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#1 Feb 01 2006 at 7:24 PM Rating: Decent
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Hi, i'm bout to start a new toon on the PvP server and there is only one. this is confusing because on the PoP guide book it shows rules and stuff for the different servers. Please respond with rules for "Zek" the PvP server and or suggestions on PvP-ing.

Thanks everyone =)
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#2 Feb 01 2006 at 8:36 PM Rating: Decent
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Check out this.
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#3 Feb 02 2006 at 2:32 AM Rating: Decent
"Zek" is the merger of the four previous servers. "Rallos Zek" was the name of the hardcore PvP, my home server, whose rules have been adopted by the new Zek server.

On PvP:
Players may attack others if:
A. Both players are above level 5.
B. Both players are within 4 levels of eachother.
C. Not in a "safe" zone. (Nexus, Bazaar, PoK, PoTranq)

Playing on a bluebie server now. Some of the common misconceptions I've found are:
A. The Priest of Discord is USELESS in the way of PvP on Zek. Disregard him.
B. You don't have to /duel the person you're about to attack, or be attacked by. They can walk up and Root you while you're kitting and walk away without warning if they so please.
C. Zek players are hardcore. They will know your class better than you, even if you have raised several of that same class to 70/1000 on other servers.
D. Zek players are NOT nice, generally speaking. You will be shocked with the spite and malice found on the server. You've been warned.

On a PvP death:
-You'll find yourself in ShadowRest with a 15-minute version of Rez Effects on you. Its a stat killer and major speed reduction spell.
-You no longer lose loot and/or coin. This was changed back after LDoN when augs were making everything No Drop, hence killing the point of being able to loot items. Guess they decided to eleminate coin along with this.
-Yes, you still have to do a corpse run.

On faction:
-Gaurds will assist the attacked if the attacked and the other person are both not KOS or very liked.
-Gaurds will assist the one who isn't KOS if a KOS is present. They'll attack both if both are KOS.
-Gaurds will assist one with very high faction if, and only if, A: the other person attacks back, and, B: the other person does not have very high faction.
-Gaurds will disregard combat between two players when both have very high faction.
-Warning: If you have a Damage Shield on, and the person who smacks you has very high faction, the gaurds will attack you. Many PvPers know this and will cast a weak DS on you just before hitting you.

On grouping:
-Unless you know them well, don't. Group members wil kill eachother.

On guilds:
-Guilds often have tensions. Know them very well. Guildies can be valuable in helping you through the world.. should they not decide to kill you.

On GMs:
-If you see one, take a screen shot and email it to me. I miss it.

On combat:
-If you have it, ALWAYS have Gate memorized. It won't always save you, but, if you work at it, it can.
-If you have Track, watch it, constantly.
-/who constantly. Know everyone in zone. Everyone.
-Take some time searching Alla for spells. Be well aquinted with every class's' spells. Be able to tell how much damage they can do, such as.. what's Harmtouch do at level 50? What about Improved Harmtouch at 67? And of ManaFlare, rank 2? Be able to recite these things with ease.
-Resists. Get them, and know your strengths and weaknesses.
-Most are very well geared. Don't expect your magic to pull in much.
-Learn to be able to fight someone who moves around a lot. They're not like simple minded MOBs who will rush you. And, no, the Wizards will not come and melee you. They'll Lev far above your sight range and nuke you from there.
-Have perm-See Invis? No? Get it.
-Ask yourself, "What if I was nuked right now?" "What if I was suddenly Ensnared?" "What if I was Rooted?" "What if I was blinded?" constantly. Be prepared.
-Last couple of times I've been on, my 65 Druid was ganked by groups, never smaller than 3 at a time. If not for Insta-evac, I'd not have escaped with my life. Point being, be prepared to take on numbers.

On character selection:
-Pick something that can hold its own in PvP.
-Pick something that can solo.
-Pick something that doesn't need equipment if you're new to the server.
-When selecting, pick something you'll find interesting. Leveling can be incredibly tedious on Zek.

Well, that's my rant. Hope it helps.
#4 Feb 02 2006 at 3:42 AM Rating: Decent
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ReofblMobile, excellent post, and wow did not know things had changed that much since I played on RZ 4 years ago.

LOL Kinda like the fact you cannot lose equipment anymore! In 2000 I was nearly in tears when they ran of with my zaharn's coronet

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