1063Fabled Abalone Engraved Tribal Mask
1166Fabled Abram's Axe of the Stoic
976Fabled Aegis of Judgment
1244Fabled Aegis of the Shrine
1177Fabled Akhevan Shadow Shears
527Fabled Algae Covered Chainmail
850Fabled Amulet of Crystal Dreams
752Fabled Amulet of Xuzl
752Fabled Amulet of the Rain
948Fabled Amulet of the Shrine
632Fabled Ancient Burrower Hide Tunic
804Fabled Ancient Fossil
1175Fabled Ancient Prismatic Brawl Stick
588Fabled Ancient Prismatic Warsword
660Fabled Ancient Sensate Cloak
519Fabled Arbitor's Combine Greatsword
546Fabled Armguards of the Brute
622Fabled Armplates of the Twisted
538Fabled Assassin's Chestguard
510Fabled Ayillish's Talisman
614Fabled Azaliil's Ring of Analogies
565Fabled Backpack
689Fabled Bag of Sewn Evil-Eye
949Fabled Ball of Golem Clay
875Fabled Band of Elder Understanding
617Fabled Band of Eternal Flame
879Fabled Band of Primordial Energy
880Fabled Band of Prismatic Focus
1071Fabled Band of the Adorned
508Fabled Bands of Earthen Energy
769Fabled Barbed Ringmail Shoulderpads
798Fabled Barnacle-Covered Pauldron
1063Fabled Baroque Half Mask of Solusek Ro
1335Fabled Basalt Greatsword of the Protector
798Fabled Basalt Plated Pauldrons
822Fabled Baton of Flame
619Fabled Batskull Earring
971Fabled Battle Fists
632Fabled Beer Stained Coldain Tunic
1371Fabled Bejeweled Dagger of Summoning
564Fabled Belt of Dark Thought
572Fabled Belt of Growth
563Fabled Belt of Marvelous Visions
563Fabled Belt of Mastery
533Fabled Belt of Mystical Protection
533Fabled Belt of Temporal Bindings
533Fabled Belt of Thunderous Auras
563Fabled Belt of Tidal Energy
563Fabled Belt of Virility
560Fabled Belt of the Destroyer
1126Fabled Bile Drenched Flesh Robe
674Fabled Black Basalt Band
1171Fabled Black Blade of Tormenting
540Fabled Black Chitin Leggings
627Fabled Black Plated Collar
581Fabled Black Rock Maul of Crushing
631Fabled Black Runed Pants
1126Fabled Blackened Crystalline Robe
767Fabled Blackflame Sphere
1249Fabled Blackstar, Mace of Night
1369Fabled Blade of War
1176Fabled Blade of Xalgoz
1374Fabled Blade of the Tempest
740Fabled Blizzent's Fang
619Fabled Blood Earring of Rage
1281Fabled Blood Runed Battle Wand
769Fabled Bloodstained Mantle
9644Fabled Blue Diamond
974Fabled Bone Chill Shield
522Fabled Bone Earring of Evasion
501Fabled Bone Ring of the Death Ward
515Fabled Bone Ring of the Life Ward
505Fabled Bone Sliver Ornament
1348Fabled Bone Spiked Crusher
501Fabled Bone Studded Bracelet
789Fabled Book of Impracticality
545Fabled Boots of Kylthorn
524Fabled Boots of Shadow Walking
633Fabled Boots of Silent Dreams
545Fabled Boots of Stability
525Fabled Boots of the Ancients
779Fabled Boots of the Dead Dream
524Fabled Boots of the Warmaster
1330Fabled Bow of Contortion
597Fabled Bow of Storms
1379Fabled Bow of the Tempest
512Fabled Bracer of Energy
671Fabled Bracer of Scale
671Fabled Bracer of Scavenging
637Fabled Bracer of Timeless Rage
516Fabled Bracers of Earthen Energy
624Fabled Breastplate of Integrity
624Fabled Breastplate of Speed
624Fabled Breastplate of the Void
622Fabled Brown Chitin Sleeves
1383Fabled Bulwark of Storms
975Fabled Burynai Digmaster's Claw
929Fabled Calamity's End
536Fabled Cap of Drowned Souls
752The Fabled Binden Concerrentia