In-Game World Maps

(Last Updated: October 2014)

The EverQuest World 247 KB
Northwest Antonica 274 KB
North-Central Antonica (The Serpent's Spine) 291 KB
Northeast Antonica 316 KB
Dragons of Norrath 281 KB
Southeast Antonica 257 KB
Southwest Antonica 258 KB
Depths of Darkhollow 273 KB
Faydwer (including Secrets of Faydwer) 190 KB
Meldrath's Flying Fortress (Secrets of Faydwer) 314 KB
Odus (including The Buried Sea) 228 KB
Beneath the Mouth of Prexus (The Buried Sea) 218 KB
Underfoot 283 KB
Kunark 256 KB
Velious 240 KB
Taelosia (Gates of Discord) 241 KB
Kuua (Omens of War) 288 KB
Luclin 257 KB
Luclin Underground 202 KB
The Outer Planes 223 KB
Planes of Power 254 KB
Seeds of Destruction 177 KB
House of Thule 141 KB
Veil of Alaris 231 KB
Rain of Fear 236 KB
Call of the Forsaken 215 KB
The Darkened Sea 288 KB

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