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#1 Jul 07 2011 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
Is there a list out there of viable / preferred exp camps?
#2 Jul 07 2011 at 6:01 PM Rating: Excellent
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Mileage varies... and people have their preferences. Here's some:

Level 1-5 Shar Val pit area, Crescent Reach, Field of Bone. All have fast respawns. SV and CR appear to have xp mods vs original starter areas (i.e, Butcherblock)... at the very least the mobs are plentiful in the level range and respawn fast.

Level 6-10 Crescent Reach (3rd floor of the city has some great xp camps, one around 10ish, other 17ish iirc), Field of Bone you just move closer to or into the "pit". The Hollowshade entrance to Paludal Caverns is great Xp at this level and soloable by most.

Level 10-15 Kurn's Tower is great here, Crescent reach north-east area (i.e., pumas, bear caves, etc.). I like Lake of Ill Omen for this range myself (you can even stay there 30+), but it's a fair hike.

Level 16-20 Paludal caverns fiends and bandit camps (you can go 23ish here but it gets much slower), Crescent Reach tails off towards 20... but Blighfire Moors is right beside and the mobs at the zl are great xp at the level you can take them down.

****20+ you have whatever the current Hotzones are as an option... sometimes they pick the good levelling zones for double handiness****

Level 20-30 Blightfire Moors is still good. I like the Overthere for this range (it goes 35ish but you lose efficiency), Stonehive becomes an option too. How twinked are you? If you can survive Lower Guk the xp in nuts at 30... and is still decent at 50.

Level 30-50 Gulf of Gunthank and Dulak, Blighfire Moors, Stonehive and/or Goru'kar Mesa, Lower Guk, some have success with Dranik's Scar

Level 50-60 Depends on strats... but some do really well in Noble's Causway kiting, Plane of Valor or any lower plane can be good (Justice, Nightmare) if you know your camps and any oddities with mobs/aggro. If you can handle soloing plane of innovation it is good for a good while. Blackfeather Roost can be solid here, but tends to favor non-melee strats (i.e., they are easy to kite). Acrylia Caverns can work well here. Depending on class Natimbi can be done here or even much lower if you select camps carefully.

60-65 Bastion of Thunder --even when not a hotzone there is still grouping here. A 65 bard with few AA can tank with a healer merc... If your AA count is low this is still a great spot at 70 for xp. Nadox can be alright here if you are weaker.

65-70 The Steppes and Icefall Glacier have some great xp if you can do the kills.

71+ others will have to help... I haven't let myself see that part of the game yet. :)
#3 Jul 16 2011 at 7:25 AM Rating: Decent
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Snailish provided an excellent list, but I thought I'd add in some I like.

I still like Crushbone for 5-15, before heading to PC. Although it's in level 90 revamp mode atm. For beginning if you can get regen and ds buffs, along with skinspike potions, Misty Thicket Orcs crank out exp fast, but personally I prefer alot of the other places Snailish mentioned, particularly CR for the quests for descent armor, if not twinked out already.

For the 40s-50s, I like Velkator's, especially when it's a hot zone. I also have to say how much I like Overthere at the lower levels (15-30), also especially when a hot zone. I like Old Sebilis as well for the 45+ for descent xp, and some great loot as well as tradeskill supplies.

Snailish left out Sunderrock for the 60s+. It may be a bit rough, but by 70 is plenty doable and lots of quests there as well, to add to the xp, and get some descent augs both from quests and drops. Plane of Fire is probably the best xp zone for 60-70, if you can handle it at 60. The zone in kinda bites with all the trees blocking the view and every mob wanders, but generally they're doable at 60, until you can handle moving to C1 or C2 with basically static spawns with even better xp.

I also really like Dragonscale Hills (DSH) Farm camp at 65 when you can start doing the 3 quests there. It's very nice, 'cause if a high level comes along to help, you don't really lose (and will probably gain) xp rate, as they kill faster, and with the quest xp, makes up for the lower amount per kill.

For higher xp zoes, look at this thread.

Personally, at lower levels, I just go with whatever is convenient and descent xp at the time, again unless I'm in need of equipment, then I stick to places I can get some descent stuff. By the 50s I start looking for other aspects (like faction is the only reason I'd do Dranik Scar personally, as the xp isn't that great compared to other zones in that range, but grouping with someone slaughering for faction there will get you some good regular xp). There are alot of places I go at higher levels not in the other post, simply for items, quests, or what-not and generally the xp is ok, if not good, just not as fast the others I mentioned, unless in hot zone mode. Prime example is Ashengate has quite a few good drops and quests to do.

Yther Ore.
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