Player of the Week: Utdaan Twoswords

(Date Posted: August 24, 2007)

Real Name: Fred
Allakhazam Name: Fboneman
Character Name: Utdaan Twoswords
Character Race: Half Elf
Character Class: Ranger
Deity: Tunare
Server: Al'Kabor, the Macintosh server
Guild: Temerity
Guild Website:
Guild Rank: Member and Guild Banker
Length of Time in Guild: Since June 2004
Real World Location: San Diego, California
Career / Employment Industry / Current Level of School: Editor for a professional auto repair manual publisher and also a professional trombonist.
Hobbies: Music and EverQuest
Family? *sigh* single and looking for a nice woman that plays EQ ;-)

Besides EverQuest, what other MMORPGs have you played?
EQMac is the first and only MMORPG I have ever experienced.

How did you find out about EverQuest, and when did you begin playing?
I used to work at an electronics store when EQPC was first released. Being a Mac guy and not that much of a gamer, I never really gave it a second look. I remember a roommate playing it about 2 years later. I looked at the screen and announced.."They call that a bat?" (Qeynos Hills bats...old school graphics). In Feb. 2003, I saw an application for beta testing EverQuest for the Macintosh, so I applied just to give it a try. Was accepted in March 2003, played there until the server went live on June 23, 2003. I bought my copy June 27, 2003 and have been hooked ever since.

Do you know anyone in real life who plays EverQuest?
Many. From local friends on the PC side and on EQMac, to my ex guild leader, none other than Curt Shilling!

How did you come up with your main character's name?
Hi2U Name Generator. =) Utdaan came up in the name generator when I started the Mac beta, and it sounded elvish so I kept it. Then the day I hit 20 in Paludal Caverns, since I was dual wielding uber bronze swords at the time, the group I was with started chanting "Twoswords!". The name just stuck. When the server went live, it just didn't feel right not being Utdaan Twoswords again.

What factors affected your choice of race / class for your main character?
I've played AD&D for many years and have always played half elf rangers. After also getting hooked on RA Salvatore's novels, playing a ranger just seems the right thing to do.

About how often do you play EverQuest, and how long is a typical playing session for you?
Practically everyday, unless I get swamped with work or gigs. Usually between 4 - 8 hours a session.

How do you spend your time in game?
Usually questing or tradeskilling on my main or alts. I rarely xp anymore since I have a 100% hp buffer and less than 100 AA's left to get.

What other class/race combinations have you levelled past 35?
Barbarian Warrior (52 for life! I duo Naggy and Vox with this alt.), High Elf Cleric (39)

Approximately how much of the EverQuest world have you experienced?
EQMac could be considered a "Classic Server" since it will only have through the Planes of Power expansion. My guild is currently one kill away (Rallos Zek the Warlord) from breaking into the Elemental Planes, so everything up to that point I've experienced.

What is your favourite expansion?
PoP. Other than a few events (Coldain Ring War, Shawl Crawl) PoP events gave you something more to think about then turn on attack and walk away for a drink. Besides, with our lower server population we have to become creative in our approach to taking down the PoP gods. Our raids average 35 - 45 and we devise strats to bring down bosses that were once done with full raids at our current gear progression in the game.

What is your least favourite expansion?
Luclin. Honk if you love Luclin CH rotations! High HP/AC mobs using 4 different models in Vex Thal with us having free run of the zone for over 2 years now (only guild on the server in Vex Thal and Tower of Solusek Ro).

What is your favourite zone?
Tower of Solusek Ro. After 4 years, seeing new mob models makes me happy. =)

What is your favourite NPC?
Seer Mal Nae`Shi. If I visit her, it means I have yet another flag to check on towards progression.

What is your favourite raid encounter (if different from NPC)?
Rallos Zek the Warlord. Even though we haven't yet beaten him, it's the whole idea that the raid must remain focused and follow instructions or wipe. I enjoy learning new encounters and helping devise ways of defeating them with smaller forces.

If the war between Firiona Vie and Lanys T`Vyl erupted again, which side would you take?
Firiona Vie, of course. Besides the fact that she is HAWT!

Describe your most memorable moment or proudest accomplishment in game.
In October 2005, we were raiding Lord Inquisitor Seru with a smaller force than normal, when things suddenly got... odd. The full story can be found here: and told by a better storyteller than I.

What is the largest amount of platinum you have ever had at one time, and how did you go about accumulating it?
Thankfuly, EQMac is outside of the radar of the plat farmers and we have just about a pristine economy. Since there is only one Mac server and no PC player transfers, there has been no outside gear flooding in from other servers. Everything on the server has come from the players here on Al'Kabor. Some on the PC side may call our economy weak, but then since we don't have millions of plat being bought online to flood it things go for a fair price. Since my obsessive Tradeskilling tends to drain my account, I have had up to 200k before going on a TSing binge.

What types of spells, skills, disciplines, and/or alternate abilities would you like to see added to your class?
Shroud of Stealth...I would kill for that.

** Pick the winner in a battle between...

Giants of Velious vs Akhevans of Luclin - Akhevans would outlast the Giants with higher HP's and AC.
Saryrn, the Mistress of Pain vs Terris Thule, the Dream Scorcher - Saryrn, she'd bring her many minions along.
Tradeskilling vs Questing - This would be a tie for me. Many of the quests I am currently involved with are tied into Tradeskilling. Aid Grimel, anyone?
Soloing vs Pick-Up Groups - Soloing, by far. However, anything > Pick-up Groups
Guild Raiding vs Grouping With Friends - A real close call. I've had some great XP groups with some of my best friends in the game. Non stop mobs coming in, acting as both crowd control and split tank. Great times! Raiding is what I love to do in EQ. Raiding with Temerity just about tops all I've ever done in the game. It's what keeps me playing.
GM (real people) Events vs Scripted (computerized) Events - GM Events give some semblance of personality behind them, and a creative GM can throw in a twist if things are going too easily, or alter things a bit if he's wiping the force that has shown up.
Kunark vs Velious - Velious. Great quests that had a great storyline to them.
Planes of Power vs Gates of Discord - Planes of Power (not to mention that we don't have GoD)
Bard vs Enchanter - Nerf Bards!
Monk vs Rogue - Monk's mend > Rogue DPS
Paladin vs Warrior - Paladins cheat with heals and LoH.
Allakhazam vs Illia - Allakhazam


First Saryrn kill when she
didn't die in the wall


Arlyxir, such a beautiful
bird with an ugly name


Love the mob models in
Sol Ro


Cleric/Warrior duo kill
of Lord Nagafen


Venril Sathir defeated
by druid/ranger duo


"Fake" Ralos Zek decides
to play rough


Rydda`Dar finally
dies on Al'Kabor


Dealing with the
unslowable Bertoxxulous


Exploring the
Tower of Solusek Ro


"I'm King of
how do I get back down?"


Aerin`Dar moves to chase the
vandals from his flower garden


Meeting Karana after Agnarr
first kill on Al'Kabor