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The CBS newsmagazine "48 Hours Investigates" is broadcasting a story about Everquest. I assume it is the same one that we saw them filming at the Boston Fan Faire. The e-mail I received from CBS stated that the story was going to cover the "controversy over Everquest -- are some people addicted to the game?" The promo for the show on the 48 Hours website states that the name of the show is "Addicted", with the following teaser: "Are a growing number of people addicted - to an online computer game? Plus, meet a man who says he was addicted to sex." It will be interesting to see if it is a fair presentation, or just sensationalist crap. Based upon that promo blurb on their website, I'm banking on the later. Nonetheless, it's worth checking out. The broadcast is on CBS, Friday, October 18th at 8:00 p.m. et/pt.


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# Jan 28 2003 at 4:11 PM Rating: Decent
Feh. The other thing people seem to "forget" when they talk about this sort of story is that EQ is sort of like a microcosm of society as a whole, and a pretty large one at that. Clearly, this poor person had psychological problems which were not in any way caused by EQ - mental illness is just that, an illness, it's not something anyone chooses or falls into through a lack of self-control or some kind of weakness or fault of character. It just happens, some of us are born with it. Now take any random sample of 400k people based on any criteria (just a survey of a middle-sized town would do) and you're bound to get one or two disturbed individuals amongst the lot. No one would be so foolish as to suggest something as ludicrous as "everyone who lives in Town X must be disturbed, because Mr. Smith lives in Town X and he is disturbed!" EQ is the same principle. 399,999 out of 400,000 players will quite sanely tell you that, yes, we have a life outside of EQ, it is in fact just a game, and we do not think, for example, that we really have a magic lute in our closet, or that we meet orcs on a day to day basis. I am proud to say that I am an EQ player but also a Christian, married, educated, reasonably social, and (more or less) sane. :D

Sorry to get on the soapbox, I've been thinking about this a lot lately as I recently read something else about EQ being "demonic", believe it or not, and that really ticked me off.

Ainenea Bladesong, 36 Bard
(oh and that weird chick who plays her, too) ;)
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# Jan 15 2003 at 11:35 PM Rating: Decent
I just wanted to say im sorry that it happened regardless of the cause and/or reason.
The family seems to blame.
# Dec 05 2002 at 12:17 AM Rating: Decent
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According to the article, the person's character name was "iluvyou" and it says "Shawn struggled with learning disabilities and significant emotional problems."

This leads me to two possible causes for the suicide...

1) A GM renamed his character. With mental problems and the amount of obsession involved in this case, that might have been enough to send a manic depressive over the edge.

2) He had no satisfying social life other than EverQuest. In that case, EverQuest was his social life. If something were about to happen to cut him off from that social life, it would likely send a manic depressive sort over the edge. Considering what he had to go home to, that doesn't seem a viable option.

In either case, it seems to me that the true fault lies with the family which is considering sueing Sony over them not including a warning lable. Shawn was in dire need of mental health treatment. He was in dire need of anti-depressants or other prescription medication. EverQuest isn't the cause, EverQuest might even have kept him alive longer than otherwise. Perhaps Sony should counter-sue Shawn's mother for slander for stating publicly that they are to blame, when she is.

Responsible Journalism reports, it does not manufacture. The dog wags the tail, not the reverse as seems to be the case on 48 hours' tabloid TV.
The 12 step program
# Nov 04 2002 at 1:17 PM Rating: Excellent
I found Liz Wooley's website: www.olganon.org . She is the lady that was on the 48 hours interview. This site was apparently founded by her. While snooping around all these sites, I noticed that people defending EQ or other points of view other than: "I am an EQ widow" or "EQ is the devil" were patently not welcome. Such is the case in non democratic, oppressive and non tolerant cultures. Hitler would love these folks...

Anyway, the following is a cut and paste from the site. I added my own thoughts in parenthesis. enjoy.

These twelve steps are guidelines for members of On-Line Gamers Anonymous to live by. Regardless of which step you are about to enter, the support of the twelve step program will help you recognize and conquer on-line gaming addiction.
(...You might even level...)

1. We admitted we were powerless over on-line gaming, and that our lives have become unmanageable. (3 accounts, 5 servers, 40 characters and a partridge in a pear tree...)

2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. (For my "main" character, I chose Quellious because she is so damn tranquil...)

3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God (Quellious) as we understood Him (Her).

4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. (...I discovered a Flowing Black Sash, Robe of the Lost Circle, and Silk Handwraps...)

5. Admitted to God (Quellious), to ourselves and to another human (though I prefer Iksars, now) being the exact nature of our wrongs.

6. Were entirely ready to have God (Quellious)remove all these defects of character (particularly the very low starting INT stat).

7. Humbly asked Him (Her) to remove our shortcomings (Yeah, Monks should be able to carry any weight up to the limit...).

8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed (Orcs, bats, goblins, more orcs, more goblins...), and became willing to make amends to them all (...sounds like a quest...).

9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible ("Have I mentioned I am sorry for killing you...5000 times???"), except when to do so would injure (..is this a spell or an ability?...), them or others.

10. Continued to take personal inventory (Damn!! Still haven't got my Epic...)and when we were wrong promptly admitted it ("oops, sorry I don't have enough plat to buy that twink item").

11. Sought through prayer and meditation (When I don't worsen my wounds...) to improve our conscious contact with God (Quellious) as we understood Him (Her), praying only for knowledge of His (Her) will for us and the power to carry (more than 14 stones) that out.

12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry (more than 14 stones...)this message to other compulsive on-line gamers and to practice these principles in all our affairs. (It still sounds like the Antonican Bards quest to me...)

History Repeats Itself
# Oct 28 2002 at 9:04 AM Rating: Decent
I didn't watch the program as I sensed it was a re-tread of the same old hash from the Dungeons and Dragons stories/articles from the eighties. I see I was right.

All of your arguments, folks, are the same arguments I was making during those times; I'm surprised someone hasn't made the EQ/Satanism connection yet, but it's in the wings. The RPG industry went on, despite the biased stories, distorted info and Urban Legends to grow into the game we're playing now.

The problem with articles like this is the story is brought by people trying to explain something they don't understand and don't want to.

Don't bother to send email protesting the story. It's not worth your time to talk to the inanimate object called CBS. You might as well stand on a beach and try to hold back the tide with your hands. So the story was unfair, deceptive and biased. Is there any objective reporting on the networks?

Eventually this story will fade into the background and EQ will still go forward, as long as we continue to play and support it.
EQ suicide
# Oct 23 2002 at 11:53 AM Rating: Default
I just read the article on the 48 hours web site. The mother was describing the game as though she knew what she was talking about. I personally dont think EQ had anything to do with the death of the person. But if I were her and i thought this game caused the death of my son, i would not go anywhere near the game for fear of being "addicted" my self. IMHO the reason the EQ login screne was up was because he was trying to get on eq. If something that happened in EQ was the reason he killed himself, wouldn't he still be logged in to whatever character it happened to. Mabye EQ was the only thing keeping him from suicide. I know that when I am haveing problems that playing eq and beating the crap out of some orcs in CB or gobbies in HK helps a lot.
TV addiction
# Oct 21 2002 at 8:55 AM Rating: Default
Imagine if 48 Hours' masters let them do a piece on the epidemic of television addiction! At least EQ players are interacting with each other (except for those antisocial soloists -- you know who you are!)

Maybe it's ratings envy -- hours on EQ means hours NOT emptying your mind to an endless stream of vapid 10-minute setups for the next ad block.

# Oct 21 2002 at 8:13 AM Rating: Default
This story was a rebroadcast. This was reported a year ago when this ADULT killed himself. He was 21 years old and shot himself in the head in front of his computer while on the log-on screen to EQ. What does this mean? Who really knows. Was this the fault of EQ, I dont believe so. Sounds like he left reality before EQ. OR didnt have much of a life prior to EQ. Whichever it was makes little difference now. He was an adult responsible for his own actions. The family can blame whoever or whatever they feel they need to in order to deal with the loss. But when it comes down to it thousands of people play this game and manage NOT to kill themselves over it.

Is there tention in the game of EQ, well yes there is. But there is also tention in the work place, at home and almost anywhere else you go. It is a matter of how you deal with it. Some people just can't. Simple.
48 Hours Coverage
# Oct 21 2002 at 7:54 AM Rating: Default
As far as 48 hours covering this report when there are BIGGER stories out there: This is what they do, not just them but reporters in general. They have a certain number of minutes they have to fill with a certain number of stories. It's their job. Blame doesn't fall to them, it falls to the people who offer up such foolishness. Reporters are the ones who dicide to air it or not tho, and to them a woman crying out about her lost child is a seller (sad but true). Ratings, Ratings, Ratings. Like the reported who covered the story is going to worry about her or her child when the next BIG story comes around. I THINK NOT.
Internet and Parenting
# Oct 21 2002 at 7:37 AM Rating: Default
Did I watch the show? NO I didnt. Why? Cuz this was not the first time the "News" has run something like this. I have however read numerous posts on this and listened to the chats in game. I am a wife and mother of 3 sons, 2 teenagers and a 10 year old. We have 2 accounts of EQ and 2 computers. All 5 of us have chars on various servers.
Are we a family of addicts? No I dont believe so. Somehow we manage to go to work, school, socialize (off the computer), do chores, eat and use the bathroom. All things that require you to walk away from the computer desk.
I do realize that this poor woman feels the need to blame someone for her loss, and that it is ever so much easier to blame someone else then yourself. BUT: EQ is a pay to use game. Pay for the game itself (not cheap for all upgrades). Pay to be connected every month (that too is not cheap if you add that up every month of play).
Now if a child is under 18 years of age, I would be assuming that a parent or guardian has purchased the computer along with the on-line connection. The game, I suppose could have been a gift or even purchased by a child. The EQ account(s)have to be paid for monthly either by credit/debit card or by the game cards available in the stores. Now after all of that you would think she would have known that her child played this game.
So I am going to assume this mother knew this. I am also going to assume that the computer that this child used was in his bedroom or at least in a room that is seldom walked through by a parent.
This whole problem comes down to LAZY PARENTING.
For one thing, Parents should not own computers they DON'T know how to work themselves (take a class, learn something), if there is a problem with the child and a computer FIX the problem (delete the problem, lock up the computer). Get your childs computer OUT of their rooms, if you can't see them or what they are doing make it so you can. Know what you are paying for (store bought games, on line gaming, etc). Pay attention to your child, it's really not that hard of a thing to do. Here is a little hint for you parents out there: IF your child is too quiet for too long, he/she is doing something you should know about. IF your child is being loud or is upset, he/she is doing something you should know about.And your last hint : THE INTERNET is NOT a Babysitter for your laziness.
I honestly feel bad for this woman. Loosing a child must be a horrible thing to have to deal with. I never want to have to experience it. But I am surely NOT going to sit around and wait for it to happen. Children do NOT raise themselves nor do they come with instructions. Try using common sense, next best thing ask for help on how to raise or deal with them. But dont blame others for your failures in parenting when all you do is feed, cloth and hand them money and trinkets. PARENTing is a PARENTS job not socioties.
48 Hours schmours
# Oct 20 2002 at 3:01 PM Rating: Default
For a show that talks about reality, they left out a few things,
1. the heart doctor guy didnt go linkdead not once during his show, that would be reality
2. that little kid who ben stein got off playing, isnt going to play eq anymore, but now he will do some drugs or something or get into trouble some other way, and they will wish he was home just playing eq
3. I would have loved to have seen an Orc, or a drachnid attack that segment host lady, when they had her superimposed walking around in the game scene, that would have been funny.
4. that heart surgeon guy who said he can quit the game in 6 to 12 months is totally full of it.
48 Hours Smear of the EQ Community
# Oct 20 2002 at 12:42 PM Rating: Decent
I feel that all of us have some excellent comments regarding CBS's airing of "Addiction". I also however, believe that it is up to us to not just post on this board, but send CBS an email about your thoughts on their bias NOW. We can pay them all the lipservice we want here in this forum, but they are not going to be monitoring this forum.

Send CBS an email everyone, think it out -- give them a "thinkpiece" that is well thought out. If you're going to send them profanity, then don't help, because you'll only turn them off. Give them a reason to apologize publicly to us, tell them why their piece on addiction is wrong. Tell them how their coloring of our "world" is incorrect, and how they as a media tabloid are biased and narrow-minded. Convice them that they are wrong, and we are right, and I know that CBS will air your posts -- at least a few, anyway.

We are all posting on here, which I think is good, but let's send them a message -- not just from me, but from as many of us as possible. CBS said that EQ is 100,000 strong, then dang it, let's show them what it's like to receive 100,000 emails from 100,000 different people, telling them just how wrong they are, and why. There was a sheriff who posted on here, who had some outstanding things to say -- LET THEM KNOW WHAT KIND OF MASS THEY ARE DEALING WITH. My 1 email isn't going to do squat, but all of yours will make one Hell of an impact.

So, I've sent mine, I let CBS know how they did not tell the other side of EQ. You all have so many excellent stories as to how EQ has helped you. I hope you let CBS know that this dark cloud they have pictured masked brilliant sunshine.
Mrs. Wooly
# Oct 20 2002 at 3:10 AM Rating: Decent
I feel bad for any parent that loses a child, but to blame a game for his death is outrageous. Let's find an easy scapegoat for a lack of parenting. Isn't it always easier to point the finger at a large target than to take responsiblity for one's own short-comings.

From what I could tell she seems to be one of those over-bearing, do this do that, and be home by ten kind of parents. She probably drove him over the edge to where he needed to find solice in a make-believe atmosphere. I nearly fell down laughing when the reporter asked her if a person should just take responsibility for thier own actions and choices and she said 'When you're addicted you lose the ablility to make choices'. LMAO its still funny.

This woman should mourn the loss of her son, stop trying to blame someone else and get on with her life. As far as CBS is concerned, the only reason EQ was in it was for the ratings. They knew that thousands of us who enjoy the game would tune in to see their "objective" report.

"But...that's just my opinion. I could be wrong"

# Oct 19 2002 at 8:33 PM Rating: Decent
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# Oct 19 2002 at 12:37 PM Rating: Default
I have a terrible memory and forgot to watch, so if some one could give me the overview of the show? That would be great. I know there are all of these posts but most are just saying that they are addicted to EQ.
After watching it...
# Oct 19 2002 at 7:44 AM Rating: Decent
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Well I watched this piece of so called news. Much was the same as they showed around the time of the SoL release. They failed to convince me that my playing and enjoying EQ will result in my blowing my brains out one day. Sorry CBS.

Obviously they didn't want a "balanced" report or they would have seeked out one of the many thousands of us who play that aren't "addicted" and play the game simply because it's enjoyable. I spend maybe 3-5 hours a day in EQ with usually a break in between. Sometimes less, sometimes more. It's all dependant on what I'm doing RL that day and if I feel like jumping into the game. Do I get upset when I die in the game or lose out on a drop I really want? Sure but not near enough to think my real life isn't worth living.

I personally don't think it's Sony's responsibility babysit all of it's players because a couple players have emotional problems to the point that they replace their real life with the game.

The media hype on this shows just how much the media tries to control our lives. They can't just come out and say, "don't play this" because people wouldn't listen. To get around that, they use sob stories and obviously biased reports based on a couple odd cases to get their agenda across.

Just my opinion.
RE: After watching it...
# Oct 19 2002 at 2:42 PM Rating: Decent
Bravo my thoughts exactly. Very well put.
# Oct 19 2002 at 7:02 AM Rating: Default
Doesn't the media have a sniper or Saddam Hussien they could be overdoing? Aren't these kinds of things evil enough? You have to go after EQ now?
Just like that last guy said. Personal responsibility. Most of us realize that it's just a game. CBS should too.
I saw the show
# Oct 19 2002 at 6:34 AM Rating: Default
Leave it to the media to bad mouth something they don't understand, and to dodge the issue of personal responsibility once again. I feel sorry for the woman who lost her son. That's always a horrible thing to see. But to blame Everquest... honestly. We've become a country who likes to pass the buck on issues like this. It couldn't possibly be YOUR fault you engage in a possibly destructive behavior. It must therefor be society's fault. They HAVE to shoulder the burden for your mistakes. This kind of thinking drives me nuts. EQ is addictive only if you let it be. There are some out there who I have no doubt are truly addicted and can't stop. For a vast majority of us however, I would wager, that if EQ ceased to be tomorrow we could move on and play something else or do something else. And the way the reporter tried to describe EQ... I won't even get into it. Anyhow. I'm ranting. See how mad the constantly biased media makes me? I played EQ for 3 years and just cancelled my account not 2 weeks ago. I've moved on to other games. You know, it didn't hurt a bit. I just gave my gear away, clicked cancel. It was simple really. So before the people at CBS shoot off about how EQ is so evil, perhaps they should do a little research. Sure things have happened like the kid who shot himself, and EQ widows and all, but a majority of us know when enough is enough.

# Oct 18 2002 at 10:17 PM Rating: Decent
Hello, my name is Gledhill McFinnifinnish and I am an addict.....

ok, I admitted it lol, but really, what is so bad about this game that the media wants to slam it? when you break it down, it is nothing more than a graphical chat room with a few extra quirks. I for example live in alaska, and am in the air force, I have always been a introvert by nature, and I have always loved playing computer games. through playing everquest I have made so many friends now (several that live very close) and others, we talk outside the game, and actually lead normal, respectable lives outside the game. I personally wouldnt trade the experiences or friends I have for anything.

I do agree however there are some people who tend to take the game a bit seriously, and yes, end up ruining relationships, jobs, or in some cases worse... and of course, the people around that decide they should blame the game, INSTEAD of the people truly responsible. I mean, all it is is information in a compact disk, that transmits data over fiberoptic wires. It not a frickin brain control device. The people who play this dont change because of it, the truth is, they already have a problem, and play the game to bury it, and when the problem finally resurfaces ... well obviously they blame the game and its players. In reality this people should seek help, because there is seriously something wrong with them. This are the people who ruin this stuff for the rest of us.

oh well, I am blabbering again, dont mind me, us gnomes do that :P

but anyways, I just wanna say that all of you out there should just swallow your pride, and keep on gaming, thats the only thing we can do to combat this slandor by the media.. jsut ignore them.

and of course if they do try to shut us down, we turn the rabid kobolds on them :)

later all

Gledhill McFinnifinnish, 41 cleric
Collective of Dark honor
Terris thule (look me up :) )
i love eq and yes im addicted
# Oct 18 2002 at 3:14 PM Rating: Default
addicting yes but im a grown man and ill do what i want.i have anxiety i hate big crowds it makes me sick to be around ppl in rl the good ones are very few but on eq the bad are few and i dont get sick and no anxiety attacks.and i have interacted more with all of you then ive ever have with anyone (we should have are own community))and yes a cpl of you have gotton on my nerves but oh well it would be so boring if all of us were the same so the occasional camp stealer is ok with me anyway scince ive started playing this game ive changed i go out more im meeting other ppl even though im still leerie of them i try to handle it like i would meeting a new player in eq i havnt had an anxiety attack for a year or more ive quit smoking now for over a year before eq i think i went outside 2 or 3 times a year.if that.let them talk their bull crap all they want i love this game i love all of you guys and ill never go back to watching tv.im addicted and proud to be addicted but id rather be playing then doing somthing i shouldnt be doing like drugs and stealing or killing or extortion etc.and too those few that dont know when to click camp and log off.i love you too and want you to stay alive so dont play for 82 hours straight if your out of control and you know it click camp and get some rest take a few weeks off and clear your head.everyone be safe play eq all you want but do it safely dont bring yourself any harm ill see you all out their AS FOR CBS PPPPPPPPP=)ratings is all they want its all about $$$$ as usual.
addiction or what
# Oct 18 2002 at 2:55 PM Rating: Decent
126 posts
I started playing 3 years ago. My buddies would go out and spend nights the bar drinking and such, then getting home at 3 in the morning after spending a ton of cash and risking getting picked up on the way home. I did that some but then started playing EQ. For the $10 bucks a month, I could meet up with new friends... go exploring... get quite scared... be a good person... teach younger players by example or by explaining their faults... all sorts of stuff. Playing a druid, problem solving skills help learning how to fight and live... buying a couple of inexpensive weapons (5 bucks maybe) on ebay so i could do some nice damage with something that i could not get ingame (but are laughable weapons now)...

Then life sent me a curve ball and moved me from my home to a place I knew noone. EQ allowed me to keep in touch with my friends.

Sure, maybe some need to play less... maybe I do... but I sure am glad it was there. It made things easier for me.

Personally, I am tiring of the game and will move on. Will I get rid of my account? That im still deciding.
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Why EQ is so adicting
# Oct 17 2002 at 8:50 PM Rating: Default
OK, we are all adicted to EQ. How much have you spent on other non MMORPG games? maby 5 days max. How much time have you spent playing EQ? ive played 30 days since Christmas 2000, that is nothing compared to most people playing this game, but alot compared to every other game out there. Most people in the game are lifeles. Most people in this game have the worst senses of humor ive ever seen. But some people in this game are normal people who live normal lives, because they have something to do better than playing a game way to much.
#Anonymous, Posted: Oct 17 2002 at 4:02 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) what i think will be funny is allt he people who are addicted to eq and when it goes down or under, which it could happen at anytime or when it turns to ****, the majority of people are gone from the game as it will happen someday and then everyone who had no life lol, will be sitting around being all depressed and **** ahhaa I dont care if you flame me back it dont matter, most of you were all a bunch of nerds or unsocialable creatures throughout life and in school and where ever basically, i just had to right because i know it would give me the enjoyment of having everyone here rant and rave hahahha. Ill be out getting some exercise, enjoying my life, having sex with my g/f, not my hand
RE: I hope they shut down eq
# Oct 19 2002 at 12:33 PM Rating: Decent
And of course they will just not release EQ2.
RE: I hope they shut down eq
# Oct 17 2002 at 5:40 PM Rating: Default
feel better about yourself? i find it funny when people can talk all kinds of trash while sitting behind a keyboard.. honestly i don't care what you think about me or anyone else in this game cause in my life your a nobody.. and your opinion has zero importance to me... so go ahead and make fun of us all.. all your saying to me is that your an insecure little boy..
no..you'll be back heh
# Oct 17 2002 at 4:23 PM Rating: Default
as my friends who play eq do just that lol, and play eq and go on with their lives. you obviously feel purged to insult something you don't care about which makes me laugh at you. then again...why are you here?
hell ya
# Oct 17 2002 at 3:55 PM Rating: Default
Everquest is addicting, how can a game that so many ppl ***** about nerfs here and nerfs there and say how bad it sucks, still play the game. Why because they are addicted, anyone who has lvl 60 chars who play faithfully everynight are addicted. I play every night i know im addicted, **** i use to drink everynight for like 5 years straight everyday, I know i was addicted to that, who cares if your addicted anyhow, its your own business, thats what its all about living in america, to try to be free and do what the hell you want to do without reprimands. EQ is fun, raiding gives you a rush after you kill a nice mob or kill one in your group and then you win that item, thats how i feel..
# Oct 17 2002 at 3:43 PM Rating: Default
ohhhh boy, here they go again, they take something as simple as sitting down at a computer and playing a game that obviously alot of people rather play then do stuff in their life (which that is kinda silly) and now talk about how evil it is or that how they're going to talk about it. To be honest there about a thousand other things that are much worse then someone minding their own bussiness and playing a computer games. People, feel sorry for CBS, feel sad for them, they are really out of material right now that they have to actually talk about a game that millions have bought but only 80k on average play...aren't there 250+ million people out there who are just living their lives with their own problems, and yet this has to be the highlight of a story...With Sex addiction...Your right about one thing, just wait till a bunch of morons buy this game and start acting like apes on the servers. Mabe a few will actually wanna play this game. All this will amount to in the end is the GMs kicking off alot of level 1-6 characters in the next few weeks because they're flaming everything they come across and giving players problems. I just know some morons will do just that. My 1 cp
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