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#1 Oct 20 2011 at 9:54 AM Rating: Good
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hey all!!

im currently playing a mage that im really enjoying, i am lvl 65 with around 65 aa, ive always just blown by lvl 50-75 which is a massive gap in content so i dont know a whole lot about that era. i would really like to just take my time at 65 and experience some nice xp if at all possible and grind out some aa either solo/molo. anyone recommend a couple nice spots to grind? and what would be a good time to move on?
#2 Oct 20 2011 at 1:07 PM Rating: Excellent
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I hate to be a broken record but...Acrylia Caverns is excellent for AA grinding at that level.

ALSO: The saleable loots there (weapons and runes) and the high point tribute items make it a worthwhile spot.

ALSO: ALSO: It's usually empty of other players.Smiley: schooled
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#3 Oct 20 2011 at 4:34 PM Rating: Excellent
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level 65 is a massive sweet spot for most classes... since there is multiple xpacs worth of zones aimed at that level cap and defiant gear remains extremely strong there.

Odds are you can get decent to amazing AA xp from whatever hotzones are current for 55-60-65 and possibly even 70 (depending on your gear, ability and what zone they've picked).

There is the Hole (get in deep enough) and AAxp is nuts... but it's often camped for this reason (and there's not that much to kill when it comes to sharing). Plane of Hate can be a decent grind if you like the zone (I still dabble there occasionally at level 70). Hate is certainly not hard if you know what to attack and what to leave (just move in slowly... odd are the first tier is repopping before you run out of mobs).

Top end Kunark zones still give you AA xp which is some of the easy kill zones looking back. Veksar, the later-added Chardok B (Halls of Betrayal) and Old Sebilis can all be good to name a few.

Search the zones database here on alla (you can use the by level tab) and it's somewhat handy --depending if you want to travel a bit and sometimes not find much to kill.
#4 Oct 20 2011 at 7:00 PM Rating: Good
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awesome info, thanks guys! im still decently new to mage trying to get usto it, i usually play a cleric which is fun just wanted something to solo easier with
#5 Oct 20 2011 at 7:25 PM Rating: Excellent
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I had a SK way back when who did her AA grinding at 65ish in Sebilis. Namely in Trakanon's lair on the golems.

On the occasions where Trak would pop, he'd get Harm Touched and beaten into submission Smiley: laugh
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#6 Oct 21 2011 at 8:12 AM Rating: Decent
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For pure AA at 65, the 3 Ak'Anon Strike Force tasks at the Farm camp is hard to beat. But I wouldn't stay just there, if you really want to see good and challenging content at that level and slightly above.

Alot of Luclin zones are great at that level, Greig's End probably the most popular and easiest for the amount of xp at that level, as well as descent loot and tribute items, and some twinkish items as well. The same for Acrylia Caverns mentioned by Bijou, it's just not quite as popular, and a little further of a run. Sanctus Seru may be an option, and working on the Arx key (if not at 65, I've heard of Mage's doing it at 70 or 75 relatively easily). Maiden's Eye is good if you missed some of the 50s spells, and xp isn't terrible at 65. Umbral Plains I'm unsure about for a Mage at 65, but maybe plenty doable. For melee I tend to stay away from there until 70+ when I can slaughter pretty much everything without much worry, unless passing through to Vex Thal, or need something particular from there.

Alot of PoP content is challenging at 65. I can't remember any spots in particular atm that are great for Mages there (trying to think of Pet Power items and clickies and the like). The ornate armor clickies are ok, but not as great as for other classes, as they're spells you already get.

From mid 50s to 70, I usually spend some time working DoN progression. There are lots of good focus augs you can get from the DoN merchants as well. And the progression AAs are very nice.

I think there is a groupable pet power item in TSS, but can't recall it atm. Runed Diamond is a very nice aug, that can be quested at 65. There quite a few good augs in TSS that can be quested or dropped; Emerald of the Oasis and Orb of Mystic Fury as examples. Some of the group armor quests have nice focus effects on them as well, but the armor is 71 req. level (Tenish's Silk Armor (part 2)). (EDIT: The chest clicky is nice as well).

TBS has The Sweeper for a pet power item, as well faction work needed for spells.

Most of SoF quests are 70+, but a few are available at 65, such as the 3 farm tasks, and a few other sub-quests for the face aug (Model XLII Spatial Temporal Oculus). There's quite a bit of descent drops in SoF though for 65+.

The DoDh spell arc missions are good to do 65-70, and there maybe some descent drops. I know there is a pet power item in DSK from Arylon.

EDIT: Ooops! I had skipped OoW expansion. WoS, especially murks are great AA xp, and of course, if you know a GM Jeweler (EDIT: and GM Poison Maker or Alchemist), the possibility of OoW augs, that can be upgraded with focus effects. MPG is descent, and there are some augs there, but I can't remember if any are great for Mag, but most likely a few are. At 69+ RSS is excellent AA spot, and good spot for quite a few descent drops, but again, I can't remember if any are excellent for Mag, as the ones that come to mind, are the AC augs. These 3 zones along with Noble's Causeway are good for farming runes for spells as well. NC is really good xp as well, but less so 65+.

Hope this helps some.

Yther Ore.

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#7 Oct 21 2011 at 3:34 PM Rating: Excellent
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very nice! thanks so much everyone, some nice places here, im sure ill end up visiting them all, id love to stay 65 untill i have the aa to take me on into 70+
#8 Oct 21 2011 at 5:10 PM Rating: Excellent
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Yther mentioned "The Sweeper". If you're on Seventh Hammer (well, I guess it's called Tunare now ;p ) shoot me a tell or in-game mail. I have two on various Bazaar alts, and you're welcome to one if you want it.

Tatanka Wolfdancer, 115 Wood Elf Druid, 9 x 300+ Master Artisan, 7 maxed trophies (dang research! :)
Michone, 115 Troll Shadowknight
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<Inisfree>, Tunare (Seventh Hammer!)
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