February 3, 2000  8:00 am

The following changes have been implemented on the live servers:


- Lay On Hands: Enhanced to heal more hitpoints per level.
- Enveloping Roots: Casting time reduced to match Immobilize
- Skin Like Nature: Small Damage Shield added. This will stack with 
other shields.
- Insidious Fever: Casting time reduced.
- Insidious Malady: Casting time Reduced.
- Burnout series: Negative HP component removed to bring it in line 
with the Necromancer's Intensify/Augment death series.


- Syvelian's Anti-magic Aura: Potency increased.
- Shauri's Sonorous Clouding: Now also grants See Invisible. Party 
members can now see each other while under the effect of this song.

Additionally, the following songs have been given a slightly larger 

- Selo's Accelerando
- Agilmente's Aria of Eagles
- Shauri's Sonorous Clouding
- Tarew's Aquatic Ayre

*PvP-Teams Change*

Customers on the PvP-Teams servers have been plagued by a tactic known 
as "Bind Rushing". Casters would bind themselves in a hostile area or 
dungeon, and attack everyone of an opposing race in the area. Sooner or 
later the caster would die. They would then respawn, memorize a few 
spells, then jump back in to attack their wounded opponents.

As a first step in combating this practice and improving life for those 
on the PvP-Servers, casters will now respawn with zero mana after being 
killed by another player in a duel or open combat.

This code is new for those on Tallon and Vallon Zek. It has been in 
place for some time on Rallos Zek and works very well there.

*The Plane of Sky*

All spells that grant levitation will no longer function in the Plane 
of Sky. This affects spells cast by Wizards, Enchanters, Shamans, 
Druids, Necromancers, and Bards. The Plane of Sky is designed to be 
completed in certain fashion, and the existence of these spells allowed 
the islands to be completed out-of-order.

A teleporter will be placed on the first island in the next patch to 
allow people access to the room below.

- The EverQuest Team


February 17, 2000  7:00 am


The City of Paineel, home to the infamous Heretics of Erudin, is now 
available via the Optional Patch. In addition, Erudites may now also be 
Shadowknights in addition to the other classes available to them. All 
Erudite Necromancers, Shadowknights, and Clerics who worship the God of 
Fear, Cazic-Thule, now start in the City of Paineel. As such, if you 
wish to create a character of this type from this point forward, you 
*must* download the Paineel zone-files via the Optional Patch.

Please note that if you downloaded the Paineel zone files recently, you 
must run the Optional Patch again to insure you have the correct 
version of the files.

In related news, all of the entrances to the Qeynos Catacombs have been 


The following changes have been implemented on the live servers:

*Spell Changes*

- The recast delay for many of the Shaman buff-spells have been 
- "Reoccurring Amnesia" has had its casting time reduced.
- "Yaulp" and "Augmentation" should now stack.
- "Solidarity of Vision" has had its duration increased.
- The Druid spell, "Skin Like Nature", has been returned to its former 
status due to popular opinion. As such, the damage-shield component has 
been removed and the regeneration component has been re-applied.
- "Sense Magic" has been replaced in all cases by the "True North" 
spell. If you have already inscribed the "Sense Magic" spell, the spell 
icon will now automatically reflect "True North".
- A bug that existed with several damage-shield spells, causing their 
damage to be subtracted rather than added when stacked, has been 
corrected. The spells will now stack properly.
- The "Feign Death" spell, when cast by a Necromancer, will now have a 
fixed duration. The Necromancer will receive several warnings prior to 
the spell wearing off. This change was necessary because some 
Necromancers found a way to gain experience through their pet while 
being AFK for an extended duration, such as being in bed for the night. 
Note: This does not affect Shadowknights or Monks.
- New Necromancer spells are now in game. Check your spell vendors.
- Alchemy has been revamped. Check with your local Shaman.
- DOT (Damage Over Time) spells will no longer hinder camping.

*General Changes/Fixes*

- The dungeon of Paw has again received a minor update to slightly 
reduce the difficulty of the zone.

- All known issues with the SBLive soundcard have been corrected.

- From this point forward, deleting a character will cause all corpses 
belonging to that character to likewise be deleted. This change was 
made primarily to stop a no-drop transfer bug. It also has the added 
effect of cleaning up corpses for characters that people no longer 
intend to play.

- Crippling Blows will now display the correct damage in the "You have 
scored a Crippling Blow (###)" line.

*Corpse Looting Exploit*

Recently, an exploit was discovered that allowed certain unsavory 
individuals to loot the corpses of other players without their consent. 
The precise symptom of this is that the owner would find their corpse 
stripped of everything except for no-drop items, and items in a bag 
with no-drop items. This exploit was fixed in this patch.

If you were affected by this exploit recently, you are entitled to a 
reimbursement of your lost items assuming that we still have a record 
of what you had. Please contact a GM in-game to arrange for an 

During the course of the investigation, people who have exploited this 
bug will be subject to disciplinary action by our GM staff up to and 
including item wipes, suspension, and/or banishment.

*Rogue Enhancements*

Rogues received several enhancements as part of this patch:

- The chance to score a critical hit with a throwing weapon has been 
increased significantly.

- When throwing a weapon from behind the NPC in question, a rogue now 
has a chance to score a "Deadly Strike", for enhanced damage above and 
beyond that of a critical hit.

- A new rogue-specific ability has been added to the "Hide" skill. It 
is called "Evade". This skill has the effect of lowering the amount 
that the targeted NPC hates the rogue, and has the potential of making 
the engaged NPC switch to another target (preferably a tank) within the 
rogue's group. It is essentially a "reverse taunt". This ability helps 
mitigate the negative effects of the rogue's exceedingly high damage-
output potential. It also will in-turn help the rogue do even more 
damage as the NPC is much more likely to expose its back. It is engaged 
by targeting the NPC you wish to "Evade" and pressing the "Hide" 
button. As a note, you must not be in combat mode in order to use this 


The Mistwalker will once again cast its spell as often as it used to 
prior to the last patch. However, the resulting pet will now 
automatically "dissipate" after one combat round. The change that 
reduced the "proc" percentage on the weapon was made due to an 
unintended interaction between the pet and the target when several 
users of this weapon were attacking the same target. Since the new pet 
now automatically dissipates after one round, the reduced "proc" 
percentage was no longer necessary.

*Class-Specific Armor Quests*

Class-Specific armor quests, especially those belonging to Clerics, 
Paladins, and Shadowknights, have been reduced in terms of how long it 
will take the average person to acquire the armor. These classes, and 
others that found particular pieces of their armor exceedingly 
difficult to obtain should find it much easier now.

In addition, a bug that hindered completion of the Bracer of Ro quest 
for some races has been corrected.

*Tallon Zek*

Loot rules for PvP deaths on the PvP-Teams server, Tallon Zek, have 
been changed from "Coin + 1 item" to "Coin Only". This change was made 
to study the impact of loot-rules upon server population in reference 
to the loot/efficiency disparity between caster and melee characters. 
This change is a test, and may or may not be retained or rolled out 
across the other PvP servers, pending the results of the server 
population study over the next few weeks.

*Plane Changes*

Several changes have been implemented in the Planes as part of this 

- Characters will now lose all enchantments upon entering the Plane of 

- Due to the fact that the levitate-series no longer works within the 
Plane of Sky, a teleporter has been placed to allow entrance into the 
quest room.

- A teleporter has been placed within the Plane of Hate in order to 
give non-casters a way out of the zone besides death, potion, or group 

*Loot Messages*

Messages indicating what has been looted from a corpse will now be 
broadcast to everyone within the looters group. This change was made 
due to public request and to encourage trust within the group. We may, 
in the future, employ filters to allow people to choose whether or not 
they wish to receive loot messages.

*Fiery Avenger*

The greatly anticipated defining blade of the Paladin, the "Fiery 
Avenger", is again available within game via a quest. The *first* 
devout Paladin to wield this blade and be validated by a GM in-game 
will be publicly congratulated within a patch message and on the 
Official EverQuest web-site at www.everquest.com.

- The EverQuest Team


February 23, 2000

Today's patch was primarily comprised of server-side changes in 
preparation for the release of EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark. Only one 
gameplay-affecting issue was updated as a result of this patch: 

- Being killed by another player in a duel will now cause you to re-
spawn with zero mana. 

This change was implemented to counter a strategy used by casters where 
they would duel to reduce downtime between fights, thus allowing groups 
to engage creatures that they normally would not be able to. 

- The EverQuest Team


March 29, 2000

This morning's update consisted primarily of server-side changes to 
improve performance of the game engine in general. No items, spawns, 
spells (with the exceptions below), etc., were changed as a result of 
this patch.

Area Effect "Fear" spells will no longer work in PvP. This affects a 
bard song, as well as the Cleric "Wave of Fear" spell. 

Corrected a bug with some of the Resurrection spells that caused them 
to return too little experience.

We plan on publishing data and item changes next week if all goes well 
on the Test server. We apologize to those who are inconvenienced by 
having to wait for the expected changes.

- The EverQuest Team


April 10, 2000

***Patch Day***

The following is a list of changes that were implemented on the Live 
EverQuest servers today:

- You will now receive a message when attempting to mesmerize a 
creature that is immune to that type of spell.
- You can now right-click-and-hold on bard songs to determine what 
instrument skill is used by the spell.
- Dyn's Dizzying Draught has had its casting time lowered 
- Corrected a bug in the Druid root + damage spells (Enveloping roots 
series) that caused the spell's damage to have a chance of breaking the 
spell. They work much better now.
- The Magicians Phantom Armor series now grants HP regeneration.
- The Druid spell, dance of the fireflies, has been changed from 
"Outdoor only" to "Night only". It may now be cast in dungeons.
- Corrected a typographical error that allowed high level magicians to 
inscribe the Malosi spell. It was not intended for magicians under 
level 50.

*General Changes/Fixes*
- Items have gained the ability to be restricted by Deity. If a deity 
restriction is placed upon an item, it will show when you right-click-
and-hold on the item.
- The AC on the mid-level cleric quest armor has been increased.
- The Terror Mask will now cast "Fear" instead of "Call of Bones" as 
previously announced. The "Call of Bones" effect was placed on this 
item by mistake.
- The Mempo of Likato now grants AC.
- The Quest for the Short Sword of Morin has been fixed.
- Some spawn-time problems in Mistmoore have been repaired.
- Five spawn-time problems were identified in regards to the Armor of 
Ro (Paladin) quests. They have been fixed and Paladins should have a 
much easier time of obtaining their armor.
- Pets should now attack Willowisps on command.
- Many spell-gems and icons have been changed to reflect the 
appropriate action of the spell. Be sure to reacquaint yourself with 
your spell line-up.
- Fixed a bug that caused targetable bard songs to ignore the 
instrument in use.

*Kerra Ridge*
Kerra Ridge has been completely revamped. The target level-range for 
the zone has been slightly increased. In addition, many new quests have 
been added to the zone. The faction for Kerrans has been changed so 
that those who killed them indiscriminately before today's update can 
take part. Be warned that the Kerrans still do not like everyone.

Paw has received another minor difficulty adjustment. In addition, item 
drop percentages have been increased.

*The Plane of Hate*
The Plane of Hate has received an item-drop/spawn-time revamp. Take 
care in your exploration of this zone as many things have changed.

- The EverQuest Team


April 17, 2000  4:00 pm

EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark (upgrade) should now be arriving on 
doorsteps around the world. Please note that attempting to create an 
Iksar character will not work until the expansion zones are officially 
opened within the next week.

We ask that if you attempt to create an Iksar character out of 
curiosity that you do not proceed past the "History" page (the page 
that speaks of your lifestyle) in the character creation process. Once 
at this page, please use the "Back" button to get back to the character 
creation screen. Pressing "Next" on this screen will cause the name you 
have selected to go into the "used name" list, making it unavailable 
for future use.

We appreciate your cooperation.

- The EverQuest Team

*Today's Patch*

Today's patch consisted of preparations for the launch of Kunark, as 
well as some new art. The following spell changes were also included:

- Corrected a bug with a new bard song that allowed them to charm 
anything, such as deities and dragons.
- Added a lesser included wisdom effect with "Brilliance" as well as a 
lesser included intelligence effect with "Insight". These spells will 
no longer stack.

- The EverQuest Team 


April 19, 2000  4:00 pm

As part of the emergency update completed last night, a change was 
implemented that increases the amount of damage done by someone 
wielding a 2 handed weapon. 

This change was made due to a statistical imbalance in the way that 
damage is calculated at the mid-to-upper levels. A person wielding a 
one-handed weapon of a given ratio was able to do more damage than when 
wielding a two-handed weapon of the same ratio. 

We would like to stress that no change has been made to the amount of 
damage done by people wielding one-handed weapons. The net result of 
this change is that people choosing to wield two-handed weapons will 
now do more damage than they did before. 

-The EverQuest Team 


April 21, 2000  7:00 am

Greetings everyone! 

This morning's update is one of the final updates necessary for the 
EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark launch scheduled to take place on 

As part of this update, a new EverQuest Patch Program was sent to your 
system. For those who have installed the Ruins of Kunark, this update 
has added a button labeled "K-Patch" to the patch program control 
panel. Within these patch messages, Ruins of Kunark players may be 
asked from time to time to press the "K-Patch" button following the 
download of the regular patch. This will allow them to download Kunark-
related updates when they are required. 

If you have not installed EverQuest: The Ruins of Kunark, you will not 
see a "K-Patch" button. 

In addition to the Kunark-related changes made today, a bug that 
lowered the maximum damage of two-handed weapons that was introduced 
earlier this week in the Emergency Update was also corrected. Finally, 
the art update yesterday implemented a solution that we've been 
promising: Male barbarians can now see their shields.

We continue to appreciate everyone's patience while we get the servers 
ready for Kunark. 

Thank you.

- The EverQuest Team


April 24, 2000  3:00 pm

Hello All,

Due to the unfortunate problems we have had with our order processing 
system, it doesn't look like every person that ordered Kunark will 
receive it in a timely fashion. We sincerely apologize for this 
unanticipated problem. We expect that roughly 90% of the people who 
ordered will be receiving their orders by today.

Because of the problems we have had we will be refunding anyone who 
ordered Ruins of Kunark on or before Wednesday April 19th and does not 
receive their orders by today for their shipping costs, as well as 
crediting their accounts for one month of gameplay. This applies to 
International orders as well.

We'll be taking care of these refunds via email at 
kunarkrefund@verant.com, and it will be necessary for anyone that wants 
to take advantage of this refund to send us your Station Name, billing 
name and address on the account and the date you placed the order. 
Please also include "Kunark Refund" in the subject line.

We are very sorry for the problems that have come up.

The EverQuest Team


April 27, 2000

Hello all,

I wasn't able to get this in the patch message this evening, but I'd 
hope you'd help spread it around. I'm also having new /MOTD's put on 
the servers to be sure that people get the word.

/movelog registered accounts from Veeshan and Bristlebane will be 
moving to Saryrn, Xegony and Bertox to The Seventh Hammer.

I'd like to remind everything that corpses will not follow the account, 
so everyone will want to make sure that there corpses are looted, or 
they will be lost. I'd also like to note that more people requested the 
move than we will be able to accommodate, and we appreciate everyone's 
understanding in this matter.



May 16, 2000  10:00 am

***Patch Day***

*General Changes*

- Sounds have been updated for NPCs in Kunark. Your Iksar should no 
longer sound like humans.
- Dark Elven worshipers of Solusek Ro and Bristlebane will no longer be 
natively KOS to the outpost in the Overthere. Take care that if you 
have taken actions allowing you to be judged sufficiently by your 
deeds, you may still find yourself KOS.
- Increased the number of frightfingers in the Plane of Fear. 
Previously only 3 frightfingers would pop per respawn. 
- Several problems with the guards that were buffed up last week have 
been addressed. Some guards that should not have been buffed have been 
fixed. In addition, due to the level of the new guards, they all gained 
the ability to innately see-invisible. The level of those guards has 
been reduced so that they no longer automatically get this ability, 
making it a bit easier to sneak by them.
- Many quests have been updated and/or fixed, both in terms of ease of 
completion and reward.

*Item Updates*

- Corrected a typo that had the Canyoneer's Pike marked as NO RENT, 
causing it to disappear on logout.
- Corrected the model for the Axe of the Iron Back. It was showing as a 
2H sword when equipped.
- The Halcyon Broadsword was mistakenly marked as an artifact. This has 
been corrected.
- Corrected item icons for various pieces of Burynai Hide Armor. It was 
displaying improperly in the inventory slots.
- The Skull Mask of Innervation has been changed so that it must be 
worn to activate its effect.
- Corrected a problem with the Scourgetail Whip whereby the damage and 
delay figures were transposed yielding a 30 damage, 5 delay weapon. 
- The "Illusion: Iksar" spell scroll is now droppable/tradeable.
- The Goblin Eye Poker now looks like a dagger instead of a small sack.
- The Cone of Mystics, which incidentally also looked like a small 
sack, now looks as intended.
- Corrected a typo that had the Goblin Skull Crusher's effect set to 
the "Lull" spell, which is not appropriate for a melee weapon. The 
"Lull" effect has been replaced with an appropriate effect.
- The Pouch of Mistletoe Powder will now impart its effect on the 
targeted character.
- Mosquito Wings are available in game once again.
- Many items had incorrect usage restrictions, and have been repaired.

As always, we strive to avoid making negative changes to items that 
already exist in game. However, there are cases where a particularly 
unbalancing error has been made, such as with the Scourgetail Whip 
mentioned above, where the item in question must be fixed in interest 
of maintaining game balance. 

We will continue to repair problems, add content, and enhance gameplay 
in both Kunark and EQ proper. We appreciate everyone's support.

Thank you,

The EverQuest Team


May 25, 2000  8:00 am

*Patch Day*

Greetings all! The following changes have been implemented on the Live 


- Voltaic Draught, a high level wizard direct damage spell was 
improperly saving versus resistance to cold. It now appropriately saves 
versus magic.
- The higher level bard song by Brusco was improperly healing the 
target instead of damaging it. This has been corrected.


The Shadowknight class-specific quest armor, Darkforge armor, has had 
its weight decreased substantially.

The Runed Fighter's Staff, previously useable by Monks and Warriors, 
has been restricted to Monks only. The statistics on this staff are 
much more powerful than normally allowed for warriors. This change is 
retroactive and will be reflected on items currently in inventory. 
Though we strive to avoid negatively adjusting items after they have 
been earned, this item presented a balance issue, making the change 
necessary. We apologize to warriors that currently own this weapon.

A data error with the Symphonic Saber, causing it to report "Item out 
of charges", has been corrected. Due to the dynamics of this particular 
issue, current owners will need to contact a GM to trade this item out 
for a new, properly working version of the item.

The Burning Rapier (rogue weapon) has been enhanced. In addition to an 
increase in statistics, it received a stronger spell effect. The 
lightsource effect on the weapon has been removed due to an aesthetic 
rogue desire to be "sneaky" :)

The effect on the Hangman's Noose will now work properly.

*General Changes*

- Some NPCs in Dalnir were casting spells much too powerful for their 
level. They have been adjusted.
- Pathing information has been updated in Highkeep. NPCs and pets 
should have a much easier time of navigating the zone.
- Some Quest-NPCs were not spawning properly in Rathe Mountains. These 
issues have been corrected.
- A handful of problems reported with research practice via the 
Concordance of Research have been corrected. All practice-rune recipes 
should now work correctly.
- Gorilla's in Burning Wood now have a new texture set that properly 
reflects their undead status.
- Fishing should now work properly in Kunark zones.
- /yell now reports the proper direction to people hearing the yell.
- Corrected a bug that gave some races the impression that they were 
allowed to start their character in Cabalis. They were never actually 
allowed to create the character there, however the indication that they 
could has been fixed.
- Corrected sound issues that were causing some crashes to the desktop 
in certain cases.

We are in the process of patching music files (*.XMI) for zones in 
which music does not currently work. There are 55 small files (around 
2K each) that will be patched over the next couple of days to enable 
music in all of the affected zones. 

The zone of Timorous Deep has been tuned and itemized. Certain aspects 
of the changes have made certain areas of the zone more dangerous, but 
the reward should be well worth the risk. Feel free to visit this zone 
and search out its treasures at your leisure. Note: These changes went 
in on Monday.

Upon investigation, we discovered a deficiency with the amount of 
experience being rewarded in many Kunark zones (mostly dungeons). The 
affected zones have been updated, and adventurers should notice the 
greater experience reward in return for the increased risk and 
challenge associated with these zones.

- The EverQuest Team


June 6, 2000  8:00 am

*Patch Day*

Greetings! The live servers have been updated to reflect the newest 
data on the Test Server:


- Some new spells are available for the hybrid classes. Check your 
Kunark spell vendors.
- Found and corrected a problem causing people to fall to their deaths 
upon zoning. The majority of these issues should no longer occur.
- Corrected outstanding issues with several quests, including the Brain 
Bite, Shackle of Rock, and the Barnal Flamehands quest.
- Increased treasure in many Kunark zones including The Emerald Jungle, 
Sebilis, and the Frontier Mountains.
- Upon review we've increased the drop-rate of level 51+ spells in 
Kunark. They should be more plentiful now. 
- Updated pathing information in many zones, making it easier for pets 
and other NPCs to get around the zones.


- A problem with the spell effect for the Luminary Two-Handed Sword. 
Current owners of this weapon will need to contact a GM to trade their 
sword out for a working one.
- The Gunthak Harpoon is now rentable. It will remain in your 
possession when you leave the game.
- A couple pieces of Blood Ember armor have been reduced in weight.
- Reduced the weight on several Monk weapons found in Kunark.

*PvP Teams Servers (VZ/TZ) and Illusions*

Due to an outstanding bug that allowed a player to permanently 
mesmerize or stun opposing team members when coupled with an illusion, 
illusions will now automatically cancel when the person wearing the 
illusion casts an offensive spell upon any player-character. Players 
should keep this in mind before attacking with spells in an area where 
their faction standing is less than desirable. 

Illusions are defined as any spell that makes a character look 
different than they actually are. This includes all racial illusions, 
as well as other illusions such as Treeform, Wolfform, and the Call of 
Bones series. 

*Risk and Reward*

The concept of risk and reward is very important to the game of 
EverQuest. Ideally, situations that provide a greater reward should 
also provide substantial risk. Over the past several weeks, we've been 
identifying areas in game where risk and reward are at a disparity, and 
making necessary adjustments. 

In most cases, those adjustments are in favor of increasing the reward 
for a specific action. For example, we recently increased the 
experience awarded in many Kunark zones to offset the sometimes-
considerable risk associated with adventuring there. We also do this 
quite frequently by increasing the reward associated with a quest by 
enhancing the item, as we did last week with the Burning Rapier quest. 

However, in some cases there are instances where reward is far in 
excess of the risk involved, and we will be correcting these issues 
like those above as we come across them. For example, there are many 
cases where a solitary and stationary outdoor creature has a "fast 
spawn", yielding the reward of fast experience-gain without the 
commensurate risk. 

Though it is not our policy to announce changes to individual NPCs, we 
did want to let you know that you will see risk/reward disparities 
corrected over the next several weeks.

*PvP Teams (VZ/TZ) Character Transfers*

As many people playing upon the PvP-Teams servers are aware, Vallon Zek 
and Tallon Zek have different rules regarding looting rights from PvP 
combat. Vallon Zek allows the victor to loot all coin plus one item 
from the fallen, whereas Tallon Zek allows only coin-loot with no right to loot items.

Due to the fact that the looting rules were changed on Tallon Zek post-
production, we've decided to allow characters on both servers a one-
time character-move. Registration for the move will open at 6:00pm PDT 
on Friday, June 9th, 2000, on both servers, and will be open through 
12:00pm PDT on Monday, June 12th, 2000. You can register for the move 
by executing the "/movelog yes" command during the registration window. 
There is no limit to the number of people that we will allow to move 
between Tallon and Vallon Zek, so there is no reason to rush to enter 
the command.

Please remember that once you register for the move, your decision can 
not be rescinded. The actual character-move will take place sometime 
next week, at a time to be announced later. Please keep in mind that 
corpses are not moved in a character-move, so we'd recommend against 
leaving unclaimed corpses around after Monday of next week if you've 
asked to be moved. 

Questions about the move process will be addressed in the Gameplay 
Message Forum available via www.everquest.com.

- The EverQuest Team

Updates Not Included in This Patch Message:

* Banshee Aura has had its duration increased.
* Scale of Wolf and Spirit of Scale will no longer be canceled by being 
the target of a melee attack. Ranged attacks and spells will still 
cancel the spell.
* Shaman can now cast Charm Animal
* Some enchanter and shaman spells have had their casting times/mana 
costs altered.
* Augment, Glamour of Kintaz, Rapture, and Clarity II have had their 
mana cost lowered.
* Root spells that cause damage (Druid roots, Hungry Earth) now work 


June 15, 2000  8:00 am

*Patch Day*

Hello everyone,

Over the past few weeks, a portion of the EQ team has been working on
The Hole, in preparation of its release in the near future. Even so, a
number of changes and additions were made in today's patch. Most of the
changes are in regards to quests:

- The "Fleshy Orb" quest has been completed
- We've received word that "Fabian" has been spotted somewhere on
- Froglok Foragers and Hunters should been seen more regularly.
- Lord Grimrot should be seen more frequently.
- Skill in tailoring is no longer required to craft The Robe of the 
Lost Circle.

A few items have also been changed this week:

- The Robe of the Lost Circle has been enhanced.
- The Staff of Temperate Flux and the Rod of Insidious Glamour now have
a short casting time associated with their activatable effect (See
- The Gunthak Harpoon is again NORENT, meaning that it will disappear
when you log off (See Below.)

*Casting Times on Staff and Rod*

We received word a few weeks ago that some people were using these 
items to "spam" other players with their spell-effect messages, causing 
them to disconnect. Though /ignore will allow you to filter out text
messages caused by people on your /ignore list, it will not allow you 
to filter out spell-effect messages for spells cast upon you.

The short casting time should prevent the problems associated with the
targetable and activatable effect on these weapons, however you will
have to stand still to use them now.

*Gunthak Harpoon*

In the last item patch, we made the mistake of making this weapon
"rentable", meaning that it does not disappear upon logoff. Basically,
one of our game designers heard that the weapon was NORENT, concluded
that it must be a bug, and took the initiative to fix it.
Unfortunately, the stats on this weapon, despite its disadvantages of
weight and its non-magical composition, make it much too powerful for
its location and difficulty in obtaining it.

For these reasons, the weapon is once again NORENT, and will disappear
the next time that you log out. This is a retroactive change and will
affect weapons already in possession. We do apologize to those who
acquired it within the last week expecting that it would be a permanent

*Chat / Login Process*

The Chat and Login server components are now completely separate,
meaning that players will no longer have difficulty logging in due to 
an excess of people in the chat server.

- The EverQuest Team


June 22, 2000  9:00 am

***Today's Updates***

*The Hole*

We are pleased to announce the opening of The Hole, a high-level 
dungeon on the continent of Odus. The Hole is a complementary addition 
to EverQuest, available to all subscribers regardless of their Kunark 
status. The files necessary to enter The Hole are available via the 
"Optional Patch" button at the bottom of the patch program interface. 
The files are quite large (about 9MB total), so if the download is 
going slowly, you may want to postpone downloading the files until 

As mentioned above, The Hole is a high-level dungeon, designed to 
support characters starting at about level 40. It should be regarded as 
extremely dangerous. As a note, jumping in The Hole from Paineel is NO 
LONGER A SHORTCUT TO TOXXULIA FOREST. The GMs will not recover corpses 
for people who fall, or jump, or attempt to levitate into The Hole. 

*Vallon Zek is now Coin-Only*

As we announced earlier this week, due to the number of people 
specifying interest in "coin-only" loot on Vallon Zek, versus those 
wishing to retain item- loot, we have implemented "coin-only" looting 
rules for PvP combat on Vallon Zek.


Previously, players had to be resurrected within two hours after death 
in order to receive any experience back as part of the resurrection. 
Due to the increased size and difficulty associated with Kunark zones, 
we've raised this limit from two hours to three. This should assist 
players and make it easier for them to obtain an experience-returning 
resurrection within the time limit.


We put in some code that should help decrease the "ghosting" (NPCs 
appearing to be some place they aren't) being reported in some of the 
larger Kunark zones. Please let us know how this goes.

*Locked Doors*

We noticed few weeks ago that it is common practice to use NPCs to open 
locked doors rather than by using the services of someone that is able 
to pick locks. In order to protect and increase the value of the 
abilities of the lock-picking classes, NPCs have gained the ability to 
walk through locked doors without opening them. 

*Vox and Nagafen*

Over the past couple of weeks, we've received more and more reports of 
these dragons being bested by smaller and smaller groups of higher-
level (high 50s) adventurers. As we've always felt that Dragons should 
be special encounters that require a large number of people, we were 
left with some choices.

One choice available to us was to increase the power of the dragons to 
a level where the level 60 folks would find them challenging. This 
would have the disadvantage of forever placing them out-of-reach for 
those who did not buy Kunark, and place them further out-of-reach for 
those who did, but are just now approaching the levels where they could 
go on Dragon raids. Another possible solution was to make the dragons 
flee (depop) when engaged by a more powerful group of people. This 
would have the undesired effect of allowing some people to deny others 
the experience of fighting a dragon.

Instead of raising the bar as mentioned above, we've instead decided 
that dragons, or at least these two dragons, should have the magical 
ability to pick their own fights. Players of level 53 or above will now 
encounter some difficulty when attempting to assist in combat with 
these dragons. This should help 40s and low 50-level characters with 
their chances to encounter a dragon without worry of getting forced out 
by much higher level players. In addition, it also has the added effect 
of creating a natural progression from the younger dragons of Antonica 
to the elder and more formidable dragons of Kunark.

-The EverQuest Team 


June 29, 2000  7:00 am

***Patch Day***

Though today's patch is primarily comprised of fixes to various bugs 
that have been reported by the players, we're also pleased to announce 
a few enhancements:

- Ranger spell "Jolt" now has a lesser casting time.
- Many new recipes for the "Make Poison" skill are now in game. 
Features include: Several new poison books, stackable components, new 
suspensions, some purchasable components, and players now have the 
ability to purchase vials. Please check your vendors.
- Increased spell-drop percentages in three difficult Kunark zones 
where drops were less than should be expected.
- Corrected an error in the drop rate for a couple cleric spells making 
them unavailable. 

*Quest Fixes*

- Fixed the "Minotaur Horns" Quest
- Fixed a misspelling in the guild-note for Erudite clerics worshipping 
- Fixed a misspelled keyword in the Trueshot Longbow Quest.
- The guild note for gnome clerics now states the appropriate gender 
for the guildmaster.
- Fixed the "illegible cantrip" Quest.
- Fixed the "Hunt for Meat" Quest.
- Removed Jinkus Felligan's doppelganger from Halas.
- Fixed the "Travis Twostring" quest.
- Fixed the "Algthin Dasmore" quest.
- Fixed the "Gather Components" quest.
- Fixed the "Lion Meat" quest.
- The Fleshy Orb quest and "Fabian" should really be fixed now. These 
were not correct after the last patch due to a data export issue.

*Item Fixes*

- Fixed spelling of "Basilisk Egg"
- The Brass Ring is now worn on the finger, instead of the waist.
- Fixed the "Broken Minotaur Lord's Horn"
- Fixed race/class restrictions listed for the "Bullsmasher". Item 
listed some inappropriate classes.
- Fixed race/class restrictions listed for "Patchwork Armor". Items 
listed some inappropriate classes.
- Fixed the model for the "Cast Iron Rapier".
- Fixed Race/class restrictions for the "Crushbone Belt". Item listed 
some inappropriate classes.
- Fixed the mundane "Electrum Peridot Bracelet" so that it would equip 
in the proper slot.
- The "Bloody Mantle" may now be equipped.
- Fixed the effect on the "Canyoneer Pike". Current owners of this item 
will need to trade it out with a GM in game.
- Fixed the "Howling Harpoon". Item was previously casting its spell 
upon the wielder, rather than the target. The fix will be automatically 
applied to existing items.
- Fixed the icon for the Degenerated Guk Weed.
- Fixed the icon for the Enshrouded Veil.
- The Splitpaw Hide Tunic will now look like "Leather" when equipped.
- "The Crusade of 1312AG" and "The Forbidden Tome" will now remain with 
the character after logout.
- Fixed race/class restrictions listed for the "Mortificator Staff". 
Item listed an inappropriate class.
- Fixed the icon for the Spectral Bow. In addition, removed "BRD" from 
the class listing since Bards do not have the Archery Skill.
- Removed excess classes listed on the "Silk Lined Steel Helm".
- Fixed the effect on the "Theurgist Mace". Current owners of this item 
will need to trade it out with a GM in game.


- Fixed bug that caused NPCs to say "cant open politethnks.txt"
- Fixed bug that caused NPCs to say "Can not open file NERDRGATT.txt"
- Fixed "cannot open file guards.txt" bug with Butcherblock dwarves
- Fixed "Cannot open item2monster.txt" problem with goblin whelps in 
- Lizardman Mystics no longer think that the Feerrott belongs to the 
Sabretooth Gnolls.
- Fixed a ghost in Field of Bone who was inappropriately labeled as 
living, causing "undead only" spells to fail.
- Improved pathing in Sebilis.
- Improved pathing in West Freeport.
- Fixed the color of several spell-gems.
- Fixed recipe for a "Block of Clay" in the Basic Pottery book.
- Stone Skeletons in Lake Rathe can now be affected by "undead only" 
- Fixed several merchants who did not have wares to sell.
- Fixed several dozen spelling and grammar errors in NPC text and the 
spell database.
- "Folded Sheet Metal" may now be crafted via blacksmithing.
- The "Unfired Urn", "Onyx Encrusted Urn", and "Small Bowl" may now be 
crafted via Pottery.

- The EverQuest Team