaguebringer
Bertoxxulous has no allies. His followers often practice the dark art of necromancy, which he wholeheartedly supports. The Plaguebringer appears as humanoid hunchback draped in tattered, decaying robes. Under this hood can be seen a very handsome face attached tl he boy of a rotting corpse. He is enemies with Tunare, Rodcet Nife, Karana, Mithaniel Marr and Rallos Zek. He rules over the Plane of Disease.

Cazic-Thule, The Faceless
Cazic-Thule is allied with Rallos Zek and Innoruuk, and is the enemy of Mithaniel and Erollisi Marr. Followers of the Faceless fear their Lord and believe that only by causing terror in others will they be sparred his vengeful wrath. Fear rules their lives and through fear they rule the lives of others. Pain, misery, violence, torture, living sacrifice – these are the tools of a Cazicite. Many lizardmen tribes are devout followers of Cazic-Thule, but his number of humanoid followers rows daily, a cold shadow slowly engulfing the bright spots of Norrath in a nightmare of horror and pain.

Innoruuk, The Prince of Hate
Innoruuk is allied with Rallos Zek and Cazic-Thule, and is the enemy of Quellious, Mithaniel Marr, and Erollisi Marr. Followers of Innoruuk, the Prince of Hate, include nearly the entire dark elven race, who regard him as their "Father." They believe that hate is a creative force, or rather "THE" creative force in the universe – creativity born of destruction. Love and kindness are tools for those too ignorant to know what they want or too cowardly to do what is necessary to obtain it. They believe it is only through the total disdain of your enemies that you can gain true power over them. Pity and mercy have no power when confronted with contempt and viciousness. It is the honest believe of the followers of Innoruuk that if they were too hate strong enough, they could destroy all of Norrath.

Rallos Zek, The Warlord
As the God of war, Rallos Zek delights in the action and aggression of battle, valuing strength and victory above all. The Warlord deals swiftly and mercilessly with those who fail him, but rewards his champions greatly. He created the giants, ogres, orcs, and goblins – fierce beings who, like their lord, seek fighting and conquest.

The ogres once held dominion over much of Tunaria and even went so far as to invade the Plane of Earth, governed by The Rathe. In this campaign, they were joined by the other children of Rallos and were personally led by the deity himself. The greater gods turned back Rallos' army and then took vengeance on him by cursing his creatures. The ogres were struck with weak minds, unable to think and reason as they once had, while the giants were largely killed or dispersed.

Rallos resides in Drunder, the enormous fortress that dominates the western edge of the Plane of War. He occasionally goes to watch the chaotic battles of his plane, choosing the best of the warriors to serve him personally in his lair.

Saryrn, Mistress of Torment
In her mortal life she was a truly devout follower of Erollisi, Marr, the Goddess of Love. Her love fueled her existence, and she gave the fullest of her being to the indulgence of this emotion; a love of art, music, food, and drink, and eventually, the love of another. With the discovery of what she was supposed was her soul mate, Saryrn was overcome with a sense of the true meaning of her existence. Her husband was her life and purpose, as his love for her was to be his.

However, she was cursed; not be means of arcane or divine intervention, but through her own inability to control and moderate her indulgence of love. She gave herself entirely unto it, and it would be her downfall. Upon the knowledge that her husband's heart belonged to another, Saryrn was destroyed. She stewed from afar as her husband's affections grew further removed from her and slowly, her own love turned into writing envy, hate, and ultimately bloodlust.

Upon the brutal execution of her husband and is mistress, Saryrn went mad and set out to torture and ultimately destroy anything she saw as scared to Erollisi Marr. She strove to replicate her anguish in others, contorting and twisting love's blessings into a medium for pain, despair, and utter torment. 
Tallon Zek, The Beholder of Battle
Tallon is called the Beholder of Battle, a master of strategy. He delights and excels in planning and designing large scale battles, frequently playing his forces against those of his alter-ego, Vallon Zek. He is a tall, older-looking orc-like being, who appears to be very wise, with good cause. He wears a set of sturdy steel plate armor without a helm, and carries his famed obsidian war bow.

Terris-Thule, The Dream Scorcher
This ghastly daughter of the Faceless, Cazic-Thule, the demi-goddess Terris-Thule has proudly lived up to her father's expectation. She is a master of the subconscious and all who enter the state of slumber are at her mercy. She is opposed by her twin brother, Morell-Thule, Lord of Dreams. Though the minds of sleeping mortals may waver between the realm of nightmares and the realm of dreams, eventually all fall to Terris' grasp.

Terris is tall and alluring in a terrifying way. Her skin is smooth and pale and her boney hands reach out with long, black fingernails. She wears a silk and lace black and violet gown that compliments the twilight sky around her. Her face is smooth -- no features mar its sleek surface other than two empty eye sockets. Her black hair gracefully tumbles down and about two massive brass horns at her temples.

Many have tried to forge words to prevent The Dream Scorchers' touch from tainting their subconscious, but all such attempts have ultimately proven to be in vain.

Terris enjoys the torture she can inflict on people when they are dreaming. Her twisted plane houses many horrible creatures that do her bidding and aid in her power to bring terror to dreams.

Those that have died in their dreams remain in their nightmare and are never able to leave the plane.

Vallon Zek, The Governor of War
Vallon is called the Governor of War, a master tactician. Along with his alter-ego Tallon Zek, Vallon resides in the Plane of War with Rallos Zek. He is more skilled at directing small sets of troops and making brilliant moves to swing the balance of a fight in his favor. Vallon's manifestation is that of an older, muscular, physically strong male orc-like figure who wears blackened chain covered by an emerald and black cloak. His appearance is that of a regal general at arms, upright and stern, wise and aristocratic. At his belt, he bears a silvery saber, which he has been said to wave when explaining tactics to others.
Quarm is a dragon that was created by the four elemental gods and is made up of the essence of fire, earth, water, and air. It has four heads each symbolizing a different element. This monstrosity guards Zebuxoruk's Prison.


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