July 13, 2005 

*** Headlines *** 

Trouble grows in Norrath! Dark Elves have been seen traveling the lands wreaking havoc 
as they pass. Cities are calling out to their citizens for help gathering supplies 
in preparation for possible war. Something big is happening in Norrath now as the Age of War 

*** Events *** 

- Players should no longer be KOS to Killvak or the troll raiders in Barrenzin's mission 
"Trollish Bloodlust" 

*** Spells *** 

- Increased the damage, mana, and cast time of the Necromancer and Shadowknight spell 
Siphon Life to better fit the progression of the other spells of the same type. 
- Fixed a problem that caused Shadowknights to proc the wrong effects from Spirit of the Puma 
and Spirit of the Jaquar. 
- When a rogue /consider's an NPC that can see through normal forms of invisibility, and 
the rogue is hidden from the NPC due to their Shroud of Stealth, the player will continue 
to receive the "indifferent" consider message but will also receive the following message: 
"Your Shroud of Stealth keeps you hidden from watchful eyes." 
- We have fixed the gating issue when on a mount and you are in the same zone you are bound 
and your vertical location of your bind point is much lower than you are currently. You will 
no longer fall to your death. Yeah for falling! 
- When casting bind, your current heading will now be saved. 
- Dark Sieve and Dark Sieve Recourse now have 200 range. 

*** Pet Focus *** 

- Increased the innate AC bonuses granted to level 66+ pets by focus effects. 
- Increased the melee damage bonuses provided by pet focus effects on level 66-70 pets. 

*** Items *** 

- The new potions will now be level restricted as they were previously intended to be. 
- Some type 9 augmentations are now usable in the charm slot. 
- Plaguebreeze will now drop more frequently. 
- Removed Patorav?s Amulet from the "bonus" table on Overlord Mata Muram. 
- Mask of the Heretic now has 12 AC. 
- Blightbringer?s Cap of the Grave now modifies the Specialization: Conjuration by 12%. 
- Any type 9 augment that fit in a visible slot now is also a type 12 augment. 
- Jelvan has learned the technology of the printing press and will now distribute his 
writings more often. 

*** Auto Consent *** 

- Auto-consent raid, group, or guild will now auto-consent all future and existing corpses. 
If you turn off auto-consent then consent for your group, raid, or guild will be removed from 
all existing corpses. Please note that in order for a group member or raid member to be able 
to drag one of your existing corpses, they had to be in your group or raid at the time your 
corpse was created. This is the functionality that has always been in place. 

*** Tasks and Missions *** 

- The entrance to Everfrost is now a little easier to explore. 
- The issue preventing some groups from entering the Unrest mission has been fixed. 

*** Graphics *** 

- /viewport should work with Advanced Lighting on now. 
- We have fixed a common Reset Device error. 
- Fixed an issue with rendering trees and other alpha'ed textures when running on 
older hardware. 
- We have fixed a common crash with our DLL. 

*** Particles *** 

- We have made some fixes to the particle rendering. Some people were seeing square textures. 

*** UI *** 

- You can now use the "Enter World" button at character select if you are camped in tutorialb. 
- Merchants' items should now be sort correctly using the Quantity column. 

*** Tradeskills *** 

- Changed one of Chef Chowderly's recipes. Pan Seared Orange Tuna will now use a Non-Stick Frying Pan 
in the recipe instead of a Large Stewing Pot.


August 11, 2005 

EverQuest - Live Update - 08/11/05 

*** Headlines *** 

Gukta is no more. The Trolls have retaken their ancestral home and torn down the remembrances 
of the Frogloks. The Guktans, suffering more than just defeat, have retreated into the 
Rathe Mountains. They have built a tent city to accommodate their needs, but there is 
something obviously wrong. Many of their friends and family were touched by the curse 
laid upon the battlefield by the Warlord Ykesha. These poor souls have been corrupted. 
They have been torn from the breast of Mithaniel Marr and grasped by the clutching claws 
of Innoruuk and turned to evil. Yet they are cousins and brothers to the remaining Guktans 
and so they live together, trying to make the best of their fate. 

*** Items *** 

- Ancient Mist Root Stone, Refracted Dusk Amethyst, Ancient Life Root Stone, and Refracted 
Dawn Amethyst are now usable in the hands and wrist slots. 
- All potions that were recently introduced now have a required level instead of a 
recommended level. 
- Lightning Singed Mantle now has 38 AC. 

*** Missions *** 

- Changed the required count for the kill and loot elements on the Dragons of Norrath 
mission "Diseased Pumas". This change was to fix a discrepancy between the number of 
items required for task completion compared to the number of kills and items looted that 
the task said you needed.


September 7, 2005

*** Headlines *** 
Eyes on Nektulos - From the saddle of her unholy steed, Lanys T`Vyl, the child 
of Innoruuk, surveyed the trolls' as they marched with all of their belongings 
and wares from Neriak, the dark elf city they called home for a time, to the 
city of Grobb in the Innothule Swamp. The frogloks had finally lost their foothold 
in Grobb and now the smelling, foul race of trolls had their home back. 

She kicked her steed into motion and made haste through Nektulos Forest making a 
cursory survey of the lands and then turned to Neriak where dark fates would soon 
unfurl by her ebony hand. 

*** Spells *** 
- Increased the duration on Divine Avatar. 
- Reduced the casting time on several swarm pet AAs. 
- Modified Intensity of the Resolute so it won't be overwritten by other, lesser 
- Using Cyclone Blade or Whirlwind Blade will no longer cause AE Taunt to be used 
up as well. 
- Telekara is now slightly harder to resist, giving it an equal resist chance to 
other spells in the same line. 
- Nature's Blight and Season's Fury now have 200 spell casting range. 
- Rhythmic Reflexes and Superior Rhythmic Reflexes had their double attack values 
switched. This has now been corrected. 
- Nature's Blight and Season's Fury will now not focus level 1 spells, including 
the Shadowknight ability Harmtouch. 

*** Items *** 
- The dark side of the froglok?s can now wear the armor their culture made. 
- Modified the stats of numerous pieces of the cultural armor and the corresponding 
- After much chafing, and a few cracked ribs, the froglok have decided that gnome 
cultural armor is no longer wearable. 
- Blessed Reviver's Charm should now calculate its stats correctly if a non-wis 
caster is added to the group or raid. 
- All spell scrolls should now be stackable. Please note that if you try to scribe 
more than one spell scroll at one time by using a stack of spell scrolls, that you 
will receive an error message. You must use only one spell scroll to scribe a spell. 
- Ancient Mist Root Stone, Refracted Dusk Amethyst, Ancient Life Root Stone, and 
Refracted Dawn Amethyst are now usable in the hands and wrist slots.


September 13, 2005

Welcome to EverQuest: Depths of Darkhollow! 

As Lanys T'Vyl and Firiona Vie crossed blades in Nektulos Forest, a failed curse 
exploded that shook the lands from sky to stone. When all settled, for a time there 
was no sound. Firiona, Lanys, their armies, all the beasts and creatures had vanished 
from the grove where the curse was bound. But down at the end of the forest river 
where it ducked under loose stone, a way into darkness was revealed -- passage into 
a subterranean world called Darkhollow. 

For more details on what befell those in Nektulos Forest, see today's story entry! 

~** Depths of Darkhollow Highlights **~ 

** Monster Missions ** 

- Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be a monster in Norrath? Now you 
can find out! Through Monster Missions, you are able to enter the bodies of a 
variety of characters and be transported into a different time to re-enact the 
past or play a critical role in Norrath's future. These missions are found in 
Darkhollow and other areas around Norrath, like Nektulos Forest and Butcherblock. 
- While you play in a monster mission, your main character earns experience and, 
quite often, rewards! The rewards you gain from monster missions appear in the 
inventory of your main character when the mission is successfully completed. 

** Spirit Shrouds ** 

- Shroudkeepers have learned to channel spirits in the ethereal world. They are found 
in the Plane of Knowledge and can offer you the form of one of Norrath's creatures 
through a Spirit Shroud! The Shroudkeepers can transform you into creatures in various 
categories, like Undead or Animal. The Spirit Shroud itself changes your form and 
gives you a specific set of abilities, like a fighter or healer, depending on the 
shroud you picked. Once you've selected a shroud type, you can choose to play a 
creature of that type of any available level less than or equal to your own level. 
- While you adventure with a Spirit Shroud, you will gain experience for your main 
character. When you remove your shroud, the items you collected will appear in your 
Shroud Storage which is accessed at a banker. Also, as you use the Spirit Shrouds in 
a particular category you will gain enough knowledge and experience to unlock new forms. 

** Evolving Items ** 

- As you adventure and advance in Norrath, you may find new items that will learn 
and grow right along with you! These Evolving Items change over time the more you 
use them, including their names and statistics. These weapons and worn items are 
marked as Evolving and will show their status in a percentage upon inspecting them.
You can watch that status grow as you kill monsters! When it reaches 100 percent, 
presto, you will have the next level of your item! 

** Intelligent Items ** 

- Imagine what some of your gear might say to you if it could talk. Now some will! 
Intelligent items, much like evolving items, are now found in Norrath and will show 
their status when inspected. As they grow, they change their statistics and even what 
they say. They can talk to you and, sometimes, people around you (you can customize 
these chat options). These items usually have something to say about your actions, 
so keep your eyes open! 

** Tradeskills ** 

- The gnomes of Corathus have amassed a collection of new tradeskill items. You will 
find some vendors with books detailing javelins, food and drink, and new ways of doing 
spell research. Merchants who frequently traffic in high quality ore have been taking 
a keen interest in the new ores and minerals of Darkhollow and often have surplus 
available for purchase by others. 
- The new spell research is a totally different system that covers a large majority 
of spells that were found in Planes of Power, and Gates of Discord, though not all 
of them. The new system may seem more complex than the way you are used to doing spells, 
but is much more systematic than the previous system and will be more consistent. 
- Additionally, there are new highly powerful augments for cultural armor? One of the 
Gnomeworks is a bit damaged and if you have something of interest to him, he may be 
willing to help you with a way to make them. Good luck! 

** AAs ** 

- New AAs are now available to players who own Depths of Darkhollow. 

** Spells ** 

- New Spells are now available to players who own Depths of Darkhollow 

~** EverQuest: Escape to Norrath **~ 

Are your friends bored now that the summer is coming to an end? Has their work, 
school, or in-laws plain taken the fun out of their days? If this is the case, 
invite your friends to Escape To Norrath to join you in your adventures throughout 
the world of Norrath. Our new tutorial, EverQuest: Escape To Norrath, is a FREE 
stand alone experience tailored around a fun and easy to learn introduction to the 
world of Norrath. 

There are several ways to play Escape to Norrath: 

- Invite your friends to play EverQuest with you by using the disk included with 
your Depths of Darkhollow box. Feel free to share this disk! 
- Our new EverQuest: Escape To Norrath website has a full download available, along 
with instructions on how to obtain account keys: http://escapetonorrath.station.sony.com/index.vm 
- Existing EverQuest players can play on the Escape To Norrath server by using the 
EscapeToNorrath.exe in their EverQuest directory. Join your friends and relive the 
experience of discovering the magic of EverQuest! 

~** Other Update News **~ 

** [EQ] Menu Button ** 

- We have added new functionality to the UI. The window selector is no longer available. 
The functionality is now neatly folded and tucked away in the [EQ] Button. Clicking on 
the [EQ] button will extend a menu that includes the most vital and commonly used 
screens in the game. 

** AAs ** 

- Based on player feedback, we?ve changed the way that Turn Undead and Turn Summoned 
work to make it more useful in normal grouping situations. Both abilities have been 
refunded and new versions are available for purchase. The new versions are 5-minute 
reuse, single-target DoTs that have a chance to do a massive amount of damage to the 
targeted creature when they land, likely destroying it in one hit. The core abilities 
are still level 59 class abilities and upgrades are available at level 65 for Planes 
of Power and level 70 with Depths of Darkhollow. 
- Due to the changes to Turn Summoned and Turn Undead, the AAs that decreased their 
reuse times are no longer applicable so they have been removed and refunded. 
- The duration of Divine Avatar has been increased to 3 minutes and the reuse time 
has been lowered to 36 minutes. 
- The reuse time on Rabid Bear has been reduced to 36 minutes. As part of this change, 
the ability will no longer have its duration increased by focus effects. Hastened 
Rabidity has been changed to lower the reuse on Rabid Bear by 4 minutes per rank. 
- Reduced the casting time on Wake the Dead and Army of the Dead. 
- Rhythmic Reflexes and Superior Rhythmic Reflexes had their double attack values 
switched. This has now been corrected. 

** Tradeskills ** 

- Added some recipes to create Soy Sauce for the Chef Chowderly quest. 
- Modified the stats on numerous pieces of the Cultural Tradeskill armor. 
- The Salvage bug when using world containers has been fixed. 
- Tradeskill recipes that result in a LORE item that you already have and is not 
a tool will now block with a message. 

** NPCs ** 

- High quality ore vendors will no longer fall for your tricks. 
- Volkara will now appear as a spider rather than a 20-foot human male. 
- NPC's in Halls of Honor should no longer gate home when there are too many pets in 
the nearby vicinity. 
- Made a minor modification to the Mata Muram script to fix a loophole in the gaze 
list logic. 

** Missions 

- Volkara will no longer grow in power if she is outside of her lair. Her encounter 
will now be the same no matter where she is fought. 
- Kessdona's manashard guardian adds should now activate correctly and in sequence. 
- Changed the required count for the kill and loot elements on the Dragons of Norrath 
mission ?Diseased Pumas?. This change was to fix a discrepancy between the number 
of items required for task completion compared to the number of kills and items 
looted that the task said you needed. 

** Quests ** 

- The Ancient Sebilite Protector in Sebilis should no longer double-spawn his helper-golems, 
and the event should despawn / reset normally again. 

** Items ** 

- All arrows and throwing items now are max stack size of 100. 
- All spell scrolls should now be stackable. Please note that if you try to scribe 
more than one spell scroll at one time by using a stack of spell scrolls, that you 
will receive an error message. You must use only one spell scroll to scribe a spell. 

** Spells ** 

- Modified Intensity of the Resolute so it won?t be overwritten by other, lesser 

** Tutorial ** 

- In case you missed it above, the tutorial has changed. Not only have we added new 
content and made it more user friendly and streamlined, we actually made it a standalone 
experience you can give to your friends to learn how to play EverQuest. Please refer to 
the EverQuest: Escape To Norrath website for more details: http://escapetonorrath.station.sony.com/index.vm 

** UI ** 

- There are now 4 Hotbutton windows that can be visible at the same time. Use the Options 
window to set keys for showing/hiding the windows, as well as setting keys for the 
individual Hotbuttons in them. Note to skinners, your old skin should work for the 
single Hotbutton window contained in it, but you'll need to update to see more than 1. 
- Item Links have changed format. 
- Bazaar search results, when the item is viewed, should now show the correct number of 
charges for charged items. 
- The Task Select window now autoselects the first task in the list. 
- The Guild Management Window level display bug should be fixed. 
- Changing video modes should no longer clear the Find window list. 
- The Find Window now generates a Find path once a target is selected. 

** Miscellaneous ** 

- Added new level gained text for lower level characters. 
- A fully looted corpse will remain in the game as long as there is experience that 
can be regained through an experience rez or until the experience rez timer has expired. 

***Special Thanks*** 

The EverQuest Team would like to warmly thank all the people who participated in the 
Depths of Darkhollow Beta. All your feedback, patience and good spirits have been 
really invaluable to us and the EverQuest community as a whole. Without your efforts, 
Depths of Darkhollow would not be possible.


September 15, 2005

** Spells ** 

- Modified Abundant Healing so it should no longer have stacking problems with other 
regeneration effects. 

** Items ** 

- Placeholder items inside Monster missions will now display the highest level reward 
for reference. 

- New tradeskilled javelins in Depths of Darkhollow now have required levels. Some of 
them are now flagged as beastlord usable. 

- Slipgear's Gem will now properly calculate its stats based on the tasks you've 
completed for Cartographer Slipgear. 

** Miscellaneous ** 

- Fixed general login related issues. 

- Fixed an issue that prevented Lore and Magic items from dropping on Monster Missions 
on Firiona Vie. 

- Fixed an issue that caused quest and tradeskill recipes that resulted in an item of 
the same lore group as a component of the recipe from combining properly. 

-- The EverQuest Team


September 16, 2005

** Skills ** 

- Language skills can now be advanced pass skill level 32 again. 

** Miscellaneous ** 

- Fixed a bug with monster mission shrouds and their abilities. 

- Fixed a problem that allowed the boar mount to go into dungeons. 

- Mounts will sink when in water as they should. 

- Fixed an issue with the /who command when people are shrouded. 

-- The EverQuest Team 


September 21, 2005

*** Missions *** 

- Lockout timers for missions are now fixed. You will no longer get the 50+ day 
lockout timers. Those that have these long lockout timers need to log those 
characters into the game to have those timers reset automatically for them. 
There is no need to petition to get them reset, they will be reset automatically. 

- Orvin in West Commonlands should port players with the Zanivar quest. 

- The chance that you would loot the required items for the mission Desert Crawl 
was increased. 

- Corgoth has remembered his obligations and has returned to the Norrath?s Keeper 

- Adjusted the experience reward for some of the monster missions to be more in line 
with the time it is taking to complete them. 

- Kathi Norman is on vacation. She will return to help Griffins find their eggs as 
soon as she can. (ooc: The mission she gave was just too easy and is being retrofitted 
with more fun and challenge). 

- Lowered the difficulty of Warlord Drellak in the second mission of the Walls of 
Xill mission line in Stoneroot Falls. 

- Some mission givers in Stoneroot Falls will now see through invisibility. You may 
now communicate with them while having invisibility up. 

*** Items *** 

- Evolving items that had the same recommended and required level will now only 
report the required level. 

- Some Illsalin level 70 hard mission items have been slightly upgraded. 

- A few belts throughout Darkhollow now increase the size of your potion belt. 

*** Quests *** 

- A few quest combines that had a lore result were failing. These should now work 
properly. In some cases, you will still have the container when you are done with it. 
Do with it what you want. This includes the combines for the Ranger and Druid epic 2.0 
that were eating their containers. 

- The unbridled fury of Korbuk Brimblade will no longer bring unwanted lag to Noble's 

*** Shrouds *** 

- Modified the experience scaling for Spirit Shrouds, Evolving Items, and Leadership 
Abilities to grant more experience at lower levels. 

*** AAs *** 

- The AA description for some of the new DoD AAs will now show the proper required level. 

*** Tradeskills *** 

Eureka! Players can now learn some of the Depths of Darkhollow recipes that were 
so forgettable. 

- Nest Drake eggs now work with normal flour. 

- The new snake eggs found in Darkhollow make scrumptious dough, noodles, egg batter, 
and snake egg oil. 

- We have fixed an issue with a tradeskill combines where the container is lore and is
also given back to the player after the combine is completed. You will now be able to 
complete these combines again. 

- The EverQuest Team


October 12, 2005

*** Headlines *** 

A new edition of the city newspapers is hot off the presses. See your local Town Crier! 

Lesser Faydark and Mistmoore Castle have been returned to their previous states. 

*** Missions *** 

- The mission, Brownies of Doom, has been made easier. We will continue to monitor 
this mission to see if it remains too difficult or too long. 

- A character that is out of the instance when one of the five Curse of Blood raids 
is completed can get their ?flag? and AA by zoning back in before the instance shuts 
down. There was a bug with the mechanism that handed out the AAs in this case and 
that has been fixed. The ?flag? was being given out properly on zone in. 

*** Quests *** 

- Many of the guests of Dreadspire were very easily satiated. Their hunger has 
grown and they can be fed more often. 

- Ergrez Shortpaw in Iceclad now asks for Fatty Walrus Meat instead of Walrus Meat. 

- There are reports of bandits robbing the Cargo Clockwork in Steamfont. Speak to 
Jarah in Ak`Anon to find out about the Cargo. (Cargo Clockwork?s quest should now 
work properly) 

*** Spells *** 

- Shield of Dreams is now a 451 pt. rune 

- The triggered effect caused by Fickle Shadows will now only effect spells which 
do not have a duration. I.E. instant direct damage spells. 

- The charges on the mage summoned Sphere of Air have been increased to 5. The spell 
that summons this item has also had its mana cost increased. 

- The ATK bonuses for Ward of the Hunter, Howl of the Predator, and Strength of the 
Hunter have been replaced with Double attack bonuses. 

*** AAs *** 

- The casting times on several of the wizard AA familiars have been removed. 

- Dragon Punch has been changed to a physical resist check, it should now be resisted 
less often. 

*** Items *** 

- The worn damage shield cap has been increased from 15 to 30. 

- The following augmentations now have solvents: Stone of Focused Rage, Heart of 
Darkhollow Wilds, Darter Stone and Solidified Shadow Spine Magical Taint. 

- The Illsalin Royalty Garment now has the click effect of Shield of Auras. 

- The Shiliskin Good Luck Charm will now yield a lower max value. 

- Pristine Illsalin Stonecraft Mask now has +3 regen and mana regen instead of Composure. 

- The Berserker Epic 1.5 and 2.0 effects have been modified. They now increase crit 
rate, strength (and strength cap), and regen health for the duration of the effects. 

*** NPCs *** 

- Entalon in the burning woods will now take you to his master on completion of his quest. 

- Though she has lived in Neriak since she was born, Ungia has decided to move to Grobb 
to follow the customer base she acquired during the troll exile. 

- Graktar in Iceclad is waiting for a letter from Vkjor in Kael Drakkal. 

- Earthcaller Stones should now appear in Shadeweaver's Thicket. This is related 
to a quest from Captain Karim. 

- Sentry Kedra Kai of Shadeweaver?s Thicket will now reward players for adventuring 
into the Paludal Caverns. 

*** Tradeskills *** 

- Alchemists no longer automatically throw a tantrum and destroy the small vials 
used to make some potions if they fail to make the potion. 

- Scrindites Mechanoinstruction Reader should now work as described in the book. 

- The page needed to make the Unfired Scrindite?s Holepunch Mold has been moved from 
Poxysmit's Book to Scrindite's Book. 

- Potters Unite! There are new culturally inspired charms made using the pottery skill. 
Consult the merchants that sell the culturally inspired books for a new book. 

- Refined high quality ore can now be converted between block, large bricks and small 

*** UI *** 

- A done button has found its way back onto the Merchant Window. 

Note: The updated UI that is currently on test will be pushed live in the next few weeks. 

*** Leadership Points *** 

- You will no longer lose leadership points if you are shrouded much lower than your 
regular level and you gain enough leadership experience to gain another point. 

*** Atlas *** 

- Depths of Darkhollow has been added to the atlas. 

*** Miscellaneous *** 

- The AC cap has been increased for bards levels 50+. 

- The return on AC over the cap has been increased for clerics levels 50+.


October 27, 2005

*** Headliners *** 

*** New Default UI Skin *** 

- We have updated the default UI skin with new art and icons! This is the same artwork 
that has been on display on our Escape to Norrath server (www.escapetonorrath.com) 
and our test server. For those of you that prefer to use the old default UI Skin, 
you can type /loadskin default_old in your chat window and it will allow you to use 
the old default UI. 

*** Events and Seasonal Festivities *** 

- Zigan Ribshard in the Plane of Knowledge has a few friends he?d like you to meet. 
Speak with him for more information regarding seasonal festivities. 

Community Summit Related Items: 

- There is a new filter option on the guild bank to narrow your search. 
- Added a "guildbank" argument to /outputfile, allowing a player to dump the guild 
bank to disk. NOTE: This can only be used in the Guild Hall. 
- Players should now be able to withdraw items from the Guild Bank deposit area (if 
they're a Guild Banker). 
- Added Stun and Strikethrough filters/color selectors. 
- Players now have an option in the options window to determine whether or not they 
want other players to see them with their helm. "Show My Helm" 
- EverQuest now uses the system mouse. While in windowed mode you can freely move 
the mouse around as you can with any other application running in a window. 
Mouse pointer customization can be done on a UISkin level. Just make your own .cur 
files with the appropriate names. (Please see the default directory for the .cur names.) 
- There's a new command to launch a web browser from the chat window. Just type /www 
and check it out. Also for additional flexibility, /url is available. 
- There's a new command to launch an application. Check out /system for usage. 

New arena zone headed to Stormhammer! 

- Please be aware that if you login to Stormhammer and download the new arena.eqg, 
that file will need to be deleted if you want to login to a server other than Stormhammer. 
This file is located in your EverQuest root directory. 

- Raid invites can now be done across zones via "/raidinvite name" 
- Bandaging other players will appear to give a healing effect again. 

*** Audio Triggers *** 

Audio triggers are sound effects that are played when certain patterns appear in the 
chat window. You can make audio triggers to play any sound you want when something 
you want to be sure not to miss appears in the chat window. This might be /tells from 
specific friends, certain buffs fading, or any other event you can think of that has a 
text message associated with it. The window used to configure your Audio Triggers can 
be accessed via the EQ button -> Actions -> Audio Triggers. 

There are a couple key ideas that make up Audio Triggers. 

Audio Triggers are a collection of text patterns associated with a sound effect. 
The window shows a list of all active audio triggers. They are sorted by priority 
so that the first pattern that matches text in the chat window will be the one and 
only sound that is played. This allows patterns to be made, for example, "tells you" 
and "yourbuddy tells you" that may have different sound effects. The "Move Up" and 
"Move Down" commands allow you to control which patterns will be tested first. 

Creating a new trigger is a simple matter of typing text in the "Pattern" field, 
selecting a sound in the "Sound" control, and pressing "Create". 

The other controls include: 

* Apply - changes the sound selected for the current pattern. Note that changing a 
pattern requires a new pattern to be made. 
* Play - plays the currently selected sound again. 
* Delete - delete the currently selected trigger. 

Trigger Sets 

Trigger Sets are similar to choosing a UI skin. Each trigger set represents a set of 
patterns associated with sounds that is stored on a per-character basis. You can 
switch trigger sets by selecting the drop-down control and selecting among the listed 
options. Unless you have installed custom Audio Trigger sets, you will only see the 
"default" entry. 

Each trigger set is stored as a folder in the AudioTrigger folder in your EverQuest 
directory which can contain .wav files unique to that trigger set. The goal here is 
to provide a way for the player community to create and share their own Audio Trigger 
sets that people find useful for different classes or play styles, much like they have 
done for custom UI skins. 

An example of a useful trigger set may be a set of patterns 
There are many possibilities. Due to the differences in play styles, there is no 
way to predict what settings people might prefer so the default settings are empty. 
We encourage players to discover and share ways to make this a fun part of their 

Notes on customizing Audio Triggers: 

* Any .wav files found in the folder .\AudioTriggers\shared will be made available 
to all Audio Trigger sets in the Sound selection control. You will probably want to 
put most of your custom sounds in this folder, unless you are making custom Audio 
Trigger sets. 
* Creating a new Audio Trigger set is similar to making a new UI skin. It's not 
complicated but it's not built into the UI. Create a folder in 
.\AudioTriggers\NewTriggerSetName and put any .wav files specific to this trigger 
set in there, and you will be able to start using the new trigger set the next time 
the program is started. 
* User settings for each Audio Trigger set can be found in 
.\userdata\AT_TriggerSetName_CharacterName_ServerName.ini. You can copy these 
files to other characters as needed. You will probably want to include a sample
of this if you make an Audio Trigger set that you plan to share because this is 
what contains all the details on each specific trigger pattern and sound. 

The above instructions are available in-game via the help button on the audio 
triggers window. 

*** Shrouds/Monster Missions *** 

- Tribute will now be properly disabled when in shrouded form. 
- GuildTribute is now properly disabled when in shrouded form. 
- You cannot guild invite someone who is shrouded. 
- Adjusted the power scaling of Spirit Shrouds level 55 and above. As you unlock 
higher tier shrouds you will see a larger difference in their power level. 

*** Items *** 

- Light Amphibian Hide Slippers now have the effect "Form of Protection" 
- Cultural Charms will now be able to receive augments. 
- Whisps of Potameid Hair will now drop occasionally from some of the Potameids in Jagged Pine. 
- The experience required on many of the intelligent items has been reduced significantly 
to bring them more in line with evolving items. 

*** Tradeskills *** 

- Charm Patterns now stack better! 
- Players will now be able to make journeyman?s charm patterns instead of cloth caps! 
- The spells Night Stalker and Night's Beckon now use the proper thickener. 
- Saltpeter and Crystallized Sulfur should drop about 10 times as often as they did 
in the past. 
- Pan Seared Orange Tuna will no longer magically transform your non stick frying pan 
into a stew pot if you make a mistake while making it. 
- Radiant Titanite of Quickening and Pure Quickening can now be made by rogues. 
- Scribe Rikik in Rathe Mountains found the inventory that he had lost during the 
move from Gukta. 
- The spell Light of Order will now use the proper ink. 
- The Darkhollow Geode task changed. Only Artisans will accept the Geode. 

*** NPCs *** 

- Cartographer Slipgear is reviewing his notes and discovered that some of his maps 
are not properly accredited. Speak with him if you have provided him with a map but 
not received credit for it. 
- The Knight of the Dread Sun will now make his appearance more often. 
- Atheling Plague has decided that heights aren't to his tastes, so he has left his tower. 

*** Quests *** 

- Added a new quest to reward players for completing the mission story arcs in 
Darkhollow. Speak with the old shiliskin fortune teller in Undershore for details. 

*** UI *** 

- There is now a button on the Options/Display page to "turn off" your helm?s graphic. 
- You will now see all text color options. 
- If you cancel a coin selection and then attempt to select crystals instead, the 
crystals will now appear on your cursor and not the coin. 

*** Miscellaneous *** 

- You will now be able to remove gold from your shared bank or regular bank if you 
die with an item on your cursor. 
- When using Find to find the Fishing Supply merchant you will no longer lock up. 
- Seru's animations are now fixed. 
- If a character dies while LD, Charmed or Feared the corpse can will be able to be 
dragged by the appropriate people. 
- We have fixed any remaining issues with setting a portion of your experience to go 
to AAs and then losing regular experience. 
- Client stability fix. This specifically happened while raiding with many many 
different types of particle clouds being used. 
- The issue involving the loss of a portion of a player's mana, hitpoints, and 
endurance after zoning is now fixed. 
- We have fixed the issue involved with the loss of half a player's mana, hitpoints, 
and endurance after zoning from a death. 
- Added some additional logging and error-checking to the Plane of Time. These changes 
should address the issue where an instance would not progress past Phase 1 in some 
- Numerous raid management systems fixes have been made. 

*** Chat *** 

- Players in shrouded form will not auto-join class chat channels. 

*** Pets *** 

- Pets will once again receive HP from their items. 

*** Regen *** 

- Regen will work properly after becoming your main character after being a shroud. 
Iksars rejoice. 

*** PvP *** 

- You can no longer loot an item from someone else's corpse if you kill them in an 

*** Evolving Items *** 

- You can now see the final result after adding an augment to an item. 

*** Spells *** 

- Detrimental spells will not be marked as used if used in a non-combat zone like PoK. 
- Several Ranger spells have been modified once again: 
* Ward of the Hunter - Replaced the ATK bonus, lowered the double attack bonus to 3%. 
* Howl of the Predator - Replaced the ATK bonus, lowered the double attack bonus to 3%. 
* Strength of the Hunter - Replaced the ATK bonus, removed the double attack bonus. 
- Greater Familiar is no longer an instant cast spell. 

*** Skills *** 

- Berserker axe throwing skills have had their timers modified. The stun and snare 
type abilities will now be on one timer, and the jolt and volley sets will be on another.


November 1, 2005

*** Halloween Events *** 

- Corrected an issue with character flagging in the Halloween events. Previously 
only the Trick-or-Treat event and the "Out with the Old" mission were giving credit 
for completion. 
- Due to the issues in the Halloween events the time they will be available has been 
increased. The events will now remain available until the morning of Monday, November 14th. 

*** Tradeskills *** 

- Artisan Dosan Vis'Moor, Vivian Selgan, and Gart Okken should now be accepting 
items for the tasks that they give. 

*** Miscellaneous *** 

- Zoning out from the Corathus Mines will now place you at the location from which 
you zoned in. 
- Addressed character creation issues on Firiona Vie. 
- Corrected several issues with Veteran rewards.


November 16, 2005

*** Depths of Darkhollow*** 

Many of the single group attainable rewards from the Depths of Darkhollow expansion 
have received significant upgrades. This includes more than 1,000 items from all 
over the expansion. Also, to allow players who have deleted items a chance to get 
them again, the rewards you get for completing a mission the first time are now 
given to you whenever you complete the mission and do not already have the reward. 

We've also made many tuning changes to the DoD missions to provide a smoother ramp 
up in difficulty over the course of the expansion. In general, earlier missions are 
now a bit easier and missions further into the expansion are now a bit more 
challenging, particularly the hard level missions. 

*** New Monster Missions *** 

- A gnollish zealot has been spotted near the bridge in South Karana. He speaks of 
the rift within Paw and the final whereabouts of the son of Ishva Mal. Perhaps there 
is still hope for the prisoners within. 
- The Solusek Mining Company has begun recruiting clockwork pilots for a special 
mission. Report to Clockwork Commander Widgetsworth in Lavastorm for further details. 

*** Spells *** 

- Several of the abilities used by NPCs in the Demi-Plane of Blood have been modified. 
- The Enchanter spell Apathy of the Nihil has been replaced with Dreary Deeds, an 
upgrade to Forlorn Deeds. 
- E`ci's Frosty Breath and Glacier Breath are now much harder to resist. 
- Blood of the Spire is now a more potent mana preservation focus. 
- Ravenous Hunger has been changed. It is now named "Ravenous Sloth" and is a 40% 
duration extender on the spell "Lingering Sloth". 
- The Aura of Arcanum line of spells should now have the correct spell description. 

*** Items *** 

- Pumpkin lovers rejoice! Pumpkin items now stack. 
- The spell Servant of Marr now properly requires Ink of the Companion. 
- Some of the ores that did not stack before now stack. This is from a list provided 
by the community. 
- The drop rate on Shards of Dark Matter has been increased. The high-end Gates of 
Discord bosses will now drop at least one of them every time they are killed. 
- The weight on all versions of the Mask of Horror for the Halloween event has been 
- Ensorcelled Great Sword of the Night should now proc correctly for players at 
level 55 and greater who can wield the sword. The Greatsword is also more visually 
- All none/none flagged containers in the game are now flagged as all/all. This 
should fix some issues with containers not showing up in varied item searches in 
the bazaar and item point vendors. 
- Some of the "Last Blood" augmentations now have stronger focus effects. 
- Darkhollow Constitutional will now return a normal cork, not the dissolving kind. 
- Statuette of the Tranquil is now called "Amice of the Tranquil" and is a shoulder 
slot item. The AC has been increased and the avoidance has been replaced with accuracy. 
- Woven Shadow Shroud is now called "Woven Shadow Stone" and is a range slot item. 
The item now has points in backstab damage. 
- Razorsharp Shortsword is now not usable by berserkers. 
- Dragon Scale Tiara is now named "Dragon Scale Eyepatch" 
- Azure Sleeves of the Diplomat and Azure Cowl of the Diplomat have lost their 
+attack bonus. 
- Azure Slippers of the Diplomat have lost their attack bonus and have received 
a +2 to mana regen. 
- Eulogy, the Bloodthirsty Blade now has higher hit points. 
- Bard instruments will drop less frequently in the Demi-Plane of Blood and a 
maximum of once per kill. 
- The Insidious Hooded Cloak now has its specialization modifier set to alteration 
instead of conjuration. 
- The Ancient Werewolf Skull evolving item now has augmentation slots at each 
stage in evolution. 
- The Sharpshooting VI spell effect on Soulseeker, Death's Sigh is now worn instead 
of combat. 
- The Polished Chitin War Horn now has an augment slot. 
- Ancient Cudgel of Slaughter now has resistance modifiers. 
- Though it is still magnetic, a magnetic metal brick will no longer stick to your 

*** Missions, Tasks 

- Adjusted the experience reward for monster missions to better reflect the amount 
of effort the mission requires. Missions that could be finished very quickly are now 
worth less experience and missions that are taking longer to complete are now worth 
more experience. 
- High Seas Rogues have regained the ability to evade! 
- All Drachnid Hive level 65 missions should now give out the appropriate one time rewards. 
- Artisan Dosan Vis?Moor, Vivian Selgan, and Gart Okken should now be accepting items 
for the tasks that they give. 
- Additional text has been added to the "Investigate a Disappearance" task that begins 
in Freeport that should help clear up a confusing spot late in the task. 
- Aid Fimli in the Plane of Knowledge will now reward you with a cloak of lesser 
pernicity that matches the stats of the original cloak of greater pernicity. In 
addition the cloak of greater pernicity has been changed to be no drop. 
- The Misty for You quest now works properly. 

*** UI *** 

- The GuildManagement window has a new tab "Information", which contains the MOTD 
fields, as well as two new fields for Guild web URL and Guild channel specification. 
These new fields are changeable by the Guild leader only. 

*** Tradeskills *** 

- The spell Light of Order will now use the proper ink. 
- Poison Vials made with Crows Special Brew now show properly in the Tradeskill UI. 
- Players baking with pumpkin will now get their tools back when they mess up. 
- Players making Spiced Pumpkin Cider no longer have to hold it in their hands. The 
recipe now requires a bottle. 

*** NPCS *** 

- The Knight of the Dread Sun will now make his appearance more often. 
- Fixed an issue in Dreadspire that could cause some of the residents of the crypt 
to aggro through the roof. 
- Ogres will now be able to get the thread for their cultural armor without having 
to fight off guards. 


December 13, 2006

*** Warping Fixes *** 

- Fixed the Eye of Zomm warping bug. 
- Fixed a warping bug while being charmed/feared. 

*** Titles *** 

- Corrected an issue that prevented server-based suffixes for the Cazic Thule server from 
being displayed properly. 

- The EverQuest Team


December 21, 2005

*** Tradeskills ***

- Fixed a tradeskill exploit.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Pathing changes were made to Dreadspire and the Demi-Plane of Blood to mitigate NPC 

- The EverQuest Team